Students From Around The World Share Ridiculous Things That Were Banned At Their Schools

Students From Around The World Share Ridiculous Things That Were Banned At Their Schools

Remember POG, Yo-Yo, Pokemon, Slap Bracelets, and Gel pens? Remember what they all had in common? There's a huge chance your school banned them. Because, as we all know, if children like something, we must take it away, otherwise they won't learn. Claim it's "distracting" or "gambling" or simply "because I said so" if you are one of the more dense school administrators out there. Whatever the ruling, just make sure the children know the golden rule: "No fun allowed."

And hey, I'm sure being the principal at a school is a hard job, but that doesn't really make up for the fact that you guys as a whole tend to make really stupid and knee-jerky rulings for just about any fad that rolls down the halls of your school.

Don't believe me? How about you get back to me after reading through this list.

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41. What kind of school was this

You can't have a pager because you must be a criminal if you own one. Later on, kids started getting cellphones and those weren't banned. Basically, if your parents were rich, you had a cellphone, otherwise, you had a pager or nothing. Pagers were still banned. Kids started hiding them in their underwear which led to strip searches and patdowns for pagers. But cellphones were totally allowed.

Also, tanktops were banned, but tube tops were allowed, so people would wear tank tops with the straps down and tucked in and have to hold them up all day or they slipped down. This resulted in a lot of people accidentally flashing. Also, you couldn't have visible bra straps so most girls ended up just going without. Boys could wear tank tops or go shirtless though. Some of the boys tested the rules and just wore bras and nothing else. They did not get in trouble.

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40. Asset is secured

There was a game called "Get Down Mr. President" where everyone in an area would put their fingers to their ears like the secret service and the last person to do it would be tackled. It could start at any moment and would end up in a dog pile in the hall.

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39. Whatever it takes

Gel pens. When I was in primary school there was this weird trend where all the girls would suck on the ends of gel pens so their tongues turned into different colors. They would trade pens with each other in the school bathrooms and sneak away from the teachers and go to hidden parts of the schoolyard so they didn't get caught. It was the closest I can think of comparing to a cartel but imagine it with 7-year-old girls.

One of my friends was really popular because she was the girl who sucked on the most pens and would get caught in literally every class sucking on a different gel pen, and the teachers would always have to walk her out to the nurse as she'd make herself sick and throw up. They eventually banned them.

I tried it once and spat it out immediately because it was nasty and tasted like ink (duh). I didn't get it then and I still don't get it now.

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38. I'm gonna go play pilgrimage now

I am a teacher. A few years ago we had to ban applause. The kids would randomly start a round of applause and just... keep going. It was unnerving. It was disrupting lessons, assemblies. Sometimes they would applaud in the dining hall or corridors. Still, don’t know how this trend started or why.

The other thing we had to ban was “pilgrimage”. They apparently learned the word in religious studies lesson. After that they would (in large groups) walk from one end of the school to the other chanting “pilgrimage!” and basically knocking over anything or person that stood in their way.

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37. Grand Theft Education

In elementary school, my class was divided into two groups: penguins and rats. We would always go to our group for team assignments, for games, for anything really. Somehow an actual rivalry started to sprout until the whole school was divided into these two groups, with first and second years getting into actual fights and stuff. Pretty soon the principal canceled recess for a day and went to each classroom to tell us the penguin team and the rat team were banned. Others did create some smaller animal named groups after that but they all dissolved pretty quickly.

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36. We used to do this

Acorns. My elementary schoolyard had several oak trees on it and dumb kids would collect acorns and keep them in their desks. The problem was most of the acorns had worms in them which then escaped into the classrooms.

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35. Fornite is eternal

When I was younger, we played this game where you'd draw a circle on your hand, and other people would try to draw a line inside of it. If someone was able to draw a line in your circle, then you were out. The objective of the game was to be the last one standing. It was small at first, but eventually, almost everyone in my grade became involved, and it spiraled out of control. Chaos. Pure chaos. Kids were tackling each other, running away from other students, disrupting lessons, etc. Teachers eventually began to talk to us about how far our game had gone and started banning it altogether. It was fun while it lasted boys.

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34. We are the knights of the wooden foot

Rulers. In grade 10 in high school for whatever reason, someone decided to smack a guy across the head with a ruler. Then everyone went out and bought a ruler. Suddenly everyone was a knight with a sword. Staff kept confiscating them but rulers are cheap so kids just went out and bought them by the handful.

