People From Around The World Share Unappetizing Food Faux Pas

People From Around The World Share Unappetizing Food Faux Pas

As the old saying goes, "There's no accounting for taste." But on the other hand... yes there is. There are some combinations of ingredients, some abuses of condiments, some ways of preparing dishes that are objectively wrong. And there are some that might even be described as disgusting.

Pancakes and ranch dressing don't mix. Bacon shouldn't be cooked in a microwave. And Ketchup... don't get me started on all the ways people have found to misuse Ketchup.

Recently, people from around the world took to the internet to share the worst food faux pas they've ever seen. Bon appetit!

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70. Sticking Up For The Sprinkles

One time we were discussing our favorite foods in class and I revealed that I ate sprinkles on my peanut butter sandwiches. My peers erupted in laughter but my teacher calmly lied, “Well that sounds delicious, I’d try it myself!” It was a small gesture, but I remember that teacher to this day. Thanks Mrs. B.


69. What Town Is This?!

Not even my family was weird, my entire freaking town! We all eat chili and peanut butter sandwiches. My family ALWAYS had peanut butter sandwiches as a side with our chili. Our school even served them together!

I moved to college, the same state but 3.5 hours away, and everyone thought I was absolutely insane for eating this wonderful combination. I had no idea it wasn't a normal combo, but my whole stinking home town appreciates it, so I guess we're all weird together in our little slice of 4,500 people.

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68. Your Wife Is Fake News

Back when my wife and I were first living with each other, she told me she was going to make chili that Saturday. I had never had her chili before this so, I was excited. Everyone makes chili a little different, and the possibilities were interesting.

I went to work that Saturday and I bragged to coworkers about this pot of chili my girlfriend was making back at home.

I rushed home and what met me when I opened the door was not the smell of chili. It was the smell of barbecue.

"Hey, Dear! I thought you said you were making Chili today?"

"I am! I just need to put the noodles in and it'll be done!"


I walked into the kitchen to see a pot of beans with tomato paste boiled in, a second pot with rotini noodles boiling, and my girlfriend holding a bottle of KC Masterpiece upside down over the pot of "chili", swirling it around in order to spread that bbq sauce goodness around the beans.

She mixed all that up and we ate it. Turns out, this is how her family made chili. She thought everyone made it this way.

I mean, it's good, but it ain't chili.

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67. Just Put Cinnamon On It

Roomie wanted to cook for us to celebrate us all getting our first apartment together. He made cinnamon covered chicken breast. We tried our best but couldn't handle it.

He put cinnamon in again when he made Mac and cheese. When we admitted we didn't care for it he insisted it was because we were used to eating tv dinners and crap and had never experienced gourmet cooking before.

Which admittedly, we hadn't, but if that's gourmet cooking, I'm happy to be ignorant.

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66. Soupy Cake

It wasn't so much a bad meal, but the method of serving was... different. A friend invited me and a couple of other friends to dinner when I was in high school. His mom served homemade chicken soup, which was fine. There was chocolate cake for dessert, but instead of serving it on separate plates, she went around to each of our places and sliced off a piece into each of our soup bowls, each of which still had some broth. Chocolate cake flavored with chicken broth is not a flavor I really want to repeat.

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65. That Poor Hungry Dog

This is a meal served by someone else in my own home.

My dad was a pretty mean guy growing up but for the sake of us kids, Mum used to invite him to stay with us when he had access visits here rather than us flying over there. One year he brought his girlfriend along. She, being relatively lovely, decided to cook dinner to thank Mum for hospitality.

So she serves up a strange meat casserole full of bones. Mum said, "Oh, this looks nice". Girlfriend says, "Oh, I hope you don't mind, I used the bag of meat in the freezer". Mum pauses, and kicks me under the table and shakes her head fiercely at me. We don't eat the casserole, claiming not to be hungry. Mum watches intently as Dad eats the entire lot, including my serving.

