20 Must-Buy Gaming Accessories That Enhance Every Gamer's Experience

20 Must-Buy Gaming Accessories That Enhance Every Gamer's Experience

Everyone wants to upgrade their gaming setup and every little bit helps when improvements can mean the difference between winning or losing. It doesn't matter whether you're a PC or console player, these accessories will improve your gaming experience. Here is a list of 20 gaming accessories that will help any gamer take their setup and abilities to the next level!

1. Monitor:

A high FPS (frames per second) monitor is important for many games. It will help eliminate lag and significantly improve the visual fluidity of your games. Fast-paced competitive games require you to have a monitor with a high frame rate, as milliseconds can be the difference between winning and losing.

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2. Headset:

A high quality headset is essential to get the most out of your gaming experience. They make the games feel far more immersive and help detect the directions of in game sounds. They are also a must for online communication, allowing you to talk with your friends on the other side of the world.

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3. Gaming Chair:

A gaming chair is quite useful for players who tend to spend many hours playing their favorite games. Having good posture and being comfortable will make playing your games more enjoyable and pain free!

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4. Gaming Mouse:

PC gamers should get a high DPI (dots per inch) mouse. The high sensitivity allows for more precise movements and improved accuracy. This can greatly enhance your experience with high frame rate and fast-paced games.

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5. High Quality Keyboard:

For PC players your keyboard is your main controller and the most important piece of equipment you can have. Having a quality keyboard that has good tactile feedback and quick response times, can help make a big difference in the games you play.

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6. Controller Charging Station:

The ability to charge all your controllers at once is quite useful for local multiplayer game-play. It will help prevent frustrating situations where controllers die while using them.

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7. Racing Wheel:

Anyone who is a fan of racing games can take their gaming to the next level with a racing wheel. It will dramatically improve immersion into the game while also providing precision and force feedback. Depending on the quality of your racing setup it can truly feel like you’re inside the car.

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8. VR (Virtual Reality) Headset:

VR headsets allow for an added layer of games and features you can’t get anywhere else. Everything from watching your favorite Netflix show in a virtual movie theater, to whacking enemies with virtual swords. VR offers a unique look into the future of gaming.

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9. Quality Speaker System:

While headsets are great for one player gaming. A quality speaker system can take the multiplayer experience to another level by intensifying in-game atmospheres. The speakers can also always be used for movie and TV experiences as well.

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10. Controller Thumb Extensions:

Controller extensions are attachments that allow for more precise thumb movements. They are perfect for any shooting or precision games as the improved mobility will gave players a slight advantage. They can also help gamers with larger hands grip the controller more easily.

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11. Console Carry Case:

Handheld gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch can greatly benefit from a case. These consoles are meant to played on the go and should be protected at all times. A quality case will also allow you to keep your controllers and any charging cords all in one safe place for travel.

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12. Multi-Functional Dock:

Docks act as an extension to gaming consoles and help provide extra USB ports, cooling fans, and controller charging stations. It's a space-saving solution that offers several utility functions for all your gaming needs.

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13. LED Lighting:

Most gamers will know that your gaming setup isn’t complete without some LED lighting strips. They provide a modern, cool vibe that is customizable and can be used to back-light your TV or illuminate your desk.

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14. Controller Extension Cables:

Many gamers prefer wired controllers because of their shorter input lag. If you are one of these people, extension cables are a must. They help provide you flexibility and freedom, in any room setup.

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15. External Hard Drive:

External Hard Drives are key for gamers to expand their storage capacity. Many of the PS4 and Xbox AAA games can take a significant portion of the console's basic storage space. An extra hard drive can eliminate any space limitations your console may have.

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16. Game Storage Casings:

While many new games today can be completely digital, most games overall are not. Game storage casings are perfect If you want to showcase your game collection while keeping them safe, secure, and all in one place.

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17. Adjustable TV Mount:

Having an adjustable TV mount can help you optimize your view of the screen and provide a more comfortable gaming experience. It's a great solution to avoid neck strain and keeps your TV safe and secure.

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18. Microphone:

Gamers who want to share and stream content must have a mic. Having your voice sound crystal clear is key for in-game communication and enhances the audio quality for your viewers.

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19. Extended Battery Pack:

Battery packs are crucial for handheld gamers traveling long distances. Nobody wants their device to die while in a plane or car, leaving you with nothing to do. One extra battery pack can keep you entertained for twice as long.

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20. Console Cooling Stand:

To help prevent overheating, a cooling stand can be a key accessory for people who play long gaming sessions. Many of these stands also serve as charging docks and ports, providing efficient use of space and ensuring your console has optimal ventilation for the foreseeable future.

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