People From Around The World Share Their Rude Houseguest Stories

People From Around The World Share Their Rude Houseguest Stories

When you take someone into your home, it's reasonable to expect them to abide by certain basic rules. If you need something -- ask. If you break something -- 'fess up. And if something isn't to your liking -- say so. Give respect to get respect, and all that good stuff.

Unfortunately, some people never learned these lessons when they were growing up, as you're about to see.

The folks below recently went online to share their rude houseguest stories. Here's hoping you have more respectful friends and family!

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45. I woulda thrown them out

We had two couples come to stay with us from overseas and one of the couples spent the entire time arguing and getting into massive fights. This included screaming, crying, slamming doors, sulking, the works. For three weeks. It was the longest three weeks of my life.

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44. It's my party now

This kid tried to cut my birthday cake, and open my presents at my party. The whole time his mom was laughing like it was some joke.

I was furious. I just glared at the mom and she was like, "Ohhh Johnathan, no, don't do that sweetie." But the kid kept doing it. So I grabbed him and this little jerk was fighting me to open my presents. I kid you not. He just had to see what was inside. Then he tried to cut my cake. What angered me the most was that none of the parents did anything about it. My mom was in the kitchen so she couldn't see what was happening. They all just sat there watching it happen. It was only after I was like "screw this, I am done, I don't care anymore, my party is ruined" did my aunt do something. (She didn't see it happen either because she was helping my mom).

By the way, the kid was 8 and I was 6. So he definitely should have known better.

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43. Had is the operative word

I had a friend who used to jump onto furniture like lawn chairs and stuff. He claimed it wouldn't break it, but sometimes he did break stuff and he just complained it's not his fault but that the furniture was too fragile.

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42. That's one bold kid

He used my laptop to watch adult films and it ended up with tons of viruses. Took a big dump and put almost a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet. I told my nephew his friend was never allowed back.

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41. It's the parents' fault

My 10-year-old distant cousin unwrapped 3 new bars of soap and flushed them down the toilet on the 3rd floor of my house. That night, we returned from dinner to find water dripping from the ceiling on the first floor — the third floor bathroom had flooded and the water leaked through the floor, dripped from the ceiling of the second floor, and leaked though to the ceiling of the first floor. The whole mess cost thousands of dollars to repair.

The kid confessed everything with great glee and his mother just thought it was the funniest thing.

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40. He's the one who needs a babysitter

I was babysitting my neighbour's daughter at my house. My neighbour was supposed to pick up the girl hours before and didn’t answer any of my messages prior. I got the living room ready just in case she was gonna have to stay the night.

It was close to midnight when he finally came to pick her up. The dad rung the bell and when I answered the door he was sooo wasted. He barged in and ran past me to go to kitchen. He literally destroyed everything he could get his hands on. It was like the room trashing scene from Citizen Kane. He went to the fridge and drank juice straight from the carton.

Then walked back to the living room where his daughter was, and started mumbling to her incoherently. Mid-sentence, he vomited all over my couch and passed out.

Yes, he did apologize and paid to clean the couch.

The daughter at that time had just started first grade, so she was probably 6 or 7. She’s very smart, so she was aware of what was going on.

Did I call CPS? Yes. He turned out he had a real problem and it wasn’t the first time he had done something this. The poor kid.

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39. Blood brothers

So I was away for the weekend, and my roommate had some friends over for drinks. Problem is, when he drinks he often blacks out, which he did before ensuring all his friends had left. In the morning he discovers two friends stayed the night in my room. Not cool, but at least they didn’t drive I guess?

I wasn't initially enraged. But when I finally make it home I discover BLOOD that is very clearly  on my duvet cover. Not a “whoopsies, something went wrong in the middle of the night puddle” but smears on the edge of the bed, on top, all around. To be blunt, the clearly decided to do the nasty at an inconvenient time of the month. In my bed.

And we’re not party college kids, we’re all mid 30’s with real jobs and what one might assume is a little bit of respect. They’re not welcome back.

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38. Disengage

He stole money from our engagement cards, at our house, during our engagement party. He got mixed in with the wrong crowd and wanted to impress them more than being our friend, I guess.

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37. Midterms vs. mid-act

When I was in university, one of roommates asked if a high school friend of his from back home could come visit and stay in our apartment for a night or two. I agreed, but I was writing midterms and was stressed beyond belief so I firmly requested that they not party at our place so that I could get to sleep uninterrupted.