Later she informed me: the bag of meat was dog food. She relished the opportunity to watch Dad eat dog food, whilst sparing me from the same fate.

Literally the only thing Mum was concerned about was how the dog would feel, having lost his treats. She swore he knew and said he looked at my dad and the girlfriend with "judgey eyes" and an "expression of betrayal".

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64. Burned Offerings

Friend’s dad when I was young had the distinct skill of barbecuing meat which is burnt black on the outside and raw on the inside.

Also, I recall at the same house when they had a roast and were slicing it - their dog was on the counter, biting into or licking every piece they slice before they finished cutting, and served the plate as is on the table.

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63. At Least You Know It's Clean

My grandma once served me burnt-to-a-crisp hamburgers and hotdogs with dish soap-washed salad (yes, you could taste it). For desert, there was cinnamon jello made Hot Tamales (it was revolting). At least she did burn the meat though because it had been "thawing" in the summer heat outside for the entire day. Grandma's meals were always a little terrifying. If she didn't cook the meat long enough, there was plenty of food poisoning to be had.

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62. "It Tasted Like Death"

My first girlfriend in high school. Her mom was the best cook on earth. She made mashed potatoes that were so good they could sit in the fridge for three days uncovered and you could gobble them up cold. I had a reputation with her family for being able to just demolish everything she made.

One time we went to her dad's mom's house for her dad's birthday. My girlfriend and her mother rode separately and they both warned me that the grandma was not a good cook. I figured "how bad can it be?" My god, it was so freaking bad. Literally every dish was atrocious. Unseasoned boiled meat would have been better than the crap she made. The worst part was her mashed potatoes. They were gray and watery and tasted like death.

Everyone there was fully aware of my die-hard love of mashed potatoes. I managed to eat everything on my plate out of politeness and when they saw I was done my girlfriend's dad, his brother and his mom all started hounding me to get seconds. I had to come up with an excuse that I was sick. I felt bad, but man that was the worst food I've ever eaten. I left feeling bad for my girlfriend's dad and his brother for having to grow up eating that slop.

To be clear, they were not pushing me to eat more because they were being jerks. They knew how much I could eat and how much I ate on a regular basis. They assumed I was eating less than usual because I didn't want to eat up more than my share at a big family event. They were trying to show me that I was welcome to eat anything I wanted and in any amount I wanted. I could go on for hours about all the messed up stuff her family said and did, but this specific incident was borne out of attempted kindness.

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61. This One Is Actually Heartwarming

Oh boy, here we go.

I was in a man's house in Afghanistan, and as is tradition, he made us tea. The tea wasn't great, it was really just warm, dirt flavored water as far as I could tell. But, to be polite, I consumed my cup's worth. As was expected of me.

Next, he gave us rice. Now, these guys are poor, but it's rude to turn down food. So what you do is this: take a little bit. An appetizer-sized amount. Eat it relatively slowly and thank them profusely.

Easy enough. Well, unfortunately, is this particular instance, the gentleman was lacking in certain utensils, dinnerware, and OSHA standards. The rice was served to us on these slabs of shale this guy used as plates and had an unholy amount of GRAVEL, not sand, mixed in. Not to exaggerate, but the pieces of stone in the rice were dancing up to pea-sized. This dude starts munching, so we all follow suit, trying to minimize chewing and maximize swallowing (haha). Again, we are this rockyrice with our fingers since he had no utensils for us.

His teeth were pretty jacked up, so I can only assume he eats rocks regularly. But anyways, super cool dude, a super kind gesture, and I hope we were nothing short of gentlemanly in our acceptance of his hospitality.

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60. That's How You Avoid Having To Host Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving I spent with my ex-wife's family was terrible and scary. I grew up in the restaurant business, so everyone in my family can cook, and I took that for granted.

First the turkey, unseasoned or marinated, full of box stuffing. They were taking it out of the oven when I mentioned that it was clearly not cooked yet. It had only been in for maybe 3 hours, the skin was still pale, and the temp gauge was still down. I was told that those gauges never work, so no point in using that as a guide and they did not own a meat thermometer for me to prove my point.

