People Who Have Had Plastic Surgery Share How They Felt About it Afterwords

People Who Have Had Plastic Surgery Share How They Felt About it Afterwords


One Reddit user asked others online, “people who have had facial plastic surgery in order to make yourselves more attractive, what was the outcome? Were you more desirable to other people, just yourselves, or both? Would you recommend it to people who think they would benefit from it?” 

Answers began to flood in from people who had surgical changes made to their faces and the answers ranged from positive confidence boosts to regrets about painful procedures that made minimal overall changes.

I Had Worse Hearing After I Got My Ears Pinned Back


“I had my ears pinned back when I was 15. Not a huge deal, but it seriously boosted my confidence. I would recommend it, but not as a "quick fix" or a lazy alternative to just rocking what you've got. I hate my nose, and I hate my chin profile, but I've learned to live with it and accent my better features. I don't regret getting my ears done and I would do it again if I had to go back.

My hearing is crap now though. I used to have crazy ninja hearing as I had two satellite dishes on the side of my head. No more :(“ - Reddit / Littlemouse0812

I Thought My Nose Was Too Big

Dr-Kassir-resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“When I was 24 I had a nose job. I male and was very self conscious about my nose which I thought was much too big. It was a classical roman hawk nose. I would think about it a lot during the day and try to never be in profile when around other people which is frankly impossible.

I feel much better now. Much more relaxed and confident. It's a huge load off my mind and worth every penny of the roughly 5500$ it cost me.” - Reddit / domesticsuperpoo

I Always Wore My Hair In Front of My Face


“I'm a 24-year-old woman and only recently have I felt okay with wearing my hair pulled back because it makes me so self-conscious about my nose.

I'm mostly Dutch and I inherited the big nose and weak chin that almost everyone has on that side of the family. It really sucks as a woman since I can't grow a beard to camouflage my lack of a chin like men can, and a big nose seems so much worse on a woman.

I'm okay looking from the front and I'm frequently told I'm very attractive or beautiful (I never get "cute," obviously), but I feel so ugly because of my profile that I honestly don't know if people do actually think I'm attractive or if they're lying to me to make me feel better.

I do absolutely want to have plastic surgery some day just so I'm more comfortable with myself, but until then I'm trying to just live my life and not worry about my appearance so much.” - Reddit / asdoieh

Roman Hawk Noses Used to Be Considered More Attractive


“I find this quite amusing that nowadays a roman hawk nose is considered ugly, ever since civilisations came to be (ancient Egypt, Rome etc) Hawk nose were considered attractive, evidence of intelligence and wisdom, everyone wanted a hawk nose! Kings who had them were seen to do great things and have high charisma and so on.

It's just funny to think about!” - Reddit / capodister


Will Your Nose Be More Fragile Afterwords?


“I have a friend who had his nose "done." It had been broken and looked funny, and he needed a nose job to fix it. He said the doctor warned him that it was very fragile and suggested he give up martial arts (which is how he broke it to begin with.) Is your nose more fragile now?”


“No. Its a lot tougher. It was essentially broken in several places during the procedure so the bone hardened and became stronger. That doesn't necessarily apply to all nose jobs though” - Reddit / domesticsuperpoo

I Look Much Less Scary

Instagram-_-Rachel-Harmanresize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Rachel Harman

“I had to have my nose done a couple of years ago. I had broken it so many times that I couldn't breathe through it and it was kinda wonky and bumpy. The surgeons were brilliant and they asked about how I wanted it to look afterwards and I must say, they did a bloody fantastic job! Considering it was all free on the NHS (because it had to be done - sleep apnea) I thought it might be a bit half arsed, but it was even much better than my original nose! There are so few risks in reality (of course there are some with GA) and the benefits are great! I can breathe and I look much less scary. I didn't even know it had affected my self confidence until my wife told me it had made such a difference in how I feel about myself. She was right! Life is short, so if something is getting you down that much, then take care of it! If you are in America, I would say it is definitely worth spending extra money and getting someone with a really great reputation. Good luck!” - Reddit / Ebmoclas

My Jaw Grew Painfully


“Through a weird freak chance of nature I ended up with a bottom jaw that grew to the left a little much and ended up being really painful as well as ugly :(

A lot of name calling ensued from this throughout my teens so when I was old enough/stopped growing I was finally able to begin surgery preparations. Train track braces to correct the teeth over 18 months, wisdom teeth pulled and then actual surgery to saw out bones here and there as well as plates and screws.

