5 Mario Kart Tips & Tricks to Help You Speed Into First Place

5 Mario Kart Tips & Tricks to Help You Speed Into First Place

Mario Kart, the popular game that can bring you both complete joy and utter disappointment. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a high-speed chase for first place, the finish line in sight, only to be destroyed by a Blue Shell of Doom? You’re not alone. But don’t start feeling too frustrated because in this article, we’re looking to supercharge your skills. With these five expert Mario Kart tips, you’ll be on your way to first place in no time.

1. Master the Art of Drifting

Drifting isn’t done just for show, it’s a key Mario Kart skill. Whenever you drift, you’ll notice sparks flying from your wheels. They start out white, but they’ll turn blue and then orange if you can hold the drift long enough. When you finally let go, you’ll get an immediate speed boost, with the boost’s strength corresponding to your spark colour. So to get out of those tough turns, start your drift early and hold it as long as you can to earn that supercharged orange spark boost! You’ll need every advantage you can get in this game if you want to win.

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2. Item Strategy is Everything

As mentioned earlier, we’ve all felt the undeniable sting of a well-timed Blue Shell. When it comes to excelling in Mario Kart, it’s not just about speed; it’s about using your items strategically. Holding onto protective items like shells or bananas can defend you against attacks from behind. Did you know dropping a banana right as a red shell is about to hit you can completely avoid the impact? To get a high scoring spot, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of each item so you can outwit all your opponents.

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3. Choose Your Racer Wisely

Not all racers are created equal in Mario Kart - each character has different weight classes that affect their speed and handling. For instance, heavyweights like Bowser and Wario have a high top speed, but slow acceleration, making them perfect for straight, long tracks. On the other hand, lightweights like Toad can accelerate quickly and recover faster from hits, making them the best option for twisty courses. Try out different characters to find one that fits your racing style!

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4. Track Shortcuts and Secrets

Every track in Mario Kart comes with its own hidden secrets and shortcuts. While some are obvious, like a ramp leading to a quick path, others can be less noticeable, like a gap in the railing or a secret tunnel. If you can find out what the hidden shortcuts are for each track, it can give you a significant edge over the other players. Take some time to explore each track carefully and you’ll be surprising your rivals in no time!

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5. Boost from the Start

To nail that initial speed boost at the start of a race, it’s all about getting the timing right. As soon as the countdown hits “2,” immediately hold down the acceleration button. If you do this correctly, you’ll be able to kick off the race with a satisfying burst of speed, helping you get an early lead. Just keep practicing your timing and you’ll be on the road to first very soon!

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With these five tips under your belt, you’re on your way to dominating the tracks. Like any game, practice makes perfect. So buckle up and channel your inner speed because it’s time to unleash your true racing potential.