They cut the first piece to reveal a soft pink core of raw turkey. Instead of putting it back in the oven, or even cutting up strips to pan cook, they decided to microwave each portion. They did not offer to microwave the stuffing. I refused to have any claiming I did not like stuffing. I had one small bite of turkey and made it disappear when no one was looking.

The sides were okay for the most part, no seasoning or flair, but I filled up on it. The rolls were cool and frozen in the middle, so no rolls for me.

Finally, it was time for dessert. They made pumpkin pie. Looking at it I was already questioning the texture, but as I am a cook and not a baker, I figured I could just be over critical from the dinner fiasco. I took my first bite and nearly spit it back out onto my plate. The whipped cream was the only thing that saved me from doing so.

I asked what recipe they used for the pie. Apparently it was a silly question, as they just used a premade crust and added a can of condensed milk, no sugar. Nothing but the canned pumpkin and the crust.

Every year afterward either we hosted dinner for her parents or we visited my family.

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59. Cloudy With A Chance Of Hot Dogs

Pretty much everything my mother in law makes. My husband used to put ketchup and hot sauce on everything I made when we first got together. I could never understand why. Then I had her cooking. The worst is her spaghetti. She uses the canned sauce, whatever noodles she could find that she overcooks into mush, and whatever protein she can find. She even put hot dogs in there once. Plus she refuses to uses spices and seasonings of any type for anything. They have salt and pepper at their house, but it’s for after.

My husband no longer drenches my cooking with ketchup and hot sauce, and whenever I offer to cook my father in law always asks for my spaghetti. It’s hilarious.

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58. You Call That Mac And Cheese?

When I was about 11 my family and I went to my mom's half brothers’ sister's house for the first and last time. That lady was crazy; she wanted to host this whole “fancy dinner party” which consisted of half a bag of chips as the appetizer, undercooked ham, and this abomination she had to audacity to call baked macaroni and cheese. Plus to make it better she didn’t start cooking until after we got there. She told us to come over at 6 and started cooking at 7.

From what I remember she used kraft Mac and cheese powder mix but she used different noodles, and then she made too many noodles so she put slices of American cheese on top of it and then she put crushed and whole graham crackers on top of it, and baked it for jusssttt the right amount of time where half of the cheese wasn’t melted. I honestly almost cried at the dinner table, even her husband was like “wtf did you make?” which made the experience 100x more awkward.

And to make the whole thing even worse her son wouldn’t let me have a turn at GTA III, even after I told him the cheat code to get the tank. Homeboy didn’t even know about cheat codes until I told him.

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57. Vampire Soup

More than 10 years ago, I was dating this girl... Super cute, fun to be around, intelligent, and laughed at all my jokes, whether they were funny or not. She asked me over to her apartment one night because she wanted to cook me supper. (I had already cooked for her a few times.)

So she made a nice spread, most of which I have completely forgotten, due to it being completely overshadowed by the MOST DISGUSTING BOWL OF SOUP I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. It was, by her description, "Garlic Soup" but I swear to god I was debating on whether she would believe I was a vampire, and if claiming such would get me away from this noxious bowl of swill...

As much as I liked this girl, I couldn't find it in me to finish. She tried hers and made a face that let me know I was in the clear. She eventually figured out what she had done. And I got off the hook for not eating what she had made.

I married her, we have three kids, and one of the very few rules I have is she's forbidden from making that soup ever again.

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56. "Cream" Spinach

I've got 2 solid contenders. One was at a great Aunt's house, and she served spinach in milk. Like she literally got spinach wilted it a little and then poured warm milk over it. I think it was supposed to be a creamed spinach type deal but I was gagging with every bite.

The second was a spaghetti bolognese but it had chunks of cooked apple in it. I ate around the apple as best I could but it was truly horrendous.

