People From Around The World Share Their Unforgettable Rejection Stories

People From Around The World Share Their Unforgettable Rejection Stories

Getting rejected is always a bad time. But when the person is respectful and honest, it hurts less. Just tell me you see me more as a friend, rip the band-aid off, and let me move on with my life.

On the other hand, when the reason you're rejecting is frivolous, stupid, or nonsensical, matters can be much worse -- although hopefully, in time, you'll at least be left with a weird story. Like the people below! They recently went online to share the most absurd and galling reasons they ever got rejected. Enjoy!


60. I wish nothing but pain on those guys

High school. My awkward phase. My mother tells me I'm pretty, and I finally get up the courage to ask out the cutest guy in my year to the movies.

He says "I'll have to think about it." and takes my cell-phone number. Which I thought was a good sign.

We texted a few times, arranged a meet-up at the movies. Gets to the day, I'm getting ready to go, make myself look all pretty and do my hair nice. I get to the movies. He's there... but so are all his friends.

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60. I wish nothing but pain on those guys (cont'd)

All of them including the guy I liked are laughing at the absurdity that he could ever want to go out with me, laughing at the fact I got dressed up. It was all a big prank.

I have never been so humiliated.

I got over it! Made me a nicer person I think. I tend to look past people's appearances and look for who they are on the inside. I think it was beneficial in the long-run.

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59. The best worst rejection

I asked a girl out, she said yes. So I showed up to pick her up in my dad's 1967 black Camaro. I'm a rebel, right? I'm wearing this velvet-lined snakeskin jacket... total outlaw (this was the early 2000s).

I roll up to the door and she is not there; she is out on a date with this guy who kicked my butt a year or so before this. There was no man I hated quite as much as this dude. Anyways, her younger sister is telling me all of this.

You see what's going to happen, you know it, it's obvious, should be a teen sitcom on NBC or something.

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59. The best worst rejection (cont'd)

Yes, I take out the younger sister instead. We ended up getting hot and heavy in the back of my dad's Camaro and I went all the way with her. Then the cop found us and made us call our parents. My mom and dad drove up first and the cop talks to them for a little bit and my mom and dad are giving me death stares.

My dad ends up driving me home "so he can set me straight." It was two minutes before he said a word to me. All he said was "did you use protection?" I said yes. He raised his hand to slap the crap out of me, but instead ended up giving me a high five. He let me borrow his car a lot more after that.

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58. Dead on the fourth of July

I had a crush on a girl for all of the middle school and two years of high school. After my friend set me up to ask her out, she says yes and we spend a great day together.

After I get home, she calls me and tells me she's changed her mind. She goes back to her ex and then dumps him a week later. Another mutual friend then invites her over for our Fourth of July celebration. The result was humiliating.

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58. Dead on the fourth of July (cont'd)

I had made a custom firework (NEVER EVER DO THIS EVER), and set it off.

Problem was, I had dropped a spark into the main chamber as opposed to the fuse. What was essentially three flares blew up into my face. I wasn't injured at all, but when I regained composure, all I heard was that girl yelling out... to my friend to see if he was okay.

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57. That's an uncomfortable bus ride

In 2nd grade, I built up the courage to tell this girl Casey I liked her. I only told my friend Daniel how I felt. I got off on her bus stop (3 blocks from mine). I started walking towards her and said, "Hi Casey, I..." She interrupts me and yells, "Why did you get off the bus? I don't like you and I don't want you to ever talk to me. Daniel told me everything! Just leave me alone forever!"

I was pretty broken up about it. I marched right to my friend Daniel's house to kick his butt, but his aunt told me he had moved that day. Daniel, if you are out there... screw you!

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56. Well... I know now

When I was like 14, I asked a girl to go out with me. Here is what she said: " know you are ugly? Don't you...?"

I mean, you don't have to say that, you can just say "no." Why do you add more? This is just cruel.

That kind of stuff hurts when you're a teen.

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55. Can you try again when I'm out of options?

This is what she told me when I finally worked up the courage to ask her out.

"Oh crap, you are too early! You see, I really want to go out with XXXX. And I decided that if he hadn't asked me out by next Friday, then I would settle for you... So could you please ask me next Saturday? Because then I will know if I have to or not."

This was not Junior high or high school. I was 32, she was 30, both of us divorced with children.

Just to let you know, I did not ask her out again the following Saturday. The other guy never asked her out either.