They ended up banning rulers. At a school. The kids who were taking geometry that year and needed them had to be assigned rulers at the beginning of class and then turn them back in.

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33. Classic school response

Rubber Bands

Kids weren't even using them to shoot at other kids or otherwise misbehave with them. Kids would buy packs of rubber bands, tie the rubber bands together, making like a big rubber band chain. It became a contest to see who could get a chain of rubber bands to stretch the farthest.

You couldn't find a pack of rubber bands at a store for probably 20 miles (this was when I lived in a small town, so there wasn't a ton of stores in that 20 miles... Amazon or even public internet access didn't exist yet.)

One kid got so many rubber bands, they could stretch it the length of the school building. While stupid, I didn't think it was a bad hobby as kids weren't shooting them or shooting stuff with them. It was all about how big of a chain they could make.

School rewarded our pointless creativity with a ban on rubber bands at the school. All rubber band chains were confiscated on sight.

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32. Hoodies are spooky

Our school banned hoodies. Their reasoning was that people can wear their hoods up to help with intimidating. A lot of the guys responded by wearing hoodies the next day, with no shirts underneath so they couldn't be told to take them off.

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31. I love it when schools develop a black market

Pokemon cards got banned at my school because they became an underground currency, and kids were having their cards stolen by bigger kids. It became a huge scandal built out of a bunch of incidents. I remember in the beginning, if you had a super rare card, you'd show it off to all your friends with pride. Towards the end of the Pokemon card craze, if you had a rare card, you'd keep that secret and take it to the grave. If anybody found out you had a Chansey or a shiny Charizard, it'd make you a target and it would probably be stolen within a week.

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30. Yep... That's illegal

We are only allowed to have 2€ of money for the bus. If a teacher that even cares caught you, the teacher would be allowed to take the money and keep it. This was changed due to making it a crime. One time a teacher took 75€ from a student, luckily she was forced to give it back

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29. Young up-and-comer has a great idea, big company comes in, steals the idea and profits from it... Capitalism at it's finest

The kid that started a tuck shop out of his locker.

Went to whole sellers, bought some stuff, sold it, used the profits to buy more, repeat & repeat until he's now staffing a child-guard to stop shop-lifting, and renting other peoples lockers for stock overflow. Our classroom just became kids queueing to buy sweets and energy drinks. Sometimes a line so long in 15 minutes he couldn't get everyone waiting served.

Then, bam. Banned. No selling anything on school property. Pretty much just aimed at this kid.

Dude ended up attacking someone, got expelled. No idea where he is now, but think his shop getting banned and being replaced with an overpriced healthy staff run tuck-shop squashed his entrepreneurial spirit.

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28. Warheads were top notch

Warheads. It grew to such an issue with these sour candies, kids were organizing a black market where the kids with the highest allowance would buy them in bulk from the corner stores for a nickel each, distribute them to upperclassmen for a quarter each, who would turn around and sell them to the final consumer for fifty cents each candy.

There was even a barrier to entry if you wanted in the business. You would have to eat three candies at once and not spit it out or throw up.

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27. Thanks for sharing your villainous origin story


Had a kid who wanted to be a "Rare Hunter." Wanted to wager a card with me so I did. My Dark Paladin for his Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon I think. He lost. Cried home, I was told to give the card back, but I won. So it was either give the card back and people can play or don't and no one could.

Gave it back. They still banned the game. I was super angry about that one.

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26. But did they ban Ro Sham Beaux

Rock Paper Scissors. People at my middle school kept playing a game called Oreo, where you play Rock Paper Scissors and the loser has to do a dare. According to the teachers, it got out of hand (it really didn’t, none of the dares were that bad), so they decided to ban... Rock Paper Scissors. Hearing that on the announcements in the morning instantaneously killed half of my brain cells. If you were caught playing Rock Paper Scissors, you would immediately get detention. Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

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25. So actual gambling then

Playing black-jack for nickles in the lunchroom. Those of us dealing were cleaning up. Then later in the school year we just started again and the teachers kind of ignored it. I was making several dollars maybe $10 on a good day. This was the early 70s -so $1 = about $6.00 today, gas was $0.35 a gallon.

