Real Life Relationships That Started Off On the Wrong Foot

Real Life Relationships That Started Off On the Wrong Foot


Relationships can bloom from the most unlikely of circumstances, but some starts to relationships are weirder than others. People can meet under unusual circumstances, and it can often seem like things just aren't meant to be, until suddenly they click. Any of these relationships that started off on the wrong foot would make excellent romantic comedies.

Saved by Spock


Wife and I started chatting back in 2004 when dating websites were not filled with bots.

She was asking me a bunch of questions and I was failing them. For example, she loves coffee and I don't drink it. She loves going to the movies, but since I worked at a movie theater, I had zero interest in going to the movies, and I failed a few others as well.

She told me way later that she had already decided that we weren't a good match until I mentioned I liked Sci-Fi.

She asked me which shows I liked and I said Star Trek and that totally sucked her back in. Apparently she had been going to Start Trek conventions since she was a little girl.

So Star Trek got me laid. Story credit: Reddit / my-life-for_aiur

Coffee Addict


Many years ago I worked as a barista. There was a really cute girl who would come into my place of work to get coffee and study. I never made a move on her because I didn’t want to be inappropriate at work or risk making a regular customer uncomfortable.

So one night, I rode with my mom to attend my younger brothers high school graduation. We stop at a gas station attached to a grocery store so it just had a single employee in a little booth. My mom pays for gas and comes back to me where I was pumping gas.

She said the girl in the booth asked if I worked at the coffee shop and if I was single. So I went over to talk to her and it was the girl from the coffee shop. She said that she only came into the coffee shop to pretend to study while hoping that I would approach her and that she never made the first move because as an employee there I was paid to be nice to customers and she felt it’d be inappropriate.

We were together for just over two years before we split amicably. Nothing but good memories, our lives just went in different directions.

Story credit: Reddit / ChampChains



Met a girl while exploring a creepy abandoned insane asylum at 3am. We were both there with separate groups, neither group was aware of the other group’s presence but we kept hearing one another moving around and scared half out of our minds because we each assumed the other was crazed hobos or criminals using the place as a hideout or something.

Anyway our groups kept getting closer and closer to one another while trying to figure out how to get out. I turned a corner, saw a face, and nearly brained this poor girl with the baseball bat I was carrying before I realized it was just a bunch of scared college kids same as us. We had a good laugh about it, me and the girl hit it off, and ended up dating for a couple of years.

Story credit: Reddit / KongUnleashed

Oh Deer!


Hit a deer going about 45, knocked one of my headlights out. The car was drivable, but it was dark and foggy in the country. My crush was with me that evening, and after cursing the deer for a solid 10 minutes, I asked if it was okay if she stayed with me that night instead of me potentially wrecking driving her home.

She agreed. We got back to my dorm, and I had to use the restroom. I told her I’d fix the bed situation when I got out. I intended to pull the mattress cover off, and let her have the bed for the night while I used the floor.

Yeah, she didn’t think that. I came out of the bathroom to find her wrapped in my blankets. I asked where I should sleep and she said to just sleep next to her. We ended up cuddling all night and having a tasty campus breakfast date the next morning. We’re still together 2 years later.

Story credit: Reddit / Programmer-boi


Out of This World

Relationships-Started-Off-Wrong-Foot-05.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Barney Moss

It was an alien themed birthday party. I knew only the person who’s birthday it was. I’ve also got a neurological condition which means sometimes I need to take a time out. So I’m sitting in a beanbag leaning against a wall in a full alien morph suit. My time out must have gone for a while, and people who arrived after me thought I was a decoration as I was motionless.

This guy trips over my foot, so I moved it. He freaked, and then realised I was a person and came up to apologise. I just gave a thumbs up. Anywhos time passes and I go to get snacks. I take the hood part off and the guy that tripped on me is just staring open mouthed. He eventually comes up to say he first thought I was a decoration, then thought I was a dude. He then spent the rest of the night getting snacks for me.

Lasted a few months.

Story credit: Reddit / Grieie

Falling in Love


Was at a party. Waved at a someone I knew. A girl standing between us who was visibly smashed thought I waved at her. She came over and tripped in the last meter. I caught her.

That's 10 years ago and we're getting married in august.

Story credit: Reddit / DaPino

Unexpected Lockdown


My ex and I got stuck together at his place on our first Tinder date. For 2 months. Met him during a layover I had where he lived and they closed all the borders a few hours before I was supposed to leave. 2020 was a wild time.