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54. Thanks for the ride, loser

In 10th grade for prom, I did a big romantic ask involving our school's marquee (the big signs with interchangeable letters outside some schools) and she said yes.

However, the night came, I picked her up, she refused to take pictures with me, barely ate her dinner, and turns out when we got to prom that she had used me just to get a ride to prom (on the outskirts of Houston, around an hour away) because she didn't have a car and her actual date didn't want to drive into town to pick her up.

So we get to prom, literally the second we walk inside, she runs away and jumps into the other guy's arms.

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53. Come up with a better excuse

When I was in high school, I asked a girl out on a date, she accepted, and when the day came, she told me she couldn't go because she got grounded. I went to a movie with a friend instead. The girl was sitting in the row behind us... with some guy I didn't know.


52. A complete 180

Asked a friend to a movie or something when I was 18. She laughed. Didn't reply. Just laughed. Later she asked a mutual friend to tell me there was no chance.

Two weeks later, she was at my place asking me to be a date to a party that was coming up and totally into me. I was so confused.

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51. I can't imagine how much courage that takes

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a guy. It was middle school and the last few days of 8th grade. After that, I would have gone off to high school. I wasn't really sure on whether or not I was gay or bi or whatever, all I knew is that I had a really big crush on someone I've known since 5th grade.

After a tormenting few days, I finally got the courage to write the most intricate, most delicate love letter that I'll probably ever write in my life.

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51. I can't imagine how much courage that takes (cont'd)

I don't think it was very creepy. It was along the lines of "I really like you, and I know it's weird for a boy to say that to another boy. But it's the end of the year and I figured I'd throw caution to the wind. At the very least I'd know that I tried instead of wondering what if."

I asked him out. I gave him this letter, I told him it was extremely personal. Instead of reading it right there, he instead took it home. Tomorrow was the last day.

I couldn't have possibly been more stressed. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, my heart racing the entire night.

Finally, the last day of school comes, and I'm sitting on the stairs reading Ender's Game, waiting for the day to start when he comes up to me.

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51. I can't imagine how much courage that takes (cont'd)

Now since this is the lobby pretty much the entire student body is crowded in here waiting for the bell to ring so we can scatter to our homerooms.

Right there, loudly, in front of everyone..he took something personal and made it into a public spectacle. I was shut down in front of the entire middle school, and at the same time, outed. I was shocked... mortified... he didn't even do it nicely or privately... until right then he was the nicest guy I've ever known.

I didn't cry. I don't think I could have with everyone so silent, watching me like they were. The bell finally broke the silence and everyone else shuffled off. Next year, in high school, his friend was in my English class. I don't know how we started the arguing... but he started reciting something that sounded familiar.

It was excerpts from the love letter. The guy I had a crush on, worked up the courage of a thousand suns to ask out... he showed all his friends.

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50. Ringing off the hook

When I was 20, I worked up the courage to ask out a very pretty, smart, funny, seemingly down to earth girl who was in my social circle. At that time in my life, I was constantly being 'friend-zoned' and had asked a girl out on a date more than once that the girl didn't think was a date. I kept thinking I was getting close to girls who would suddenly start dating my brother or one of my close friends.

This time, I said, straight out, "To be clear, I'm asking you out on a date." She laughed and accepted! I was psyched.

How naive I was.

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50. Ringing off the hook (cont'd)

Then, I started getting phone calls. Several phone calls from other friends, one after the next. (This was before the text era, of course.) She had called multiple friends and acquaintances, telling them that I had asked her out, that she didn't want to go, and that she wanted their advice for "letting me down gently."

I was mortified. Now, not only did I not get the date I had spent weeks working up the courage to ask for -- not only did she say no -- she said no in the most public, embarrassing way possible.

Young women of earth, let me give you some advice -- calling a guy's entire social circle to tell them you're rejecting him so you don't have to do it yourself is about as bad as it gets.

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49. There is no privacy on the internet

One time back in the day of AOL instant messenger this girl was talking to me for a few hours. We had been friends for a few years and I had always like her but she didn't know that.

Well, this night she was bugging me about "who I liked" and wanted to know so bad. Eventually after probably an hour of deflecting the question, changing the subject, or straight-up saying it's private I say, "You." She responds with, "Ok well I have to go now bye."

But it gets so much worse.

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49. There is no privacy on the internet (cont'd)

I also learned that around half the grade's girls were over her house that night for a big sleepover (my school was small, and my grade probably had ~30 girls in it) and they all acted noticeably different around me.

