Working People From Around The World Share Crazy 'Rich Kid' Behavior They've Witnessed

Working People From Around The World Share Crazy 'Rich Kid' Behavior They've Witnessed

Not all rich people flaunt their wealth in absurd ways. Most self-made people tend to be humble and modest, since they appreciate the value of what they've earned.

However, there are plenty of people with money to throw who are more than happy to, well, throw it. And blow it. And shove it in your face.

The folks below recently went online to share the craziest rich kid behavior they've ever seen.

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45. Time for an upgrade

One of my college classmates wrecked his Range Rover over winter break and came back in an Aston Martin

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44. Gonna need some more crayons too

In middle school we were asked to draw our homes for some assignment and hand it in at the end of class. A popular, extremely wealthy kid that sat behind me raised his hand and smugly asked the teacher for another sheet of paper because he couldn’t draw it all on one page. His friends just snickered but I was cringing. Even at 12 I remember thinking it was such a snobby thing to say.

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43. How much is a lot?

Worked with this kid who was a good kid, but completely disconnected from financial reality for most people. He’d just moved out west from another state and was trying to get on like a “normal” adult.

He went to buy a new car and was shocked that they couldn’t just bill his dad for it, since they didn’t know him.

Another time, he ordered a bottle of wine at a restaurant and the sommelier said “certainly, sir.” Then the sommelier whispered “just for your knowledge, sir, the bottle is $700.”

He looked straight at him and asked “is that a lot?”

The sommelier honestly didn’t know how to answer.

Good kid, and he got a lot better, but he just didn’t know. Once he casually told his mom he needed some help with bills and she deposited $20,000 into his account.

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42. Let the bidding war begin

Went to school with a crazy rich kid. His parents divorced and each decided to buy his love. Mommy owned a real estate agency, so she got him a license and spoon fed him enough sales for a 6-figure income. The dad then BOUGHT HIM A MAGAZINE. Yes, the dad bought a magazine for his 24-year-old party animal son to "run." It worked out about as well as you'd imagine.

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41. I never thought I'd feel sorry for a dentist

I work for a dentist and her son is a spoiled brat. He was at the office one day because she had to bring him to an appointment later that day. He got bored and went out wandering around some of the local shops. Then he came back a little while later and without any preamble walked up to her and said "give me $80". She asked him what it was for and he just repeated himself and she gave it to him.

He was 17 at the time of this incident. The father is in the picture but my boss (the dentist) is the main breadwinner and disciplinarian of the family. The husband is more like another child and just works here and there and lives off her money.

She tries to act tough and instil certain morals and values in her kids but then turns around and caves to all of their demands. For example, her twin daughters are going to university next year and instead of staying in a dorm they demanded a two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment. They refused to share a bedroom or even a bathroom. At first she told them absolutely not but they whined and complained and she caved.

My boss is very much about appearances and from a young age got her kids accustomed to a privileged lifestyle. She created monsters.

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40. Sugar daddy

My fiance's cousin. He managed to crash 4 cars while still in high school because his father would replace them. When he moved on to college, he got kicked out of several apartments for owning a dog when they weren't permitted. He told me he didn't care though, since his father also funded his continuous stream of new housing. From what I last heard, his father is now paying for his long-standing *ahem* white, powdery habit.

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39. He should go on The Price Is Right

This guy looked at my $2,000 beater car in college and commented that it must've been really cheap. His guess was $15,000.

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38. I wish I had a grownup allowance

My fraternity brother's monthly allowance of $2,000 was canceled from his parents because he made a few F's. He then called his aunt for a separate allowance.

The dude was a massive jerk. His dad is a very successful stockbroker in the Memphis/Germantown area. The kid only went to college so he could earn a degree to work at that company. This guy already had it made from day one. I could write paragraphs on how big of a loser sandwich this dude was.

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37. One for you, one for me

Someone’s sister got $600 shoes so the parents got the other kid shoes of the same price to stop their complaining. It was a birthday present for the first kid -- I should’ve mentioned that.

