People From Around The World Share Their Best True Spooky Stories

People From Around The World Share Their Best True Spooky Stories

There's nothing like a good ghost story. But like most types of stories, what makes a creepy tale even better is knowing it's an honest account from someone who was there, rather than fiction. It's knowing that the terrifying experience really happened to someone, making it all the most plausible that it could happen to you, too.

Just take it from these people, who recently shared their best true spooky stories.


45. The Room Behind The Wall

When my grandparents bought their house for their family of 10, my grandpa found a fake wall upstairs. He tore it down to make more room for the family. Behind the wall, he found children’s clothes and play toys, almost like someone had abandoned and blocked off the room in a hurry.

My mom used to tell me stories of sitting in her bedroom and something circling the walls in her peripheral vision, accompanied by sounds of wallpaper being torn. When mom moved out, my aunt moved into that same room. She would wake up with pictures she had hung up lying on her chest. My cousins also have stories of hearing footsteps coming up the stairs and stopping outside their door in the middle of the night.

I still don’t go upstairs at my grandparents' house because it’s always cold and I get weird vibes up there. Even in my adult life, I occasionally have nightmares that take place in their upstairs.


44. Haunting Of Horses And Lanterns

One night at university, my friends and I ran out of drinks. Hardly any shops were open because it was late, so the only option was to walk the mile or so to the nearest 24-hour supermarket. Between the supermarket and the dorms, there was just row after row of suburban houses which all looked the same.

As we were walking down the road, we passed a field with a large campfire and some people riding horses around it. There were people playing musical instruments, and general sounds of a good time going on. The horses and fire, and the lanterns which were dotted about gave it a very old-fashioned feel.

Maybe five minutes after passing the field, now walking past houses again, one of my friends commented on how weird and out-of-place that gathering of people had been. My other friend and I had been thinking exactly the same thing so we turned around and walked back to find out exactly what was going on.

There was nothing there. Not just no people or horses, but was no field. Where we had seen this party in full swing, there was now just a row of houses. Even though we were absolutely certain we were on the right road, we walked up and down neighboring roads too, just to be sure. We saw nothing. We were in our right minds (though we'd had some drinks), so I've got absolutely no idea what it was we saw that night.


43. Crying In Class

When I was in first grade, the teacher told us to sit in a circle in front of the blackboard. I think it was part of a reading exercise. Anyway, as it was my turn I just started to cry uncontrollably. It just happened. There was no reason for it to happen; I didn't really feel emotional at all. It took me about 10 minutes to cool down afterward. That was a very weird experience and as a young kid, I told my mom that something weird had happened in school. She immediately replied with, "Did you cry?" while reading the newspaper. She didn't seem to care as she just kept on reading. I was standing there perplexed. I can't explain how she knew it.


42. Call From Jail

My wife and I were having a great weekend in Las Vegas when my father-in-law passed away in the early morning hours. We got the call and hauled butt to get back to the rest of the family. After a couple of hours, the family was all together and sharing memories when we arrived.

Shortly after we arrived, we came around to the question of how we were going to share this news with our niece (who was in prison at the time). While trying to figure it out, a call came from out of nowhere... It was our niece and she asked what had happened to grandpa. She had had a dream that he visited her and said goodbye so she freaked out and called us.



41. Bathroom Ghost

I went to use the bathroom at work and when I entered, there was no one in there. The bathroom has 4 urinals and 4 stalls, and I did not see any feet beneath the partitions. I entered my normal stall and was doing my business when I heard the sound of someone peeing into one of the urinals... but no one had entered the bathroom. The door is heavy and loud when it closes, so I would've heard it.

After a normal amount of time, the peeing stopped, and I heard a few footsteps. But the door never opened. When I finished up, I did a cursory look around and there was no one in the bathroom. It's a ridiculous story, but I definitely heard a pee ghost.


40. Alarming Ankle Tug

At the time I was around 14. I’d asked my dad to wake me up early one morning at about 5 am because I had some work to get done. That morning, when I woke up and I flung my legs over the side of my bed, I felt a tug on both of my ankles, what I thought at the time was just my dad trying to get me to hurry up. I reached over to pick up my phone and turned it on; it was 3:30 am. I looked over at the black figure I had assumed was my dad, but it was no longer there.


39. It's Lit

I was walking into the house after work. This was around 6 in the evening, so it was already mostly dark. Suddenly, the entire sky lit up bright green, and there was a super loud ZAP sound, just like a movie laser or something, right over my head. It was so loud that I hit the deck and then tore back into the house.

