Real Life Sleepovers That Turned Into a Total Nightmare

Real Life Sleepovers That Turned Into a Total Nightmare


Everyone loves a sleepover— until something goes wrong. It doesn't take much for an overnight trip to turn into a mess, whether due to uncooperative guests, bathroom accidents, or just weird family customs that freak other people out. Here are some true stories from sleepovers that took a weird turn.

Cereal Milk


When I was a kid, I slept over at a buddy’s house for the first time. The next morning we woke up and his mom made us cereal, the milk tasted hella sweet, even for my child taste buds. Something about it all seemed off.

Just as my buddy finished his bowl of cereal, his mom came over and turned the bowl on its side to pour the leftover milk from the cereal bowl into a milk carton. The mom then did the same with hers. I felt my face turn red with shame and embarrassment and my stomach turn.

Horrified and confused I asked “what is that? What are y’all doing?” Turned out this ENTIRE family poured all of the leftover milk from each bowl of cereal back into a separate milk carton, specifically for cereal. I drank this entire family’s backwash. Unique_the_Vision

Hide and No Seek


Went to a friends birthday party in 4th grade. about half way through the night we decided to play hide and seek. maybe 30-45 minutes later (all i know was it was a long time) i come out of my hiding place to find them playing on the wii in the living room.

They’d forgotten about me and thought everyone was found so they moved on to the next thing without me. shoesfullofwater

Holiday Ham


My.. well former friend.. had night terrors. He would occasionally murmur in his sleep. Not a lot, but enough to sort of wake you up, but be able to go right back to sleep.

Most of the time it wasn't even that annoying, but once he awoke me with a blood curdling scream of, "I'LL CUT YOU LIKE A HOLIDAY HAM!" I didn't sleep for the rest of the night. Fox609

Nasal Pain


We were all like 9 or 10 year old girls and everyone else had fallen asleep except for me, so I decided I would play a prank on them. I got up and shook a good amount of black pepper into my hand and went to several of the girls and held it under their noses.

What I was thinking would happen was they would wake up sneezing and be like, “Hey! That was silly!” But instead they ended up waking up crying because they inhaled pepper and turns out black pepper being inhaled into a sensitive orifice can really sting.

The girls cried so hard that my parents woke up and I had to explain the whole innocent idea behind my scheme. looseyduckduckgoosey


Accidental Invader


I'm a sleep walker. My twin sister and I (boy/girl twins) spent the night at our set of (boy/girl) twin friends' house one night when we were young, maybe 11. Had a fun night, watched movies, ate pizza and drank soda.

Last thing I remember is going to bed in my friend's room, the girls went to sleep in the other friend's room. I woke up at sunrise to find not only had I sleep walked into the girls room, but had also helped myself to one of her sweatshirts (which was far too small on me).

Somehow I got the sweatshirt off, snuck out of the room and back into my friend's room without anyone finding out. some-people-suck

Beware the Pop-Tart

Real-Life-Sleepovers-Total-Nightmare-06.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Arnold Gatilao / CC 2.0

I chased around a friend while holding a fresh pop-tart on a plate. It slid off and stuck to his bare chest burning him pretty badly. The_Sloth_Rogue

Turning Off the Lights


Ugh. Being a child of the 70s, we “reduce[d], recycle[d] and renew[ed]!”! And so, when I saw a light switch ON, as we all scampered to our sleeping bags, I flipped the switch OFF.

And during the freezing temperatures of the night, because I turned off the heater on our hostess’s greenhouse, I inadvertently killed all of her treasured plants. I think I was 12 or 13. That’s a long time ago. SBG214

Saying Grace


My family is historically Jewish, though we're not really religious. Point is, I didn't really know anything about any other religions. So I was like maybe 6 or 7 years old, and I was invited to a sleepover at my friend's house. Everything seemed to be going great... until it came time for dinner.

As was tradition in my own home, when food was brought to the dining room table, I just immediately began eating what was placed in front of me. This was met with a firm "Ahem! What do you think you're doing?" from my friend's father.