They wanted to find out who it was so they could embarrass me as I was a large dude back then and people like making fun of big people, and when they found out it was her, well, I was apparently still the butt of the joke. Middle school was a lot of fun.


48. Love until first sight

Met a girl on OK Cupid. We do some internet chatting and some texting.

We decide it's time to meet, I go to the spot, I see her, it's obviously her. She makes eye contact with me from about 20ish feet away and just keeps on walking.

I leave, delete her from my phone and never heard from her again.

I didn't have an OK Cupid account for much longer either.

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47. I literally would have sued her

Twelfth-grade prom I finally got up the nerve to ask the girl I was dreaming about for the last 4 years. She says yes to my astonishment but says sadly she or her family didn't have the money for a dress. I promptly offered to buy her dress for her. She appeared very happy.

After some time she said let's rent a hotel room we can go early and get it then go home and change. So she went with me to get the room first thing in the morning she grabbed the key when the clerk gave it to us said ok see you tonight.

I should have seen the red flag. Instead, I saw what I wanted to see until it was too late.

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47. I literally would have sued her (cont'd)

We had already planned the limo and paid for it. I found it weird she wanted it to pick her up first. She said she wanted to meet my parents.

Well, I go home and get ready waiting and waiting. Limo never comes she doesn't answer the phone. I get ahold of my buddy at the prom he tells me she is there with some other guy from another school wearing the dress I bought her, riding in the limo I paid for, and I'm sure going to the room I paid for... Needless to say, I have trust issues to this day.

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46. A terrible rejection from the other side

In high school, I was friends with this guy who one day asked me out in a sort of casual way (like, 'we should go to the movies sometime'). I was pretty sure he was asking me on a date but not positive -- I'd never been asked out before. I would have hung out with him anyway (as I said, he was a friend) so I gave some kind of answer like "yeah sure, sounds fun". That was my first mistake.

Cut to a week later, we're standing around with a group of friends and he asks if I want to go on a date Saturday night. That was his first mistake, asking me out in front of an audience. I start panicking.

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46. A terrible rejection from the other side (cont'd)

I'm so inexperienced at 17 I'm embarrassed -- if he tries to kiss me he'll know I've never been kissed before, oh god, what if this leads to hooking up, I can't be naked in front of another human OMG my body is gross. What do I do WHAT DO I DO?

So I stutter out a response like, "Uh, sorry, I have so much homework to do this weekend..." and it's obvious I'm poorly rejecting him. All our friends go quiet.

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46. A terrible rejection from the other side (cont'd)

He says "oh, that's fine... no worries... yep... see you around..." Then he trips over while trying to get away, faceplants and drops all his books while all our friends stare and a few help him up.

I still feel bad about that even though it was a couple of years ago, knowing that he probably considers that one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to him and likely thinks I'm a heartless witch. And I don't blame him for thinking that because it was pretty harsh -- it just wasn't my intention.

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45. In hindsight...

"I like you too much, I look at you and think what an amazing mother you would be to our kids and I don't want to be with someone I like that much."

Thanks for all the commiserations. This was 15-ish years ago, so even though it took a while to get over, it's all good now. Turns out he was right; I am a good wife and mother, just not with him.

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44. The Cheshire cat

Her: “My roommate’s cat is really sick and needs to go to the vet, can you take me home? I’ve got the only car in the house.”

One week later:

Me: “Hey, hows the cat doing?”

Her: “...What cat?”

You know, if you’re gonna lie, at least remember your own dishonesty for a week!

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43. Can I pencil you in for three months from now?

"I'm really into you, but I still think I want to be with my boyfriend for a few more months, but when he goes back to Pennsylvania, we can start going out."

Lady, I'm not a TV dinner. You can't pop me in the freezer and think I'll be ready to heat up when you're ready for me.

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42. Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen

When I was fourteen my best friend wrote me a two page 'break up' letter. In the letter she explained that she needed to "improve her social standing" and that she couldn't do that and still be associated with me. She outlined her 14 step plan to become popular and apparently step three was to cut ties with all her unpopular or weird friends.

I only read a few lines before I gave it back and told her she was a moron, that it was a stupid plan, and that she could do all that and still be unpopular. She just smiled sadly and wished me well in life.

So. How did that work out for her?