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55. The Mayo Clinic

I grew up in the Southeastern U.S. and met a friend in college who was from Minnesota. I love her to death, but I cannot eat her cooking. That scene from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where Marshall’s mom is teaching Lily how to make the “salad” is absolutely spot on -- everything she ever made was covered in Miracle Whip (dear god why), ranch,12 pounds of cheese, or butter. She made what she called calzones once which were ham and mayonnaise wrapped in canned Pillsbury pizza dough. Mayonnaise, mayonnaise everywhere.

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54. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope

Not so much the worst meal as the worst prep...

I had a friend growing up. Parents were hoarders, and their home was infested with roaches. And by infested, I mean you'd walk in the front door and see at least a HUNDRED on the walls/floors, etc.

To their credit, they TRIED to fix it. Bombs, traps, but with all the hoarded crap, it didn't work.

One day, his mom was making dinner. No joke, hundreds of roaches (mostly tiny baby ones but still) swarmed all over the counters, sink, etc as she cooked. As she was trying to make plates for us she had set the plates out, then had to shake the roaches into the sink before adding food (yes she rinsed them after but still)

When she handed me my plate, I had no confidence that roaches hadn't crawled all over the plate/food before it got to me.

The chicken wasn't terrible...

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53. "It Tasted Like Burnt"

I went to a sleepover at my best friend's house and when I slept over his mum usually just ordered pizza or something to save herself the hassle and dishes but for some reason, she felt like cooking. Now my friend had previously warned me his mum was not the best cook in the world but didn't want to hurt her feelings. So he asked I just try to eat it and move on.

Now when an 11-year-old warns you that his mum's cooking is bad you best prepare yourself because wow it was bad.

I was served the worst spaghetti and meatballs ever, the sauce honestly tasted like burnt. There is no other word to describe it, the pasta was so over boiled it turned to mush when touched by the fork. The meatballs were so inconsistent in size they were all cooked differently some were fine, some were burnt and some were underdone.

But really that didn't matter anyway they tasted like nothing and they barely held together due to the fact that they were literally balls of meat, nothing else, no seasoning no onions nothing, just meat rolled into spheres that did nothing to distract from the burnt tasting mush I was eating.

We both managed about a third of a bowl and then ran away from the table to go play a game or something. It has been like 14 years and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

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52. Personality - 10  Cooking - 3

My husband’s aunt on his Dad’s side is a fantastic woman. She is incredibly nice and loves my husband like a second son.

Her food sucks. The last time we ate there she made roast pork with applesauce on top. The pork had been cooked for hours but it wasn’t falling apart tender, it was hard and super tough. It also had no flavor to it. She opened a jar of applesauce that she warmed up in the microwave to top it with. The combo was incredibly gross. Half warmed super sugary applesauce on top of super tough tasteless pork.

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51. Breakfast Of Champions

My mother in law's life centers around two things: preparedness and calorie-counting. Her food is extremely bland and frequently prepackaged. On Sundays she'll usually make all her meals for the week, even stuff that shouldn't be eaten that many days post-prep.

One morning my husband and I were extremely hungover and exhausted after being up all night at a party, all we wanted was a greasy hangover breakfast, some strong, hot coffee, and to get to bed. Driving there was pure torture, and as he talked to her, I slithered into the bathroom to try my hardest to purge anything that would come out of my body.

When I emerged from the bathroom he mumbled, "She offered to make us breakfast and I took her up on it. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

This breakfast.

She had batch-cooked a bunch of scrambled egg whites (the kind from a carton) using PAM cooking spray and no seasonings earlier in the week. She had also, earlier in the week, cooked up a bunch of turkey bacon. Both were microwaved and served on a soggy paper plate.

Added to that was canteloupe, which I don't really enjoy in the best of circumstances. But this one had been cut up several days before it was ripe, and coincidentally several days before it was served to us. It was flavorless and mildly slimy. And I'm not a coffee snob, truly, but Folgers coffee bought in bulk and "brewed" from a reusable Keurig pod is about the equivalent of running a stale coffee bean through a cup of hot water.