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36. "Why don't poor people just get more money?"

I knew this one guy at my college who didn't understand why everybody is so worked up about student loans. I remember him saying something along the lines of "why don't people just pay the tuition upfront?" He was also quite sheltered.

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35. We could all use a little change

My friend literally throws away his change because he hates holding coins. Like, he throws loose change into the garbage. It doesn't matter if it's 99 cents; he'll throw it away. That stuff adds up.

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34. That's what the garbage is for!

I went to high school with this insufferably spoiled kid. His family had a couch in their home's elevator. And classical European sculpture (this was in the U.S.). Kid talked down to/about the less fortunate on a regular basis. He once made fun of me for picking a coin up off the ground.

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33. What a great incentive

In high school a kid was bragging that he got in his third fender bender in his "old" car (3 years old) that his parents gave him but he hated, so his parents were buying him an entirely new (current year) car to incentivize him to drive better.

"Hey Son, you wrecked your new car? Well, fine. We're getting you a new one hoping you'll drive better!" Genius.

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32. I can't be seen with poor people

The Nintendo DS had just come out. It was like $150 and my family lived in a cramped 1 bedroom apartment and drove a 20 year old car that was always breaking down. We ate those cheap bags of Walmart beans and rice for months at one point. I expressed the desire to own one after my friend said he had one and I got "Why can't your parents just... buy you one? I don't get it, it's dirt cheap?"

He didn't want to be my friend after that anymore, literally avoided me and made fun of me for the rest of the year behind my back.

I'm still salty about it.

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31. You're the maid now

I worked at a Starbucks and we hired a new guy, who I was training. At one point, I had to show him how to clean the restrooms. I grab the bleach, and hand him a pair of gloves and he looks at me in disgust and says, "We don't have a maid to clean the bathrooms?"

He quit the next day.

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30. He loves me yacht

So my best friend's wife teaches at a ritzy $40k per year private school. As in, $40,000 a year for elementary and middle school (I think the high school is like $50k+). Well, she teaches 7th or 8th grade, I can't remember, and she said she always goes around the class after the summer break to ask them what they did over the summer. She particularly remembers one kid complaining about how much his summer sucked because he was stuck on his parent's yacht all summer and they didn't even take it to anywhere cool, just Italy.

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29. What a card

I wouldn’t say rich kid, but definitely a spoiled brat who thought he was rich. Befriended him in 5th grade over our interest in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. First time I hung out at his place I noticed just how littered with stuff his room was. Some even unopened.

I showed him some rare card that I had recently pulled from a pack. He got super jealous and angry that I wouldn’t trade or sell it to him. He immediately got up and walked over to the family computer and booted up a site where you could buy cards and various other toys and such.

Completely ignoring having me over he’s now on an online shopping spree adding stuff to the cart. After adding a few things he yells “where’s the credit card?” and immediately his older sister comes running up the stairs to yell, “Kyle, mom said no more buying stuff online!” And closes the website and shuts off the computer. Kyle then proceeds to have a crying tantrum on the floor and I’m just standing there over him in shock at what’s happening and how he’s acting. I slowly stopped hanging out with him until completely avoiding him as his temperament got worse.

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28. On the house

My brother works at a rehab center for the kids of wealthy parents. He's always got stories, but the one that sticks with me the most was a kid who was in trouble with the law and doing rehab before his court appearances. You know, to look like a better person and hopefully the judge would go easier on him. He was mopey one day and my brother asks him what's wrong. The kid starts talking about how tough the whole experience has been for him, how it's been so hard on his family that his parents had to sell his house to pay for his rehab. My brother felt sympathetic and says, "Man, that sucks that your parents had to sell their house over this," to which the kid corrected him, "No, they kept their house. They had to sell mine."

