5 of the Best Legendary League of Legends Skins Worth Every Penny

5 of the Best Legendary League of Legends Skins Worth Every Penny

When it comes to online gaming, there are few out there quite as dynamic and immersive as the world of League of Legends. From its captivating, well-thought-out lore, to its distinctive playstyle, this MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game has conquered the hearts of millions around the world. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is thanks to the wide variety of skins that players can purchase. While the game offers an assortment of skins to choose from, each with its own unique charm, the Legendary skins stand out amongst the crowd. Beautifully crafted and very exclusive, these skins are more than just a “look” - they redefine the entire champions. So let’s dive right into it; here are the five best Legendary skins in League of Legends definitely worth spending your money on.

1. Elementalist Lux

This Lux skin may be one of the most beloved skins in the entire game. Known as the most versatile and impressive Legendary skin out there, fans have absolutely raved about Elementalist Luxs’ unparalleled customization. Taking on 10 DIFFERENT elements, each transformation is accompanied by unique visual effects, voice-overs, animations, and even new spell effects. Each element even gives Lux a distinct personality, making it seem as if you’re getting 10 different skins all in one! The ability to switch between these forms adds a dynamic aspect to the gameplay and transformed what people knew was possible with skins. For anyone truly looking to get a bang for their buck, this is definitely an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys playing this mage.

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2. Project Vayne

As another fan favourite, Project: Vayne is a testament to Riot Games’ ability to reimagine champions while still keeping their core identity intact. Throwing Vayne into a Cyber Punk universe, this skin makes her a deadly force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a cool high-tech crossbow motorcycle, this redesign maintains Vayne’s signature high-mobility gameplay but adds in some neon flair and futuristic aesthetics. From her holographic tumbling to the advanced-looking technological suit, every little detail of this skin feels so carefully crafted. If you’re a fan of playing this powerful champion, you’ll definitely enjoy the unique gameplay experience this skin provides.

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3. Star Guardian Jinx

Despite being known for her chaotic, uncontrollable personality, Star Guardian Jinx brings a completely different side to the character that players have never seen before. From being a destructive loose cannon, this skin turns Jinx into a magical, beautiful girl. Thanks to its unique design, vibrant colours, and exceptional attention to detail, this skin continues to stand out among the rest. Compared to the murky colours of her base skin, Jinx’s abilities are replaced with bright, anime-inspired effects that truly bring her new persona to life on the battlefield. Paired with a fun new set of voice lines that play into her vastly different heroic alter-ego, Star Guardian Jinx offers players a refreshingly new gaming experience.

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4. Battle Academia Ezreal

If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll definitely appreciate this anime-inspired Ezreal skin. Battle Academia Ezreal takes our favourite explorer and plops him into an anime high-school universe where various champions are students learning to master their abilities. Clearly a nod to popular “Shōnen” anime tropes, this skin is filled with dynamic poses, energy-infused attacks, and even an awesome transformation sequence. Not only is there a whole new set of animations and voice lines to enjoy, but his abilities are also given a flashy style that meshes perfectly with the youthful, vibrant theme of the skin. For fans of anime and striking gameplay, Battle Academia Ezreal is your perfect match.

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5. God-King Garen

There’s no skin more majestic and more powerful than God-King Garen. Presenting Garen as a divine ruler that commands respect, this skin completely reimagines his original design to portray him as a literal demi-god. Featuring plenty of new animations, unique spell effects, and fantastic voice-overs, each of Garen’s abilities received visual upgrades that make him even more intimidating. The highlight? His ultimate becomes a lion’s roar that strikes down from the sky! Already being the unstoppable force that he is on the battlefield, God-King Garen has taken this champion to new heights. This skin is definitely worthy of being added to any skin collection.


When it comes to League of Legends, these Legendary skins provide so much more than just aesthetic changes. They reimagine your favourite champions to provide refreshing gameplay that feels exciting and brand new. So what are you waiting for? Pick out your favourite and experience a unique battle on the Rift!