8 of the Easiest League of Legends Champions to Learn for Beginners

8 of the Easiest League of Legends Champions to Learn for Beginners

League of Legends, a popular online game with a massive player base that continues to grow each and every day. If you find yourself wanting to join in on the fun, beware, the game can feel quite complex and overwhelming for newcomers. With over 150+ champions and an ever-changing meta, where exactly do you start? Don’t fret newbie, we’ve carefully curated a list of 8 of the easiest champions to learn to help get you started. With simple skills and easy mechanics, mastering these champions will lead you on a road to victory real soon.

1. Garen, The Might of Demacia

When it comes to a beefy top lane champ who’s as straightforward as it gets, Garen’s your guy. With his passive regenerating his health, it’ll help you stay in the fight for much longer than you’d expect. There’s no resource management or tricky mechanics to worry about when you’re playing Garen, just silence your enemies with “Decisive Strike,” spin to win with “Judgment,” and finish them off with a satisfying “Demacian Justice!”

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2. Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

For those who love playing ranged carries and seeing high damage output, Miss Fortune is your match made in heaven. As an AD carry positioned in the bot lane, she has an incredibly simple-to-use kit. Her Q, “Double Up” bounces bullets, making it easy to hit enemies and farm minions, while her passive, “Love Tap,” helps deal bonus damage to new targets. And with an ultimate so deadly, it’ll have your enemies running away every time you walk into lane.

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3. Annie, The Dark Child

Annie is ideal for any beginner wanting to learn how to play a mage. With one of the farthest attack ranges in the game and every fourth ability stunning the opponent, all her features work together to make her exceptionally easy to learn. With her E being a shield for extra protection, you’ll roam around comfortably knowing you’ve got the damage to back it. Besides, who wouldn't want to summon a giant fire bear (Tibbers) to roast any incoming enemies?

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4. Soraka, The Starchild

For any budding support player, Soraka is as easy as it gets. Her primary goal? Keeping everyone alive! Thanks to her impressive healing abilities, a powerful silence that can also root enemies, and her Q, “Starcall”, which provides decent poke damage and self-healing, she’s got everything in her arsenal to make her an easy-to-play support champion. Perfect for clutch moments, you’ll definitely be the backbone of your team!

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5. Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman

Does playing a ninja sound particularly exciting to you? Luckily for you, Master Yi is one of the easier champions to master. With high damage, insane speed, and an easy way to dodge enemy abilities, you’ll quickly fall in love with this champion’s simple gameplay but impressive damage. 

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6. Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Lux is a fun mage who excels at long-range poke and burst damage. So if you’re afraid of getting up close and personal with the enemy team, give Lux a go! Her abilities are pretty straightforward - you’ll mostly be doing a combo of her Q and E. First, try to snare the opponent with her Q before blasting them with AOE damage from her E! If you’re lucky, finish them off with her ultimate, which just so happens to be a mega laser. 

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7. Yuumi, The Magical Cat

When it comes to laidback gameplay, no one tops the category like Yuumi. Attaching onto allies with her W, “You and Me!”, she can use a combination of her Q and E to shield them while dealing damage by shooting out projectiles. As everyone’s favourite furry friend, just latch onto your teammates and do your best to keep them alive!

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8. Sona, Maven of the Strings

Sona is top of the list when it comes to user-friendly support champs. With zero skill shots to land, all you have to do is remember to press the right buttons! Providing healing, damage, and movement speed from a combination of her Q, W, and E, you can rely on her ultimate (which is a team-wide stun) to make flashy plays and engages. 

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There’s no need to be intimidated by League of Legends when you’ve got this handy list in your back pocket! These ten easy champions to start with will have you impressing everyone on Summoner’s Rift. Besides, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. Go on, it’s time to step out on the Rift for some insanely fun battles.