I came home from the library at 11pm and they were both clearly hammered. My roommate was passed out in his bedroom, there was rank-smelling puke all over the toilet seat, and his friend had brought a girl home from the campus bar and was currently hooking up with her in my bed. Thanks guys.

I kicked his (and her) butt out of the apartment, and then ended up doing laundry at 11:30pm because my sheets were sweaty and covered in their stink.

I no longer speak with this roommate.

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36. Put on your listening ears

Not my house but my car. I don't have many rules for passengers when I'm driving but there are two I will never budge on. 1) Wear your seat belt and 2) do not smoke in my car.

I had just bought a car, it wasn't brand new but I knew the previous (and only) owner and I knew he was a car guy who took meticulous care of his cars inside and out. He wouldn't even sell me the car before he had given the engine a proper service.

Within a week of getting the car a friend asked for a lift to the train station, I knew he smoked so as we walked to the car I told him specifically to wait until we get to the station before he lights up (a 10 minute ride at most).

I back out of the parking spot, drive to the exit of the parking lot and as I check my left hand side for oncoming cars I hear from my right the distinctive sound of a lighter sparking up. Dude could not even wait until we were out of the car park before he just had to have his fix.

I asked him what he thought he was doing and he just looked at me and said, "Relax, it's not like it's a new car." Chump ended up walking to the train station.

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35. My baby > your baby

A male friend asked that my partner and I take ourselves and our <12 month old daughter to a motel for a night so that he could use our house to try his luck with one of our female friends whom we invited over for a game night. He tried to take over our house on our game night, even though we had a newborn, so he could hook up with a woman who was in no way interested in him. Just laying it out there.

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34. One for you, one for me

One of my best mates came to spend the night, so my folks decided to splash out and get Chinese takeout for everyone.

I come from a family of seven, so he made eight. We got 5-6 dishes and two big tubs of fried rice. My mate helped himself to the ENTIRE first tub and, when confronted about it by me, helpfully pointed out that there was still another tub.

For the seven of us.

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33. One man housewarming party

We moved into this new house. Apparently the people who lived there before us never told their "friend" they moved. He let himself in and went into the bathroom unnoticed. I went in there some time later and found this random guy passed out in my new bathroom. He was clearly on something. Worst first night in a new house ever.

(I realize you need to change locks when you move in. The problem was i didn't lock the door in the first place. A bad habit I had from living in small towns in Australia.)

I called out to my boyfriend, totally freaked out. The guy woke up, looked at us, sprayed my perfume on himself and then shambled out the door. All while we just watched. I have no idea how long he was in there for but he left a spoon in the sink.

I grew up in a town where we never had to lock doors but I lock my doors all the time now.

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32. That's a clever tactic

This dude was a family friend who my mum let in my room to play xbox. I wasn't home at the time so I didn't see it, but I had forgotten my phone one day, so as soon I get home I frantically look for it, as I normally would. My phone was nowhere in sight, so I was like screw it, I'll look for it later and chill with this dude on xbox. The dude seems nervous, so start catching onto his game. I go through one of my draws which had about hundred dollars in it, and guess what, it's gone.

I decide to mess with this dude, so I said my phone has a tracker app on it and that I was going to report it stolen to the police, which was complete BS, buy hey, he bought my story and was getting nervous. He goes over to his mum and speaks in his native language, so I can't understand. He did use "phone" and "police" in english, and at that point I knew he took both of them.

I told my dad and he went bananas on this dude, just full on shouting at him until he started crying, which was hilarious. He returned my stuff afterwards and just waited outside. His mother was crying profusely and kept apologizing and saying stuff like "I never knew he had this side to him" and "there must be a reason why he stole your stuff", but I knew she was in on it too.

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31. Talk about a lose-lose

My roommate's friend needed a place to crash while he found an apartment. We had a spare room but he didn't want to rent it. After 3 weeks It became obvious he was trying to stay with us for free when he brought all of his clothes and stuff. So we charged him rent for next month if he planned to stay longer. Stole our Xbox and disappeared. But he left all his stuff which was worth a lot more. We didn't bother calling the cops and just told him to bring back the Xbox or he can't get his stuff. He never responded and we just made a $1k profit selling his crap.

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30. Water bed

Without a doubt, hands-down, the friend whose family came up to my lake house for a week.

Her 10-year-old had a bed-wetting problem. Understandably, no one wants to talk about that.

EXCEPT WHEN IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE SHEETS when the guests are gone!

OMG, I had to throw out a brand new mattress.

