The Most Horrible Thing People Have Caught Their Classmates Doing During School

The Most Horrible Thing People Have Caught Their Classmates Doing During School


A user on Reddit asked people what “the most horrible thing” they have caught a classmate doing is and answers came flooding in about some of the weirdest people that you’ll be glad you didn’t sit next to in math.

Going to school usually coincides with the onset of puberty, some of the most awkward moments in your life and some of the funniest stories that will get told in the future. Don’t worry, it happens to everybody.

Don’t Drink That Gatorade


“After being denied permission to go to the restroom, some guy [peed] into a bottle and left it on his desk. He told his teacher it was Gatorade and asked her if she wanted some.”

Story credit: Reddit / @michaellicious

He Wasn’t Actually Sleeping


“Back in eighth grade I was taking an exam in history and when I finished I looked around the classroom and saw one guy sleeping. After the exam my teacher tried to wake him up and no success so he called the paramedics. Turns out the guy had a heart attack and past away right there.

So what's the worst thing I’ve caught a kid doing in class? Being dead.”

Story credit: Reddit / @Koke12345

A Fart Triggered an Asthma Attack


“This girl I sat next to in 6th grade math did a silent fart just as I was bending down to get a calculator out of my backpack, which put me in the hit zone. Not that "disturbing", but it was honestly the nuclear bomb of all farts. I started choking on the fumes and the entire class stopped the lesson to see if I was okay. I finally caught my breath, told the teacher I had asthma (not true) and was sent down to the nurses office. I got to nap for the rest of the school day and the girl was always nice to me after that.”

Story credit: Reddit / @crabnick92

The Fight Was a Last Resort

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“In 6th grade I caught a special needs kid telling on me for being in a fist fight. I was beating up a kid who had been picking on the special needs kid. For clarification: the fight was a last resort. I tried to ask the bully to stop.”

Story credit: Reddit / @mountainfeller


He Found Out That His Girlfriend Left Him in a Note


“Dude in my US Navy bootcamp class (you had to take like Navy history classes etc) found out in a letter that his GF had left him. Took off running right as we were going into class, leapt onto a 3rd floor rail ledge thing (it was San Diego and classes all had outside entrances, no inside hallways) and then proceeded to do a swan dive onto the concrete 30 feet below with his hands held behind his back. Dead instantly. Saw him dive but only heard him land. We were immediately pushed inside by Company Commanders and then locked down. When we got to head back to the barracks a little while later, they were using a fire hose to try to wash all the blood away. Very disturbing to 18 year old me.”

Story credit: Reddit / @thewitt33

Caught During Free Period


“When I was in high school I liked to go to the balcony of our theater to take naps during my free periods because it was usually empty. One day I walk up the stairs and see a girl from the grade below me that I sort of knew cutting herself with scissors. She freaked out and ran away, I eventually caught up with her and we had an intense conversation. We became friends after that day and I encouraged her to start seeing a therapist, which helped her a lot.”

Story credit: Reddit / @-eDgAR-

Our Teacher Was a Prankster


“In high school history class, the teacher was a great prankster but a bit of a nutcase and let us do basically whatever we wanted. One day a friend of mine took the teacher's coffee cup to the bathroom, came back with a pee/coffee mixture and handed it to the teacher. My buddy even told him, "I peed it that" and the teacher looks him dead in the eyes and enthusiastically says "Good!" and drinks it. He probably knew once he'd tasted it, but he never let us know it. Just continued to sip it and look at my buddy and wink. Dominance was established.”

Story credit: Reddit / @ducktalesoooOOOooo

A Cheater’s Revenge


“In 7th grade a classmate of mine had cheated on my best friends math test which was worth 1/3 of our grade in that class. The worst part is he actually tried to blame it on my friend who was about to get in serious trouble because the teachers thought it was him. After him telling me this I did something pretty ballsy. After class I went up to my math teacher and told him who really did it, but he still claimed that he knew exactly who it was. At this point I was so frustrated I quickly blurted out "why don't you make both students retake it and whoever gets the better score is the one who didn't cheat." He agreed and said that both of them would take it after school so I decided I would wait for him so we could walk home together. He simply walked out an hour and a half later and gave me a hug saying "I don't know what I would do without you dude.””