Lockdown was a blast actually and I'd say we had a really good synergy living together. We didn't fight or get at each other's throats or anything.

Also, major shoutout to him for letting me stay, cause otherwise I woulda probably ended up sleeping in a box under the nearest bridge.

Story credit: Reddit / ApprehensiveStatus13

Consolation Prize


My ex wife was the consolation prize in a radio contest. Well...kinda.

I used to co-host a morning radio show back in the 90s, and we did a version of "The Dating Game" on the air. Just like the classic TV show, we'd have a woman choosing between 3 eligible bachelors, or a man choosing between 3 "bachelorettes."

The winner would get a date paid for by the station, and the runners up would get a consolation prize. Part of my job was to coordinate everything between the contestants. This one day, we had the bachelor in the studio, and three women on the phone. He picked one for his date (it was tickets to a baseball game and dinner at a nice restaurant), and afterwards I got all the information from the runners up so that they could get their prizes.

One of them sounded really fun on the phone, and we hit it off. Our studio window looked out over the station's lobby, and I told her that if she came in to get her prize while I was still on the air, she should turn and wave at the window.

A few hours later, I looked out the window and saw her waving. My first thought was "holy moly...she needs a date?" Turns out she was pretty hot...and it turns out that I had her phone number.

So I called back later and asked her out. Relationship lasted 7 years.

Story credit: Reddit / gogojack

Clash of Fam


Met my husband on Clash of Clans. He’s English, I’m American. He said, “Oh, you’re from Seattle, so you like Nirvana?” I responded “Oh, you’re from England so you like the Beatles?” He said, “Touché.” Came to visit and we were married in Vegas inside of 60 days. Been married 8 years. Lived in US for 5 years, England for 2, now doing the digital nomad thing and travelling Europe. Best thing I ever did.

Dating a Christian


Met my High School boyfriend at a Christian Youth Organization meeting. He is Jewish.

We were together for almost four years and still good friends to this day (30+ years later).

Why was he at the meeting? Nearly all his friends were not Jewish and one of them told him to go these meetings because "there were a lot of girls there." So he did and the rest is history... :-)

Story credit: Reddit / SuchLovelyLilacs


Putting Out the Fire


I was in a bad place mentally and emotionally. I reached out to a co-worker and I asked him if he would help me ‘burn my life to the ground’.

I completely expected him to take advantage of my vulnerable state and that was fine by me, I wanted the hurt.

Instead, he said, “No. How about I help you put the fire out?”

He’s my husband now.

Story credit: Reddit / L1TTL3_5T33L



Friend was having a 17th birthday party and invited a tonne of people from various schools. My friend called me up to arrange transportation and for some reason put me on the phone with some other rando. Had a random conversation about nothing and got on with my day. Added him on ICQ (uhoh, yeah I am old) a few days before the party.

At the party when I met him face to face I insulted him, didn't speak to him at all, and made out with another guy.

3 days later he rings me up and asks me out. Dated for about 6 months. I loved him so much, my first love really. It broke me when we broke up.

FFW 7 years, and we're in MSN messenger time. He randomly contacts me one day, and we start hanging out as friends again.

We're clearly in a relationship, but he wont call me his girlfriend or put a label on anything... a year and a half and we do everything together, he calls me his "missus" but not his girlfriend. Ok, weirdo.

We go for a drive as we were known to do one day, driving up the coast trying to beat a storm. He pulls over at one of my favourite lookouts, and we watch the storm go out to sea. He gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him. I push him over onto his arse, but of course say yes.

Married for 12 years :)

Story credit: Reddit / Evendim

Dating to Shut Someone Up


A guy (H) I knew kept teasing me and another guy friend (A) about getting together, even though we weren’t romantically interested. He would not stop joking about it and even told a bunch of our teachers that this guy and I were “dating”. It got to a point where I was so fed up with it, I actually asked A out. I thought H would have been pretty delighted by seeing that we finally got together but he was so mad we ruined his joke and that he cut us off. A and I dated for about two-ish years and we’re still friends tho.

Story credit: Reddit / thepeachemojiismine

Obvious No-Brainer


She threw up in my bed after taking a nap there without asking me on my newyears party.