One of my roommates was cooking dinner, and I was like, "WHAT THE HECK? DID YOU SEE THAT?!" He hadn't seen or heard a thing. We went back outside. No transformers were out, nobody's electricity had been cut, and there was no sign of disturbance at all.

I'm a rational grown man, a believer in science and always the "there must be a rational explanation for this" guy. But this was truly mind boggling and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.


38. Cry Baby

When I was in high school, my uncle would throw me a couple of bucks to help babysit his kids with my aunt. They lived in a two-story house by the water in a nice area. The kids were about three and six.

One day, I was sitting in their den on my phone when I started to hear a baby crying. Thinking it was the three-year-old, I headed to the bottom of the stairs to check and see if my aunt was up there dealing with it. I called for her a couple of times but got no response. The baby kept crying. I called for her one more time, and when I heard no answer I started walking up the stairs. Then I heard my cousins and aunt playing outside.

All the hairs on my body stood up and I literally felt a chill run down my spine. I quietly turned around, walked down the stairs, got in my car and drove away. The "baby" was still crying when I closed the door behind me.

A few years later, I was at a family party and told my uncle the story. He told me that he and his wife used to hear the baby too, and apparently the previous owners had a kid die of SIDS in that room upstairs. He's uber Catholic and had a mass performed for the baby. He said it never happened again after that. It still gives me the willies when I talk about it though.


37. Phantom Folding Chair

I came home from work one day to grab my spare tires. My sister was away at school seven hours away and neither of my parents were going to be home for another five hours, minimum. I ran in, changed my clothes, grabbed my tires, then drove to a garage to get them installed.

I got home two hours later and as I walked into the living room, there was a chair just sitting in the middle of the hallway facing the front door. At first, I thought nothing of it, but didn't recognize the chair as being one that we owned. It was a standard metal folding chair that you would buy for a couple of bucks at a retail store. I folded it up and propped it up against my dad's workbench in our garage.

My mom got home a couple of hours later and I asked her in passing why she had left a metal chair in the middle of the hallway. She told me we don't own any metal chairs and that she hadn't been home until an hour ago. I told her about the metal chair. When I went out to the garage to show it to her, it was gone. I looked high and low for that metal chair but couldn't find it.

I swore to her that I wasn't crazy and that I wasn't imagining things. She thought what I was telling her was strange but didn't pay much attention to it. I never saw that chair again nor do I know where it came from or where it went.


36. A Dog's Flickering Farewell

My ex had this lamp that she kept on the island in our kitchen. She turned it on pretty much every night and in the mornings to make coffee.

I brought my cat to live with us late in our relationship because she had dogs and my cat was pretty up there in age and not used to dogs. I had wanted to spare her little heart from that shock. She came to love laying down in the spot by where that lamp plugged into an outlet on the wall of the island. She died soon after I brought her over, and I was absolutely heartbroken. I had a hard time accepting the loss.

About a week after my cat died, my ex was grinding coffee in a little electric grinder when I heard her shriek from the other room. I rushed over to see what was going on, and she told me she had felt something cold pass by her feet, then the light on the lamp started flickering. She tried to show me the flickering, but it didn't happen. I chalked it up to her getting weirded out at 6 AM.

A couple of days later, she asked me to make coffee for her. I grabbed the grinder, flicked on the lamp to see what I was doing, and sure enough the same thing happened to me -- a cold wind whipped past me like a cat running around my feet, then the light on the lamp flickered before I could even get the grinder going.

It had never happened before and it hasn't happened since, despite the hundreds of times I'd used that grinder in the same outlet as the lamp. I like to think it was my little girl saying goodbye one last time.



35. Terrifying Toys

We lived in a very creepy, very old house when I was a small child. One day, my mom was cleaning my little brother's room while we were at school and every single one of his electronic toys turned on all at once. Two of them did not have batteries in them. She was so freaked she had us "camp out" in the living room for three days because she didn't want my brother alone in his room.

Up until we moved, this would occasionally happen. Either one or two toys at a time.


34. Midnight Snack

I was staying at my grandparent's for the summer when I was 14. It was 11 at night and I was thirsty, so I went out to the kitchen and saw what I thought was my granddad sitting at the table eating a sandwich. I said hello, grabbed a glass of water, and headed back to my room. As I walked down the hall, my grandfather came out of his room and asked who I had been talking too. I turned around and no one was there. It freaked me out, and still does to this day.