Story credit: Reddit / @thenameszcal

It Made For a Great Story


“One time I walked in on a good friend/teammate [pooping] in the locker room showers. Then he kicked the poop against the wall and yelled "POO POO!" At the moment is was horrifying, but it made for a great story afterwards.”

Story credit: Reddit / @Kijafa

Jogging Pants Were Banned


“In a school in my neighborhood jogging pants are banned because students would whip it out and start masturbating during classes in these pants.”

Story credit: Reddit / @BIKEBERRY_CORN


Welcome to America


“In 4th grade we had a few foreign students. Being it was NY, it's not a big deal to see someone come late into the school year because they were from another country. This kid (lets call him Ahmed) just came to NY, had no English at all but was a beast in Math. During one Math class he was already finished with one section of the SYMS book while the other kids were palm sweaty from a few questions in. He sat there for some time and was really bored, then he gets up goes to the waste bin and proceeds to take off his pants and [poop] right into the waste bin. The teacher was so shocked she didn't even make a sound. He gets up, puts his pants back on and sits at his desk as if nothing happened, the whole class is either disgusted or laughing hysterically, I of course fell out of my chair from laughter. The teacher started yelling at him, but he didn't speak any English, so she took him to the principles office. Later when I went to give in the attendance for class I noticed he was there with his parents present already, and the mother tells the principle that Ahmed said if there was some sand around he would've covered up the smell by putting sand on it. I burst out laughing again, Ahmed seen me and smiled devilishly. The principle explains that there are facilities for which this act can be done without interrupting his classmates or alerting his teacher. His mom just says, look my kid had to go, why would you spend time walking around searching for a place to go do your business when you already have a container for trash right near him. Ahmed was a chill kid, and says in English the only word he learned that day, s s sorrry. A few years later when he learned most of the English language I asked him about the event, and he told me "Oh, I was bored so I wanted to make a statement to america that [I am] here to stay." 

Story credit: Reddit / @c1utchh

An Odd Use of Deodorant 


She was sitting in class near this boy who was a little... off. They were in 6th grade, and to help combat the odor of hormones, the teacher had asked all students to keep a little personal stick of deodorant in [their] desks for after gym and recess. One day they're sitting in class and my sister looks over and this kid is eating the deodorant from the stick and smearing it on his face. The teacher notices and asks what he's doing. He looks up, white surrounding his lips, his face glistening with Axe, and he explains "I'm trying to make friends."

Story credit: Reddit / @Azusanga

Awkward Bathroom Stall Setup 


“You know how bathroom stalls have those awkward cracks you can see through? I walked into the bathroom one day in school to see a guy [peeing] through that crack, attempting to spray the kid who was pooping and had nowhere to run. I have no idea why, I just turned around and left.”

Story credit: Reddit / @nate800

Chemistry Evacuation


“In high school chemistry, we were mixing organic compounds in the lab. Teacher's instructions were to mix one compound, then dispose of it before starting the next one, and under no circumstances were we to mix them together. Well, a couple of troublemakers mixed all of them and it started spewing some really noxious fumes. It was the first time in my school's history that the chem lab had to be evacuated.”

Story credit: Reddit / @el_muerte17

Bathroom Logistics Discussion


“I walked into the bathroom and two guys were discussing the logistics of two guys [pooping] in the same toilet. I joined in, we spent the next ten minutes arguing about various angles. High school was weird.”

Story credit: Reddit / @nate800

The Worst Use of a Pen


“When I was in primary school there was a girl who had very few friends and was a little odd. One day whilst I was sitting next to her she lifted her dress and stuck her pen in herself and then looked at me dead in the eye and started clicking the pen with fury. I never sat next to her after that.”