I'm like "Um... eating?", but the father was like "Well in this house, we say grace before we eat!" I'd never heard of the term at all. And so... in trying to do what the man asked of me, I meekly, simply said "grace". You'd think I'd just barfed on his dining room table with how red he turned. CrashCrashDummy

Missed the Target


Fell asleep after a long day. Super tired. Started to sleep walk to the bathroom and pee. I didn’t pee in a toilet. I peed in a cabinet in front of all the other kids.

I didn’t find out until I got home the next day. jojo_the_hutt_2

Party Pooper


I was around 13 sleeping at my cousins house. It was me, him, and his younger brother who was around 8. They shared a room, so in their room was one big bed and a small bed for the younger brother.

We all went to bed at around 10pm, super early because their step dad was a huge pain. Well, fast forward to 3 am and we awake to screaming because the 8 year old pooped his pants and it went all over the floor. He woke up, tried to open the door and it proceeded to jam and get stuck.

We all got in trouble, me because I didn't wake up when he was leaving bed, my older cousin for not waking up to him yelling (his bed was right next to the door), and of course the 8 year old for pooping his pants. askreddit_throwaw


Tickle Me Mary


I was at a friend's birthday sleepover and we started to play "Bloody Mary." It's when each person takes a turn going into a dark room with a mirror and say "Bloody Mary" three times into it. The legend is that you will see a person in the mirror.

One of our friends went into the room (the birthday boy's sister's room) and was obviously scared. We hear him start to say it and then hear "Oh, that tickles!" He stepped on a Tickle Me Elmo and set it off. We heard laughing then crying. tyhad1

Truth or Dare


It was a boy/girl sleepover. Supervised… mostly. We were in the basement playing Truth or Dare. I knew my friend was going to dare a girl to make out with him, so when it was my turn, I dared him to chug a bottle of ranch.

Then our other friend dared him to chug a can of Pepsi One. He blew chunks hard. He ran to the bathroom and scream-puked his guts out. He came back and laughed with us, then dared the girl to make out with him. She declined. Tralan

That Escalated Quickly


We locked my buddy’s little brother in their upstairs play room and sprayed baby powder under the crack in the door and pretended the house was on fire.

The six year old kid jumped out of the second story window. JonWaz

TP Party


My Dad, who was SUPER strict, came out to the living room where we were having a sleepover and announced we were making ENTIRELY too little noise. Had us put on shoes and jackets, drove us to the warehouse store and bought up a ton of toilet paper. A minivan worth.

He proceeded to drive us around and had us teepee everyone's houses who didn't come to my slumber party. He just sat in the minivan, kept an eye out on the neighborhood, likely drank a beer or three, knowing him.

Word went out pretty quickly that we'd gotten revenge on everyone who missed the party and by Monday my reputation was set - do NOT mess with me. I spent the next 4 years of secondary school being THE girl no one messed with. It was quite a reputation to live up to, but I did my best. NoeTellusom

The Perfect Crime


I waiting until everyone was asleep. Snuck into the younger brother’s room and took his game boy color out. Went into the bathroom with my own game boy color and link cable.

I proceeded to steal all his high powered Pokémon and traded him all my stupid stuff. Then I snuck his game boy back into his bedroom and I snuck my game boy back into my backpack. redsekar

Lipstick Eater


When I was in like second grade, I (6-7F) had my first sleepover with my best friend (6-7M). My sister, 3 years older than me had a sleepover with her also female friend in the other room. My sisters friend showed me her a weird folding lipstick that had a mirror on it. She let me use it and it smelled a bit good.

Later that night, I snuck into their room in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep, took it, and started gobbling that stuff down. I then stole it, she never noticed. I had it for a few years afterwards.. SwingJazzy


Plot Twist


Ok so my mom wouldn't let me have a sleepover with my best and only friend of two years because he's a guy and I'm a girl and she thinks that we would get intimate.