Very painful experience after the surgery, obviously, jaws wired shut for about 6/7 weeks wasn't fun either. Had to drink hi fibre/energy drinks because liquidated food actually wasn't a good idea... Chunk-less soups were also good to suck through a straw!

The end result is much better than I expected and some of the people who made fun of me didn't say anything more after that. I'm not saying I'm a handsome stud now but I definitely feel much more confident and nowhere near as self conscious as I used to feel.

Worth it. Specially on the NHS :3” - Reddit 

I Would Recommend It to Anyone


“I got my ears pinned back when I was 13. I'd always had big ears that stuck out a lot and I always got teased and called things like "elephant" and other names, and I never EVER wore my hair up because I hated my ears so much. The summer between 7th and 8th grade, I made a deal with my dad that if I helped him paint our house, I could get the surgery. It was completely my idea, and it was honestly the best thing I've ever done for myself. My self esteem went through the roof, I could wear my hair however I wanted, and I was just so much happier with myself. And my dad and I painted our whole house, two coats.

Whenever I hear people complain about cosmetic surgery, I get really frustrated. I would compare cosmetic surgery to braces; tons of people have braces, and a vast majority of the time it's for cosmetic reasons. Their teeth are [messed] up, let's fix em. I think surgery is the same way. If there's something you really don't like about yourself and you have the money to fix it, go ahead! For kids, it can save them a lot of bullying and self-hatred and emotional trauma. For me, my surgery really changed my life and made me the confident person I am today.

10/10 would recommend” - Reddit / lilycamilly

I Got a Mole Removed


“I had a small cosmetic surgery once, to remove a mole on my nose. Did wonders to my non-existent confidence.” - Reddit / martiney

My Plastic Surgeon Told Me to Get More Done


“I live in South Korea. I got eyelid surgery with the non-incisional method. I am very happy with it and it was 100% my personal choice. But here in Korea, beauty standards set by media, celebrities and enforced by peers and parents play a colossal influence on the (mostly) women's decisions to undergo cosmetic surgery. I attend college here and I have only 3 female friends that have not gotten eyelid surgery or a nose job. Usually, girls here get cosmetic surgery for their high school graduation present. It's incredibly vain but then again, I also got it too, so I can't really say anything. Personally I was happy getting just that procedure done. However my plastic surgeon told me, literally when I was in the healing room 2 minutes after the procedure, "Now all you need is a little nose job to make you even prettier!”” - Reddit / grilledcheesegum


I Had Two Nose Jobs Then Got Into a Car Accident

Rachel-Harman-resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Rachel Harman

“I've had two nose-jobs (rhinoplasty). I wanted to have it done for years. I'm a female, and had a large bump on my nose. It got to the point I was so self conscious I'd hide behind my hair. I researched plastic surgeon's like crazy and, after a consultation, decided to go with the chief of plastics at a top-10 hospital. The cost was close to ten thousand dollars.

The results were NOT what I expected. My nose looked almost exactly the same as before, and my doctor could not figure out why. After the healing period was over, he offered to re-operate. I gladly accepted and was so excited to finally get the results I was looking for!

After my second surgery, I traveled to Florida to throw my best friend a bridal shower. While stopped at a red light on a busy road, the car behind me slammed into me, causing a 3 car "pile up". I was in the passenger seat and my face slammed into my knee, as I had it up to re-buckle my sandal. Most awful pain of my life, but even worse was the fact the driver of the car I was in did not have insurance, nor did the person who was faulted for the accident. My nose was broken and the cartridge was still in the healing-phase, so the results were null and void.

Despite the fact my nose is still really messed up and the accident caused injuries to my nose that weren't there before, the bump isn't as bad. That makes me happy. I DO feel less self conscious, despite the fact it still looks like a disaster. If there's something you're unhappy with that's negatively effecting your life I would definitely recommend it, as it can really help. Just remember that the results are not guaranteed to be exactly what you want. Research, research, research for the best doctor. Go to multiple consultations.

I actually just recently applied to be on a plastic surgery show that fixes past surgeries, and got a call from the producer saying they were interested (they would obviously provide the service for free) but haven't heard back. I'm hoping some day I'll be able to get my nose fixed once and for all! Best of luck!” - Reddit / elleesdee

I Wasn’t Able to Taste After My Jaw Surgery


“Not intended or considered to be a cosmetic surgery, but I had maxilla facial jaw surgery.

My whole life I had a large gap between my top teeth and my bottom teeth only in the front. I could bite down I the back but had about an 1.5" gap in the front. I was unable to eat without putting the food in the side of my mouth.