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27. Another one rides the bus

I nanny rich kids and the attitude some of these people have... it just blows my mind. These kids think that anyone who catches the bus is dangerous and poor and will kidnap them. They mocked a girl who got a scholarship to their expensive private school so much that she transferred back to a public school. The mother has me sit in the house doing nothing for up to 8 hours when they have tradespeople in because she's convinced they will steal.

The mother also 'declutters' their old crap by dumping it on their cleaning lady because "she knows all the refugees in the city and there are people who will really enjoy this stuff." It's a nice idea, but we're talking about old underwear with no elastic, soft toys with giant stains and missing limbs, school bags that are so old the plastic material has hardened and cracked off, and felt pens with no lids that dried out years ago. She just has no concept of what real people's lives are actually like, to think that they might want this garbage.

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26. There's rich and then there's ultra rich

Friend got a theater with an arcade built over their family’s 12-car garage. Parents didn’t want the 5-year-old sister to be jealous, so they hired an architect to design and built her a fully functioning play house with a bathroom, air conditioning, and bedroom. Just the tip of the iceberg with this family though

And for what it's worth, no, neither I nor my family is rich. We just lived really close to the family and my dad and mother became close friends with them. They were on the whole really nice and innocent people, just rocking out on the spoils of wealth. I can say I genuinely love the family.

And no, these are not "normal rich" people. These are ultra rich, probably richer now than they were then. For example: George Bush Jr. visited the family's house to hold a fundraiser for his second campaign.

This was not a typical rich family. They father built a mini race track for his Lotus esprits at his lake house. Also built a mega yacht with a garage for what most of us would consider a large boat on it -- surprise, he never really used it more than once or twice. An impulse purchase.

The house, more aptly called a castle, was filled with game from African Safaris taken in the 70s and 80s. The wife bought a popular fast food franchise unavailable in our area because she didn't like having to drive 30 minutes to get what she wanted. Once when I was swimming in the waterfall pool with the son, my mom called and reminded them I need to be home for some sports event or something, and we hopped in their Bentley dripping wet. It was the first time my feet ever touched a fur floor in a car--soaking wet at that!

At the millennium, the father was into tattoos and regularly spend tens of thousands to fly the best tattoo artists in world in from Japan and LA to work on his "Yakuza style" sash tattoo. I could go on and on.

But the number one thing that I think might qualify one in the family for "rich kid syndrome" is that the father, who inherited his family business from his father, sold the business overseas in the late 80s. The company was the only reason the town had to exist. Ever since, the community has been recognized as the most depressed in the state, and the schools unequivocally the worst.

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25. Cart blanche

Went to a destination wedding at a Mexico resort. These rich kids rented a golf cart, tore through the streets and flipped the cart, injuring people and causing a huge commotion and traffic jam.

A Mexican lady comes out and begins to scold them for their behavior. "You wouldn't act this way at home!"

One of the rich kids responds, "I promise you we do."

It was the earnestness of his reply that got me.

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24. Ego isn't the only thing that's overinflated

One girl from my high school got implants for her 18th birthday. Her mom joined her as a mother/daughter bonding activity, followed by the daughter getting a brand new $90,000 Mercedes as a high school graduation gift.

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23. Beat that

This guy buys $500 headphones from a VENDING MACHINE because he lost his old pair...​

Like who buys from a freaking tech vending machine impulsively?!

It was on a university campus (not an airport) and the dude bought Beats. So not audiophile or noise canceling even.

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22. Not all rich people are jerks, btw

Luckily the only rich kids I knew were the most outstandingly well behaved boys I’ve ever met. I was a youth leader in a ministry for middle schoolers, and I think the worst it ever got was them being mildly disruptive at times.

But these kids had a literal half sized basketball court in their basement, along with a basement the size of a comfortable two bedroom apartment, an arcade, a fully stocked SECOND fridge.... don’t even get me started on the house itself and the yard, this place easily would list at least as a million dollar home. But they would share with all the kids in the group and never ever look down on anyone for not having money like them. These boys even helped me change a flat tire on my car because they felt it was useful to know how. They literally could probably afford a tow truck and a tire repair all in the same day if it ever happened to them.