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29. Montessori DVDs

My sister. Her 10 year old went through all our DVDs and stuffed about 6 under his coat as they left . One fell out and we discovered the rest. My sisters reaction? "Boys will be boys." Are you kidding me?

It could have been a very good time to teach the kid about stealing, not asking, etc., but she is one of those granola, home schooling, let the kids learn on their own wackos.

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28. Why does moving out feel so much like moving home again?

When I moved out into own place my mum and dad helped me out on two consecutive weekends giving the rooms a quick coat of paint.

In their eyes, "helping me with MY house = now they can invite themselves over at any time." Three weeks settled into my new place and every evening they would show up unannounced. They would always have one of their friends with them also for no obvious reason. I've had a hard day at work and its 8pm -- can't you just leave me in peace? But no, it still continued despite my very blatant hints about giving a person space.

About 2 months went by and they were still annoying as ever. Then one day I get a call from my then girlfriend who was staying over saying she thinks my parents "are in the kitchen and she has no idea what to do." They had let themselves in my house through the back and just started moving stuff around while I was at work. My girlfriend was still upstairs in bed and hadn't met them yet.

I immediately went home "for lunch" and asked them what in the world they were doing. They gave me the blankest look as if it was normal to barge into someone's home while they aren't there and move their furniture around.

I was majorly angry and didn't speak to them for a month. Also, I changed the locks and I finally think they got the message.

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27. That's on the boyfriend too

My boyfriend's brother spent the whole week trying to "accidentally" walk in on me changing/in the shower. I told my boyfriend, I said it was way too many times to be an accident. As for the brother, I confronted him repeatedly and told him twice he needed to learn how to knock. So I went and stayed with a friend for the last couple of days.

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26. Your husband is a saint

My mom was my worst guest ever. We moved her in with us because she lost her job and was staying with random people.

She never offered to help with anything and left my house a pigsty at all times. When she would get her unemployment she'd buy herself the most random crap, stayed up all hours of the night and got incredibly snippy in the morning if my young children would wake her up. Worst of all, she would intentionally get in awful fights with my husband because she hated him and didn't want me married to him.

I asked her if she would watch my children so I could go back to work to help support her and she freaked out because I wasn't planning on paying her to babysit. After two years, (I really, really tried to ignore it and continue helping), we had to kick her out.


25. I think we all know a Misty

A woman named Misty. My roommate met her at a party and invited her back. She stayed the night, yeah whatever.

But then didn't leave the next day. She just hung out. She even asked if we were going to go "buy more soda, or what?"

Misty stayed the night again. On the couch. Two days later we drove her to a family member's house just to get rid of her.

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24. Common scents

My sister was supposed to stay just the weekend to help me after my hysterectomy. I had to kick her out after 3 months because 1) that's substantially longer than two days, and 2) it became painfully obvious she had relapsed. The last straw was when she became upset with me and knowing that I'm allergic to perfume, she went through the entire house, spraying her perfume. I had to stay away from my own house for 24 hours. (My poor husband and children!)

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23. Were you friends with Pig-Pen?

An ex-friend. I smelled something horrible when I was cleaning the guest bathroom after she left. It was like a mix of fish and rotten eggs. It was so strong it made me gag.

And then I found the source: it was her used underwear, which she had soiled and simply left for me.

She had lice too, I believe. I noticed it when she was picking nits from her hair and squishing them between her fingernails. I would hear them pop. It was disgusting. I had to throw the pillow she used just to be safe.

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22. The ultimate boyfriend

My sister's boyfriend. I have never actually hated anyone until I was forced to live with this guy for two weeks. He was an ungrateful jerk and extremely disrespectful to my parents and sister. I'll refer to him as M.

M was staying at my parents' house because my sister inadvertently got him kicked out of his aunt's place. She felt bad so she asked my parents to let him stay for some time until they could find other living arrangements. He brought over all his stuff and made himself right at home quickly. He set up his xbox in the living room and played destiny all day because he didn't have a job. He's 27.

He would constantly complain about the internet being laggy and would tell anyone who was listening that our internet is trash. He would constantly (at least 3- 4 times) take an entire loaf of pepperoni bread, fill it with cheese, bake it, eat some, and then throw it away. Also, he literally screamed at my mother that she was disrespecting him and threw a hissy fit when she casually referred to his music as screamo.

He and my sister shared a room right next to mine, and at night I could hear him singing to her. Not so bad except he proclaimed that he was incredibly talented and never missed a chance to mention it.