The surgery consisted of removing my top jaw from my face, taking bone from my cheek and anchoring that to the front of my upper jaw, cutting out bone in the back of the jaw, and setting that all back into my face (at the same time conveniently removing my wisdom teeth). They then spent a few hours re-attaching ligament and muscle and moved to my bottom jaw.

My bottom jaw was a bit easier. Because of the length of my new top jaw it left me with no chin, so to add symmetry back to my face they cut off the bone in my chin and used the pieces of bone from my top jaw to extend the very bottom of my chin. It made my bottom jaw look more square.

In all, my cheek bones became slightly more visible, my smile improved 100000000% and I now have a more square jaw. Problems included: 10 months of pain and disgusting discharge, lack of taste for strong flavors that lasted almost 2 years, and I had to have a follow up surgery to remove left over materials that didn't dissolve.

I am completely pleased with the results and would not go back ever to not being able to bite a sandwich!!! I also had the pleasure of having my surgeon be one of the pioneers of this surgery at UNC Dr. Tim Turvey.

The best part is, I only had to pay $4000 out of about $600,000 medical costs because the chin part of the surgery was the only "cosmetic" part and UNC helped me with the cost.

I believe myself to be more desirable, it's hard to be attractive with a bad smile.

If anyone is suffering from any major dental issues I say correct them. Your teeth are the one thing you should take care of above all else, so you can enjoy a decent quality of life!!” - Reddit / crazydaze

I Couldn’t Breath Through My Nose

122232751_2232452827resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I had a nose job when I was around 18. My nose was slightly crooked due to an accident I had when I was a child, so I couldn't really breathe through my nose ever.

It definitely made me feel better about myself, I'm not quite sure if it made such a big difference to anyone else. But it was definitely worth it for my self-esteem! And it makes a great conversation piece since my nose is now rock hard.

8/10, would recommend (within reason, obviously)” - Reddit / kopflampe

I Prefer A Scar Over a Cyst


“Not as drastic as others here, but I recently had cosmetic surgery to remove a small cyst on my eyebrow. Not many people noticed it, but I did, and it irritated me. I now have a small scar in its place which i much prefer because it's easier to hide with makeup.” - Reddit / balexig

I Had Eight Teeth Removed


“I had jaw surgery done 4 years ago. Actually had to wear braces first (for a year or so, starting a couple of months after I turned 18). Then got 2 seperate surgeries, one for my upper jaw, and one for my lower jaw.

How did they give me that chin, you ask? By sawing into my chin bone, moving it forward, and nailing it stuck again.

I'm always surprised seeing that pic again, and the amount of metal I carry with me now (braces are gone).

The braces were there to make my teeth line up with my future jaw position. That required room to work with. So, before I got my braces, they removed 4 teeth. The ones right behind the incisors, up, down, everywhere. Also, because they weren't quite done yet, they pulled out my wisdom teeth in one go. So yeah, that was 8 removals in one go. I did get complete anesthesia, though.” - Reddit / MrKittenMittens

The Surgery Corrected My Breathing Issues


“I broke my nose half a year ago. My nose was not at all straight after that. So the government gave me a nose job and septoplasty to fix this along with some breathing issues.

After the surgery my nose is much prettier and works better as well. I am definitely much more attractive with an almost straight nose than I was before with a broken nose.

If I had the opportunity I would do it again and I would recommend it to anybody. But I am not sure I would pay the $ 10.000 or whatever it costs. I got it for free thanks to socialized healthcare.” - Reddit


It Cost Me $22,000


“It's a bit late to the thread, but my guess is that it's probably the most extreme of any of the facial surgeries here. I'm a long-transitioned transwoman, but back in my early 20s, I had facial feminization surgery (FFS) in order to make my face appear more, well, feminine. It cost me $22k, but it was probably the best money I've ever spent on myself. I have "passed" ever since having the surgery, and it was a huge boost to my self-esteem.

The surgery included: Bi-planer scalp advancement / brow lift (not much, as my skin was tight because I was so young), Frontal bossing and supra-orbital reduction (endoscopic shaving), Rhinoplasty, Chin bone reduction (endoscopic shaving), 3mm Medpor cheek implants, and Thyroid chondroplasty, aka trachea shave.” - Reddit / suprisesexchange

I Had My Jaw Extended


“It's not exactly plastic surgery, but as part of my orthodontic treatment I had my jaw extended. They cut slits inside my mouth, broke my jaw, fed steel inside and bolted it all together. That wasn't fun though the result was nice.

