Car Maintenance Tips To Remember

Car Maintenance Tips To Remember

It's imperative to keep your car in tip-top shape, whether you drive it every day or only on occasion. Looking after your vehicle helps determine the longevity using it to get you from point a to b, as well as ensures the safety of the passengers that join you on your journeys. Here are a few key tips for maintaining one of your most prized possessions.

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Regularly Check Your Car Fluids

Most remember to check and change their car oil but there are a few other important car fluids that should also remain up-to-date to ensure that your car runs at its utmost capacity.

Other oils to regulate and change depending on your vehicle include the coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Any of these fluids leaking will likely affect the performance of your car, so be sure to stay on top of things, to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Replace Windshield Wipers & Change Engine Air Filter

Testing your car lights and checking your breaks are the usual car maintenance steps that folks remember as they use those parts of the vehicle whenever they drive the car but, windshield wipers and engine air filters are usually left to discover when it's already too late.

If there is a problem with your wipers, it's better to get ahead of it before an unexpected heavy rain or snow fail–better safe than sorry. About once a year, you should check your engine car filter, as allowing too much dirt and debris will harm the heart of your vehicle n the long run.

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