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24. I'm betting years later, the same pastor called Pokemon satanic

When I was a kid our church banned POGs... Called it a form of gambling. All the parents decided to just get rid of their POGs. My dad was cool with POG and he even machined a solid brass slammer for me. He talked with the parents but couldn't change their minds on POG as it was the senior pastor who called for the ban. Long story short... All the church kids gave me their POGs and I was now POG king at school.

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23. This is a filler episode in an anime

I come from one of those all-girl private schools that disallowed anything remotely fun, non-academic, harmful or non-beneficial to our, that is, the students' and or the school's future.

No slap bracelets, No rubber sticky animal toys, No phones in use without a teacher's permission, No outside of the box foods at the cafeteria and so on.

Anyway, one day, a girl in my year group, known to be "rebellious" and "untamed" by the teachers (sweet and fun girl that took none of the school's nonsense), decided that we should rally together and develop a way to rebel in a way that was both noticeable by teachers and not harmful to our futures. (We could be suspended or expelled.) And that we should do it on an important day. Luckily, important guests visited our school often and the next visit was the following week. It happened to be the founder of the school.

We read through the rule book for any loopholes we could've exploited. That's when I noticed that the student handbook that the wardens, teacher's, treated like a bible for "uniform etiquette," said nothing of WHERE a student was to wear their ties. (Our uniforms consisted of a blouse, a navy blue skirt and a tie along with the school badge and whatever pins that aligned itself with school activities, such as house badges, student council badges etc.)

The girl decided we would use this rule to "host a revolution that wouldn't stop until, at least, some of the 'unreasonable' restrictions were lifted." So on School's founder's visiting day, At least 90% of the student body started wearing their ties in ridiculous places. Like some tied it around their waist, some tied them around their heads, some tied it around their arm, some of them used them as hair ties, the list goes on. Needless to say, it made the teachers furious and embarrassed, however, the founder found the entire situation "very funny, appreciated our respect for the school" and praised us for our "united front."

The "Red and gold rebellion" was successful in more ways than one. (The ties were Red, gold, and black.) Not only did we get our restrictions lifted, but we also became closer to the founder and was given access speak to him if more trouble arose, the teachers grew to appreciate the many more aspects of life and the entire student body became more like a family.

Anyway, after that, they refined their student handbook and specified where to wear your ties and more. They really disallowed rebellion through uniform loopholes after that, which I found hilarious.

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22. I had this app and used to convince people I was an elite hacker that could hack anything

Depending on what phone you had you could download an app that makes your phone a universal remote. You could control a lot of things including projectors. All you had to do was select the brand of the projector and it would work 9/10 times. Anyways me and some friends kept turning off the projector during class or freezing the screen and they were absolutely clueless. Multiple other teachers came in to try and "fix" the projector. But eventually, they caught on banned cellphones in the classroom.

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21. The enemy of my enemy

The numbers 212, 313, & 525. Couldn't wear them or talk about them.

There's a Mexican gang that uses the number 13 and after the teachers found out about it, they banned wearing the number. Most of us thought it was stupid and a group of kids made a "gang" called 313 just for laughs. Another group created 212 to be rivals. It was all jokes but apparently people were reppin too hard so they banned both numbers.

To retaliate, the two groups then joined forces and created 525 (313+212), which the teachers didn't like very much.

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20. Banning something just because the kids liked it? Yep, that's public school

Fried chicken. For some reason, it became ridiculously popular lunch in the cafeteria, and for some reason, the school administration decided to ban it.

The whole event happened a few months before I join the school, so I never know the full story, but apparently, the "Chicken ban" triggered a series of student protests of massive scale, and the ban was lifted a few months later. My first semester was after the dust has settled, but you could still see a sign and vandalism (There is a "WE WANT FRIED CHICKEN" sign outside administration building that ended up becoming a meme) from the protest.

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19. Feeling lucky, punk?

Does anybody remember silly bands? Back when I was in grade school, you were only cool if you had hundreds on each of your wrists. Soon, however, we would learn how to put the rubber band on the tip of your finger, pull it around your thumb, and hold it with your pinky.

When you release your pinky, you would effectively have shot someone. It was basically finger guns evolved. After fights over silly bands and rubber shoot outs that usually ended in injured eyes, a schoolwide ban was placed on our beloved fun shaped elastic.

Tragic times for the schoolyard, it was.

