People From Around The World Share The Dumbest Things They've Seen Someone Get Angry About

People From Around The World Share The Dumbest Things They've Seen Someone Get Angry About

Some people fly off the handle more easily than others - maybe too easily? From coffee that's too "high" to libraries that are too strict, these people just couldn't take it anymore. Throwing a tantrum that would put a toddler to shame isn't the best way to deal with minor inconveniences - but it certainly is entertaining for the rest of us.


42. Manager's Revenge

I was working as a manager in a restaurant on Valentine's day when this frenzied couple complained about how long they were waiting for their food. It was the busiest day of our restaurant but they kept on shouting for their food. A PREGNANT waitress tried to calm them down but the man pushed her and she fell down on her stomach. They started to laugh at her and said "You DESERVE this!" That's when I stuck up for the waitress and took REVENGE in the most brutal way. He'll regret pushing a pregnant woman. I called the cops on them and moments later they were behind bars.


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41. That sounds rough.

A roommate once cursed me out because I asked him to contribute to the house’s petty cash fund, which would be used to purchase dish soap and toilet paper. You know. Two bucks a month for those things we all use.

He decided to make his own arrangements instead. A few months later, our pipes clog, and we have to call a plumber. Turns out this roommate chose to tear pages out of a book to wipe himself, and that was what caused  the clog.


40. That escalated quickly.

Once had a woman send her two 5- to 8-year-old kids into the pop-up Halloween store I worked at, with her debit card, so they could buy whatever they wanted. The son of course immediately has no idea where the debit card is. Calls his mom, mom comes flying into the store literally screaming at the top of her lungs that I specifically must have stolen it, because I was both the floor supervisor and cashier at the time. Told her there were cameras pointed at each register and I hadn't moved from my station for over half an hour, but I would help her look for it.

She didn't believe me, and called the cops on me. Because it was now an accusation of employee theft, even though I was the only one accused, none of the employees were allowed to leave the building. It took the police 20 minutes to show up, way past closing, we were all miserable and we just wanted to go home. All I could do was apologize profusely. We couldn't even stand outside because SHE was there, standing directly in front of the doors, staring through the glass at us with unbridled fury.

A single cop finally showed up and she already looked fed up. She took all our statements, looked over the CCTV, told the woman to deactivate her card and go to the bank in the morning. The woman finally left, threatening me the entire time, and the cop hung out with us for a couple minutes making fun of the whole situation. Real chill lady.

Ten minutes later, as the cop is scooping up her paperwork, the phone rings and my coworker answers. It's the woman. She found her card. It was on her kitchen table. She forgot to give it to her son. She tried to ruin a young 20-something's life, because she refused to believe she could be so careless with her own money, and didn't even think to check her own house first. AND she never apologized.

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39. Who's this, again?

An old boss of mine couldn't open his Kit-Kat wrapper and so he head-butted a wall in anger. The guy had real rage issues. One time I witnessed him screaming down the phone at someone because it was a wrong number... A wrong number HE had actually called.

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38. Not nearly as bad as the Christmas of Tickle Me Elmo.

Remember Hatchimals? Lots of people got upset over us not having that specific toy in stock at the store I work at on Christmas Eve in 2017. We got them almost every day, and they sold out within a couple of hours of being opened without fail. This woman was having a full-on hissy fit because we ruined her daughter's Christmas. No, Tracy, you ruined her Christmas. It’s not our fault we don’t have any in stock at 5:30pm the day before Christmas. Next time shop earlier.

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37. Making a mountain out of a molehill - of pebbles.

I answer 911 calls. One day we had a fatal car crash happen, and had to reroute traffic from the main road down a side road, then back up to the main road. A woman who lives on the side road called 911 asking why there was "commercial traffic" passing through her "residentially zoned home." I explained there was a serious car accident on the main route, and that as soon as that was resolved, the detour would be removed. She continued to complain, very angrily, that the trucks going by her house were kicking up dust and pebbles into her driveway, and demanded we send someone to clean it for her. I said no, we don't do that. She demanded to speak to a supervisor. I got all her information, then I told her he'd be along to speak to her in person after he was finished informing the family of the person who died in the car accident that their family member was dead. Then I hung up the phone. When the sergeant got there she refused to come to the door and refused to answer the phone when we called her back.