33. A Sign From Dad

About two months after my father passed, my mom and all of my brothers and sisters were sitting around the dining room table. We were just talking about the past and sharing stories. We were talking about my father and suddenly the globe around the light on the ceiling fell straight down on the center of the table. It didn't break or roll or move at all after hitting the table. It scared the crap out of all of us.


32. The Unseen Roommate

I currently live in a haunted house. I've heard voices, footsteps, lights have been turned on/off. One of the ghosts seems to have a thing for silverware because I hear it clattering in the drawer all the time, and sometimes a knife or two will end up in the wrong slot in the drawer.

But my strangest and scariest experience was the first night I spent in the house. I wasn't finished moving in, and there were boxes everywhere. I didn't even have my mattress set up yet. Instead I was bedding on an old futon mattress, watching a video on my phone when I got the pins and needles feeling like my feet were falling asleep. Except it wasn't on my feet but on the top of my head in the shape of a hand. I said, "Good night," turned off my light, and tried to sleep.

When I woke up, my closet door was ajar, but other than that everything was otherwise untouched. I guess my unseen roommate just wanted to check out who I was on my first night.


31. The Boys Over There

I was lying in bed reading with my wife sleeping next to me. She sat up, looking panicked, pointed at the wall and said, "Do they need to share?" I ask, "Who?" And she replies, "The boys over there." Then she just went back to sleep.


30. Movie Set Mishap

I was driving at night down an unfamiliar forested road through a thick fog just outside Vancouver, Canada. Suddenly, we were going through an 'old-timey' town with tin sign advertisements for 1920s type products. Then we drove under a sign saying ,"You are Now Leaving the United States." Seeing as I didn't think we had entered the States in the first place, it was quite unsettling.

Turned out it was a movie set.



29. Night-Time Knocking

To this day, I don't know if I was dreaming or not, but I clearly heard someone gently knocking on my bedroom door in the middle of the night. I live alone.


28. Man In The Mirror

My mom used to clean the house of an elderly couple. They didn't have any kids, so their house was empty aside from them. The husband ended up dying of lung cancer.

About a week after the service, we were at their house cleaning. I was in their bedroom and my mom was in their restroom. I had my back turned to the bed; off to my left, there was a mirror facing the mattress. While cleaning, I kind of half turned and momentarily looked into the mirror. I saw the reflection of the dead husband standing next to the bed, looking down at it.

He then looked up at me through the mirror, so I quickly turned to look at their bed. He was gone.


27. Playing With Mawmaw

My mom just last week told me a story about when I was a kid. I had to be four or five.

We went to visit my grandmother's grave a state over. My mother and I lived with her and my grandfather until I was three and my grandmother died. My mom said my grandma and I were super close. We traveled from Indiana to Illinois and visited her grave (out in the middle of nowhere off of a gravel road with a forest just past the cemetery). Mom said I jumped up after visiting her grave site and started to run to the trees.

My mom was only 21-22 at the time so she could keep up with me and asked me where I was going. I said, "I'm going to play with Mammaw! Look there's Mammaw!" She then said she scooped me up and took me to the car kicking and screaming because I couldn't understand why I couldn't play with my grandma. Then she told me that right after my grandma died, when I was three, that I would lay in bed and talk to her.


26. Nobody Home

When I was about 10, four of our cousins lived with us and I had two siblings, making seven of us.

One night, we were in the family room, sitting in a circle, playing a game. My parents were out doing adult errands, so no one else was around. We all heard a voice call out, "Zachary!" -- one of my cousins. It was the voice of our grandmother. None of us had heard my parents come home and they didn't mention they would be bringing our grandma, so we all ran out of the room to greet her.

We quickly realized my parents were not home, and our grandmother wasn't there either. We even went outside to check and there was no one in our neighbor's yards either. It was baffling.

It was one of many paranormal instances in that house, but this one was experienced by seven people.


25. Behaving Like An Officer

Grandpa was a police officer. He died in my arms after falling down the stairs.

He was very proud that I worked for the police as well, and the line "behave like an officer" was something like an inside joke between the two of us. A few years later, after I had left the force, I was in my car and it's freezing outside. I was stopped at a police check and I saw the cop who was inspecting the cars wasn't wearing a jacket. It immediately made me think of grandpa, with all the cops around in their uniforms and all.