The best part about his stay though was when he told me that aliens were on earth, helped build the pyramids, and altered our DNA so that we evolved faster. He would also constantly tell my sister what to do and was very controlling.

My sister now lives with him in an apartment. He recently crashed her car and fled the scene. I hate him.

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21. That's literally what I did to my parents in high school

She drank half of the $200 bottle of tequila I got my wife for her birthday. She filled it up with water so we wouldn’t notice, though... That totally makes up for it.

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20. Red herring handed

Mum's cousin visited with a friend. Cousin and friend were early 20s, old enough to be decent house guests. Mum ordered takeaway for the adults and put fish fingers and chips in the oven for us kids. Before the takeaway turned up the guests decided they were hungry and ate the fish fingers without telling anyone.

Mum opened the oven to find a tray of chips and an empty tray where the fish fingers should have been, and had to put more on so we wouldn't go hungry.

It seems small now, but who steals a child's dinner when theirs is less than 10 minutes away? And, like... did you think you were going to get away with this?

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19. Just go dye

My really close friend brought his now ex-girlfriend that was super controlling over while me and a few other friends were hanging out. About thirty minutes in, she decided that she was going to go into my super white bathroom and dye her hair black. Not only this but if you’ve never dyed your hair before, you'll know you have to rinse your hair to get the excess dye out.

She ended up staining my white counters, bath tub/shower, floor, two decorative towels, my carpet outside the bathroom, and my toilet. I was so irate but I don’t think she understood that you do not do this stuff in someone else’s house without asking them.

Literally everyone that was over including me told her to get butt out of my house. I was so done because she just stained soooooo much stuff that will not come out easy. It makes my blood boil thinking about it now.

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18. The poop quilt

My cousin and her daughter were visiting and staying with me in my home. Her kid pooped in a quilt, and for some reason my cousin rolled it up and shoved it in the closet in the guest room without telling me.

I discovered it after they left (it was rolled up pretty good so I didn't smell it immediately) because my dog stood in front of the closet and barked nonstop until I came and found it. She was so offended by it and didn't stop barking until it was completely cleaned up.

I called my cousin and said, "I found the quilt from your bed rolled up with poop in the closet... What happened, buddy?" And she said, "Oh, daughter had an accident. Sorry!" Like it was a regular thing any person might do. I just don't get it.

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17. Not house trained

She let her dog, who was on a leash, pee on me and continued talking until she had finished her thought before taking him outside. She also didn’t help clean it up.

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16. Bush whacker

When I was a child, we went on a holiday trip and my grandma watched our home. So, in just one week she decided she didn't like the plants and bushes my parents had grown over years in their garden... she cut them all down.

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15. Do you know what 'outside' means?

I had a roommate once who brought a bunch of people over. One chick lit a smoke in our living room. This prompted several more to do so as well. Nobody at our place smoked. I came out of my room and asked them to do it outside. They got really mouthy about it, but I shot my roommate a look that he understood and ushered them outside.

I went back to bed thinking it was over. But almost as I was pulling the covers back over myself, I smell smoke again. They had just gone I to the garage which was right off our kitchen, leaving the door open with people going in and out of the kitchen for drinks.

My other roommate by this point was out of bed and furious at the noise and I heard him storm past my room. I followed him into the kitchen and into the garage where he just ripped into these people about how inconsiderate they all were and this was our home and they we're disrespecting it. They tried to play it off that they were in the garage and it wasn't a big deal. The roommate who invited them over was nowhere to be seen (we found out later he was hooking up with some chick and he let her smoke in his room which set off our fire alarms at 4 am.)

Well my other angry roommate lost his mind and literally grabbed the pack of smokes sitting on our dryer, ran  into our kitchen and shoved them down the garbage disposal. They got the hint and left.

Screw those people and screw the roommate who I invited them over. We kicked him out a few months later over a series of issues.

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14. No one should have that taken from them

My friend pooped in my newly purchased house before I ever had a chance to. It’s like the house version of teaching my kid how to ride a bike.

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13. You did the right thing

A friend from college came to stay with us for several days while looking for a job in the area.

We told him there was only one "house rule": Do not let the cat outside - he's an indoor cat and has never been outdoors.

On the 3rd day, we came home and found that he'd left the sliding glass door and screen open to the deck, and our wonderful cat was gone - lost in the woods and probably terrified.

The guy didn't seem to care. His response was, "So, get a new cat." We showed him out and said we'd get a new "friend" first.

Our cat came back in about 10 days. He had lost a lot of weight, but was okay otherwise.