36. Cruel and unusual.

While working as an expediter in a pretty fancy restaurant, a customer had a pulmonary embolism, and we ended up with paramedics in to get the unfortunately deceased man into an ambulance.

I was first there helping, and started asking other customers to move to the bar area, informing them that their meals would be replaced and they'd be re-seated in a different room.

One customer goes: "Why should I move? I paid for my reservation for this seat." Another customer: "How long is this going to take? I've got stuff to do."

It was at this point that I handed them their coats and told them to leave. We were allowed to request someone to leave due to their behaviour being inappropriate/offensive/disruptive etc, without a refund as it was stated on the booking page, and that the decision would be made by the attending staff.

Like, come one. A man died, on his anniversary, while at dinner with his wife. I hope they choked on their food wherever they went next.

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35. Did you put your name on it?

A longtime parishioner at my church made a scene before the morning service when she spotted a family sitting in her pew. As I noted some time ago, she insisted that the family move or that she'd leave the church "and take her substantial pledge with her." To their credit, the family - newcomers to the church - didn't move and the woman left in a huff, much like a child having a tantrum.

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34. Don't look now.

My dad is an angry dude. He’s been to court-ordered anger management a few times, has been kicked out of places a lot of times, so there are way too many instances to list here, but one in particular stands out.

We were out to eat at a restaurant. Our waitress looked at my baby sister and made a comment about how cute she is. Dad flips out, started screaming about how he didn’t say she could look at his baby. We were asked to leave.

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33. Bet she calls shotgun, too.

My grown cousin got angry at her 5 year old niece for liking unicorns because she (adult cousin) liked them first.

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32. Throw the book at him.

I worked at a bookstore in high school and every winter we have a book drive where we'd ask customers if they'd like to donate a children's book when they are checking out. Usually people say "No, sorry," but one guy would not stop going on and on about how if he wanted to buy a book, he'd just keep it, not donate it. So I replied, "Okay, you don't have to donate," and proceeded to move on in the process and tell him his total, and he just kept circling back to how ridiculous it was that I asked him to donate a $4 book to kids and schools who couldn't afford them, up until the moment he left. He's the only person I ever thought was a jerk for not donating.

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31. It might be contagious.

I saw a lady return her full cart of groceries to the customer service desk because my coworker with a broken arm was the one who rung her groceries up. She said she didn’t like people with bandages on touching her groceries. His arm was in a sling which he keeps under his apron. We didn’t tell him what happened because we knew he’d get upset.

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30. Your gluten allergy is not my problem.

At my first job at an ice cream shop, a lady complained that her cookie dough topping tasted funny, and my co-worker said she'd go get someone else to test the cookie dough since she had a gluten allergy so she couldn't eat it. Well, the lady flipped out at my coworker and demanded to see the manager. We didn't really have a "manager" because it was a small business and the owner wasn't there, but his wife was, so she stood in. The lady chewed out the owner's wife saying that my coworker couldn't do her job correctly. She seemed to think that it was a HUGE deal that my coworker couldn't eat gluten and that she shouldn't be allowed to work there because of that. One of the perks of being a small business is that we can tell off customers who act that way, and owners wife did exactly that. She called the lady stupid and told her not to come back if she's going to be unreasonable.

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29. Is there an award for Mother of the Year?

My nephew is a gymnast and he is very skilled. I was at one of his compilations award ceremonies to watch him receive a metal and saw a mother red face screaming from the crowd at my nephew, saying, "HE HAS WON TOO MANY TIMES, YOU SHOULD BE KICKED OUT TO GIVE THE OTHER KIDS A CHANCE." She then went on to scream and swear until she was escorted out by security. I was later told by my nephew that her son came up to him not long after and apologized for his mum's behavior.

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28. Teenager forced to do damage control.

I worked retail and had a mom start screaming at me because the register rejected her check. After she was done, her daughter's friend (who was like 16) ran into the stock room to give me a hug and apologize. She said the mom was the same way to the daughter. That lady had complained to my manager about me as well. 12 years later and I'm still surprised by the teenager's kindness.