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18. Hilarious, harmless prank? Banned

"Turtling" backpacks. Aka, taking somebody's backpack, emptying it, flipping it inside out, putting the contents back inside it, and carefully zipping it closed from the inside.

The ban was initiated after two students snuck out of a high school assembly and went through over 100 lockers (no locks, small Catholic school). Approximately 90% of the student body was turtled that afternoon.

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17. The poop bandits

My friends and I played this game where, if one of us was taking a dump, we had to text our group as soon as we'd left class. Everyone else in the group would then ask to 'go to the bathroom' (or just walk out of the class) but would be leaving class to search the entire school for the pooper's poop place. We kept score (of course). If you could finish pooping in time, or if you were the first to find and send a photo of the pooper mid-poop you were awarded points.

The teachers started getting suspicious when everyone all of a sudden had to take a dump at the same time and/or they'd see like 10 guys running around frantically searching every bathroom on campus. Simultaneously, the game was growing in both popularity and notoriety, and eventually, someone spilled the beans under pressure.

Punishment? No one in the senior class could use the bathroom. Like 20 of us got the bathroom banned, for about 300 people. Did it last long? No, of course not, because it was a stupid response made by some strangely draconian teachers and admins. Everyone's parents immediately complained. Some of the teachers were livid and tried to make more of a fuss (others thought it was hilarious), but the school dropped the bathroom ban because you can't ban that.

However, we were warned if we got caught playing we'd be suspended.

So, yea, we got trying to catch each other taking dumps during class banned. 10/10 would recommend, was super fun.

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16. Found the Weasley

Touching the pole of the basketball net. I'm Austrian so I'll stick to age instead of what grade/school I was in, for minimum confusion. We were 9 and for some reason, I really can't remember, you were the coolest people if you and your friends got to hang out around the basketball net pole. For some even weirder reason, only one of the poles in our school's courtyard was "cool".

My entire year literally fought to be first at the pole and whoever touched it first at break time got to claim it. It got so intense that the teachers introduced the rule that whoever touched the pole had to write the word "pole" a thousand times. This introduced a new game which was "who dares to touch the pole when the teachers look away". I had a friend who even pre-wrote the word pole 1000 times when she was bored for back-up in case they caught her.

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15. What's in your head, Zombie

Me and my buddies had a game where we’d draw a circle on the back of our hand. One person at the beginning of the day would have a marker and be “infected” while trying to get a mark on another friends circle, rendering them “infected” as well. This would go until there were no more survivors that day or until the infected lost and all that.

Well, it eventually spread to everyone in our school in a matter of 2 days somehow. When I mean everyone I literally me EVERYONE. I remember an announcement at lunchtime saying that if you had a circle on your hand you had to go wash it off in the bathroom or get a detention. Yeah, all 300 kids in that lunchroom went to the restroom and washed it off

It was wack

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14. Bob's your uncle

Playing 'bob'

We would climb to the top of the slides, pull our shirts over our knees while squatting, and roll down the slides like balls.

Bob spread like wildfire, we soon started trading bob cards. They are like pokemon cards, but the 'monsters' are just half circles with faces and different outfits. For instance, you could have a Batman bob that was essentially a half circle guy with no legs but dressed like Batman and of course, there are arms and weapons.

Each card had different abilities and special attacks. There were tons of different bobs. You could have anything from a granny bob to a Gandalf bob to something silly as worm bob.

It only got banned with the slide thing though.

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13. Isn’t that the opposite of bullying?

We had a tradition that a random freshman starting their first day of high school would become “popular.” After that, the chosen souls would always be the central point of any given social function at the school, so there would be 4 “popular” kids at our school every year. It was a good time.

Even though all of those kids became legitimately well-liked and accepted by the student body, we got shut down because it felt like “bullying”

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12. Apple on a stick is pretty good, though

Junk food. They used to have amazing food at the canteen but then the Australian government implemented laws that schools could only sell healthy stuff like carrot sticks. Prior to that, they had chips with collectible toys and stuff and sweets. But because of unhealthy kids who's parents cannot make them a packed lunch they killed the whole thing.

They even tried to make it exciting at my school to compensate for the lack of money spent at the canteen. I will say at 22 what I first said at 11. You cannot make a carrot, pear or any other fruit interesting by simply shoving it on a stick.