And because this was a sweet, lovely, wonderful woman who was serving us breakfast unexpectedly, we had to do the right thing, and sit there and eat the whole. Entire. Thing.

I will admit that I cried in the car when it was over.

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50. I Don't Know How People Do This

My media teacher freshman year and I were talking about cereal for some odd reason and he brought up that he eats Raisin Bran with orange juice instead of milk every morning. Thinking I misheard him I asked to clarify and he straight up said he pours the OJ into the bowl of cereal.

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49. What Is It With People And Ranch?

My roommate's girlfriend was over one time and made a pot of ramen. She then strained out all the broth, put the noodles in a ziploc bag, poured ranch into the bag, shook it up, and ate out of the bag with a fork while I just stood there questioning reality.

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48. Some Mothers Have Them

My brother is a psychopath. Maple syrup on lasagna. Ghost pepper sauce on garlic bread. Ranch dressing with eggs. I like to pretend he's adopted.

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47. Everything Is Trail Mix

When I was in grade school I went over to this kid's house to play, then ended up staying for dinner. We had spaghetti, some vegetables, maybe salad and something else. His entire family would mix everything together before eating it. His dad seemed to be the ringleader/mastermind behind this scheme. I remember someone cheerfully saying, "Well, it all goes to the same place!" And then the rest of them agreeing with this truism as if it were some serious folk wisdom. That's some serial killer stuff right there.

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46. That's Gotta Hurt

My preteen cousin likes his scrambled eggs "crunchy" and adds broken up eggs shells to them.

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45. Red On Red

My sister used to put ketchup on strawberries.

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44. The Carbs!

A former friend of mine once poured a can of Coors into a bowl of Cheerios. He called it Beerios.

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43. I Don't Even Know How That Works

A watermelon and ketchup sandwich. I call it a sadwich because it makes me sad.

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42. Cheese Is Made Of Milk...

Saw a dude eat spaghetti in milk one time. One very dark time.

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41. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I work at a pub/restaurant waiting tables. This couple walks in who I've never seen but are apparently regulars. The bartender sees them, shoots me a glance, and goes to grab something from the kitchen. Before even taking their order, he's filled the crushed red pepper shaker and told me to take it over to them.

The woman orders a small cup of French onion soup and proceeds to unscrew the cap of this shaker and dump the entirety of it onto her soup, an inch high off the top of her bowl. She's eating this spicy red pepper like cereal and didn't even ask for a drink refill.

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40. This Is Real

Well, I just saw that Heinz mayonnaise has come out with a Cadbury eggs mayonnaise and I'm really concerned for the people who eat that abomination.

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39. Looks Can Be Deceiving

I had a friend who went through a period where cake decorating was her hobby. She made some amazing looking cakes that all tasted horrible because of the bizarre flavor combinations. It was always a bit funny because people would compliment the look of them and then have to figure out how to throw their pieces away without being rude about it.

The worst one was a Christmas cake with an immaculate-looking fondant Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It was an orange spice cake covered in mint icing. It was like brushing your teeth and rinsing with orange juice in cake form.

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38. Brown Eggs And Ham

Fried eggs with chocolate melted on the yolk.

Runny yolk and melted chocolate should not be friends. Not in my book. What should a fried runny egg be friends with? Well, you to can eat it on a burger, I've tried it on a pizza. You can have a semi hard boiled egg in Bibimbop. I'm sure there are other uses... Just not. Chocolate. And especially not dark chocolate. Blugh.

For the record, my worst food sin is probably the spaghetti omelette. You start making an omelette, fill it with spaghetti. I tried it just the once because I was bored. Wasn't that bad, but I've never repeated it.

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37. Not Worth It

Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich. Someone told me it was because the mayonnaise prevented the peanut butter from sticking to the roof of your mouth. But at what cost?!

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36. That's Child Abuse

When I visited my aunt’s family as a kid, she served a “purple cow” -- milk mixed with grape juice -- for breakfast. If you haven’t tasted that, take my word for it -- it’s not a great concoction.