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42. Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen (cont'd)

Well, eventually she realized her plan was BS and that her relationship with the 'popular kids' actually got worse because of it (sort of like the end half of Mean Girls) and came crawling back. I like to think I handled that whole situation with maturity and grace but it really messed me up for a while and it's still one of the most hurtful things a person has ever done to me.

She's still my best friend and I love her very much. Everybody does mean stuff when they're kids, I did some pretty hurtful stuff to her as well during school. We're adults now and we understand that there are more important things than being popular. She's one of the greatest things in my life and I'm lucky to have her. She still writes me two page letters and her handwriting is tiny.

Also what in the world is up with all these teen girls writing break up letters to their friends?! We can't have all been that dramatic?!


41. You dodged a bullet

Didn’t get asked out on a second date in college because my “FP” was too high.

FP = fat potential, he explained. This guy didn't want to go on a second date with me because he somehow got the idea that there's a high probability that I will gain weight at some point in the future.

I have great taste, don't I?

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40. Is there no nicer way to say that?!

She told me, "I felt like I was with a child" because I have dwarfism.

I don't blame her at all for feeling that way, and it's a totally justified reason to not feel attraction towards me, but man did that do a number on my self-esteem.

If you're interested, I'm 4ft tall and I have Achondroplasia (the same disproportionate form as Peter Dinklage).

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39. I think he's the confused one

I don't speak English with a French accent so he told me one night: "You're as exotic as I thought you would be". English isn't my first language but neither is French so I was quite confused.

My first language is Finnish but speak both English and French fluently as I grew up in a French speaking country. But I did half of my schooling in English because I went to an international school. You can see how this would add to my confusion.

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38. Some people never grow up

I was in 9th grade when this happened. This guy and I had been talking on the phone and texting for half of that year before he dropped this bomb on me:

"Sorry, it's over. My parents found out you’re black." Hangs up.

I ended up moving away and he called me out of the blue once we both moved out of our parents' houses and into college dorms. Stupid me, I thought to myself, “maybe moving out has broadened his horizons.”

Not even 2 minutes into the call he began laughing at my voice, mocking me, and saying racist stuff.

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37. Thanks for being my practice

I got the privilege of being the "see if I can do this" relationship after a divorce. After doing the whole meet the family, talk about moving in, blah blah blah thing for a few months, we went out to dinner one night. That's when he dropped the bomb. He said something to the effect of  "thanks for giving me the confidence to know that I can put myself out there again."

As he explained it, he just needed to know if he could even go through the motions of a relationship again.

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36. Is it so hard to tell the truth?

A guy who brought me to a coffee shop under the guise of a date and broke it off after we’d sat there for an hour talking about a movie he suggested I watch and told me he didn’t think I could handle his anxiety... turns out his anxiety was really another girl he was dating at the same time as me.

I’d have just preferred the truth.

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35. The mourning after

This chick told me she couldn't date someone with as many serious mommy issues as I did. My only "mommy issue" was that she had died 2 months earlier.

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34. Sounds like she has a lot going on...

My ex would cancel plans at the last minute and explain in great detail it was so that I'd be disappointed; which would make her feel guilty; which would in turn make the guilt a form of self-punishment for disappointing me in the first place; and also so that we wouldn't do the thing she wanted to do; which would make her disappointed by that fact as a further form of self-punishment for causing the disappointment; all of which would mean that I had inflicted negative emotions on her (i.e. the guilt and disappointment); so that she could be angry about the whole thing.

Mercifully that particular relationship didn't last too long.

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33. I love (parts of) you so much

“I like you, I just can’t handle your gay side.” That's what she said to me after she had outed me to my entire high school for being bi. She broke up with me after.

The worst part is, I didn’t tell her. She read through my Skype and found out.

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32. It's important that both people are equally invested

Apparently I cared too much, and it just wasn’t fair to him that he couldn’t possibly care as much about me as I did for him.

It messed me up a bit, because that’s I am. But whatever. I care about people and I’m sorry you were threatened by that.

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31. Send in the clowns

I asked a guy out who I knew had had a crush on me for years. His reason? "You rejected me a few months ago, and even though I still like you, it's my turn to reject you." I hope that felt better than dating...

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30. Ramp it up

Finally something I can answer. I had a girl reject me, saying "I can't date you because what if we go on a date to somewhere with stairs?"

I'm in a wheelchair.


29. It starts early

In first grade, my crush was asking around if someone could tie his shoes because I guess he didn’t know how to do it. Wanting to tie his shoes and maybe talk to him, I said, “I’ll tie your shoes.” And then he just said, “These shoes tie different." One stupid reason and one broken hearted 6-year-old.


