What You Should Know In Case Of A Car Crash

What You Should Know In Case Of A Car Crash

Car crushes are the worst–not only are they a complete shock but in a state of confusion you are expected to calmly comport yourself to manage your license and finances the best you can. Here are a few pointers you should know in case of a car crash:

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"Three Estimates" Is A Thing Of The Past

Most insurance companies are no longer looking to receive estimated costs from multiple repair providers. Using the direct providers given to you by your insurance company, you may not need any estimates at all. Your best bet is to file a claim and wait to see what the insurance adjuster provides as next steps.

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A Deductible Won't Fix Your Entire Car

Once you file a claim for the part of your car that was damaged in the collision, the repair provider only repairs that area. Other previous car issues or other issues in the same area (not related to that particular accident) will only be covered under another claim or paid out of pocket.

It's an unfortunate cash grab-but as a driver, you probably already knew that.

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You May Be Charged A "Betterment"

The insurance companies job is essentially to get your vehicle back to the shape it was in before your accident. So, if you blew a tire in the accident or damaged your suspension, some insurance companies will charge you a percentage of the cost of those expenses under the guise of "bettering" your vehicle. We'd like all to ride horses or camels if it meant avoiding all these costly fees but alas–the 21st century.

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