Then I met a girl and she let me have a sleepover with her because we're both girls. Plot twist, I'm bisexual and I got intimate with her. Reddit



I was at a friend's birthday party in middle school one year. The parents tools us to dinner at Hooters and afterwards we were killing some time running around playing tag in the parking lot. At one point, I'm tagged it, and proceed to chase after the birthday boy.

In the process, I accidentally got a little excited and pushed him in my attempt to tag him. I broke the kids arm. On his birthday. He missed out on the first 3 hours of the sleep over due to being stuck at the ER. His dad had us all go upstairs and play Halo to kill time.

Needless to say, I was not very popular at that sleep over... ForrestFireDW

Coming Out in the Closet


Kissed my friend during hide and seek when we were hiding together in her closet. She did not like it. She proceeded to tell everyone I was a lesbian and did not want to be near me at all after that. I still don’t know what I was thinking, I guess it was the adrenaline. mranoneemoose

Sleepwalking Adventures


I had a friend that had a legit sleepwalking problem as a kid. We woke up to my friend’s mom yelping as she discovered my friend down the hall from our bedroom flipping the light switch on and off.

His brother told us they’ve found him outside, in the garage, and asleep on the brother’s floor. Onederbat67

One-Way Trip to the Basement


I slept over at a friends house for the first time. I was new to the school so I didn’t know these kids as well (they’ve known each other for at least 3 years). So after some Super Mario World, they all asked if we wanted to play hide and seek - with the additional bonus of not getting caught by parents.

One of the kids said “hey man, let’s hide downstairs.” We tiptoe down, he opens the basement door and as I take a couple steps down, he closes the door. I immediately freak out and start banging on the door.

Turns out - his freaking grandma lives in the basement (has a whole set up down there with a kitchen and all that) she woke up all freaked out, same with the parents. Onederbat67

Icing on the Cookie


It was my younger sisters first sleepover. My mom had made a ton of sugar cookies for my sister and her friends to decorate as an activity. I ate ALL the extra cookies.

Later in the night I started to feel really sick and headed towards my parents room. As soon as I got into the living room I threw up all over everyone. My sister never wanted to have a slumber party again. leebins


Protracted Fighting


We were probably both around the age of ten. We were inseparable. If he wasn't sleeping over at my house, I was sleeping over at his. One night we were in his bedroom looking for anything to do besides sleep and we both decided it would be fun to chuck things at each other in the dark.

We did this until we ran out of things to throw at eachother and then we would turn on the lights and survey what was thrown and for any signs of damage. Not an inch from my head, stuck solidly into the wall behind where I was sitting, was a protractor.

My friend was more concerned with the damage to the wall than how close he came to hitting me with it. I remember this fondly, many decades later. jimothy_mcgulligan



I made a "fort" on the ground out of pillows and blankets for myself and my younger cousin. I used some heavy textbooks and some 5-10 pound weights from my dad's personal gym to pin a sheet above us (give it a tent-like ambience).

In the middle of the night, my younger cousin started to move in his sleep (I assume) and the weight slipped and bonked him on the head. It sounded like hitting a gong underwater. TwoFacedTomcat

Punch Drunk


First sleepover with boys and girls (was like 17 and no parents about). Didn't do anything. But woke up in the morning with all my mates laughing at me and none of the girls talking to me.

Turns out that a girl (who I'd been flirting with and kissing the night before) had come to wake me up in the middle of the night (no idea why, I prefer to assume it was to say mean things to me), and in my sleep I had full on punched her smack bang in the face.

I was so confused waking up, everyone was mad at me, no girl would even speak to me. It took a week until someone told me what I had apparently done. Still cringe at it to this day. dbm8991

Dad to the Rescue


Was sleeping in the kids living room because we were on the same little league team and were celebrating the end of the season. We had a huge cookout the night before and I ate like 4 hotdogs and 6 s’mores. That was a little too much for 9 year old me.

