A Quick Guide to Elemental Combinations in Genshin Impact

A Quick Guide to Elemental Combinations in Genshin Impact

Elemental Combinations

Genshin Impact by HoYoverse is a popular action RPG game that lets players explore a beautiful open world while battling monsters and strengthening their characters. Each character in the game has their own unique set of attacks and skills, making teamplay an incredibly engaging and exciting aspect of Genshin Impact’s gameplay. But to make things even more interesting, did you know that combining different elements in the game can create really powerful attack boosts for your characters? This article will serve as a helpful guide in teaching you all the different combos that exist and what they do. Use them in-game to gain a massive advantage!

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1. Crystallize - Geo x Hydro, Pyro, Electro, Cyro

Use the Geo power in conjunction with either Hydro, Pyro, Electro, or Cyro to create elemental shards that provide shielding against that element. An added layer of protection is always appreciated, so use Crystallize as a defensive maneuver to absorb more hits from foes while still staying healthy.

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2. Superconduct - Cyro x Electro

Combine Cyro and Electro to create the Superconduct reaction, a powerful combination that deals area-of-effect (AoE) Cyro damage to your enemy while also reducing their physical defense by 50%. If you’ve got a character with a strong physical attack, pair them with this combo to make them virtually unstoppable.

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3. Overloaded - Pyro x Electro

For an extra thrilling combo, combine Pyro and Electro elements to trigger the Overloaded effect - an explosive reaction that deals a huge AoE Pyro damage. Perfect for taking down small mobs or groups of enemies, definitely try to use the AoE explosions to your advantage.

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4. Melt - Cyro x Pyro

This combination requires some more precise execution - if you cast a Cyro attack on a Pyro enemy, the Melt effect will provide you with 1.5x Cyro damage. On the other hand, if you apply Pyro damage to Cyro, Melt will deal 2x the damage. But regardless of how you apply this combination, you’re still receiving a helpful power boost that will make any monster so much easier to slay.

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5. Electro-Charged - Electro x Hydro

When you combine both Electro and Hydro, you create the Electro-Charge reaction, allowing you to deal additional Electro damage to your enemies over time. Not to mention it’s an AoE ability that will affect any other nearby targets as well! 

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6. Vaporize - Hydro x Pyro

Similarly to Melt, mixing Hydro and Pyro creates Vaporize which can amplify your attack damage. Though this effect doesn’t have any AoE damage, it creates a significant damage multiplier that is incredibly useful in battle. If you deal a Pyro attack on a Hydro enemy, you’ll get a 1.5x damage booster. Conversely, dealing Hydro damage on a Pyro enemy will grant you 2x the Vaporize effect. 

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7. Swirl - Anemo x Cyro, Hydro Electro, Pyro

When Anemo is combined with any other element aside from Geo and Dendro, it causes the Swirl effect to take place, dealing additional elemental AoE damage to your targets and spreading the elemental effect. This reaction is great for softening up large groups of foes that have a specific elemental weakness.

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8. Frozen- Hydro x Cyro

The combination of elements Hydro and Cyro is certainly a powerful one; when you cast Cyro on Hydro, it turns your opponents completely frozen, rendering them unable to move. Depending on how high your character’s level is, the length of the freeze will vary. But regardless of how long it lasts, it’s an incredibly useful reaction that will give you the upper hand in any fight.

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9. Burning - Pyro x Dendro

Lastly, when you use Pyro against a Dendro target, it combines to create the Burning effect, dealing massive Pyro damage over time. This effect can even spread to other nearby targets, making it extra useful for crowd control against large mobs.

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With these 9 elemental combinations in hand, you’ll soon realize how powerful these can be in aiding you during battle. Helping you to face any challenge in the mystical world of Teyvat, you can now proceed forward without fear.