27. It's a 1974 Buick Convertible... or something.

I worked at an auto parts store for a while. We'd get middle aged dudes who'd get mad at us for not looking for parts that don't exist for their cars, or for simply asking them to clarify what they're working on. It's incredibly disheartening to see a grown man throw a hissy fit all because he doesn't know what kind of car he has.

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26. Don't ask whether he wants fries with that.

A friend once called me, fuming mad, because the person working the drive-thru said "Welcome to [fast food restaurant], would you like to try our [featured item] today?" He was furious about it. "YOUR JOB IS NOT TO TELL ME WHAT I WANT, YOUR JOB IS FOR ME TO TELL YOU WHAT I WANT!" (he yelled this to me, as if he was talking to the employee) The only reason he called me was to rant about the drive-thru employee. I was like dude, have you never been to a drive thru before? They almost always do that. And besides, it is part of their job to recommend the featured items to everybody. That employee was almost definitely instructed to do so by their boss, and would have gotten in trouble if they didn't.


25. That's not worth quibbling over.

I was getting a tire patched, which is free at the shop I went to. Another lady behind me in line flipped her lid that her oil change was a whopping 80 cents more than the last time she had been in - an 80 cent increase - and that it "had always been that price before." She then insisted since I wasn't being charged, she shouldn't be either. Even though they were two very different services and mine never had a charge to begin with. They offered her an 80 cent discount to match her "previous price, because I'm not going to argue with you over 80 cents." She took the discount but was ranting the entire time about preferential treatment etc.

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24. The shoe's on the other other foot.

I work at a daycare and we request first and last name labels on outerwear and it had another student's name on the inside tag. A parent got raving mad I wouldn't let her take another child's boots. She swore up and down they were her son's, even though they were too big for him and clearly labelled with someone else's name... until I found her child's boots for her (same brand, no label).


23. Never to friends, never to family.

I lent somebody money with promises to pay back a week later. After a couple of weeks, I asked about the money. He gave me so much guff about “hassling” him over such a small amount of money. He was saying that I should’ve just let him have it.


22. Totally reasonable.

Had a boss who took a trip to the college football championship game (his tickets were like $1500 each). When he got back we asked him how his trip went. In a high-pitched whine he said everything sucked because his nachos were cold.

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22. Misty mountain mash-up.

Friend of mine got seriously hurt off a 50-foot ski jump trying to avoid this 6-year-old girl hanging out in the blind landing. My friend is on the ground crying with his broken leg and ribs and the father of this girl had the audacity to go stand over him and start screaming at him about how he could've killed his daughter. The 6-year-old was hanging out in a blind spot where professional athletes were training. The mass of the park surrounded this guy quickly and told him they better never see him in a terrain park teaching his daughter how to ski on the landings of massive jumps, and proceeded to escort him and his daughter down the mountain. The guy almost got his daughter killed, permanently injured my friend, and then decided to come scream at an injured person who just hurt themselves to save his daughter's life.



21. A little something extra to spice it up.

When I was younger I realized that I couldn't recall a single dining out experience with my mother where she didn't complain about at least one thing associated with the meal. I've been tracking it now for over two decades. I still cannot recall a single time she hasn't complained. She never makes a huge scene, but she has been rude to the wait staff a number of times and has sent food back many, many times. I can't imagine how much spit she has eaten in her life.


20. Christmas just brings out the best in people.

Went with some friends to NYC in the first couple of weeks of December to do Christmas things in the city. One of those things was to go to the F.A.O. Schwarz toy store, but because there were so many other people trying to do the same thing we had to wait in line. It was a 50-minute wait in line and we were queued up. Line wrapped around the block and in that time we got to yuck it up with the people in line with us.

I turned around to say something to friends, then turned back around to move forward and noticed 2 strange woman ahead of me that were not in line a moment before. I turn back around to say something to my friends about the women that cut the line, when a guy with a stroller tried to brush past me. I stopped him dead in his tracks by standing in front of the stroller.

I told him that the back of the line was down the block and about a 40-minute wait from our current spot. He just looked at me like I was the jerk and said, "Thanks for the information but I am trying to get to the rest of my group," while nodding to the women that cut the line when I wasn't looking.

The people ahead of us that we had been joking with heard the commotion that I was making and started in on the women that cut the line. The guy was looking angrier and angrier as he kept trying to get past me and finally the line as a whole managed to get the line cutters to shove off.