They were so well grounded that it made me feel like I was the spoiled brat at times

(Looked up the estimate of the house, it was between 1.4-1.9 million, but the next most expensive house I found in the area was listed for 1.4. The average home in this particular town costs between 400-500k so it’s still pretty lavish compared to what everyone else around them has.)

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21. Less impressive in a college bookstore

Rich kid I know brought $1,000 to the book fair in elementary school. Yeah, $1,000, that’s not a typo.

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20. I'm a survivor... with daddy's credit card

“I could absolutely survive on my own, my parents just pay for my food and house but I pay for everything else, if I got a job I could pay for my food and house too.” -said at 18, in the middle of a discussion between two middle-class peers who were talking about saving money because they had to pay for their own college and living expenses. About five minutes prior to this conversation, both peers had ordered the cheap dinner options and declined a shopping trip later that night, while rich-girl was talking nonstop about buying the best/most expensive souvenirs for her friends.

Once tried working a regular-person-retail-job and quit within a couple weeks as it “just wasn’t right and I didn’t like it” (read: had actual responsibilities for the first time).

Moved cross-country for an 8-month education course, where her parents pay food, rent, and school. They also gave her a debit card which replenishes up to $500 when it hits $50... she still posts Snapchat’s with captions of “that broke person life” over pictures of her getting Starbucks every day, and insists she could survive on her own.

Constantly suggests the most expensive options for meals, activities, etc., and tacks on things like “we can just split the bill, I know you’re saving but it’s just [amount at least $50], you’ll be fine right?” Then gets upset when people can’t afford to spend time with her, or when someone dares to suggest that she helps cover costs.

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19. The friendly baller

One of my friends friends ended up paying for a night out food and entertainment. He’d go up before we got the bill and just pay. No matter how much we argued with him and tried to pay him back he wouldn’t take it. Nice dude, just mad baller rich.

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18. Why buy a house when you can buy a penthouse?

A friend of mine inherited a lot of money, enough to buy a house. Instead, he spent it on two cars. A Subaru completely modded to Ken Block's Version of it and some BMW -- both extremely expensive. We asked him a few months later why he didn’t buy a house with it since he still lived with his Parents. So he told us that he already owned a penthouse, he just didn’t want to move yet...

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17. Like a toddler throwing their dinner on the floor

This rich girl in high school got a BMW for her 17th birthday. About a week later she totaled it and me and a few of my friends wondered what happened considering they're rated as pretty safe and reliable. Apparently she wanted a brand new 2000 BMW 3 series and she had received a 1997 instead. So she intentionally trashed it and made her parents buy her the one she wanted.

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16. Fine by me

I used to work as an after-school babysitter for a LOADED doctor couple with two kids. My job was mainly to pick up the younger kid from school and hang out till his parents got home. He was a good kid, but coddled and immature. He was in 5th or 6th grade at this point. Oftentimes he would not be at his classroom when I came to get him, and the school campus was huge. Different buildings, courtyards, playgrounds, the works. If he wasn't at his classroom I had to comb the whole campus, and he was rarely in the same place twice. He had a cell phone, but usually ignored its existence except for playing games on it in the car.

The school was in the city and I had to park on the street. A couple of times I wound up with parking tickets because, despite having stuffed the meter with enough quarters to presumably result in ample time, the search for my charge would take much longer than anticipated. After a point, I mentioned this to him, calmly asking that he respect my time and stay in a set location so that I don't end up with a $25 ticket again. He looked at me with a good-natured shrug and said, "Well, that's not much. You can afford that."

Sonny, your parents paid me $140 a week and I was in college. I know you live in a $1.4 million house and your dad buys you an expensive new toy every Sunday, but with the money they're forking over for your education someone ought to have taught you the value of a dollar by now.

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15. I'll tell my father

In high school a kid made fun of my mother so I squared up ready to fight him. Instead, he said, “If you lay a finger on me I’ll get my father's lawyer to sue your family for everything they’ve got.” That just made me laugh, call him a coward, and I went on with my life.