28. I'll be right here waiting

"You're a great woman and I know you'll make someone the happiest man on Earth someday, but I also know that man is not me."

He was getting over a divorce that he didn't want and was honestly not ready for a relationship despite really liking me.

But, as weird as it sounds, I knew we were supposed to be together. 48 hours after we met I was thinking, "I really like this guy...a LOT." It was a bit scary, to be honest, because I was so sure and he was still getting over his divorce, in the Army, deploying, etc.

So I refused to give up.

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28. I'll be right here waiting (cont'd)

In the end, I just stayed in touch. I wrote him when he was deployed; I called when he came back. I did date a few guys but I always felt like I was cheating so it didn't work out. He dated a couple other girls who, he ultimately realized, he was comparing to me. That's when he realized he wanted me, not his ex-wife, or these other girls.

We'll have been married 13 years this September.

It was 7 months between breaking up and getting back together. It was a weird path but ever since that realization, it's been wonderful. He says he's very lucky I was still interested when he wised up.

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27. "He's got a great sense of humor"

I'd been toying with the idea of pursuing a relationship with a cute, girl-next-door kind of girl just after high school. We had known each other through high school, but only really connected as friends about a year after we'd graduated over summer vacation when I'd come back to my parent's house for the summer.

I felt like she was into me too, and we went on a couple of us-only dates so I was fairly certain I had a shot.

One night after hanging out with a bunch of other people, we'd walked to a nearby gas station to get something to drink and had made it all the way back to her driveway. It was like 3 in the bloody morning, so I wanted to go home. But I had one more thing to do before I left.

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27. "He's got a great sense of humor" (cont'd)

It was a clear night, cool but not cold, and there was no moon so you could see more of the sky than usual (because we were in a residential area the streetlights still blocked out most of the stars), so it was pretty much as romantic as it was gonna get.

We were hugging goodbye and the hug lasted a little longer than normal, and when she pulled away she looked up at me and smiled. I tried to seize the moment in the stupidest way possible: "Can I kiss you?"

Her eyes went wide and she blushed but didn't answer.

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27. "He's got a great sense of humor" (cont'd)

She just hugged me again and buried her face in my chest. I wrapped my arms back around her and just kind, patted her on the back. I heard what sounded like muffled sniffs coming from her and I hugged her tighter, "It's ok, don't cry."

She responded with something that I couldn't understand but I figured I wouldn't respond immediately. She kept her face buried in my chest for a few more seconds, then pulled away. Her face was red as a beet and she unwrapped herself from me and clasped her hands behind her back.

I asked her, "What'd you say? I didn't hear you."

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27. "He's got a great sense of humor" (cont'd)

She wouldn't meet my eye and spoke softly and quickly, "Oh, uh...I said I wasn't crying." She flashed me a smile and said thanks for hanging out and to text her tomorrow. I told her I would and as she went through her front door, I got in my car and just kind of sat there for a minute.

She hadn't been crying, I realized. She'd been laughing.

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26. Two years?!

Standing in the rain at night, after two years of dating, I think she is about to tell me that she loves me. Nope. Instead she tells me that she is in love with my brother and always has been and the only reason she's even been dating me to get closer to him. I told my brother and he said, "Holy -- no! Dude, I'm so sorry. She's crazy. Never!"

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25. That's just unfair

"I just can't be with you because everyone in your family is a piece of trash."

I'm overweight and at best a 6 when I clean up nice so I can get past any comments about my looks. Everyone has their own tastes. Sucks, but whatever.

However, being turned down because of my garbage family (that I in no way act like or resemble) still hurts because I have no control over it.

In the end I cut ties with my whole family because none of them ever grow up or change. I'm the black sheep of the can because I've never hit anyone or gone to prison.

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24. Bowling for nothing

I was going through a real tough spot emotionally after my wife left me, and after a few weeks of pouting alone in my apartment I got talked into going out to a dance club with some friends. One of my friends found this group of girls who were all pretty and we all danced together until we closed the place down.

There was one girl that I liked in particular and she seemed to like me too... We danced a lot. Even when the DJ played a slow dance song. After we all closed the place down I asked if we could see each other again and she said, "Sure! I bowl every Wednesday night at the bowling alley".

I told her I'd meet her there a 7pm and we went our separate ways. Fast-forward to the date.

