The Journey to Elysium: 5 Essential Tips to Help You Survive Hades

The Journey to Elysium: 5 Essential Tips to Help You Survive Hades

A popular hack-and-slash released in 2018, Hades is the ultimate rogue-like video game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. As you embark on a journey through the darkest pits of the Underworld, your goal is simple - escape from the clutches of your father, Hades himself. Featuring challenging combat, strategic character development, and extremely compelling storylines, Hades is a game full of superb depth. With so much to accomplish, this game will require both skill and strategy. To help you win back your freedom, here are five valuable tips to help you escape the pits of hell.

1. Explore Boon Synergies

The gameplay in Hades revolves around Boons, divine factors that you receive from the Gods of Olympus. Each boon will change how you play by granting you with new abilities or enhancing existing ones. While each boon presents tempting power-ups, it’s important that you learn how to maximize their powers by combining them. Some boons synergize exceptionally well together, leading to incredibly powerful effects.

One example of this is pairing Poseidon’s knock-back effects with Zeus’ lightning. This will turn every strike into a shockwave, wreaking havoc on any enemy that gets in your way. So take your time to carefully learn the boon system and try experimenting with different combinations until you find the ones that work best for you.

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2. Get Cozy with Charon

Despite his grim appearance and less-than-friendly demeanour, Charon, the ever-silent ferryman of the dead, can be your best friend in Hades. Showing up in shops at regular intervals, Charon will sell you a variety of goodies to keep you going. From selections of boons, healing items, or power upgrades, he may be the reason why you manage to escape from Tartarus. When you eventually unlock the chance to fight him in a boss battle, defeating him will earn you an entire trove of treasure and rewards that could dramatically alter the trajectory of your run. Just know that this fight will be a difficult challenge in and of itself!

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3. Don’t Neglect Nectar

Nectar is a precious resource in Hades that you can use to gift NPCs, which in turn, grant you Keepsakes. These items will grant you powerful passive effects so it's important you don’t neglect the importance of Nectar! Word of advice, don’t hoard your Nectar either - distribute it equally among different characters so you can unlock a variety of Keepsakes early on. With each one having unique benefits such as Cerberus’ Old Spiked Collar increasing your max health or Skelly’s Lucky Tooth providing you with a one-time resurrection, these can be incredibly helpful for improving your runs. 

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4. Embrace Death (Defiance)

While dying in a game usually brings forth huge sighs of disappointment, in Hades, dying is more than just a setback - it’s a vital part of the gameplay. Each death will send you back to the House of Hades, allowing you to upgrade Zagreus’ abilities and unlock anything you picked up on your previous run. One crucial ability to invest in early is Death Defiance, an ability that allows you to resurrect with a portion of your health, essentially giving you an extra life. Seems pretty handy, doesn’t it?

But it’s not just the gameplay that will improve with each death, more storylines and dialogue get unlocked too. With each return to the House of Hades, you can wander around and converse with the NPCs to help you progress the story forward.

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5. Communicate and Cultivate Relationships

Keep in mind what we just mentioned about conversing with NPCs because in the House of Hades, conversation is more than just idle chatter. By engaging with the Underworld’s colourful cast of characters, they’ll provide you with backstory, hints, and even rewards. The choices you make in these dialogues can even affect future interactions and gameplay. With the simple act of gifting Nectar, you can turn acquaintances into allies, unlocking unique assistance in your future quests. Remember, in Hades, words are as powerful as weapons.

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Hades is a game that tests more than your reflexes and muscle memory. With each run completely different from the last, this game requires strategic resource management, a deep understanding of its complex systems, and making the right choices in dialogue. By keeping these five essential tips in mind, you’ll find yourself having a much more enjoyable gaming experience. Good luck!