Road Trip Destinations In Ontario

Road Trip Destinations In Ontario

The province's slogan is "yours to discover", but chances are, you've taken the opportunity to discover places outside of Canada before considering your backyard. The truth is, Canada has a number of sights to see and below are road trip destinations in Ontario.

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Kingston, Ontario

Home to over 100, 000 residents and situated on Lake Ontario, Kingston is a great place to road trip to this summer or fall. The town is nearly two and half hours out from Toronto, two hours from Ottawa and 3 hours from Montreal.

Kingston is mostly known for Condeferation but is worth making the trip to visit Confederation Park. Other notable landmarks include Fort Henry, The Tett Centre and The Grand Theatre.

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Cornwall, Ontario

Cornwall is a smaller town with only 46 000 residents and is known as one of Canada's older permanent settlements. Cornwall is made up of six townships like North Stormont and South Dundas and together they make up the history of Upper Canada.

The towns are roughly four hours from Toronto, one and a half hours from Montreal and an hour from Ottawa. Upper Canada is a great place to visit in the fall as there are many Halloween-themed events like the Pumpkinferno festival.

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Gananoque, Ontario

This beautiful city sits at the center of nearly 1,864 islands and, as a result, is dubbed “The Gateway to the 1000 Islands." Its a hidden gem with a population of 5 000 but, its grand activities make up for its size.

Surrounded by water, Gananoque is a wonderful place to start a cruise, take a scuba diving trip or even a helicopter tour. The "1000 Islands" are three hours out of Toronto, one and a half from Ottawa and two and a half from Montreal.

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