They also knocked my septum loose and made my nose straight. They did that surgery while I was awake and while painless, it was shady and kind of neat. I could feel them cutting under my face to get to it, coming in behind my upper lip.

On the whole I like it, though I am often accused of vanity because I look in mirrors a lot. It's strange, it's like my face isn't my face. I have to double check a lot to remember.” - Reddit / HungryRick

I Replaced My Front Teeth With Crowns


“Idk if this counts, but I replaced my front teeth with crowns because my teeth came in weird; one tooth was pushed on top of the others, and when it was removed, I had a gap on one side. It bothered me forever. I finally got my teeth done and though the process was painful, I am so happy with my smile now and I'm way more confident.” - Reddit / squirtlesquad90

I Had More Confidence, Which Made Me More Attractive


“I had a nose job and yes, I was more desirable. However, I think that the key to this wasn't that I was physically more attractive but I felt better about myself and exuded confidence that I didn't previously have.” - Reddit / Taketwoandgo

I Think I’m More Attractive Now

117864926_307457110502resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“Male here who has had a rhinoplasty and a chin implant. Had my nose surgery just over a year ago with a touch up 4 months ago when I had the chin implant done as well to bring better balance to my face. I was attractive before and didn't really have anything "wrong", more of a refinement surgery. Would definitely say it was for vanity more than anything.

The first couple weeks after I had my nose done I thought I looked amazing, but after a couple weeks you get used to it, and I felt the same as before although I knew I was more attractive. According to my doctor, about 10% of people may need a touch up depending how you heal. I did need a touch up and had my chin done at the same time to bring it into better balance with my new nose. I was awake for the touch up and chin implant. Needles are stuck strait into your nose to freeze it, as well as into your jaw for the chin implant. The doctor then makes an incision between your nose skin and the cartilage underneath, and then begins to file it down with a rasp until they feel they have the correct shape. The chin implant is a lot more crude. Incision under the chin, take scissors and snip away a "pocket" to place the implant, and then stick it in and stitch it up.

Recovery is pretty awful for a week because your nose is packed and you can't breathe, makes sleeping pretty difficult. After the nose packing is removed it isn't too bad. The chin implant recovery is a lot better, just some bruising/ swelling for a couple weeks.

Results: It turned out well and I am happy with it. The difference is very slight and no one has really been able to pinpoint that I've had anything done. People I've told who I see regularly have said they thought I looked different but weren't really sure. They just though I did my hair differently or something.

More desirable?: I think I am more attractive. To others? I was considered attractive before, having this done really didn't help all that much. The few people who knew me before and after who I told about the surgery have said I am more attractive.

I would definitely recommend having it done if it's something you want. If done well no one will really be able to tell except for you (if done well and you aren't making a drastic change). It really is something you need to do because you want to.

Cost: I know this will be the next question. Nose was $12,500, chin was $3,500 because I did it with the nose (normally $4,500). Spend the extra and go to a surgeon with a good reputation.” - Reddit / throwawaysurgery123

An Implant Granted Me Perfect Vision


I wouldn't call this "plastic surgery" but it was cosmetic.

My vision for most of my life has been extraordinarily poor. Up until two years ago, I had a lens prescription of -11. Despite opting for the ultra-thin lenses anytime I went to get new glasses, they were still coke-bottles. It was always something I was very self-conscious about, I felt ugly, and that people - especially other men - felt that I was just a stereotypical nerd that could be easily pushed around despite my fairly extensive background in wrestling and martial arts.

In fact, I'm fairly certain I spent a good portion of my teenage and young-adult years trying to compensate for my insecurities.

I spent about 8 months looking into the popular eye surgeries (LASIK, PRK) to correct my vision, but my vision was so bad that no doctor would agree to a full correction with the amount of corneal material they they would have to work with. Too many risks to my vision both in the short and long-term.

Understandable, considering all of the malpractice suits these days. One doctor ended up directing me to a procedure I had never heard of called ICL (Implanted Collamer Lens).

It was expensive, it was invasive, but not at all dissimilar from cataract surgery. Basically, they had to poke holes my irises using a laser to ensure the fluid in my eyes wouldn't get blocked, and then a month later, they put new lenses over my existing ones. Each eye had to be done separately, which meant spending a week with one working eye.