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12. This isn't baseball

So this girl that I️ used to be friends with about 15 years ago spent the night at my house. I thought it was going to be a good time, turns out I was wrong.

So she comes over and goes to my room. She automatically pulls open all my drawers and starts trying on all my clothes. She would comment which ones she thought were cute and which ones she thought were trash. Then she threw clothes all over my room and if that’s not bad enough, when she finished she demanded that I pick them all up and put them away. Strike one.

Dinner rolled around and she wanted this special spaghetti. My poor mother drove across town to get it for her and brought it home. We all sat down to eat and after her first bite she said that she didn’t like it. She set her fork on her plate and when she went to move her arm away she hit the fork and dumped spaghetti sauce all over my moms white furniture. Strike two.

Then we went into my room to sleep and she starts taking off her clothes. I thought she was changing, and I was like oh okay. She gets into my bed fully naked and I was like wtf?! She just casually says, “Oh yeah, this is how I sleep so if you don’t like it you can just move to the couch.” STRIKE THREE.

Long story short, I moved and slept on the couch and she never came over again.


11. The couch surfer

So this Irish guy stayed with my parents a few years ago for some sort of summer exchange program. Last year, he called them up and asked if he could come back to visit for a few days. They say sure. He was a great houseguest then and even gave my younger siblings some free soccer lessons.

So he arrives, with a big suitcases and says that he actually has about 2 weeks off work, can he maybe extend his stay a bit? My parents say sure, whatever, they have the space. He visits and is a good guest for a few days. Then things get weird. He goes to the grocery store and buys a juicer, which he uses to juice like 50 carrots a day. He starts planning to open a soccer club. In November. In the Midwest. He takes a train into the city, gets lost and hitchhikes back to our house. He stays up all night watching Netflix and sleeps all day.

Eventually, my mom gets antsy about having him around and says that if he wants to move to the area, he needs to find somewhere else to live. So he subleases an apartment and leaves. Like a week later, he calls my parents and says that he's going back to Ireland. Okay.

But then my sister spots him riding a bike through town. Weird, but whatever. A few weeks after that, it comes out that he had reached out to one of my dad's friends, asking if he could stay with him for a bit. The friend didn't know about all the weirdness at our place and lets the guy use his condo for a few days. Turns out, the guy threw a party there and trashed it. Somewhere in there, he got picked up by the police for erratic behavior and listed my dad as his contact. The guy also made a bunch of "friends" in a really short period of time who would drive him around.

So now that everyone knows he's been acting shady, Irish dude peaces out of town. The end, right?

Nope. For about a year later, my mom gets mail from banks and credit card companies about accounts opened by this guy. With a lot of variations on his name on the envelopes. That's the last of him that I've heard.


10. That's what big brothers are for

Everyone has a story from their childhood that still angers them, this is mine. I was five years old and my snotty older cousin was over at our house. I had just gotten a copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out for my birthday. He was getting his butt kicked by King Hippo and he got so angry he rage quit. But he didn’t just rage quit, he ripped the cartridge out of the Nintendo and spit into it. Then he threw it across the room and stormed out.

I told my parents what happened and they told his parents and they made him apologize, but the game was ruined. It would kind of play, but would freeze up all the time. My family barely had enough money to get me the game for my birthday never mind buying it again. I was sure I would never be able to play it again.

Then for Christmas this little runt got Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. So my older brother went over to his house and switched our ruined cartridge with his. It was awesome.

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9. Maybe you should work more

My grandma visited from out of state for my high school graduation. She stayed for 2 weeks past my graduation, threw a fit if I tried to sleep past 9am, and told my mom that she needed to work less so she could clean the house better.


8. You killed my imagination

Wasn’t home when this happened but some family friend I’ve never met and their kid comes over one afternoon.

Kid gets bored and decided it’s a great idea to disassemble every LEGO build I’ve kept over the last 10 years. Almost everything was built from imagination so no instructions to rebuild again. I was devastated when I got home seeing LEGO pieces spread across the entire floor of my room.

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7. They got themselves a pizza the pie

We had a bunch of pizza in the fridge we'd ordered the night before they arrived. There were three other families already there, so we had ordered a lot and there were many much leftovers, and everyone who was there at the time had pitched in to pay. The one family who hadn't been there for pizza arrived the morning after and were talking about going out to eat. The families were all okay with this, thinking it'd be great to have lunch in individual families and get back together for dinner. Everyone was loading up, including the most recent arrival family, but when we drove off, they unloaded, went back inside and ate all the pizza.