Story credit: Reddit / @SpaghettiWesternHead


The PE Teacher Refused to Let Anyone Use the Bathroom


“Well maybe not "caught" in the sense that they didn't want to be seen, but during high school PE after my gym teacher refused to let anyone use the bathroom because "the period just started and 15 minutes hasn't passed yet," me and the whole class watched a kid stand up, drop his pants, and [pee] in a helicopter like motion all over the gym. Needless to say class was canceled and he was suspended. I didn't get my sides back for that whole week.”

Story credit: Reddit / @Seawolf4

Caught in the Bathroom


“A guy was caught peeing 4 feet from the urinal by another dude. (That guy was me).”

Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

A Scary Foreshadowing


“Writing what looked like a bunch of names on a piece of paper, my best guess at the time was: it was a list of people who upset him or people he didn't like or it could have been something more. I cannot say for sure if anything would. have come from it, we all know teenage angst and anger. But at that time I thought that's what it was. Later on down the road the kid in question is in jail for shooting a sailor in the navy in the head over an argument supposedly involving video games.”

Story credit: Reddit / @Enshu

He Interrupted a Horrible Plot


“In 10th grade I caught a classmate sitting alone in a rarely-visited stairwell drawing something that looked like a rough building plan. I would do those occasionally, such as when designing games which involved building maps, and I figured he was doing something similar so I started chatting with him. Neither of us really had any other friends prior to meeting, so we ended up hanging out basically every lunch hour for the rest of high school.

Slightly less than 3 years later, shortly after HS graduation, he informed me that on the day we'd met, I'd interrupted his designing of the route he'd be taking in a school shooting, which he'd been planning because he'd felt like everyone else hated him.

I am very glad that I took the time to stop and chat with that random lone high school kid way back then. He's been a lot better since then, and is doing pretty well for himself now.”

Story credit: Reddit / @Gluttony4

Caught Drinking at Lunch 


“In high school, a friend decided to drink orange juice and vodka at lunch. He got so sick in class he threw up all over the teacher’s desk and another student. I took him to the bathroom to clean up and that's when, while crying, he told me he was gay.”

Story credit: Reddit / @sonia72quebec

He Did Strange Science Experiments


“In middle school, there was this kid named Kevin. Kevin was kind of unique, and possessed an affinity for unsanctioned science experiments. Most were pretty harmless, like seeing if he could staple things into his skin, but one thing really took me by surprise.

One day, I was sitting besides him when he gets up to get a glass of water. He comes back, pulls an eye dropper out of his back pack, and pulls a lunch box out of his desk. He fills the dropper, opens the box, and begins dropping water into it.

I look over and the kid is growing mold off of assorted pastries in his desk. He called it his mold garden.”

Story credit: Reddit / @pitachitah


He Ate a Bug By Accident


“Freshman year, this one weird kid walked to the back of the room to get something. He was carrying his pen in his mouth, but dropped it behind a filing cabinet that probably hadn't been moved in years. He somehow managed to move it a little to reach behind it, but instead of grabbing a pen, he grabbed what looked like a small dead bug the size of a raisin. He must have thought it was a raisin because he then proceeded to put it in his mouth, and then go back for more.”

Story credit: Reddit / @bigmac_zedong

He Had a Bag of White Powder


“I watched one of my buddies back in sophomore year take out a little bag of white-ish powder that had a yellow tint to it. I asked him what he was doing as he made a small line on the desk in the back of the classroom where we sat and he quickly sniffed it up his nostril. He let out a loud "WOOOOO" as he finished the line and the whole class turned around and looked at us. Turns out it was Ketamine.”

Story credit: Reddit / @joffzombie

He Had a Hit List


“There was a kid in my school who was found to have a hit list. The crazy part was this was less than a month after Columbine and literally nothing happened to him. He got like a day of detention or something. Even crazier was the fact that the names on the list got leaked and kids that were on it did not [care]. In fact, one kid was on it twice (1st and 7th) cause he was so hated, the kid on the list twice then proceeded to beat [up] the kid and tell him he wanted the top 2 spots, not 1st and 7th. Again, this was mere weeks after Columbine, and I lived in an area with a lot of guns. High school is crazy and kids in high school are brave, stupid and crazy.”

Story credit: Reddit / @lukin187250