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14. My dad would have killed me if I did that...

I worked as a bouncer at a high-end night club. The biggest jerk of a rich kid, straight out of Malibu’s Most Wanted, gets a VIP booth and bottle service. Racks up a massive bill trying to act like a baller. His credit card gets denied and he has to call his dad to come down at 1:30 am because he can’t order any more bottles.

His dad comes down in his pyjamas. Obviously ashamed and furious at this turd of a kid. Ends up embarrassing the crap out of his son in front of his whole group of friends. He takes the kid's keys and is about to leave when his kid makes some snide comment and goes back in the club.

The dad's about to walk away after he apologizes for his son. But when we offer to drag him out the rough way, he smiles and accepts. That kid hit every door and step on the way out.

I'll be honest: it was as satisfying for us as it was for his dad.

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13. We're on a wavelength

My friend’s parents had a dilemma because they both bought each other new Mercedes for Valentines Day.

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12. Just wasted

Went on a cruise with a rich friend. Dinner was served as a three-course menu, and you could order as many different courses as you want. Rich friend would order two plates of food per course, eat a single bite or two, and throw away the rest of the food. My family was extremely poor when I was younger, and even though we are much better financially now, we still refuse to throw away even the smallest leftovers. All those plates of food wasted hurt my heart to see.

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11. Oh look: my face!

When I was in boarding school, one of my co-boarders handed me some mail saying "do you notice anything special about this envelope?" When I checked it out I realized his face was on the stamp... He was royalty...

I will add another two. Kid from Taiwan also attending same boarding school. My advent calendar had little chocolates, his had a remote control car, Sega Game Gear, etc.

Another teenager (16) arguing on the phone to his grandfather that he didn't want a Porsche, he wanted the Ferrari...

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10. Pumped up kicks

When I was a kid I got bullied a lot by this one kid named Miguel growing up. His family was a lot better off and spoiled him, buying him the latest shoes, Starter jackets, video games, etc. He was always showing it off and especially liked to rub it into my face.

My parents both worked two jobs to try and provide a decent life for me growing up, but money was tight. Most of my clothes I either got from the thrift store or they were hand-me-downs from my older cousins. I remember one day my parents decided to treat me and take me to the Nike outlet and get a pair a brand new sneakers. This was the first pair of shoes I had in a long time that were all mine and never worn by anyone else.

I remember being so excited to wear them to school and walked into the classroom with a big smile that day. Miguel takes one look at my shoes and says, "Nice new, old shoes. I had a pair of those last year when they were cool." With a few words he completely crushed the happiness high I was riding and brought me down instantly.

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9. I should have infinity dollars!

I come from a low-middle income family but I was friends with someone who received a red envelope (Chinese tradition) with easily over a thousand dollars inside, and he still complained about not being able to afford x and y. I'd be lucky to even have a proper meal everyday consistently.

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8. Life is unfair

I ended up at one of those fancy private universities. Coming from a small Ohio town, it resulted in a lot of “culture shock”.

One of the most memorable moments was when I was eating breakfast at one of the campus restaurants super early before I opened the store I worked at and there was a girl at a table with her friend just completely broken down sobbing. She was basically incomprehensible and I immediately thought she must have lost a family member and my heart broke for her.

Until, through rolling tears, she managed to croak out: "It’s just not f..f..faiiiir!! I asked for a Mercedes and he got me a ..a...BMWwwwww.” Then just breaks into guttural sobs. Meanwhile, I’m hoping my pay check can cover an overdue oil change on my 1998 Plymouth neon.

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7. Crust is for the peasants

When I got out of the Navy I decided to use my GI bill at one of the Penn State satellites. I was sitting in the cafeteria drinking coffee and typing up a paper when a girl sits down across from me and opens her backpack. She pulls out a sandwich bag and looks at it in disgust then looks me dead in the eye and says "I don't even know why I bother my mother never cuts off the crust." I let out one of those high pitched short laughs like is this girl for real? Oblivious to the tone of it she says "I know right" then asks me if I want it.

