Picking Your Hogwarts House in Hogwarts Legacy - Where Do You Belong?

Picking Your Hogwarts House in Hogwarts Legacy - Where Do You Belong?

After many delays and disruptions, Hogwarts Legacy was finally released earlier this year in February of 2023. According to VGC, the game has already accumulated a whopping 15 million copies sold, leading to over $1 billion made in revenue. For longtime fans of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, there was certainly a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to the game’s eventual launch. From flying around on broomsticks, exploring the castle, and executing the perfect spells, there was so much to look forward to. But there was one aspect of the game that garnered the most attention - picking your Hogwarts House. 

Come on now, if you’re a Harry Potter fan at heart, there’s no way you haven’t dreamt about sitting under the iconic Sorting Hat. But even if you won’t admit it, let’s be honest, there’s one house in particular that you desperately hope to be placed in. It may be what you want but is it really where you belong? Whether you’re an avid Harry Potter fan who’s read all the books and watched all the movies, or a simple game enjoyer who wants to explore a magical universe, let’s take a refresher on the four iconic Hogwarts Houses to find out where you truly belong.

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Gryffindor: The Brave at Heart

Founded by the daring Godric Gryffindor, this house values courage, bravery, and determination. For all you bold and courageous souls, Gryffindor might just be the house where you can comfortably call home. Don’t get us wrong though, it’s not about being reckless and breaking the rules (though you might find this to be a quality many share here), it’s more about standing up for what’s right even when things get tough.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Well…I am afraid of spiders…” don’t worry, it’s also not just about being fearless. To stand as a worthy Gryffindor, it’s all about being chivalrous and sticking to your values and beliefs. So if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from danger, always stands up for the little guy, and isn’t afraid to occasionally break a rule or two in the pursuit of justice, you’re definitely a Gryffindor.

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Hufflepuff: All About That Loyalty

Did I just hear one of you groan? Okay, maybe Hufflepuffs get a bad rep because they were poorly portrayed in the movies, but don’t let that affect your perceptions because this house is pretty darn awesome. Founded by Helga Hufflepuff, this house values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fairness. If you’re the kind of person to stay late to help clean up after a party or lend your pencil without a second thought, this might just be the house where you belong.

Besides, being a Hufflepuff doesn’t mean you’re not smart, brave, or ambitious; in fact, you can be all of those things and more. It just means that you value camaraderie, fairness, and a strong work ethic above all else. 

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Ravenclaw: Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure

Founded by Rowena Ravenclaw, this house prizes learning, wisdom, wit, and intellectual ability. If you find yourself always buried in a book, asking curious questions, pondering mysteries, or exploring new ideas, you might just be a Ravenclaw.

It’s not just about being book smart - if you got straight As in school it doesn’t automatically place you in this house. It’s all about being curious, loving learning, and valuing knowledge for its own sake. Take Luna Lovegood for example, one of the most famous Ravenclaws. She wasn’t just smart, but she was original, open-minded, and had a unique way of seeing the world. If that sounds anything like you, well, you’ve just discovered your rightful house.

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Slytherin: The Ambitious and Cunning

No, being a Slytherin doesn’t mean you’re going to turn out evil or be a criminal. Come on, not all Slytherins turn out to be Lord Voldemort (oops). Founded by the iconic Salazar Slytherin, this house values ambition, cunningness, leadership, and resourcefulness. You’ll often find those in this house to be determined, goal-oriented, and unafraid of making hard decisions. 

Sure, it can be true that some Slytherins are ruthless and self-serving, but they can also be incredibly loyal and protective. And let’s face it, ambition isn’t a bad thing at all! Without it, you would never make any progress or change as a person. So if you’re someone who dreams big, isn’t afraid of doing whatever it takes to reach your goals, and values loyalty and leadership like none other, Slytherin might just be the perfect match for you. 

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Although Hogwarts Legacy does give players an option to “choose” their desired House if they don’t like what the Sorting Hat chose for them, wouldn’t you rather play as the House you truly belong in? Many fans of the game have complimented Hogwarts Legacy’s highly immersive gameplay and the stunning visuals that really throw you into the magical world. So if this is the closest thing you’re ever going to get to being a real witch or wizard, why not make it as realistic as possible?