When my turn came, I rolled down my window and gently reminded the officer wear his jacket. He looked in my eyes, smiled. and said, "Now that's spoken like an officer." Then he sent me on my way. He said it in exactly my grandfather's tone of voice, his style. It had been years since I resigned from the services and there was no way this cop could have guessed I had once been an officer too.


24. Sharp Soda

One time, I wanted a Coke. When I went into the kitchen there was, I kid you not, a knife balancing on its tip. Next to a full can of Coke. When I was home alone.



23. Found In The Forest

I got lost in the woods in North Carolina during a game of paintball. It was broad daylight, but the brush were really thick and every tree looked exactly the same. It probably only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like I was screaming "help" for hours.

The worst part? Turns out I wasn't even lost. I was maybe 10 feet from everyone else, and they all heard me screaming "help," but they thought I was acting as a decoy. Who hears someone crying for help and ignores them?! Geez, dad!


22. Last-Minute Panic

My dad is a nurse, so he has told me some pretty scary stories. Probably one of the scariest was when this one guy was dying from liver failure. There wasn't anything anybody could do except wait. Now, this guy was a hard-core atheist, according to my dad, and was not shy in making it known.

When the guy began to die, he suddenly gripped the sides of the bed really tight, and his eyes went really wide. He starting yelling "don't let them take me" over and over again. My dad said even after he was dead they had a hard time getting his hands to unclutch the sides of the bed.


21. Shaking Trees

My mates and I were wandering late at night and we came across an up-and-coming park (it was fenced off and still being terraformed). Being near our house, it got us interested and we wanted an early look, so we snuck under the gate and started walking around.

It was a pretty open area with a tree line 100-200 meters away. Within 20 seconds of going through the gate, we heard what sounded like multiple trees shaking, but these were tall, strong trees, and this was too consistent to be an animal running past. It was loud and sounded like 8-10 quick tree shakes in a row. Shake shake shake shake shake shake. Then stop.


20. Black Eyes

When I was in high school, my grandmother, grandfather, my friend, and I all saw this pale girl with black hollow eyes in my grandparents' house. My grandmother stayed up late all the time on her computer.

That night, she heard some footsteps that eventually stopped outside her room. Thinking it was me, she turned around and said, "What's up, Kate?" But it wasn't me; it was the girl with the black eyes.

I saw her through the glass shower door while I was showering, And my friend saw her at the top of the basement stairs while she was in the fridge getting some water.

I don't necessarily believe in ghosts. But I do believe weird things happen.


19. Baby Care From Before

When I was 12, my brother was born to my dad and stepmom. We were in the middle of moving to our "new" house, which was built in the 1890s. My dad had done a lot of remodeling work on it and had uncovered old baby toys in a pantry that was sealed up under the staircase. We had finished moving in and getting settled when strange things started happening.

The rocking chair in my brother's nursery would sometimes already moving when you went into the room. As my brother got older, we could hear him babbling at people who weren't there; often if you went and got him up from his crib he would smell heavily of older women's perfume.

When we looked into it, we found the house had been owned in the '50s by a couple who couldn't have kids, and the wife died in the house. After my brother turned two, it stopped happening. My stepmom swears that it was the ghost of the lady who couldn't have children and that we helped her come to peace.


18. The Sudden Strangling

When my mom was younger, she and a group of friends were driving down a desolate road at night. They passed a house with a second-floor window lit up, so they slowed down to look. She said there was a lantern in the window and a man and a woman sat facing each other. Then a second man wearing a top hat came into view, walked up behind the woman and started strangling her. At this point, my mum and her friends freaked out and drove off.

When they later went back to see what had happened, the window was gone, replaced by a plastic sheet. They didn't know what to make of it but they all agreed they had probably seen a ghost.


17. The Petrifying Photo

When I was in elementary school, during English, our teacher asked us to write scary stories. One girl wrote a story of taking pictures with a polaroid and finding her dead grandpa in the picture. He had committed suicide in the garage, I think.

The teacher said it was too dark and asked why she would make that up. The girl said her story was true and she had the picture to prove it. My teacher took the photo with an incredulous expression, but his face blanched when he saw it and he speed-walked out of the room. The girl went home early and my teacher left early as well.

I wish I got to see the picture but I didn't. The scary part was her reaction.



16. Stuck In Static-y Sleep

As a kid, I would wake up some nights to a feeling of pure terror. I would try to shout for my parents, but I couldn't talk; I could only whisper slightly. Also, the darkness in the room would always have a grey static-y quality to it (it's hard to explain really). I now think this was sleep paralysis (feeling of terror, can't speak, etc.), but I was able to get up and walk around my room so maybe not. Definitely weird and 100% creepy.