Hard to say no to that

Story credit: Reddit / T0b3yy

Starcraft-Crossed Lovers

Relationships-Started-Off-Wrong-Foot-15.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

Was holding tryouts to join our clan in Starcraft around the year 2000.

She joined our game and it was decided I would 1v1 her while the rest of our clan watched. I kicked her butt and we agreed she could join up with us if she still wanted to. Turned out I couldn't stand her and tried to avoid her like the plague.

Somehow started talking over AOL instant messenger and ended up learning she was a 4-hour drive away in the state next door. Things fell into place and we ended up in a long-distance relationship at the tender age of 16.

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this last September. Can still kick her butt in video games. =D

Story credit: Reddit / Guinnessnomnom

Wingman Doctor


I was in the hospital for 11 or 12 days once and one of my attending doctors residents was super hot, sometimes she’d hang back to ask me questions and give me those little exams, or show up for whatever reason alone and I’d use those chances to try to chat her up, it’s the hardest I’ve even locked in and tried to bring my A game with a woman lmao and I was nailing it, making her laugh and getting her to talk a lot, I was like Michael Jordan in the flu game

When I got discharged my doctor wanted to meet me in the lobby and she was there too for some reason, then my doctor took off and it’s just us and I’m like it’s now or never buddy so I just ask her out on a date and by some miracle she said yes

Story creddit: Reddit / santichrist


Creepy Phone Text


There was phone number written on the back of a bus I was on when I was 14-15 and under it was written "will suck off for money" I was with a few mates and to be a little smart aleck show off to my friends I called it and asked if she was for real. later that day I felt so bad for the girl I ended up texting her and apologising ... and she was grateful for my message and explained that it was her ex that put it there. Anyway, we got texting and I ended up dating her for 3 years. Nice girl

Story credit: Reddit / braedn

I Got Traded


Work did a mandatory fun evening at a bar. My then gf came in with a good looking woman, walks past the group I'm with, goes to the bar and proceeds to order two shots of tequila and drinks them off her friends breasts. She then waves me over, some shenanigans happen and in the morning tells me I'm dumped but her friend is single. That lasted about a year. I got traded.

Story credit: Reddit / throwaway198675543

One Last Chance


I erased my tinder because I wasn't into just hook ups and right before I erased it I matched with a cute girl and just said to text me if she wanted because I was going to erase my tinder. She did but only to be my friend and literally 2 months later we started dating. Now she's my best friend and girlfriend coming up to 3 years.

Story credit: Reddit / Deftoones

Heart Attack Helper


My dad had a heart attack.

In the hospital I ran into someone I had gone to high school with working as an aide.

We had coffee in the cafeteria when she went on break. I asked her out and she turned me down.

Six months later she called and asked me out.

Story credit: Reddit / specious_foofaraw

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This


Went to the hospital with a broken bone. Made Star Wars jokes to the doctor. He called a week later, to ask how I was. I couldn’t remember his name so I had to look it up in my medical records. Found him on Facebook and sent him a message asking him out.

ETA: coming up on 10 years together, married with 2 kids.

Story credit: Reddit / -salisbury-

Blind Date


I had a profile on one of those sites where you had profiles, and you COULD use it for dating, but many people didn't. I don't even remember what site it was, but it was so bad and old you had to link your pictures, couldn't even upload them. Checked my e-mail one day and this girl messaged me. Looked at her profile and she was very cute.

We talked and it wasn't for like an hour she told me that I didn't even have pictures, but had an awesome profile. I forgot I had redone my folders on my website that I linked from, or that I had even joined the site. Talked for a couple of months, went to an amusement park, I ended up moving near her (I was originally from there) and we started dating.

Story credit: Reddit / sdforbda


Huge Infestation!


I started casually seeing a girl, and the second time we slept together, she woke up to a text that her room area had bed bugs.

I said she could crash at my place until they got rid of them, shouldn't be more than a week....

Took 2 years

Story credit: Reddit / SirClarkus

Bonding Over Anime


When I got my job 9 years ago the developer in the team started talking about anime with me, she was very nerdy and so was I so we clicked.

It was when we were stood in McDonalds waiting for our lunch that she mentioned a hentai title I immediately recognised and called her out on it, we then proceeded to make plans to watch it.

Neither of us drive, and we didn't check the last bus home either, so she offered to share her bed with me since it was now midnight. Cue me finally losing my V card at 20.

