Choosing Sides: The Most Used Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters in 2023

Choosing Sides: The Most Used Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters in 2023

There's something deeply personal about picking your main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's about more than just the button inputs or the tier list—it's a testament to your personal gaming style, a statement of your in-game persona. You select a character not just because they're strong, fast, or unique, but because they feel like a piece of you reflected in the game. Today, we're exploring the most popular character choices in 2023, those who've left an impact and carved their initials into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pantheon. Without further ado, let's jump into the action!

1. Pikachu: The Electric Speedster

Pikachu has been a popular pick among Super Smash Bros. players for a long time, and its use has only intensified in recent years. The iconic electric mouse's appeal lies in its agility, versatility, and satisfyingly potent moves. Lightning-fast speed combined with an array of electrical attacks makes Pikachu a go-to choice for many gamers. Pikachu’s "Thunder Jolt" provides great pressure and edge-guarding potential while "Quick Attack" offers rapid maneuverability. Plus, who doesn't love the charm of fighting as this cute yet ferocious Pocket Monster? 

Toy-Gad3688F14 1280Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay

2. Mario: The Jack-of-All-Trades

The Italian plumber himself has remained a consistent pick for beginners and veterans alike. Mario’s balanced attributes make him an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master kind of character. The strength of Mario lies in his flexibility. His moves are straightforward yet potent, offering a solid mix of both ranged and close-quarter combat. Fireballs for spacing, the super jump punch for vertical recovery, and the classic cape for reflecting projectiles — Mario has a little bit of everything. Truly, Mario is a testament to the game's core appeal: easy to pick up, yet rich with depth.

Mario-G278951298 1280Image by Rodrigo M from Pixabay

3. Bowser: The Tank Titan

When players want to feel powerful, they choose Bowser. With an impressive combination of heavy-hitting attacks and unexpected agility for a heavyweight character, Bowser has seen a surge of use in recent times. His heavy armor allows him to withstand a flurry of attacks without flinching, and his "Flying Slam" can make for some early KO’s and unpredictable plays. Bowser may be a little slow on his feet, but in the right hands, he becomes a devastating force that can sweep the battlefield.

Bowser-Gcc3F25159 1280Image by Maurygraf from Pixabay

4. Joker: The Stylish Outsider

With the inclusion of Joker from Persona 5, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate expanded its roster to include another speedy, combo-heavy fighter that quickly gained popularity. Joker’s nimble movement, gun attacks, and the unique Rebellion Gauge mechanic add layers of strategy to every match. When the Rebellion Gauge is full, Joker summons his Persona, Arsene, drastically boosting his power for a short period. It's a mechanic that rewards smart play and makes Joker a truly dangerous contender, both casually and competitively.

Alexandr-Sadkov-Yybayg1Lix8-UnsplashPhoto by Alexandr Sadkov on Unsplash


5. Samus: The Intrepid Gunner

Samus Aran, the fearless bounty hunter from the Metroid series, is a classic favorite amongst Super Smash BrosUltimate players. With a robust arsenal of projectiles at her disposal, Samus excels at zoning out opponents, making her a formidable force at any range. The Charge Shot, Missiles, and Bomb provide a variety of options for controlling the stage. Her grapple beam also adds an interesting twist to recovery and edge-guarding. Samus' blend of power and strategy makes her a popular pick and a satisfying character to master.

Ehimetalor-Akhere-Unuabona-Wa5Z9O9Fgjw-UnsplashPhoto by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

While these are the most used Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters as of now, the beauty of the game is its ongoing evolution. Who knows? Perhaps in the next balance update or DLC, we might find a new contender for the top spot. Till then, happy smashing!