15. A Plumbing Preview

I wrote a weird short story about my mom and her boyfriend finding an inorganic tumor growing under their sink (currently working on a novel that takes place in a world where these things are a common problem). The next day, I go to visit them and they're fixing the plumbing under the sink due to some nasty blockage in the pipes. I had no prior knowledge of the problem. Sure as heck qualifies as a pretty creepy coincidence.


14. Ceiling Shadows

When I was about 10, it was late at night and I was woken up by something. I was terrified of the dark back then and had this huge nightlight that my grandfather had made for me so I could see my whole room clearly (this is important). When I was woken up, I felt what I could only describe as pressure on my chest, and I couldn't move. I saw this shadow on the ceiling that looked like a man covered in sheets, and there was nothing in my room that could've made that shadow, I blinked and the shadow and the pressure were gone.


13. Haunted Hallway

When I was younger (around 9 or 10), I used to sleep with the door open and hall light on. My bed was in front of the door facing outward toward the hall. So I was laying down to go to sleep, looking into the hallway and I saw a dark, almost solid figure float/walk out of my mom's room and into the wall on the other side of the hallway. Still freaks me out to think about it 10 years later.



12. No Doll Damage

This is hard for even me to believe sometimes, but back when I was about 14, a friend and I were having a conversation and a porcelain doll I'd shoved lying down on the top of my bookshelf (a good six feet away) suddenly slammed against the wall between us. We turned to the shelf and then the ground in disbelief, the doll had no damages from this. Needless to say, I hid her in the closet that night so I could rest a bit easier.


11. Evil In Empty Houses

My friend and I had a job inspecting vacant houses. We heard footsteps upstairs. Naturally, we knew a homeless person was squatting in the home. Anyway, we went upstairs and there was a large steak knife jammed into the wall and still moving. We ran out of there and never went back.


10. New Friend Named Phillip

My grandfather had passed away in the house my mother grew up in before I was born, and my grandmother sold the house shortly thereafter. They happened to know the new owners of the house, and would even visit them every now and then.

One time, while my grandmother was visiting, she heard the new owner's three-year-old talking and giggling in her room by herself with the door closed. My grandmother walked over to the room and asked the toddler who she was talking to. Turns out she frequently talks to her imaginary friend, Phillip - my grandfather's name.


9. Animals On The Air Mattress

In college, I slept on an air mattress with my Dalmatian asleep at my feet. One night at about 3:30 am, something sat down on the corner of my mattress behind my head waking me up. I could feel it settle down and just sit, not moving at all. That's the part that freaked me out the most. If it had been a critter, it either wouldn't have come in because of my dog or would have kept moving.

I laid there pretending to sleep and got this horrible feeling that if I tried to look at it and see what it was very bad things would happen. I don't know how long it stayed because I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up, I went through my room looking for signs of an animal and made the landlord bring out an exterminator to find any holes in the walls or floors. Nope, nothing there. It was to this day the freakiest thing I have ever experienced.


8. Ghosts At Sea

Navy guy here. My creepiest experience was being onboard the USS Cole for a few months on deployment. Late at night on watch down in the main engine room, I could hear tools rattling in the distance. I went to go check it out, and there was nothing or nobody nearby. The place is haunted, in my opinion.


7. Old Man In The Window

Years ago, I lived in a third-floor apartment with my family. Our oldest (who was four, at the time) was having trouble sleeping through the night and when we would ask, he kept telling us because someone was making noise outside. This went on for a week or so until one night when he came into the room crying that the old man at his window kept asking to be let inside. I went to investigate but no one was there. The next night we slept in there with the kids and everyone, but me, swears they heard knocking at the window. We switched the kids into the third bedroom after that and never had any more issues with strange noises keeping them up.



6. Smoking Spot

When my daughter was seven, she kept asking me why I was smoking in her room late at night. I was a smoker at the time, but I never smoked in her room, not anywhere upstairs. So I told her that I sure wasn't smoking in her room late at night or at any time, but she was insistent that someone was coming in, sitting on her bed and smoking. I was kind of freaked out, but I knew nobody was sneaking into our house just to enjoy a late night smoke in my daughter's bedroom.