The surgery cost me a grand total of $8000, and it wasn't covered by insurance. I've just finished paying it off under a two year no-interest plan, but it was the best decision I ever made. After three months straight worth of appointments and eye drops, I came out of it all with perfect 20/20 vision. Would do it again” - Reddit / maiorano84


My Surgery Was Covered By the Government

800px-Earcov-resize.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

“Had my ears pinned back and it was covered by the government of Ontario. Now I can have short hair cuts and not look like a monkey.” - Reddit

I Wanted to Be Able to Eat


“I'm currently recovering from orthognatic surgery that corrected a severe underbite. I wanted a good smile and the ability to eat well. They sawed my jaw bones and moved my top one forward 9 milimeters and the bottom three millimeters. The results are amazing so far!

There's a lot of pain and numbness (I won't get full feeling in my lips and chin for another two more months). But my friends who have popped by love my results so far... And this isn't even my final form. I highly recommend it.” - Reddit / littlefoxtrot

Everyone Called Me Dumbo


“Had my ears pinned when I was 19. I did it because I hated being teased/ bullied over my looks (I know vain), names such as wing nut and dumbo.

Would I recommend it? yes I would. Simple procedure but very painful would be my only warning. If you're unhappy with your ears looking like wind breaks, get them pinned. I was so much happier and I am still happy with it 20 odd years later.” - Reddit / KumoDreams

A Car Crash Wrecked My Nose

117405195_31962211resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I've had my nose reconstructed twice. Once was from my face being rearranged with a 7 Iron. The second was when I bounced my face off a steering wheel when I went off the road at 120 mph. The 80's were a crazy time. I spent the entire time incapacitated with a [tube] in my mouth.” - Reddit / flanjan

A Childhood Accident Ruined My Jaw

120194733_328373338243resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I used to have a narrow upper jaw and a lower side bite crooked jaw - when I was a child I fell from the monkey bars and my right side of my lower jaw quit growing.

So when I turned 30 I had a good job and good insurance and decided to get Orthognathic surgery. They broke up upper jaw into three pieces and pulled it forward and wider. My lower jaw was broken and brought to the left to even out my face.

The recovery was horrendous and I was miserable for a year afterwards (first 6 weeks jaws wired shut with a bite plate on the top of my roof of my mouth). All I could do was drink things. Also had a lot of swelling for that first year.

But it turned out great and when I show people my before pictures they don't even believe it's me. I have a fuller face and more aligned now (but not perfect)

But I would do it again in a heartbeat.” - Reddit / BlakeIsGreat

Laser Eye Surgery Was the Best Thing I Ever Did


“Had laser eye surgery three years ago. Beforehand I was -5 dioptres, which meant I could see about 15 cm in front of me. Now my vision is 20/12, which is the limit of human vision. It also corrected my astigmatism completely.

It was the best thing I ever did. I was always very self-conscious wearing glasses. I used to struggle to see people's facial expressions parties, which meant that I would hesitate to approach them unless they were very close to me to begin with. Now that I can see right across the room, even when it's dark, it's no problem at all. I feel much more comfortable. Even better, sports a breeze, going to the beach doesn't involve carrying a glasses case or contacts stuff, travelling is easy, driving at night is easy, in fact everything is easier. Like I said, best thing I ever did.” - Reddit / Isotope1

My Nose Job Completely Changed My Appearance 

120303353_33878478722resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I had a nosejob at 20. It completely changed my appearance. I went from being plain to very pretty. It took me a while to accept and adjust to the fact that people found me attractive. It's been 8 years since my nose job, and no one outside my family knows. I've hidden/deleted any old photos of me. I don't think I will ever tell my SO that I got plastic surgery. He would be shocked, and I want him to think I was born this way.” - Reddit / fartknockerthrowaway

The Surgery Made Me More Attractive


“I had my ears tucked as a teenager. There was some "fold" in the ear that is supposed to pull them back towards the head. I didn't have that.

At some point after the surgery, one of my mother's friends commented to her that I had turned into an attractive young man. I honestly don't know if it's related to the surgery or not. But the point was, I felt so much better about myself knowing that my ears didn't stick out.” - Reddit / hymie0

I’ve Had Four Nose Jobs

122142755_13261464527resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I have had 4 nose jobs to fix my "roman hook" nose. I had my first one at 16 and my last one was at 24. Overall, I'm very happy with my appearance now. I was very self conscience about my nose and it didn't help my brother and some people in my class making fun of it. I also had breathing problems as well so that was the initial reason I went to a plastic surgeon. After the first surgery, my doctor took too much cartilage out and my nose partially collapse. The next two surgeries were rebuilding the bridge with bone collected from my ribs. The last surgery was to shave the mini bump where my forehead and my new bridge meet. During these surgeries, they also fixed the septum and straightened the tip of my nose as well as shave a portion of my forehead to fit my new nose. It gave me a lot of confidence in my appearance and I appreciate the help and expertise of the surgeons who worked on me.” - Reddit / faded_rose