Lovely girl, bit crazy. Had a great relationship and now we just remain best friends, trust her with my life.

Story credit: Reddit / schofield101

Call Me When You're Sober


I got asked out by the hot skater boy at a party while wasted my freshman year of high school. I thought he was joking (he was super hot, popular, older, and all the girls wanted him)so I said he had to ask me again when he was sober. Next morning he woke up and said well what do you think, you wanna be my girl? And here we are folks 16 years later, over a decade of marriage and 3 wonderful kids!

Story credit: Reddit / clovertongue90

The Spy


I had a female friend (say “X”) with whom I talked frequently. We were just casual friends, no romantic feelings were involved. She had a boyfriend (say “Y”).

Now Y had a doubt in his mind that X and me are involved romantically. So he asks one of his female friend (say “Z”) to talk with me, befriend me and find out the truth.

Z messages me. We hit it off well. Around a month later I get to know the truth. Z apologised and told me that although her initial intention was something else, she has really grown into me and that she has cut off contact with Y.

It’s been 5+ years together with Z. ❤️

Story credit: Reddit / isam990

Biological Warfare


I had a friends with benefits situation going on and she gave me Covid December 2020. We quarantined together for two weeks watching movies, playing video games and ordering food. We never looked back. So she trapped me with biological warfare essentially and I’m not mad.

Story credit: Reddit / PappyMcSlappie

Only a Dog Would Date Me


I was in highschool, chilling alone during break time. My best friend came over to say hi and have some small talk with me, another girl (same class with me) was following her. When she left she does some secret inside joke (Which is about only a dog would date me. Don't ask why that's our inside joke it's complicated).

The girl who is following my best friend suddenly said the same inside joke to me. I was shocked but response to her that "Then why don't you date me to break this curse of 'Only a dog would ever date me'. I'm sure I'm not that bad." They laugh and leave. The next day, the same girl texted me and from that point on we're in a relationship.

Story credit: Reddit / Few-Breakfast6306

Doomed to Failure


My wife and I met on a blind date set up by a mutual acquaintance. The weird part is the mutual acquaintance did it in belief that it would fail and and make me more attracted to her for helping. She hasn't spoken to either of us since about 2 weeks after we became an item. Been together for 17yrs now and married for 13.

Story credit: Reddit / DodgyWon

Car Trouble


I went on a first date with a man I had just met. As he dropped me back off at home afterwards, his car broke down in my driveway. It was not able to be fixed without buying new parts, and the auto parts stores were now closed. He was incredibly embarrassed. After about 2 hours of his attempts to reach friends with no luck, I hesitantly told him he could sleep on my couch until he could call a tow/friend in the morning. He offered to walk to a hotel, but I insisted.

I had NEVER had a boy at my house before, and though he seemed nice enough - I wasn't taking chances. Locked my bedroom door and tried to fall asleep. Ended up feeling so nervous about a man in my house, that I went out to check if he was still there 30 minutes later. He was wide awake, and we ended up talking/laughing until 7am.

I ended up adoring him, and couldn't get enough.

We've been together for years now and spend our free time in the garage working on our shared hobby... fixing up cars. ;)

Story credit: Reddit / Lixxxi

Propose to Anything That Moves


Was drunk at a bar. Jokingly got on a knee to propose to my coworker being silly. Girl at table next to me got excited thinking we were serious and said she was a justice of the peace and could marry us. Ended up jokingly proposing to this new girl at the end of the night. We ended up engaged for two years after that.

Story credit: Reddit / marcusa1

Grocery Store Pickup


It was brief but I was in line buying groceries and the girl in front realized she left her purse at home. I said to just Venmo me and I’ll pay and she did and we went on our way. A few hours later she venmo’d me again $1.00 with her number. We saw each other a few times but nothing more. Im still so shocked about the grocery pickup tho to this day

Story credit: Reddit / jonnyhoots

Kiss Me, Baby!


Worked in a restaurant that hired some foreign "contractors" as employees for really low wages. One day I was carrying a 50 lb. bag of sugar up some stairs on my shoulder (dry storage was downstairs) and one of them stopped me on the stairs and said in broken English "Kiss me, baby." Went to the chef, got him "fired" which meant he was shuffled off to another restaurant in the area that hired illegal contractors from the same company.

A year or so passes and guess who gets shuffled back into our kitchen? Same guy, but with a better haircut and better language skills.