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24. Bowling for nothing (cont'd)

Wednesday night I get to the bowling alley, and she's on lane 17 with like 4 other girls and two guys. I walk over with my bowling ball bag and stand near her until she makes eye contact, and when she does it conveys a look of ... who on earth are you?

ME: Hi Emily.

Her: Hi?

ME: It's Michael. We met at the dance club last Saturday...

Her: Oh, how are you?

ME: Good, ready to bowl!

Her: Actually, we don't want any other people on our lane because we won't be able to get two full games in if we do. Why don't you get the lane next to us?

ME: (already starting to dread this) Okay...

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24. Bowling for nothing (cont'd)

So I go up and paid the hourly rental fee for lane 18, got a pitcher and headed back. As I'm entering my name, a bowling alley employee came up and said, "Sir, we cannot have just one person on a lane, there's a two person minimum, and a larger group just came in. I need you to bowl on another lane, or ask the group waiting if you can join them."

ME: Emily, would you like to bowl on this lane with me? Apparently the other guy at the counter made a mistake. It's a two person minimum per lane.

Emily: Ummm, no, I came here to bowl with my friends, I don't think it'd be right to leave them... Sorry.

That's when I realized: she had completely forgotten me until I showed up.

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24. Bowling for nothing (cont'd)

I got my things together, and told the employee that the new group could apply my paid lane fee to their bill, and offered them my untouched pitcher of Mack and Jack's African Amber (it's delicious).

I was completely emotionally broken AGAIN for a while, and it led to spending a lot of time looking out of my apartment bedroom window overlooking a Kmart parking lot.

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23. The mouth of god

We were together nearly two years and things were (I thought) going great when out of the blue she breaks up, giving me the reason that she thought things were getting too serious and might lead to marriage and it concerned her that I wasn't Christian. Let me mention that in all the time we were together, she never went to church, I never witnessed her praying or even saying anything to indicate that she might be religious in any way.

I later found out from a friend in common that she eventually hooked up with a very Christian guy who "didn't believe" in a man pleasuring a woman, but he expected her to do it for him. She was complaining to the friend that she missed my "skills" in that department. I'm generally not a petty person, but I will admit I felt very vindicated when I heard that.

architecture-blue-sky-church-1343325-300x200.jpgPhoto by Brett Sayles from Pexels

22. What a waste of skin

His exact words, “I would date you but I don’t want my friends making fun of me for dating a fat chick.”

Years later and I still think of this every time I look in the mirror.

Me and the guy were hooking up at the time. I had zero intention of dating him as he was 2 years younger than me and did not give any indication that I wanted to date, which made the statement confusing.

4 years later and the guy still has my number and Snapchat. He hits me up when he’s in town to hookup. I always say “no”. Last time he texted me was last week. 

cell-phone-connection-contact-6111-300x200.jpgPhoto by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

21. Time flies

He told me it was weird dating someone so much younger, especially since I was just one year older than his little brother. This was lame, because he was only two years older than me - we were in high school. It was also a lie, because he later dated my best friend who was - admittedly - older than me. But only by ten hours and two minutes; we had the same exact birthday.

smartphone-1987212-1-300x128.jpgImage by

20. Bad Santa

I got rejected when I wasn't even trying to hit on the guy. A few years ago in December, I was at a bar with a friend when a guy dressed as Santa Claus was walking around. He walked up to my friend and said something like "Santa's giving out gifts, and all the pretty girls get one for free!" and handed her a trinket.

Then he looked at me up-and-down and added, "Yeah, you'd have to pay."

adult-background-cap-716658-300x200.jpgPhoto by bruce mars from Pexels

19. Wait... what was she doing on the site?

I changed my picture on a dating site before we started dating.

We met on said online dating site. Started talking casually and ended up exchanging phone numbers. At some point during this first week of communicating I uploaded a picture to the site that a friend had taken of me. About a week or so later we started dating. I never logged into the site again (which you can see, as last online times are displayed on profiles).

We dated for about 3 months, then one day she starts texting me and becomes accusatory.

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19. Wait... what was she doing on the site? (cont'd)

She was mad at me because I had changed my picture and not deleted my account. When I pointed out the last login thing and that the picture was from before we started dating it seemed to go in one ear and out the other.