I Could Have Lived My Life Without It

117111026_1178036542568resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I had rhinoplasty done after I broke my nose. To be perfectly honest, I could've lived my life perfectly fine without getting the surgery done, but I was really displeased with how crooked my nose looked. I had to wait a year before getting the surgery done and I hated looking in the mirror. I felt almost disgusted with myself because I thought I looked like a witch or Squidward or something. Although, there were times I told myself maybe I don't look as bad as I thought. Anyway, I finally got the surgery and it was so painful and uncomfortable I told myself it wasn't worth it. "You're so stupid, you looked fine the way you were before, I can't believe you were so worked up about something so trivial! who cares if you have a big nose!" Once I got the bandages off and I wasn't in so much pain I started feeling better about getting the surgery. And finally, 6 months later, I'm really glad I got it. I've noticed people have been nicer to me and more guys have been hitting on me. It's sad but looks matter way more than we'd like to admit. Honestly getting the surgery has sky-rocketed my self-esteem. if it's something you've thought about for a long time, I definitely recommend getting it. sorry this was really long!!” - Reddit / emofather

I Got the Chip in My Tooth Fixed


“I had a chip in the front of my tooth filled. Doc asked if the chip bothered me. I didn't really care about it, but she said she'd fill it anyways (free from the military). Got it fixed and I've felt better about my smile ever since. Never considered it an issue until it was done. I couldn't have it done by my insurance before because they considered it plastic surgery as it wasn't a medical benefit to have it done.” - Reddit / Jamesx_

My Crooked Nose Always Bothered Me

116675244_1319819719124resize.jpg.optimal.jpgInstagram / Dr. Kassir

“I have had a rhinoplasty recently. My crooked nose always bothered me and it didn't get better with time, so I decided to do something about it. Now it looks waaaay better and I think noone could ever tell I had something done.” - Reddit / burnedbysunlight

I Had to Wear a Retainer My Whole Life

“I knocked my teeth out when I was young, and all my life I've had to wear a flipper (retainer with 2 front teeth). I had a very awkward smile. A couple months ago I went through a procedure where they grinded other teeth down so they could put a bridge on (look it up if curious). Now I have 4, perminate, fake teeth. The process sucked, but I've gotten so many compliments recently its crazy. Worth the insane amount of money? Maybe.” - Reddit / ByFee

Do Veneers Count?


“Do veneers count? I'm no longer afraid to smile, it was the best decision I've made.” - Reddit / TitanicIsSyncing

Scar Removal After Falling on My Chin


“Scar removal on my chin after I fainted due to low blood pressure. The wound was stitched up by ER docs, so when it healed, the scar was bright red and would indent when I smiled. I got it fixed a year ago. The plastic surgeon had to reopen/cut out the scar and resew the layers (muscle, skin, etc). Overall, it was 4 layers of stitches to fix that area. I think they had to undermine the muscle and fat to fill in where it was indenting. Looks much better now. :)” - Reddit / ChevrontTea

My Ears Looked Like a Monkey


“I got my ears changed so I looked less like an orangutang. It's definitely been for the better. People don't make fun of me for it, and I was able to put a helmet on for the first time without any type of discomfort. This was when I was in high school so Varsity skiing football and hockey were all much easier. My dad paid for the whole thing. Looking back I have no regrets and it was absolutely the right thing to do!” - Reddit

People Don’t Ask ‘What Happened?’ Anymore


“Had my nose broken, a fairly long horizontal scar across it and it was darkened by parts of black clay impregnated in the skin from a shooting accident. I never thought it was ugly. Had it fixed up, kind of like a nose job. People no longer ask what happened but I don't feel any prettier I guess.” - Reddit / greybeans

I Feel Like I Look Tired All the Time


“As an asian male who was born into a family where somehow everyone else has double eyelids except for a couple uncles and maybe a couple cousins (i have dozens of them), I have considered asking my plastic surgeon cousin for a double eyelid surgery. I feel that it makes me look sleepy/tired but I'm afraid of the stigma. Also, I'm not sure how my parents & my cousin would feel if I asked her to do that......argh what can I do? :(“ - Reddit / azntrojan