In the middle of the night I woke up and proceeded to vomit my demons out next to my sleeping bag in between one of the kids I was sleeping next to on the floor. Surprisingly, I only woke up the kid who was hosting the party.

Instinctually we both went up to his parents bed and I said while they were sleeping “I threw up.” His dad immediately got up and cleaned it up, gave me a pair of his kids shorts since I had puke on mine and we all went back to bed like nothing happened. Bless that man. AgentGreenBay



When I was 12 or so I got invited to a birthday party group sleepover. We were pretending to use a ouija board to contact spirits and ask them questions about their lives. The other girls would get through like one question and then fold, everyone would die laughing, rinse repeat.

Except it got real old to me after the first two, so I decided when it was my turn I was gonna get proper possessed. I turned into a middle aged milkmaid from the early 1800’s really quick and ended up scaring them so bad the birthday girl went to get her mom (but she was already asleep).

They were really freaked out and that was the last sleepover I ever went to. Huh. Never put 2&2 together before now. oyofmidmidworld

That's Not Juice


Accidentally took a sip of a cup full of vomit because I thought it was juice and didn't wanna bother anyone by asking for something to drink. I still have no clue who's vomit it was and why it was just chilling in her room. namesarentneeded

Axe a Question


When my younger sister was in high school, she had a sleepover. My older brother and I went out to give them the run of the house and to be out of their hair. I don't recall where we went, but when we returned we parked the car and without a word went into the garage to fetch a couple of axes.

We begin to limp dramatically forward - axes held menacingly. We horror-stumbled through the living room. The ladies had all piled into the sunporch to do high school sleepover stuff. We were seen. All at once. The scream was piercing. Terrified cacophonous dissonant screeches of pure terror. Glorious.

Our parents rushed downstairs in their pajamas. My sister and her friends were laughing uncontrollably by the time they reached us. "Do it again!" some shouted. Which left our poor parents trying desperately to keep smiles from wiping stern disapproval from their faces. TokyoCalling

Poor Kid!


One of my birthdays. Went camping on our farm and we set my friend’s arm on fire, then someone threw his pillow into a tree, and he got so upset he ran into the timber and got poison ivy all over his face and neck. The people who did this to him were not invited to anymore parties until high school. BetwixtHells

Desert Trip


My 2 friends and I (stole/borrowed) one of our friends who were with us, grandmother's SUV in highschool in the middle of the night to go to the dried up river in the desert to party and drink. Got drunk and went to return it before morning when the engine blew.

We weren't even dogging it, just used it for transportation. Middle of the desert. Had to call more friends to bring out a 4 wheeler and we towed this car with a quad in the middle of the pitch dark night, no lights, 4 miles on a paved road back to his grandma's house.

Killed the quad a quarter mile before arriving to the house and pushed it the rest of the way back into the driveway and never said a word and never got caught. cashmeowside89

The End is Nigh


We were maybe 7 or 8, looking up through the skylight at the stars well after lights out. I don’t even remember what I said (something along the lines of “there could be a meteor coming to wipe out our planet RIGHT. NOW.”) but apparently it was horrifying enough to send all ~10 girls into genuine hysterics.

Every one of them ran to the birthday girl’s parents’ bedroom, bawling. They both had work in the morning and it took about 3 hours to get everyone to stop crying, distract them from their own mortality, and get em back down for bed.

It’s been almost two decades and I could still crawl into my little Barbie sleeping bag and die thinking about it. kshwixt

Nighttime Nudity


We got drunk and went streaking on the beach at night. We were all guys, it just seemed like the thing to do. One of my friends couldn’t find his clothes after returning from the ocean, but had a change of clothes at the friend’s house.

We left him on the pitch black beach naked, and vowed we would return with his clothes. Well, we had to mess with him. So we waited a couple hours and then ventured out to him. The guy was mad, he had encountered multiple ‘midnight walker’ tourists and had to retreat into the ocean to avoid being seen.