We would've told them it was fine if they had asked, "Yo, could we eat that pizza for lunch?" But pretending they were going someplace and then sneaking back inside and eating it was so shady.

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6. I'd rather have no friends any day

My "friend" entered my home, and my very typically shy cat came up to see what was what and greet him. He said, "I hate cats" and kicked her. Haven't talked to him since.

He knew I had a cat. We were in our 20s. He wasn't a petulant child.

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5. This could hardly have gone worse

My little sister (23 at the time) house and dog sat my 3 dogs for a month while my husband and I went to Europe (one of these dogs happens to be an 8 wk old puppy of hers that we adopted because she couldn't keep him after a recent break up and move).

Everything seemed to be going just fine via the FaceTime calls and almost daily texts. But it was a whole other story when we got home. There was dog pee and poo everywhere! Under the kitchen table all over inside and the entire surrounding area by the puppies kennel. She apparently ran out of puppy pads and instead started using our bath towels to line the kennel. Instead of washing the towels she threw them in a pile in the back yard. When she ran out of towels, she moved onto my husbands shirts that were in the laundry.

She also had some guy stay with her, that she allowed to smoke in our house, including our bedroom. At one point she accidentally locked herself out, climbed through a window and broke a lamp in the process. She also broke our vacuum in her pathetic attempt to clean up before we came home.

While all of this was happening, a pipe apparently broke underground in the backyard, on day 4 of our trip. It was raining heavily so it was hard to tell; especially if you completely ignored the sound of full blast running water. And the notice that was put on our door by the city to contact them urgently. Sister took the notice set it on the table and never mentioned it. We came home to an $1800 water bill on top of everything else. It was an utter DISASTER to come home to after a month of traveling and a full day of flying. We were FURIOUS.

We made her pay to replace all of our towels, have the carpets cleaned, and she paid for the puppies' food and pet insurance for a year. I didn't talk to her for quite awhile after that.

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4. So much to be thankful for

My in-laws hated me. We invited them over for Thanksgiving dinner and, upon arrival, they asked me to leave and come back a few hours later because they wanted to “follow their tradition of preparing the meal alone as a family.” They are now my ex-in-laws.

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3. Basement surprise

My wife's friends had stayed over after a party because they lived pretty far away. I was in the kitchen making coffee in the morning and the friend's wife came up the basement stairs into the kitchen wearing nothing but her underwear. She didn't say anything to me she just shuffled past and went back into the spare bedroom.

I was curious what she was doing down there so I went and I checked. It turns out in her state the night before, she couldn't find either one of the bathrooms upstairs on the main level so she went into the basement and pooped beneath the stairs all over the floor.

When her husband came out of the bedroom I told him that he had a mess to clean up and directed him to the basement so he could find his wife's surprise. That's when he decided to use our clean bath towels to smear her poop all over my basement floor; then he just tossed the towels into the laundry tub.

I never spoke to either one of them again.

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2. What a monster

I was a kid, probably 9 or 10, and my mom had a friend and her son over for lunch. The kid disappeared for about 10 minutes, and at the time I thought he had gone to the bathroom cause I really had to go. So when he came back I quickly manoeuvred my way past him.

To get to the bathroom I had to pass through the living room, where we had a fish tank. As I passed, I noticed that the tank was cloudy, with bits of junk swirling about. At first glance, I didn't know what it was until I noticed smashed and ripped apart pieces of fish face moving around in the swirl.

The kid had reached into the tank and squeezed the ever loving life out of every single fish in that tank.

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1. Just be honest

I had two Australian kids staying at my house for a baseball tournament one time. One of them was a chronic bed-wetter but never told us. He stayed for 5 nights and peed the bed each night without telling us. Instead each night he pushed whatever he peed on to the end of the bed. First night the sheets, second night the actual mattress protector to stop any pee from getting to it. (It was a bunk bed my brothers and I slept on as children) and lastly he peed directly on the mattress for 3 nights. Ruined the mattress and we had no idea till he left.

The real kicker though is when he took a nap on our new couch. Peed all over it and then fled the scene and we assumed the dog had done it, until we saw the bed that is...

I think that is something you should tell people who open their home to you so they can prepare. And please, dont sleep on the couch if ya know ya got a problem. Also, not trying to shame anyone for this kinda stuff. I feel like its more common then most people realize and I honestly just feel bad for him. Just wish he could have been honest with us so we could have helped him out a bit.

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