A Friendly Guide to Beating Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley

A Friendly Guide to Beating Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley

Are you banging your head against the wall because you ran out of energy on floor 45 in the Skull Cavern mines again? For any Stardew Valley fan, you’re probably no stranger to the nightmare that is the Skull Cavern. With a mission to reach the very bottom, players have desperately attempted to fight their way to the end, only to fail either due to lack of energy, death by monsters, or simply running out of time. If you’re struggling to find a strategy that works for you, don’t worry, we’re here to share with you five of the best tips to help you conquer these caves. 

1. Bring the Right Gear

First things first, you have to make sure you’re well-equipped to take on this treacherous mine. This includes having a strong weapon (whatever you like) and an axe that’s properly leveled up. No, you don’t want to enter the Skull Cavern with a copper pickaxe! If you want to complete this mine with relative ease, you’ll want a good weapon like the Galaxy Sword. You’ll definitely need something powerful enough to slay the monsters keeping you at bay, so don’t attempt this mine unless you’ve got the right equips. As for your pickaxe, it should be at minimum a gold one, though Iridium would be ideal. Trust us when we say, you’ll be surprised by how much time using a solid axe will save you in the long run.

Don’t forget about boots too! Wearing a good pair of boots that gives you a nice little boost of defense and immunity can’t be overstated. Helping you to withstand those annoying cavern monsters, you’ll definitely be happy you have a pair on.

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2. Stock Up on Stone

But who said you need to fight your way through every level? Stocking up on stone is your ultimate secret weapon - that’s because they can build ladders! For every 99 stones you collect, that equals one instant ladder. Instant ladders allow players to immediately descend to the next floor, helping you to avoid any dangerous situations or unwanted battles. Because your goal in the Skull Cavern is to get as deep as possible, having a stash of these handy dandy craftables is ideal, so make sure you start collecting as much stone as possible!    

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3. Bombs Away

In the Skull Cavern, you don’t just have to rely on your pickaxe. Bombs can become your best friends too! Helping you to quickly clear a large area of rocks, it’s an efficient way to open up paths, but also uncover staircases, holes, or even precious Iridium nodes. Although regular bombs work just fine, if you’ve got the resources on you, definitely aim for the Mega Bombs. Trust us, these Mega Bombs will cover much bigger areas and will help you uncover those tricky stairs all the more quickly. To help you unlock each floor at a pace you’ve never experienced before, definitely carry a load of bombs with you.

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4. Food for Thought?

You know how the story goes, you’re deep in the mines, running out of energy, before you suddenly realize you have no food and your fate is sealed. Don’t let history repeat itself! Never underestimate the value of a well-packed meal. In the Skull Cavern, you’ll find your health and energy will be whittled down faster than ever before. To help you survive, you should bring with you food items that give significant health and energy boosts such as cheese, salads, or sashimi. Life Elixirs are also great for dire moments and don’t forget about coffee or Spicy Eel for that all-important speed boost to help you get around even faster.

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5. Master the Clock

Look, Pam can be…well, a little slow. If you leave for the desert at the earliest time which is 10am, you’ll definitely find yourself scrambling for time. So here’s arguably the most important tip: use desert totems! Able to transport you immediately to the desert as soon as you wake up, you’ll save yourself hours of time so you can spend it all in the mine. When you’re dealing with the Skull Cavern, every second will count. You can purchase a handful of these totems at the desert shop, or if you’re able, you can craft them too. Just remember to equip all the items you’ll need the day before, and you’ll be ready to go as soon as you wake!

Don’t let the extra exploration time fool you though - Stardew Valley still operates on its unforgiving schedule. If you’re not in bed by the time the clock strikes 2am, say goodbye to all your progress (and maybe even some of your collected items too!). 

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With these 5 helpful tips, you’ll find yourself beating the Skull Cavern mines in no time at all. Helping to increase your survivability, speed, and time, traveling through this cave has never felt so easy. So go on, it’s time to complete that quest and receive the reward you’ve desperately been waiting for.