We laughed our butts off and played Super Nintendo games until the sun rose. We went back out to the beach and never found his first set of clothes, but that was 24 years ago and we laugh about it to this day. Jinzot

It's Not What it Looks Like


I was at my friend's house and I didnt realize there was a huge period stain on the back on my pants till my Buddy thought I got intimate with his sister, for context we had all spent the night playing silent Hill till we crashed out in the wee hours of the morning.

Me being a walking space heater took my shirt off cause I was hot unbeknownst to me buddies sis was freezing her butt off like girls often do and asked if she could sleep next to me to warm up. In my sleep fogged mind I lifted the covers and she cuddled right up.

I guess when my buddy woke up and saw his best friend and sister with bed head and faces of contentment he jumped the gun and put two and two together. Found out that day she was carrying a torch for me, she ended crying cause her brother outed her. HardcaseHondo

Kitty Kisses


When I was little I used to warn people about my cat. She would bite people in the night and I would call them kisses..(oh how intelligent I was) any who my friends would be so terrified about the cat (she was a real witch) that they couldn't sleep and would ask to go home.

So my parents or their parents would take them home around 11 or 12 at night. My parents would always ask why I told my friends about the cat, my response, "I was just trying to warn them." Rhwallac

Stolen Cupcakes


I was probably 10 at a friend's house for a birthday party. We were going to eat some burgers then eat cake and play NES games. We all ate burgers in the living room while watching a movie and were having a good time. I went into the kitchen to get some more soda and when I opened the fridge,

I saw that it wasn't cake, but CUP cakes. I have no idea what came over me, but I grabbed the tray of cupcakes and just stood there eating them. I had to of eaten like 20. Realizing what I had done, and also realizing that they were probably wondering where I was, I took the empty tray and just left with it.

I got on my bike and went home. When I got home, I threw up, probably because I'd just eaten like 10,000 calories of pure sugar. My mom asked me why I was home and I just said, "I didn't feel good." My friend never mentioned it. OneHundredCheeseburg

Awkward Accessories


I was around 10 at a 4th of July cookout. Everyone’s having a good time. So my cousin breaks out a bag of marshmallows for us to start roasting and obviously nothing capitalizes on a cookout like making s’mores.

But, no sooner than we get the marshmallows on the sticks then do we hear all sorts of sirens going off. So, three of us, ages between 10-15 go running through the woods towards his neighbors house to discover that it is, in fact, on fire.

I have no idea how the fire started or if the house was saved. But what I will never forget is the mother/wife of the home’s mortified look when she saw three young boys standing next to her burning home holding marshmallows on sticks. ghostofone1

Are You Afraid of the Dog?


We were 12. We had watched the movie "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" just before going to bed. The movie has little demons that lived in the fireplace. We slept in sleeping bags IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE!!

Middle of the night I felt something inside my sleeping bag. It was moving around at my feet. I woke up, freaked out and started punching that little demon that got in my sleeping bag! Got that little effer to come out.... And it was my friends hot dog dog, Fred.

I felt awful when I realized it was him and grabbed him and loved on him. It's been 40 years since that happened and I still apologize to Fred every time I tell the story. So sorry Freddo!! Strict-Fan-6799

Dairy Drama Queen


I’m lactose intolerant. And that night, we had a big bowl of cheese dip to have with chips and salsa….. I forgot I was lactose intolerant and I really wanted cheese dip. I had to share the bed with one of the girls that night and I thiiiink I kept her up all night.

We haven’t spoken since, but I found out there’s dairy pills, so I can enjoy cheese dip with no fear! And I’m okay with never crossing paths with her ever again for the rest of my life. Foraeons12

Buzz Cut


My niece went to a sleepover with a bunch of her girlfriends. The host girl fell asleep first. My niece and the other girls shaved one of her eyebrows completely off. The next morning, the host girl woke up first and upon discovering her shaved eyebrow told her mom.

The mom promptly called everyone’s parents, woke the girls and sent everyone home. While my sister was raging at my niece, I had to ask why shave only one.

