New To League of Legends? Here’s How to Decide Which Role To Play

New To League of Legends? Here’s How to Decide Which Role To Play

Have you decided you want to venture into League of Legends, a competitive online game that involves strategy, skillful gameplay, and great teamwork? Well, with over 150 champions to choose from, each with unique abilities, the depth of the game can feel extremely overwhelming for any newcomers. But to help make your journey smoother, we’re going to share with you the basics of the game - learning the five main roles. With a solid understanding of each role’s characteristics, objectives, and key responsibilities, it’ll help you narrow down the choices so you can make decisions that best fit your style. 

1. Top Lane

The role of the top laner is quite the solitary one. Often isolated from the rest of the map, champions suited to this lane are typically hard, tank-like characters that are capable of soaking up lots of damage. This role is best suited for players that enjoy and excel in one-on-one combat since they’ll be facing off against their counterpart on the enemy team most of the time. So if you enjoy prolonged duels, making individual plays, and feeling self-reliant, then top lane might be the role for you. It’s worth noting though that just because you’re far away from the rest of the map doesn’t mean you get a free pass. A great top laner always keeps a keen eye on the rest of the map, teleporting in when needed so they can turn the tide of any fight.

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2. Mid Lane

The mid lane is considered to be where the heart of the action lies. As a mid-laner, you have control over the entire center of the map, meaning your influence can greatly impact all areas of the game. Mid-laners often play AP carry champions that deal a ton of damage, but it usually depends on the current game meta. Champions in this lane tend to be extra squishy though (meaning you’re more susceptible to damage), so be wary of your health bar at all times. 

A successful mid-laner should always be flexible and aware of what’s going on in the other lanes; be ready to assist your teammates at a moment's notice, joining in on fights to give your team the upper hand. If you have a sharp sense of map awareness, love being in the middle of all the action, and enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay, it’s worth giving mid lane a shot.

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3. Jungle

The jungler is a unique role in that they don’t stick to a specific lane. Instead, they move through the jungle, killing neutral monsters for experience and buffs. The jungler plays an incredibly pivotal role though, with the potential to impact all lanes by “ganking” aka ambushing the enemy players. This role requires a very strategic mindset as you’ll be the one deciding when and where you want to apply pressure, and when to take map objectives. One simple mistake or one little advantage you make in the jungle might be enough to significantly influence the game’s entire outcome, so wander carefully. If you enjoy unpredictability, strategic planning, and lots of control, jungling might be the role for you.

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4. ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

The ADC, or attack damage carry, plays in the bot lane and is responsible for dealing a significant portion of the team’s total damage, especially during the later stages of the game. ADC champions are pretty weak early on, but they become very powerful as they gain items and level up. It’s important to note that ADCs are terribly squishy, so you have to play toward the back, letting your tankier teammates soak up the damage. If you make one wrong move, you might just get blown up, ruining the fight and losing the game. With that in mind, this role requires a lot of patience, good positioning, and solid accuracy. If you’re comfortable playing fragile characters that deliver devastating attacks, ADC is likely the role for you.

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5. Support

Don’t be fooled by a support’s low damage output - they’re incredibly important and are responsible for initiating fights. Support champions play alongside the ADC in the bot lane, with their main jobs being: protecting the ADC, setting up kills, and providing vision around the map. Playing in the support role demands excellent communication and situational awareness. You’re definitely not dealing the most damage, but your plays will determine the outcome of fights. If you enjoy helping others, setting up plays, and thinking strategically, the support role can be extremely rewarding. 

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To have the best possible League of Legends experience, it’s definitely important you discover which role best suits your game style and skill. Each role has its unique challenges and rewards, reflecting the diversity of strategies that come with this dynamic game. If you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to experiment! After all, it’s the only way to learn which champions and roles work best for you.