She was "uncomfortable with my responses" and decided we should stop seeing each other. Didn't really argue with that.

online-dating-570216-254x300.jpgImage by

18. Just like my ninth birthday

For a big High School dance, I decided to try to put on a little get together with some friends and some friends of the girl I was taking to the dance. Had numerous people say they were going to come by and thought everything was solid.

After dinner and the dance, she said she wasn't feeling well and I took her home.

I went home to prepare for the guests because I figured this would still be an okay evening. I never saw it coming.

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18. Just like my ninth birthday (cont'd)

Not a single person showed up.

I found out later that the girl wanted to go do something else afterward with another guy, and everyone just had something else (better) to do.

I felt like I was rejected by the girl and numerous friends, and it felt like a gut punch.

prom-4087893-1-300x200.jpgImage by

17. Merry Marryin' Mary

This girl I was dating rejected me, saying she had met someone that she immediately saw herself marrying.

A month after we broke up, she moved across the country, got married. Then she called me to tell me she made a mistake, got divorced, moved back home, got pregnant and then got married again.

Her Current age: 22.

art-black-and-white-black-and-white-2495824-300x205.jpgPhoto by Danielle Pilon from Pexels

16. Ghost relationship

A guy broke up with me that I wasn't aware of dating. We had dinner once. We spoke a handful of times via text but very short messages. Out of the blue, after a few months, I get a long message telling me he has to break up with me. We were both in our late 30's.

adult-beautiful-couple-842546-300x192.jpgPhoto by bruce mars from Pexels

15. Way to let it go, dude

We met on OKCupid.

Chatted a bit, we seemed to have a bunch in common.

We went on one dinner date that was ok but kinda awkward. He said some stuff that could either be red flags or he’s a bad sarcastic flirt, etc - I was on the fence about another date but when he POUTED that I wouldn’t kiss him in the parking lot I decided more on the no side.

We didn’t talk after that. Eh, it happens. I forgot about it and went on with my single life.

TEN MONTHS GO BY. I get a message on OKCupid from him.

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15. Way to let it go, dude (cont'd)

“I see you’re no longer lying about your age - anything else you want to come clean about?”


“Your profile says you’re 30 now.”

Yeah, because TIME PASSED and now I’m 30. Before that it said 29. That’s how ages work?

“Well I can’t entertain dating someone who would lie about something this basic. We’re done.”

When did we even start?

He blocked me.

I’m sure he felt....righteous?

adult-art-boyfriend-1449059-300x253.jpgPhoto by from Pexels

14. Ifs, ands, butts

Middle school, 7th grade to be exact.

"I want dudes to be able to grab my butt and I can't do that if I'm with you."

I mean yeah, it was the right thing to do, but come on!

Just to clarify: she wanted multiple guys to touch her butt, so even if at the time I was a butt grabber, she wanted multiple butt grabbing partners.

girl-2771936-1-300x231.jpgImage by

13. But hey, who's counting?

I had a girl break up with me because: "It's been 53 hours since you said 'I love you,' so clearly you are trying to be distant. So I'm just going to go ahead and break up with you before you can do it to me. Are you happy? YOU WIN."

I was relieved after the initial shock; she was apparently batty and I never knew.

The reason I was being distant was because I was out looking for a ring and didn't want to ruin the surprise. So yeah, I probably dodged a bullet there.

rotkappchen-2197756-300x199.jpgImage by

12. And I thought I was petty

My first girlfriend who I was with for 2 years broke up with me because I went to see a movie with a group of people and never told her about it. I saw the movie in our first month together. She got so angry 22 months later that she rejected me over it. I really hope that was just a pretext and there was some less crazy reason.

bowl-cinema-close-up-1353368-300x200.jpgPhoto by from Pexels

11. This is the opposite of empathy

I use a wheelchair. He dumped me because of it by saying, "When I'm with you, I'm disabled, too!"

I would have much rather he told me I was just an unpleasant person or had body odor, because at least those are things I could have changed, you know?

active-adult-disability-2026764-300x200.jpgPhoto by Judita Tamošiūnaitė from Pexels

10. Size matters

She had a really nice house, but she was upset that my house was bigger.

A different woman was upset because I did not hang the toilet paper the "right way". I never pay attention to the way it is hung, it just happened to be the "wrong way' that particular day. After I saw her reaction, I did not bother to explain myself.

architecture-beautiful-exterior-106399-300x200.jpgPhoto by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

9. Mixed messages

Girl I was dating for two months spent said two months telling me how amazing I was, how unique I was, and that she cared more for me than she thought possible for the amount of time we'd been dating.