The house had belonged to the in-laws of my daughter's teacher at the time. So her teacher asked her how she liked the new house and her new room. So, of course, my kid said, "It's great, but someone smokes in my room at night and mom swears it's not her."

On parent conference night, the teacher pulled me aside and asked which bedroom our daughter was sleeping in. I told her and she said, "I don't know what you believe and I don't want to offend you, but your kid says someone is sitting on her bed and she smells cigarette smoke late at night." I was getting ready for a lecture about smoking around children, but what she said next was much more shocking.

The teacher went on to tell me that her late mother-in-law hadn't allowed to smoke due to health issues and that she would sometimes sneak into what was now my daughter's room late at night for a few quick drags. My daughter's bed was in the middle of her favorite clandestine smoking spot.

We actually lived in harmony with Hazel the ghost for quite some time. She had an annoying habit of putting things back where she thought they belonged, but otherwise, she was a fine ghost. She had said in life that she had no intentions of leaving her house even after death. I did end up having a "chat" with her about her chosen smoking spot though and that stopped pretty quickly.


5. Serial Killer Stopping By

It was almost one in the morning when a strange man with a white T-shirt knocked on my family's door asking for help. My dad let him in. When dad came back into the living room with this stranger, he told me to lock the doors and get all my brothers and sisters into a bedroom room.

Before I left, I noticed the stranger had a faint smear of blood on his T-shirt. When I asked him if he was wounded, he told me that it wasn't his blood. My mom was already on the phone to the cops.

Ten minutes later, a whole squad of police showed up, armed to the teeth. I didn't get to see the action because I was in a bedroom trying to keep my younger siblings calm. But I heard the cops screaming at someone, a barking dog, and then a taser. They arrested the stranger and took him away.

The police later told us who he was and what exactly had happened. (Because the man came to our house, we had the right to obtain an explanation.) It turns out the stranger was a wanted serial killer from Georgia.


4. Frightening Fireplace

Four years ago, I lived in a very large farmhouse that was converted into two apartments. The house was known as the "old boys' home" because it was used to house boys with behavioral issues, but was closed due to allegations of abuse.

I was living there with my boyfriend and three-year-old daughter at the time. My bedroom had a large fireplace that had been boarded up and painted over, so I decided to push my bed up against it one day while I was rearranging things. That night, around 1 a.m., I had heard a small voice saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy."

I sat up in bed but didn't see anything, so I reached over my boyfriend trying to find my daughter in our bed. I figured the voice was hers, but she wasn't there.

My boyfriend woke up and turned the bedside lamp. "What the heck are you doing?" he asked. I explained that Amelia was trying to get in our bed and I was reaching for her. But there was nobody there. My daughter was sound asleep in her room.

Then the next night came. Around 1 a.m., my dog started to whimper at our door, so my boyfriend got up to take him outside. You know that feeling in a bed when someone lies down next to you? Where the bed pushes in and there is a warmth in your back? I felt that, so I assumed my boyfriend had come back to bed. I rolled over and my boyfriend wasn't in the bed. But I swear I felt whatever was laying next to me get up.

I moved my bed the next day to the other side of the room and I never had another incident in the two years I remained in that house.


3. In Your Face

I was three so don't remember this, but my mom has recounted it to me several times now. I was asleep in her bed, along with my sister who had recently suffered her first seizure, so I guess my mom wanted us all together. She woke up to me screaming and saw a short, dark shadow run at the end of the bed then asked me if I was alright. I told her, in a voice that didn't sound like me, that I woke up and 'it' was in my face. That still gives me chills! I'm always afraid that I'll wake up and find something either in my face or watching me from somewhere in my room.


2. Car Clicking

My wife and I, shared one of the scariest moments of our lives that, to this day, haunts me. We were in my car ready to leave home when we heard a strong clicking noise. It was coming from her side and I thought her knee was holding the lock button. It was a rapid clicking and didn't stop. The longer it went on, the more I realized it was the door handle being pulled up. Then the car started to shake as if someone was pulling the door handle as hard as they could. We both looked at each other and told each other to cut it out.

Finally, it stopped. I got outside and looked around and under the car. Nothing. What scares me the most is that we were in a well-lit area. Right under the street lamp. We could see clearly all around us. My wife hates when I bring this story up and when she saw me writing this she got mad.


1. Stroke Of Spooky

One night I had a dream that my pet Chihuahua’s face was droopy and her mouth didn’t look normal. Later the next day, she had a stroke and half of her face and her mouth got droopy and she looked just like she had in my dreams!