Truck Drivers Even More In-Demand in 2021

Truck Drivers Even More In-Demand in 2021

If you’ve been searching for a new career, look no further than the nearest highway. With over 3,000 jobs currently listed on job websites, truck drivers are in high demand. Currently, it’s one of the few industries that is actually experiencing a shortage of employees. Since long-haul and short-haul drivers are needed all over the country, it’s a job that almost anyone can get without having to relocate. Additionally, truck driving has a fairly easy entry point compared to other careers with similar salaries.

Truck driving opportunities are right at your doorstep!

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Why Truck Drivers Are More In-Demand Than Ever

Rising trends in online shopping have made truck drivers more in-demand than ever before. Online shopping was already getting more popular over the last ten years, and recent events have made it even more so. Since many people are ordering essential things like household goods, groceries, and medical equipment online now, that industry is struggling to meet the demands of shipping and transportation.

Furthermore, transporting goods over land continues to be one of the most cost and energy efficient methods. Better than by air or sea, container trucks do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to getting the necessities to where the American people need them most.

The Benefits Of Truck Driving

You get to travel. Experienced truck drivers tend to have routes that they prefer, but initially, you could see the entire country as part of your job. In most cases, truck drivers get to choose how they get to wherever they’re going. And since you’re only required by law to drive a maximum of eight hours per day, that leaves plenty of time for sightseeing.

You choose your schedule. Especially if you decide to be an independent contractor, as a truck driver you choose when and where you’re willing to drive. On a daily basis, there’s a lot of schedule flexibility as well. Some drivers prefer to drive at night, when the roads are empty. Some drivers use the early morning or late afternoon to get those miles in. Best of all, a lot of drivers are able to take extended holidays during slower seasons, like after the holidays.

The pay is good. Really good. As an independent contractor, some drivers make five figures each month and six figures per year. It’s not uncommon for drivers with their own rigs to make an average of $25,000 per month. Even if you work for a trucking company, though, the pay is generally in the high six figures. It’s a skilled job, and the salary reflects that.

How To Get Started In Trucking

There is no required level of education to begin your career as a truck driver. You can even get started without a high school diploma. The first step is simply getting a commercial driver’s license. Truckers are required to have a CDL by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and state transportation departments.

Many major trucking companies offer their own CDL training schools. If you get hired as a trainee, some offer tuition reimbursement as long as you’re willing to work there for one to two years. You can also take training classes at a for-profit school or through your local community college. They usually last three to seven weeks and cost around $1,000 to $7,000, depending on the region.

Once you have your commercial license, you’re on your way, but it helps to get some experience first. Your first job will probably be with a long-haul trucking company, since they’re more likely to hire new drivers. Long-haul trucking routes are some of the hardest, with long routes that can take weeks or months to complete. However once you’ve proven that you’re up to a life on the road and have at least six months of experience, you can look forward to easier routes with a short-haul, local or regional trucking company.

A Career For The Long Haul

You can start your truck driving career at any age as long as you’re eligible to get a commercial driver’s license. But did you know that many people also choose truck driving as their second career? It’s true. Plenty of people who retire from their first job look to truck driving for its easy entry point, good salary, and other benefits. So if you think you’re too old to step to get behind the wheel of a rig, think again.

Truck driving is a stable career that you can rely on for the long term. Since drivers are in high demand, there’s very little turnover in the industry. And, if one day you no longer want to make those long trips around the country, you can become a truck driving instructor. Training other people who are just starting out in their truck driving careers can be incredibly rewarding.

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