3 Reasons Why You Should Consider the Nintendo Switch Lite Over The Original

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider the Nintendo Switch Lite Over The Original

Often overlooked by the original Nintendo Switch console, which has an incredible hybrid design and multiplayer capabilities, let’s not forget that the Nintendo Switch Lite is available on the market too. Smaller, lighter, and solely handheld, this brilliant device might fit your needs more than you realize. Let’s explore three reasons that not only highlight the Nintendo Switch Lite’s awesome features but also demonstrate why you should consider the Lite over the original.

1. Portability and Convenience

Find yourself constantly on the go? If you’re always moving around and want to bring along something that’s great for killing time, behold, The Nintendo Switch Lite. Weighing significantly less than the original Switch and boasting a much more compact design, it makes the Lite well-suited for your traveling needs. As the perfect companion for lengthy commutes, its reduced size also makes your gaming experience more comfortable during extended play sessions on the go.  

Furthermore, unlike the Original, the Switch Lite doesn’t have any detachable Joy-Cons. While yes, this means you don’t have the option to play multiplayer mode, if you’re always on the go, chances are you don’t need that feature anyway. Without detachable Joy-Cons, this just means there are fewer components to worry about which adds to the Lite’s overall convenience level. 

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) - 1KKPCW via Wikimedia Commons

2. Budget-Friendly Gaming Experience

Looking to save an extra couple of bucks? The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great option to consider if you want to enjoy the diverse, exclusive library of Nintendo games without making a massive dent in your wallet. Around $100 cheaper than its counterpart, why not use that money you saved to get some of the games you’ve been longing to play? Whether it’s The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or Super Mario Odyssey, you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality due to its lower price tag - the Nintendo Switch Lite provides the same vibrant and immersive gaming experience you’ve come to love about the Switch. For gamers on a budget or parents looking to treat their kids, the Switch Lite is a great entry point into the world of Nintendo.

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3. Dedicated Handheld Play

If you’re feeling a bit bummed out by the Lite’s exclusive handheld play, don’t worry, that comes with benefits in and of itself. Designed specifically for single-player use, Nintendo focused on creating a handheld device that is much more robust and durable. Because the Lite doesn’t need to function in docked mode, there’s been a large emphasis on optimizing the handheld experience. The integrated controls are sturdier and there’s less risk of damage from frequently attaching and detaching the Joy-Cons, which is a surprisingly common issue with the original Switch.

Moreover, the dedicated handheld design doesn’t diminish the gaming experience at all. It has a sharp, bright screen that brings your games to life, sure to make fans of handheld devices drop in complete awe. Offering the same touch-screen capabilities as the original console, it also retains certain features like the gyroscope and accelerometer, ensuring you can play most Switch games without concern. So if you’re the type of gamer that loves the feel of playing games in handheld mode, the Switch Lite offers you an optimized experience that focuses on what you love most. 

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) - 2KKPCW via Wikimedia Commons

So, with all that being said, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a solid device that should be genuinely considered given peoples’ different lifestyles, needs, and preferences. Thanks to its portability, budget-friendly nature, and optimized handheld experience, it serves as a viable option for a wide array of gamers. The next time you find yourself in the gaming aisle, don’t just walk past the Lite! Take a moment to think about its benefits because it might just be the perfect thing you’re looking for.