I looked around thinking I was getting pranked or something cause this crap is too stereotypical to be real and I just assumed I was being filmed. She shook it at me and gave me a "well?" look. So I said screw it and took the sandwich, she then pulled out her student ID card and bought a crap ton of french fries.

That sandwich was awesome, I think the bread was homemade and it was stacked like a Dagwood. It had all kinds of expensive looking meats and Dijon mustard, serious gourmet stuff. I know this girl's mother will never see this but I just wanna say someone appreciated that sandwich.

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6. No one cares who your father is

In middle school, a repairman was working on a broken AC in our class. This kid kept making fun of how dirty he looks. The repairman finally had enough of it and requested the kid come to the principal's office with him. Kid started screaming stupid stuff like "how dare you talk back to me? Do you know who my dad is? Don’t you dare touch me, you’re dirty!" On and on. At that moment I lost all faith in humanity.

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5. You're never too rich to steal

Casually referencing an African safari trip she went on as a child, while stealing a stranger's umbrella in a bar.

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4. I got two phones

She got a new, super expensive phone for Christmas, then got a new even more expensive phone for valentines day. Gave the old one to one of her friends. Constantly has super expensive items and her dad drives her to school every day in his Lamborghini and is picked up in a limo. Super bratty and can't stand it when something doesn't go her way or when she isn't put in charge.

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3. Life is made

A friend of mine who has never worked a day in his life who was given everything through his parents. Including 3 cars he crashed. After he graduated college he got a job handed to him through his dad. Makes 6 figures. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy he has a good life but he never struggled a day in his life. He’s never sat through a job interview or ever even made a resume.

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2. High class and no class

When I was a broke-as-balls bike messenger, I was dating a woman who was heir to a major restaurant fortune. One evening, she wanted to go to a club downtown, and I said I couldn't go because I didn't have any money. She said I should come on anyway so I figured she's footing the bill.

When we got to the club and it's time to pay the cover at the door, she pays for herself and starts to walk in. I'm like, "hey--I don't have any money. I can't get in." She comes back out and tells me to just put it on my credit card, but of course I don't have one. The she tells me she'll drive me to an ATM. But of course I don't have a bank account because I'm broke.

I'm standing there in the street with her, trying futilely to explain that I literally do not own any money. She could not grasp the concept. I ended up walking home and she went to the club.

We did not last long.

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1. Dishing it

I met a kid who didn't understand the concept of washing dishes.

Wife went back to college. New city, didn't know anyone. Started a Movie Night thing to meet some people and build a social circle.

We provided a home cooked meal, a fun movies that most people hadn't seen, and a place to gather - went over great and had 6-12 people showing up each week to hang out and talk and eat our food. Generally good people, because she was going back to college - a lot of college kids came. All good.

I knew this one guy was from a rich family, his first night there he's bragging to everyone who'll listen about this 30k+ truck his parents just bought him and telling everybody how awesome he is.

After everything is done we're collecting dishes in the kitchen and he walks over and following me to the kitchen he walks in and puts his dish and silverware in the trash can.

"Hey man, what are you doing?" I'm assuming he brain blanked for a second, no big deal.


"Give me the dishes, don't throw em out." It's a ceramic plate, not a paper one...

"Why?" He asks, obviously confused.

"... I'm going to wash it."

"Why?" He repeats.

...Now I'm confused. "So it'll be clean for next time?"

"Oh! Like the dining hall. Oh. Ok. Sure."

I find out later he basically lives off take out, restaurants, etc - he's never cooked anything in his life, his family has servants who clean up after meals and .... and he just assumed dishes were something you threw out when you were done. College was the first place where he even saw the idea of putting dishes somewhere other than the trash (or leaving them on the table) afterward.

He wasn't a bad guy honestly, just... I was amazed something so incredibly basic had slipped by him for years.

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