People From Around The World Share 'Why Are You Booing Me? I'm Right!' Stories

People From Around The World Share 'Why Are You Booing Me? I'm Right!' Stories

People From Around The World Share 'Why Are You Booing Me? I'm Right!' Stories



40. Whatever happens, it's your fault

I was working on a team of people building a race car. I told them a part that was technically strong enough should be built heavier to handle shock loads from bad track conditions.

I got told I was a moron and it would be fine; someone else ran the numbers, and it would be fine. So I built the parts put them on the car, and lo and behold it broke and the car ended up on its roof.

You'd think that would be validation of my opinion, and people would agree that I was right. Not how it happened. I was the jerk because I built them, so it was my fault.

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39. Back in my day, we all got sunburned

We were at the beach and my wife was putting sunscreen on our toddler. A woman sitting close to us rolled her eyes and said to my wife, "That boy doesn't need sunscreen. Helicopter parents raise soft kids. Ridiculous."

We are pretty far from overprotective parents, so it caught us off guard for sure. Apparently you can't raise a tough kid unless you give them the chance to develop skin cancer.

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38. The whole thing is literally a spine

In 2nd grade I joined the robotics club. One day we were learning about how an animal's bones affect the way animals move, and the teacher said, “Give me examples of animals with spines.” I said snakes. She told me snakes are like worms and lack spines and everyone laughed at me.

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37. Sad but true

I’ve had many 'booed' moments, but this is a more recent one. In my science class we were watching a few documentaries about the US space program, and the topic of pollution came up with fuel consumption.

In the midst of all this, someone asked about where the parts of the rocket go once they are abandoned by the spacecraft. I commented that it just falls and NASA pretty much just hopes that it doesn't fall on people. One of the reasons they launch out of Florida or a cape is so the parts end up in the water and not hitting civilization, but nobody believed me since it would then be the case that NASA is polluting the ocean.

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36. The kindergarten art police

I got in trouble in Kindergarten because I colored an apple green. Instead I was told apples were red.

I was a polite kid so I was just all like, "No, they can be green too" every time the teacher tried to tell me they were red. My grandma had an apple tree that grew green apples. She used them in pies. I'd eaten those pies every single Thanksgiving and Christmas. When she picked apples, I was given them as an afternoon snack.

In my kid mind, wasn't a matter of "Am I wrong? Are those not apples?" It was more of a "this poor teacher doesn't even know about grandma's apple tree!"

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35. Good thing he's a professor

A professor in undergrad asked what the orbit speed of the Space Shuttle is. I volunteered 18,000 MPH (its 17.5k MPH) and he laughed and said absolutely not, and compared it to the speed of an airliner (~500 MPH).

What a freaking idiot.

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34. Good thing she's a teacher

Grade 7 (Canada), we were learning about medieval Japan in Social Studies class (basically history class). I made a comment that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but another kid said it was the Germans and some people backed him up. Teacher said she forgot who bombed Pearl Harbor but it wasn't the Japanese. If only smart phones existed back then.

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33. Stop trying to solve problems!

Was working for a political organization during an election year. Got a file from another office and they wanted me to run my standard scripts to get them a final direct mail address file. Asked the other office if they wanted me to correct any of the addresses and they told me to absolutely not change any of their data because "it was good". Told them that I really felt like their data needed to be checked and was told by their office, their management and my management that I should "just do as I'm told".

In the end, apartment building offices throughout the state received several hundreds of pieces of direct mail from the org. I knew their file didn't have apartment numbers listed for anybody but I wasn't allowed to change it.

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32. Right there on the sign

I was at the zoo with a buddy, and I said it's crazy that there are penguins in South Africa. My friend says that I'm wrong and that there aren't any in Africa because its way too hot.

So I told him the only reason I brought it up is because we were literally at the African penguin exhibit.

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31. Liver die

At my little sister's confirmation, I was her sponsor. I was 18, she was 14. Woman next to be got all nasty because I was nodding off and said I should be ashamed and I was being disrespectful.

What she didn't know was that I had end stage liver failure and had hepatic encephalopathy. Plus I was on a lot of pain meds. Afterwards I told my mom about it (sponsors were seated separately from parents) and she was furious.

She cornered the mean woman in the bathroom and just reamed her. The lady skulked out very quickly after that.

Glad to say a year later I got my transplant and am now healthy and doing great. Turning 27 in 10 days!

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