It's been 19+ years, our daughter is 16, and we still love to travel together.

Story credit: Reddit / ghost_amanita

Welsh Romance


Texted my friend good luck on her first date and told her that I had learned something that day, how to say "I love you" in Welsh.

She misunderstood. She thought I was confessing to her. She texted back I love you too.

That was 18 years ago and we're still together.

Story credit: Reddit / reverendmalerik

Interesting Smell


In high school, some sculpture class my sophomore year. I didnt know anyone in the class and I was just minding my own business when this girl comes over to my table and sits next to me. Stephanie, an Argentinean blonde beauty in braces.

She then proceeds to sniff me, like a curious dog or something. "So that smell is coming from YOU" she states in reference to my cologne (Thanks for the Drakkar noir, dad). Next thing you know she is spending every class sitting in my lap smelling me and giving me the bluest of balls. We ended up being an item for a year until she dumped me.

Story credit: Reddit / pokemamorytrainer



A friend pranked me into a relationship.

We were just friends. A buddy's sister. Normally a friend's sister would be an automatic "no go" for a relationship. Too many opportunities for drama and hard feelings.

But our mutual friend set us up. Told her I secretly liked her when I never said any such thing. Told me she secretly liked me when she never said any such thing.

Took us maybe a minute to figure it out. We had a laugh about it. But it put the idea in our heads...and...

Well we've been married about 20 years now.

Story credit: Reddit / BoredBSEE

Convenient Car Crash


Some girl rear crashed her car into mine. Traded insurance and contact information. We dated for a while after that.

Story credit: Reddit / adamsbrad47

'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky


I played with my band at the beach, while we were jamming this girl shouted from the small crowd “play Jimi Hendrix!” And I was like, "I don’t remember any hendrix songs” so she just came over and said “I’ll do it myself”, took my guitar and jammed purple haze with my band. I just stood there smiling in aw and when they finished the song she just looked at me and said “So can I get your number?”. I said yes.

Story credit: Reddit / greyshirttiger

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown


I (31M) wore a pink turban with red, white, and pink feathers and a red rose to a show named Crowns (a musical play about southern black women in their fancy church hats) because my friend was performing in it and told all her friends to all wear their crowns. Well, I was the only one with a hat of any kind in the whole audience.

My assigned seat was randomly right next to a male friend I’d known casually and even dated (once, unsuccessfully) in the past. He brought his roommate (26M) to the show. When my friend introduced me to his roommate I shook his hand but held on longer than normal and looked him right in the eye, smiling.

We’ve been together 14 years, married for 9 years, and have an adopted daughter.

Story credit: Reddit / Binty77

Snot Rocket


Freshman year in HS I get on the bus and see the most amazing girl siting across the aisle. Now I need to mention that earlier in the day I had bought a box of skittles the cheerleaders were selling for a fundraiser. Skittles in hand,I felt like this was my time to shine.

“Hey, watch this” were the first words I ever said to her.

Put a skittle up one nostril, closed off the other with my finger, and blew hard enough to shoot the skittle several rows. She was comically unimpressed. Grossed out even.

Ended up dating her off & on in HS and then after college. The day I saw her I knew I wanted to marry her, and very nearly did. For the best though, she’s way happier now than she ever was with me and the same is true for me.

But don’t ever be afraid to snot rocket a skittle across a bus when the love of your life hangs in the balance.

Story credit: Reddit / SupahCraig

Fiery Passion


In high school, he called me a witch for talking bad (which was fair), then asked for a drag of my cigarette and when I burned him on the hand with it he didn’t pull his hand back, just smiled. I was in love, shook his bloody hand, and that was the beginning of a 10 year saga.

Story credit: Reddit / MarleySue

In the Wake of Tragedy


School shooting. My now-wife was supposed to be on campus when a lunatic shot and killed five people. We had dated in high school but hadn't been in touch much, but I called her to make sure she was okay. We ended up going out for coffee the next day. We've been together almost 14 years now.

Story credit: Reddit / Deris87

Rage Quit


Spent spring break at his place and we started playing Soul Calibur (I'd never played it before but I'm a fairly avid gamer myself) and it was one of the games he felt he was best at because he could beat his cousin(who I admit is a boss at games like this). Anyways, took me 3 days before I was just annihilating him so bad that he borderline rage quit, turned off the Xbox, sat back down, then asked if I wanted to be his gf.