My niece said so she’d be forced to shave the other one herself. We later learned she did in fact shave her other eyebrow. Girls can be brutal but truth be told this cracked me up. okiesperson

Nana's Ark


I stayed over at my elementary best friends almost every week. Their grandmother lived with them and everyone treated her like a burden. They told me she was crazy but she was always very kind to me and because I was raised to be nice to my elders, I was kind in return.

One day, the grandma asked me into her room. I had never been in there and it was decorated differently, I could tell she had moved an entire house worth of stuff into one bedroom. I can’t remember the whole conversation but she said she loved talking to me every week, and that her family didn’t really let her talk.

She gave me a little metal Noah’s ark bracelet but asked me to hide it from the family. I was scared to wear the bracelet because I didn’t want my friend to get mad and every time I looked at it, it made me so sad for Nana. TheBerenstoinBears

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese


We found Kraft Singles in the fridge and put one over the nose and mouth of a friend of ours who fell asleep on the couch before everyone else. It immediately softened and molded into a cheesy seal over his face, and he stopped breathing.

We all freaked out for a solid 10 seconds, very quietly, until we heard him make a chewing sound. This guy smelled cheese and took immediate action despite being unable to breathe… and just straight up ate a mouth-sized hole into the Single unconsciously.

We then proceeded to plaster the entire package onto his face one at a time and watch him hoover up the cheese slices. robogeek

Don't Fall Asleep


My Dad let three 12 year olds (me and two pals) rent Evil Dead and watch it on our own. The night ended with my friend holding us hostage for hours with a BB gun because he didn’t want us to fall asleep before him. Griffinpowers88

Feline Company


My buddy had bunk beds. He slept on the top bed and I slept on the bottom. In the middle of the night I felt something crawling on my chest. I’m a super light sleeper. Well, I didn’t know he had a cat…So, me being half asleep reacted. The cat was on top of the blanket I was using.

I wrapped that cat up so fast and I straight up chucked the blanket with the cat in it (didn’t know what it was at the time) against the wall as hard as I could… I almost killed his cat. It had 8 lives left tho, so it was ok lol. He was startled from the noise I was making and then we turned the lights on.

He was like…DUDE! That’s my cat. I felt so bad, but scared the crap out of me. Well, good news is, I can fight someone right out of dead sleep haha. [deleted]

Creative Problem Solving


I was 12. I had my period at my friend's house on her white blanket. I tried to get it off but it stained. So I found some red, sparkle glue that was laying around and squirted it into the period strain. Later I pretended to play around with the red glitter glue and accidentally get it on the blanket. curlybird88

Incriminating Evidence


I ate a glow stick and thought no one knew. When night rolled around the inside of my mouth started glowing and I was instantly busted. I was never invited to her house again. Also should be noted that glow sticks taste disgusting and I can still remember what it tastes like to this day. ablarimer

Hot Sauce Eyeball


We had FIFA 10 I think it was and Rooney was one of the best cards on the game, we got him in a pack, the room immediately descended into chaos with all of us going mental, and I knocked over a Tabasco Sauce bottle that fell over, opened and some of it flew straight into my friends eye.

Worst luck ever and his eye was out of action for a good 2 hours. itsnotTozzit

Forever Thirsty


So there was this one time I had a sleepover in my house with two of my friends when my parents weren't home. We were playing truth or dare and one guys dare was to drink salty water. So instead of adding a quarter teaspoon of salt to the glass of water, I decide to add 3 huge spoons.

The dude drank it and not even 10 seconds later he runs to the bathroom and pukes so much that he's not able to breathe. We got so scared we took him to his grandma's house and she took care of him. The guy who drank the salty water still talks to me and he's stopped playing truth or dare. Leukemia420



Once slept over at a guys house with a few other guys when I was about 6 and by the end of the night a mutiny had taken place so the host spent the night in a desperate room alone whist the rest of us had a great time. funkypixel