Dumped me because she wanted to date multiple people and experience dating in general, rather than staying with one guy who cares about her.

Still feels bad man.

adult-beautiful-birthday-935789-300x200.jpgPhoto by vjapratama from Pexels

8. More money, more problems

I got rejected because I was too wealthy. I knew this guy didn’t have as much money as me and he was a single dad. I paid for a lot of the more expensive dates or at least paid for my half. I’d only let him pay for cheap dates. That affected his male ego so he dumped me because he said I’ll eventually leave him for a man that can take care of me.

money-494163-300x195.jpgImage by

7. It seems your path leads directly downhill

She said that God came to her in a dream and told her that to follow his path she could not walk it with me. She then started going to church and became an assistant minister or something. Then she started dating a local criminal abusive divorced guy because he had reformed himself and come to God. And then he cheated on her. And now she works at Walgreens.

person-1218190-300x200.jpgImage by

6. This is a Jerry Seinfeld reason to dump someone

My high school girlfriend broke up with me because I made an "ahh" sound after taking a sip of a drink. I didn't do it on purpose and I guess it was just a sound I made subconsciously because the sip made me so refreshed.

One day I took a sip and ahh'd, and she just snapped and said she couldn't handle it anymore. I asked her why she just didn't tell me she didn't like it when I did that, and she said she would shrug or give me a dirty look when I did it and I should have picked up on her dis-satisfaction. Look lady, I'm enjoying my sip of cola here, Im not looking around during it.

boy-drink-drinking-1189927-300x200.jpgPhoto by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

5. Sorry for liking you

Not quite a breakup, but a girl I was pursuing romantically in high school was rather.... short. Like, she was maybe 4'10" short. I asked her to the homecoming dance thinking, "hey, she's cool, it doesn't matter that she's so much shorter than me."

After a couple of days of discussing plans and figuring out logistics, she tossed a note at me that said I was a jerk and we would not be going to the dance. I was dumbfounded, but she refused to answer any questions or explain why.

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5. Sorry for liking you (cont'd)

I later learned that she thought that I was making fun of her. Apparently, it would be hilarious for me to spend what little money I had on the dance so that a 6'1" guy and a 4'10" girl could awkwardly attempt dancing and everyone could point and laugh.

No, Carly, I just liked you.

legs-1031318-300x193.jpgImage by

4. Don't take 'no' for an answer

Because he loved me too much and knew I would be leaving the area in five months. He wanted to break it off right then so he wouldn't get hurt later.

I was so mad. I showed up at his apartment and made him take me back.

That was 21 years ago. We are still together.


3. What's worse than one rejection?

I was at a party in high school and I made a move on my crush at the time. She turned me down quickly, and that was that...until the next school day. She apparently went around telling everyone that we hooked up, but I had was pitifully endowed and I had trouble using what I had on top of that.

She not only refused my request, but assured no one at the high school would ever think about getting with me ever again.

adolescent-attractive-backpack-1462630-300x200.jpgPhoto by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels

2. What a Christmas present

I once dated a woman from Shenzen, China. She was in the States for college. I took her out on Christmas Eve for dinner and as I'm driving her back to her dorm, we pass an exotic dance club. She says she has never been and wants me to take her. I told her some other time, as I can't imagine spending Christmas Eve in such a place. She dumps me on the spot.

It was worth it for the anecdote alone. She was a nut.

blurred-background-close-up-crowd-1449791-300x200.jpgPhoto by Matan Segev from Pexels

1. Does art mirror life or the other way round?

We were watching Community together, and when Troy and Britta broke things off, I noticed an instant change in him like his cogs were turning. He immediately and completely withdrew for a few months.

I asked if something had happened, or if he was feeling different about things and he just kind of brushed it off, and tried to go through the motions while still very withdrawn. So obviously we both decided it was best to end things since communication had broken down and we were both feeling pretty weird.

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1. Does art mirror life or the other way round? (cont'd)

I don’t know, maybe there was a good reason, and I just couldn’t work out what triggered him. It definitely seemed like there was something about that episode that made something click out of joint for him rather than anything happening in real life. To my knowledge, we were fine before that. Only been dating a year or so and were pretty casual and just having fun, then suddenly it wasn’t fun any more. No hard feelings, but without any knowledge of what was going on from his end, it feels to me like a strange way to finish up.

I'm pretty sure I got dumped because of an episode of Community.

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