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35. Playing Ketchup

I've been at a sushi place and heard the people in the booth behind me ask for ketchup.

I can only hope it was for something else and not the sushi itself.

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34. Too Much Green

My dad's girlfriend puts cucumber in any hot dish she can. Green chili, chicken soup, taco meat - sky's the limit.

She also doesn't believe in draining noodles and will let them sit in hot water until each strand of bloated spaghetti is as thick as a bloody shoelace.

I don't eat there anymore.

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33. Go Suck An Egg

Dude in my dining hall had a plate of sunny side up eggs. Scooped under an egg with his fork, brought it up to his mouth, and only touched his lips to the yolk. Proceeded to suck all the yolk, and then slurped the rest of the egg in. It was like a car crash: I couldn't look away but I was horrified.

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32. Puttin' On The Ritz

My sister would make Ritz cracker sandwiches, except the thing that went between the two Ritz cracker “buns” was another Ritz cracker, except chewed up and spit out. It was disgusting.

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31. From A To F

I used to be obsessed with A1 steak sauce. I would put it on everything possible because I loved it so much. One day I put it on Jello. I no longer enjoy A1.

dennis-klein-129931-unsplash-300x200.jpgPhoto by Dennis Klein on Unsplash

30. Shrimp Wimp

I watched a guy pour Sprite into a nice $50 bottle of vino because he didn't like the flavor.

My Asian relatives eat shrimp with all the legs and stuff still on. I know you can eat the head and legs on fried shrimp, and that's fine, but my family eats the entire thing -- poop vein, tail, head, shell, legs -- regardless of cooking method or type of shrimp and it sounds like hot wet toenails fighting in their mouths and I hate it. Thank you for listening.

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29. It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

A couple of years ago, when my best friend and I were still in college, she stayed over at my place a few times. It was then that I learned that she liked dipping cheese into hot chocolate. Like, full on dunking it in, waiting for it to partially melt, swirling it around and then eating it. I love her to bits, she's like my kid sister... but I still haven't entirely recovered.

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28. People Don't Know How To Use Ketchup

Went to college with this one girl who would get a chef salad, slice up banana and put it on said chef salad, then use ketchup as dressing. I kid you not this person ate that on a regular basis.

I was maybe gonna be okay with just bananas on a salad -- putting fruit, especially stuff like strawberries on a salad is fine. But ketchup? Way over the line.


27. Follow Your Gut

My baby sister used to eat pancakes and ranch. My mom just accepted it because she was such a picky eater and this was something she just thoroughly enjoyed.

We’re pretty sure it’s cuz my mom craved both when she was pregnant with her. Or maybe it's the other way around? Maybe my sister was just conceived with an inherent desire for pancakes and ranch?

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26. Colonel Mustard

Mustard on cheesecake. For real.

It wasn’t me, it was a friend. It was yellow mustard. Any kind of cheesecake.

You can’t compare it to mustard on a sandwich containing cheese — the flavour profiles of both are completely different. On top of that, cheesecake is a sweet (yes and somewhat tangy) dessert, whereas normal cheese is just tangy (and all the other cheesy flavour profiles).

Apparently this is normal in the Netherlands. I don't know, man.

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25. That Should Be Illegal

A Ketchup brownie. My cousin, this son of a b.

brownie-548591-300x200.jpgImage by

24. Hands-On Approach

My friend was eating salad with his hands at a restaurant. He’s not my friend anymore.

This may be hard to believe but this same friend also eats spaghetti with his hands one by one without any sauce or cheese. I’ve never been to an Italian restaurant with him so I don't know if he does this in public.

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23. It's All Greek

This happened to me! I took my friend out to a greek restaurant because she was going to be going to Greece the following week. The waitress brought us salad...and no cutlery. We decided it must be some Greek tradition to eat salad with your hands. The waitress came back to check on us and we asked about cutlery. She saw the little divots we had put in our salads, turned on her heel, and made a bee line to get the cutlery she forgot.