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11. Sounds really neat

Pretty sure these were called click-clacks. I don't think they ever actually got banned, although you can't even get them now because "not safe." It was two solid, heavy balls connected by a string. You held the string in the middle and moved your hand up and down, making the balls hit each other above your hand and below your hand repeatedly for as long as you could until you missed. It took a lot of skill to do this and was really fun.

The problem was, when you missed, the balls would slam into the inside of your forearms and leave major bruises. They tried to make a comeback some years ago, but the new, safe version used straight sticks of plastic, so the balls always connected. It was basically just a noise maker. No skill involved at all. What's the fun in that?

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10. Welcome to the barber shop

Pretending to shave someone's head. During my 8th grade year, a group of boys used to constantly go up to one another and use and imaginary razor to "shave" another kid's head. They would also make the sound of an electric razor as they did it. Some kids even found apps on their phones that made the sound and soon enough it became a school-wide phenomenon.

The teachers became annoyed with the constant sound of "NNNYYYEEEERR." After about a week or two after the start of the head shaving, there was an announcement over the loudspeaker by the principal saying to send any student who shaved another student's head to the office immediately.

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9. I used to play Pokemon on my TI-85

Because I went to dork school, graphing calculators outside of math classes. This was before cell phones, so people were putting games on their graphing calculators and playing in other classes.

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8. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day.

The winter when I went in the sixth grade all of the boys in the two parallel classes would gather up every break and brawl each other. Every brawl was like something from a scene in Lord of the Rings, with sick speeches from the "leader" and men lining up shoulder to shoulder with their friends to take on the enemy class. When the teachers found out why all the boys in the sixth grade were nowhere to be found they forbid us to continue what they called "world war 3"

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7. It's really cool how teachers are allowed to just straight up steal from students

In my elementary school, it was literally anything becoming popular. Yugioh cards? Banned. Pokémon cards? Banned. Beyblades? You know they got banned. Worst part was that some of the teachers would confiscate the stuff and give it to their own kid rather than returning it to the student or the student’s parents at the end of the day.

I lost several holographic Pokémon cards like that when I was seven and I have never forgotten nor have I forgiven that teacher. It literally happened after school, outside the classroom while I was waiting in the pickup zone for my parents. A friend of mine pulled the cards out of my backpack to look at them and this teacher swooped in and grabbed them.

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6. The really amazing thing is the brother still has friends from elementary school at 30

This is likely gonna get buried, but "The Pork Chop Gang.". Never heard of it? GOOD! That means your normal. Back in the late 90s, my little brother was in elementary school. For whatever reason, they would just keep saying "chop."

They called themselves The Pork Chop Gang. Every day, every conversation would go something similar to:

Kid 1: Chop chop?

Kid 2: Chop chop chop! Chop??!!

Kid 1: Chop! Chop chop chop chop!

Kid 2: Chop chop chop!

It meant nothing, but soon what my brother and neighbor started, consumed more kids. It then went to a classroom, then an entire grade. This drove the teachers nuts! It got to the point where the word "Chop" was banned, and "The Pork Chop Gang" was forced to disband.

My brother and neighbor are now in their early 30s. It is still talked about...

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5. Can't make me stop if you can't catch me

Running. My school was poor, so all we had for a "playground" was a big parking lot. I remember when I was in 2nd grade they had an assembly with us all and straight up told us we weren't allowed to run during recess. Anyone caught running had to stand against the wall for the rest of the time.

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4. You can't stop the signal

Back in middle school, I used to sell pixie sticks. I lived in an area where pixie sticks weren't available anywhere nearby. I would bike to the nearest Dollar Tree which was 30 minutes away from the school and buy 10 packs of 50 pixie sticks for around $10.00. I'd sell 2 for $2 and 4 for $3.50. I wasn't the only one doing this when I began, but one day during our lunch period the assistant principal came onto the loudspeaker and announced that the distribution of pixie sticks wasn't allowed anymore as it promoted 'gang violence' and 'made the kids hyper'. It was just me and another guy left in the pixie stick business after that.

We were neutral and looked out for each other. One day he came to me with a bruise on his arm and threw an empty bag (in which he used to have plenty of pixie sticks in) onto the ground. Apparently was threatened by a group of people to either give up all of his pixie sticks or get ratted out. He resisted so they punched him and then he gave away all of the pixie stick sealed bags. He was out of the game, which meant that I had no competition left. A week after the other dealer was taken out, my business skyrocketed and I was selling 5-6 bags a day.

