The Ultimate Riot Games Music Playlist

The Ultimate Riot Games Music Playlist

Becoming more than just a gaming company, Riot Games has spent years venturing out into the music industry. With thrilling lyrics and heart-pumping tunes, Riot has managed to create multiple hit songs that are genuinely amazing. From pairing songs for their cinematics to creating anthems for world tournaments to writing catchy songs for their hit TV show, Riot has a plethora of great songs in their playlist. Let’s take a moment to explore some of their most popular hits, maybe even helping you rediscover some old favourites. Pull out your playlists because we’ve got some great new songs for you to add!

1. “Warriors” - 2014 Worlds

Remember when the popular band Imagine Dragons teamed up with Riot Games to create the ultimate anthem for the 2014 World Championships? Although it’s been a while since this song has come out, this exciting, adrenaline-pumping song was the perfect way to match the level of anticipation surrounding the Worlds tournament. Expertly encapsulating the struggle and determination behind each player in every match, “Warriors” isn’t just a song; it elevated gaming to a level of epic storytelling. 

Staples Center League Of Legends Season 3 FinalsPhoto by artubr via Wikimedia Commons

2. “Awaken” - Season 2019 Cinematic

Evoking feelings of intense battle and drama, “Awaken” was a song released for the 2019 competitive season, paired alongside a stunning League of Legends cinematic. Performed by Valerie Broussard, her voice wonderfully compliments the dramatic orchestra bellowing in the background. For anyone in need of an energy boost, this song will for sure get you pumped up and ready to battle.

Viktor-Forgacs-B88Pgqxs4Qg-UnsplashPhoto by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

3. “STAR WALKIN’” - Worlds 2022

Bringing in some serious star power, Riot Games managed to collaborate with famous rapper, Lil Nas X for their 2022 World Championship theme song. With its catchy chorus, relatable lyrics, and head-bopping tunes, “STAR WALKIN’” became an instant hit that resonated with fans. With a whopping 50 million views on YouTube, it’s clear this song has quickly risen to become one of Riot’s best.

League Of Legends World Championship 2017 FinalsPhoto by Richard Ye via Wikimedia Commons

4. “Enemy” - Arcane Series in 2021

In 2021, Imagine Dragons returned to collaborate with Riot Games for the song, “Enemy,” the theme for the highly anticipated animated series, Arcane. Joined by J.I.D and Mako, these artists were able to breathe life into the gritty underbelly of Piltover and Zaun. Thanks to its incredibly catchy tune and singable lyrics, the song became so popular it even played regularly on the radio! 

Imagine Dragons, 2012Photo by "Lunchbox LP" via Wikimedia Commons


5. “RISE” - 2018 Worlds

As the anthem for the 2018 World Championships, “RISE” had the best hard-hitting beats and inspiring lyrics to get everyone up in their seats. With inspiring lyrics from The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive, “RISE” quickly became a powerful rallying cry for any League of Legends player who needed that extra push of encouragement.

League Of Legends Season 2 World Championship Finals Panorama (8095444017)Photo by artubr via Wikimedia Commons

6. “Pop/Stars” - 2018 K/DA Debut

Who knew gaming and K-pop could make such a lethal combo? Venturing into a new genre of music, Riot Games took their music career to a whole other level by introducing the world to the virtual band, K/DA. Featuring four female champions from League of Legends (Ahri, Akali, Evelyn, and Kai’sa), each member is voiced by Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and Soyeon and Miyeon from (G)I-DLE. With such a catchy debut song, you’ll find yourself dancing along to the poppy beats.

220617 (G)I-Dle Seoul ConcertPhoto by giluggilug via Wikimedia Commons

7. “Take Over” - 2020 Worlds

Riot just doesn’t miss with their Worlds anthems! Voiced by Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember), MAX, and Henry, “Take Over” is the Worlds 2020 theme song that delivers the perfect blend of rock and pop. Instantly electrifying the gaming world, many players not only enjoyed the song’s accompanying visuals, but also had this song on repeat for weeks. 

1024Px-Fnatic Vs Koo Tigers - 2015 League Of Legends (1Cun6958)Photo by Bruce Liu via Wikimedia Commons

Did we happen to bring up any old songs you’ve forgotten about? The next time you find yourself loading up Summoner’s Rift, don’t hesitate to blast these songs on your speaker. Perfect for any gaming session, these incredible songs by Riot Games will surely get you in the right mood for battle.