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22. This Guy Does It Right

One of my co-workers will smear mayo (not mayonnaise) on a banana then dump peanut crumbles on it.

He also wears socks with sandals in the winter. In the snow. In the midwest.

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21. Who Hurt You?

My mom puts peanut butter on cold pizza. It is the closest flavor to vomit that is not vomit.

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20. Soda Bread

When I was a server, I had a customer dip her bread in a glass of Coke. She finished her whole bread basket and Coke and asked for another basket and another refill of Coke, and went to town again for round two. She didn't give a crap how she looked and ate that bread like it was the best thing on Earth. You kind of have to respect that.

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19. Ketchup Seems To Be The Root Of All Food Evil

Mixing ketchup with soda.

Granted we were trying to gross each other out, but still.

It was an act of culinary violence unlike anything else I've ever seen.

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18. Oh, You Thought We Were Done With Ketchup?!

I went on a double date to a fancy restaurant with a friend once. His gf got a $60 pork chop, and asked for ketchup. The staff weren't even sure they had any, but found some in the back that they save for the kid's meals.

She only ate half of the chop, because she wouldn't eat any of the pieces with "char" on them. She dumped ketchup all over the whole thing, even the parts she wouldn't eat. So what he took home was soaked in ketchup.

Dude broke up with her shortly after.

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I used to eat blueberries with ketchup on them because I liked the texture.

My whole sibling group eats tomatoes and peeled oranges/clementines like a normal person would eat an apple, but the worst I've ever seen is a guy in my class take a cheese and sauce filled roll type thing, rip a hole in the bottom and suck it dry. In a restaurant with other people.

Another time, my little sister (she was a tiny kid at the time) got gulab jamun at an Indian buffet (they're like milky doughnut holes soaked in watery sugary syrup). She leaned over the table and vacuumed them up off the plate so she didn't get her hands sticky.

blueberries-690072-300x200.jpgImage by

16. Liz Lemon

This is my own confession. I really love to eat lemons. Not in wedges or squeezed on things, but in the way you would eat an orange or a clementine, by peeling it and eating the whole thing. For some reason sourness is just the best to me.

I’m a person of many weird food preferences but this is the one that causes witnesses to cringe the most.

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15. I'm Bleeping It Out

As a kid, we heard about cheeseburger pizza: pizza but with k*****p and mustard instead of tomato sauce, American cheese instead of mozzarella, and hamburger meat on top. So, we tried it.

you wouldn't think it would be that different; the ingredients are the same as an actual hamburger... Except pizza dough is actually very different from the bread of a hamburger bun. It's kind of sweeter and fluffier, and really soaks in the k*****p and mustard to an absolutely disgusting degree. It was awful.

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14. That Is... Disgusting

I wasn't going to tell this story, but here I am. As a kid I would eat a whole bag of Doritos without swallowing, and then I'd spit out the pulverized chip dust and saliva mixture and roll it into a ball with my hands and then let it harden a bit in my desk at school between first and second break. Then I would eat it again during lunch when the outside was a bit crunchy again but the inside was still moist and the consistency of a chocolate truffle.

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13. A True Gourmet

I'm not sure if this counts, but there is a guy at my university who eats all his meals on his laptop keyboard. He sets his food on the keyboard and eats off of it. Makes me so uncomfortable.

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12. Ogres Are Like Sandwiches

My roommate’s mom eats peanut butter and onion sandwiches.

onion-647525-300x200.jpgImage by

11. This Isn't A Pepsi vs. Coke Thing

One year, for Christmas, I bought a friend a bottle of 12-year-old single malt because he'd mentioned that he wanted to learn to appreciate fine liquor. Dude took a sip, didn't like it, and drank the rest of the bottle with coke.

When I recoiled in horror, he was quick to point out that, no, it was okay -- it wasn't Pepsi.