For some reason, people began snorting pixie stick dust. Some kid got a nose bleed and told the school nurse that he got the nose bleed from snorting pixie stick dust. After he told the nurse this information, the school started asking for help in trying to find the pixie stick dealers. I was trying to stay on the low and would give my regulars promotions so that they wouldn't rat me out ($4 for 5 sticks once per week). I assumed that my short stature at the time (4'5 in 7th grade) would make me seem unsuspecting.

During one particular lunch period, I didn't feel like eating the school lunch so I went to the vending machine. I didn't have any cash on me so I asked some random kid (Let's call him John) if he wanted to buy pixie sticks at an incredibly lower price than I had ever sold ($1 for 2 pixie sticks) because I was feeling desperate. John was calm, bought the sticks, and walked away. The next day I went to that same vending machine and saw John standing with a group of people that I'd never sold to. I ignored John as not to raise suspicion, and proceeded to try and buy some chips from the vending machine. As I was pushing the buttons on the vending machine, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around. It was John, asking me if I had any of 'the stuff'. I told him that I didn't know what he was talking about because his friends were looking at me menacingly.

I tried to turn back around to face the vending machine. John turned me around and repeatedly started asking me if I could sell him pixie sticks. I denied knowing what he was talking about, but he lifted my shirt and revealed 6 pixie sticks in my pocket (I always kept a few sticks on me in case any of my regulars saw me and wanted to buy). I told John that I was just messing with him to avoid suspicion and gave him a usual price. He told me that he knew the school was trying to figure out who I was and if I didn't give him half of my remaining supply he'd rat me out. I told him that he was being unreasonable and that we could talk out a special deal, but he pushed me into the vending machine's glass front and asked me if I wanted to do it the way or the hard way. I saw my close friend Phil coming toward the vending machine (tall and somehow had a six pack in 7th grade) and cried out for help.

There was a huge fight and the teachers had to get involved. John ratted out and the assistant principal told me that if I ever sold pixie sticks at or around the school I would get suspended. I never stopped selling, but always kept Phil by my side as a guard after that (paid him a % commission for every sale I made with him but I raised the price so that I wouldn't lose any money).

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3. Principals without principles

When I was in grade 6, my elementary school got a new principal who was both absurdly strict and desperate to prove himself. At lunch, we always got 40 minutes of outdoor time, and he decided too many kids were coming into the school to use the bathroom. So he literally locked the bathroom doors at recess and wouldn’t let us in.

Imagine 800 kids who have just eaten lunch, running around outdoors for the better part of an hour with nowhere to relieve themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

Since I was a nerd with a small bladder, I hated this. So I went through the school board’s rule book, the Bill of Rights, every document I could find to make the case to the principal that what he was doing was cruel and unusual and un-American. Even in prison they let you go to the bathroom when you need to!

When I scheduled a meeting with him to make my case, he smiled, told me he appreciated my time, and kicked me out of his office without even bothering to reply.

Fortunately, some of the older, less nerdy kids had a more effective way of protesting. They snuck into the teachers' parking lot and peed on the principal's car, leaving it to freeze over in the winter air. (At least that's what I heard!)

He came to his senses not long after that and unlocked the bathrooms. He transferred to another school the following year.

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2. Soup day was never the same

They banned spoons in my middle school because people were hoarding them and there was a school wide game going on that involved slapping people with them in the halls.

Led to the banning of plastic spoons from the cafeteria (not forks or knives, though), and also the middle school principal giving a speech at lunch that included the phrase, “Spoons are a privilege, not a right”.

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1. People are idiots

Wifi was banned at my school in 2012. I went to a really small private school. 150 kids kindergarten to grade twelve. So our school always had wifi. Suddenly some new insane parents all got together and started lobbying against wifi. Saying the waves were bad for the kids brains and would cause cancer.

So the school got rid of wifi the next year and just set up Ethernet cable hubs around the school. But only a few of them and they didn’t have enough chords for the number of people that wanted to use them. They weren’t accessible in class either. Which for our school was weird, in high school we were allowed to research stuff and google things on our laptops in class.

It was a laptop reliant school. Thankfully all that garbage happened the year after I graduated. I still can’t believe the idiocy and I think they still don’t have wifi now but I’d have to double check.

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