Story credit: Reddit / mcfeet

Something in the Air Tonight

Relationships-Started-Off-Wrong-Foot-44.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Aqua Mechanical

Farted in the grocery store and thought I got away with it. My now ex smelled it and she heard me laughing and we started talking. Dated for about 6 months

Story credit: Reddit / Auditory_Whiplash

Best Drunken Decision Ever


At 16 I was cheated on by my ex after a year-and-a-half long manipulative relationship so a month later I wanted to forget about all the pain and get trashed.

My friend held a party at his, and his friend knew he had a thing for me. So while wasted he told me to go kiss him and that's all I remember until I woke up in his bed the next morning.

He was cuddling me and I had his teddy (which he never let anyone touch) he told me that my ex messaged me wanting to get back together and I lost it and needed space, so he let me destress in his room, I asked him to stay with me so I wouldn't be alone and I fell asleep on him. So he looked after me all night, making sure I had food and water when I woke up.

At 3:14am after we had this talk we agreed to try dating since we liked hanging out already as we where friends.

10 and a half years on, 3 kids, a house and a wedding. This still proves to be the best drunken decision ever.

Story credit: Reddit / LizzieBunny95

A Beautiful Night in Tokyo


A friend kept me late on Valentine’s Day in Tokyo. We were at a sky rise bar, he was visiting from Brazil and really wanted to meet a lady. I just wanted to get home and rest. I was a good host and kept him company until the trains were about to end. At my station, I was walking down a narrow street, along canals with many beautiful trees.

A small bar with maybe 10 seats was glowing from outside. I was drawn to the the place, I stared for what seemed like an eternity inside. Just standing there, waiting, I didn’t know why. I had lived at this station for 5 years or so, I never stopped at this place. A lady outside the bar, she was on the phone, I hadn’t noticed her. She asked me to join her inside. I did. It was her birthday. The relationship lasted 7 years.

Story credit: Reddit / en-joy777

Dating a Virgin


I (F) asked a virgin (M) (didn't know he was a virgin at the time) for casual sex. He said no. I immediately backed off. We found we liked talking to each other. Been married over a decade now. Sex is AMAZING with him, btw.

Story credit: Reddit / dorimeow

Pulling off the Jerry Maguire

Relationships-Started-Off-Wrong-Foot-48.jpg.optimal.jpgSony Pictures

I was at a college party and it sucked, it was right around the time of Jerry Maguire, and I thought it'd be funny to yell 'This party sucks, I'm going home to drink Vodka and all I want to know is who's coming with me?!' then I stormed out, because I didn't know anyone at the party, or have any reason at all to expect someone to come with me.

Once I was out of the building, on the sidewalk, I noticed a girl following behind me.

We dated for 4 years.

Story credit: Reddit / User1539

An Angry Rant


Craigslist used to have (might still have?) a rants and raves section. I posted a long and angry open letter to how much winter in Chicago sucks. A woman answered it and sarcastically made light of just about everything I posted, and we went back and forth for a few emails before meeting up for drinks. Spent close to 3 years together.

Story credit: Reddit / conipto

Drawing a Girlfriend into Existence


In school, I drew a lot and would often draw randomly made up people.

Once, I doodled a pretty girl and the girl sitting next to me asked who she was.

I told her she wasn't a specific person but she thought I was just too shy to say and kept pressing, as well as getting all of the other girls in our class involved.

And one of them said she knew her. Some girl who went to a nearby school.

So they asked me if that's who it was and if I'd like them to get her to come meet up with me.

I said screw it, yeah.

We met up that weekend and ended up going out for a few months.

So, I basically drew a girlfriend into existence.

Story credit: Reddit / BadgerSituation

Smells Like Rotten Eggs


My girlfriend has hidden this for years. We moved into a new house together and had fun at night. After taking a shower, she refused to sleep with me, and her towel smelled like rotten eggs. I was confused and curious. A week later, her sister visited us, and I discussed secretly with her her situation, and her face turned pale. What she next said left me dumbfounded. She shared her medical condition with me. The reports showed that she had been diagnosed with a rare and contagious disease, which caused severe gastric problems. The infection emitted a foul odor, similar to that of rotten eggs, explaining the unpleasant smell on her towel after her shower. But she recovered completely after 2 years.

Story credit: Reddit / DeletedUser