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10. It Runs In The Family

My wife likes crunchy peanut butter and bologna sandwiches with cheese. Her mom also adds mayo. I just can’t bring myself to try it -- literally start retching at the thought of the flavor.

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9. Handmade

A friend of mine once ate peanut butter with his hands out of the jar in the back seat of my car on a 10 hour drive.

I also saw him make a "salad" by peeling off a head of lettuce he had pulled from his backpack and hand tearing red peppers up (while standing next to a knife rack) then eating it without any dressing.

He's basically a NYC caveman.

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8. It Should Bother You

My mom's boyfriend crushed cheez-it crackers into his coffee. That day he also ate waffles covered in spinach and fish sticks drizzled with syrup. All the while, he was LOUDLY smacking his lips, saying, "Ugh so goooood."

Mom says don't let it bother me. It bothers me.

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7. Tart Popped

This one guy I knew took humus and DIPPED HIS FREAKING POPTART IN IT AND ATE IT.

eat-818077-300x199.jpgImage by

6. Instant Karma

My cousin put salt in her cereal one time. She puked like 5 minutes after.

salt-1884166-300x200.jpgImage by

5. That's Not As Bad As Some

People ridicule me for committing the "sin" of microwaving bacon... I don't give a crap, you throw 3 slices in a folded paper towel on a microwave-safe plate and 45 seconds later you have an awesome treat to throw on a turkey sandwich with minimal cleanup.

Several of my friends like to bust my balls about this whenever the conversation allows, and at the most unfortunate times (work functions, after-bar meals with groups of friends-of-friends, meeting new people, etc.) and I've had literally no one back me up... ever.

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4. Creamify The Meat

A kid I used to know in school would rip open his milk carton and dip his burrito into the chocolate milk. Sometimes he'd even goes so far as to rip open the burrito and pour his milk onto the beef and eggs too. In his own words, he liked to "creamify the meat." I don't know man, but the word 'creamify' is just... ugh.

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3. This Girl Needs To Be In Food Jail

I live with someone who lives to eat food sins. Do you really think water with cereal is bad? Get a load of this girl.

The thing I would consider the least of her eating sins would be when she microwaved a freaking pickle with cheese on it, then dipped it in freaking ice cream! I can't stand to sit in the kitchen when she's in there because she turns the whole place into some kind of evil laboratory.

She pulled a slice of pizza out of the trash, put cough syrup on it, and topped it off with a MOLDY grape.

Once she he soaked a slice of bread with grape soda, froze it, then ate it AFTER it fell into cigarette askes.

Another time, she ate a brownie dipped in nacho cheese.

She made a peanut butter and jam sandwich with American cheese, saltine crackers, and grapes (she for some reason really likes old grapes).

I know there's more, but I'm afraid people will think I'm making this stuff up if I share anything worse.

grapes-690230-300x200.jpgImage by

2. High Steaks

I worked in a restaurant that served authentic imported Kobe beef from Japan. I had someone order a 16 oz Kobe filet mignon, WELL DONE. The chef nearly cried and definitely threw things. If I recall correctly, he ended up having to put that $200 steak into the microwave to get it to cook all the way through to well done without burning the outside to charcoal. The guest was pleased, but his date looked horrified.

Part of me thinks the chef should be allowed to refuse the customer request in a case like this, but I don't know.

On the one hand, if I'm the one paying for it, then I should be able to have it prepared how I want it. I feel anyone would assert the same if it was their money, and their preferences, on the line.

On the other hand, if you know that's how you prefer your steak cooked then why would you order that particular meat? You can achieve a similar result, and save yourself some money, with a "lesser" variety of beef without ruining something that is so prized (when cooked to a more traditional doneness).

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1. Peanut Butter Is The New Ketchup

In college I would sometimes drain the water out of my Shrimp Cup 'O Noodles and mix in a big spoonful of peanut butter.

I honestly don't know what to tell you other than I did it once out of boredom, it wasn't terrible, and it made my life interesting.

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