As the group of line cutters were leaving the guy looked back and shot me some colorful comments about the quality of my character and left. Yeah, I don't care that you are upset that I wouldn't let you, your infant, and two women in tow cut the line.

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19. The nerve.

My grandma is a Type 2 diabetic. When she was staying with my family after Hurricane Harvey destroyed her trailer, she got really annoyed that my stepdad was making healthy meals for her instead of her favorites, like fries, pizza, hamburgers, pasta, etc. My stepdad being type 2 as well, he said he wasn't going to enable her horrible eating habits and let her slowly kill herself.

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18. They hide the fake ones in Walmart.

There was this guy with his kids inside a McDonald's which was inside a Walmart. He brought his order back to the counter and asked the pregnant cashier who doesn't get paid enough to deal with this stuff what he ordered. His attitude started out calm enough, but anybody who has worked food service long enough could tell he was going to be one of THOSE customers that just blows up in a rage after they've made their point. He explained that he had ordered a different sandwich and she replied that, no, he ordered what they had given him. He was shouting and swearing. A manager got involved and told him they would just give him the money back. So he took his money back, aggressively of course, and said to his kids in a loud and self-righteous tone "Come on, kids. Let's go to a REAL McDonald's!" Bro needed to get over himself.

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17. Give the kids a chance.

My office wore March of Dimes Charity shirts during the month of November. We weren't asking for donations or anything, we were just wearing the shirts. One man started complaining as soon as he saw them, saying that it's ridiculous how much people donate to children's cancer research when so many more adults have cancer. He continued being loud about it and even started engaging other customers.

March of Dimes is not a charity for childhood cancer research, but for babies born prematurely. Not only did he look like a jerk, he also looked looked totally ridiculous.


16. If this is you, stay home and watch Netflix.

I lost count of how many times someone has screamed in my face when I asked for ID for a rated R movie or explained to a customer we have reserved seating so they had to choose their seat when buying a ticket.

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15. Not so chill.

I used to work in a physical therapy clinic as an aide. I'm not a clinician, not certified in anything, just there to guide patients through exercises and get them a heat pad/ice pack later. It was a very busy place so reusable ice packs were not always absolutely 100% frozen for the next person, but definitely cold. I had a lady INSIST that her ice pack was not turned on. I told her I just took it out of the freezer, give it a minute to get through the pillowcase around it. 30 seconds later, this woman is SCREAMING that I am wasting her money because I refused to turn her ice pack on and she hopes I get hit by a car after work. Ok lady, whatever helps you sleep at night.

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14. Next time, buy the theatre.

A lot of the movie theaters in my area have converted to a "choose a seat when purchasing a ticket" model. Guy was trying to buy tickets with his daughter and having an absolute fit because there weren't many good seats left for that time slot, and that this process "doesn't allow for spontaneity anymore." He's not wrong about that, but he was raging at the poor high school kid just doing her job.

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13. Quick save artist.

This lady at a Shoppers Drug Mart was violently shaking her double stroller with two toddlers in it freaking out about losing her 5 dollar bill."WHERE'S MY 5 DOLLAR BILL OH MY GOD!" Having a complete meltdown.

I grabbed a 5 out of my wallet and was like, "Excuse me did you drop this?" Just so she'd stop shaking those poor babies.

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12. He objected.

I was working for a print shop. One of our customers started crying because his envelopes weren't the right shade of off-white. He was a lawyer.

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11. The king of condiments.

One of my past bosses is a really great guy. We were under some real high stress projects and he was overseeing it all, so I can't imagine how stressed he was.

One day he lost it after he got back to the office with his supper and Subway forgot to put mustard on his sub. He basically performed the peanut putter sandwich scene from War of the Worlds (Tom cruise one), and threw his sub across the room.I still remember the mayo and salami stuck to the window.

He left the IT industry to drive a city bus and is much happier now.

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10. It's as good as money.

I saw a woman lose it because Borders wouldn't accept her Barnes and Nobles gift card. During the yelling it became clear that she was aware Barnes and Nobles had closed but her reasoning was that Borders was obligated to accept the gift card because it was Christmas and it would be unfair if her Barnes and Noble card was useless.

9. It's a stressful situation.

People always lose it over literally anything with traffic. In multiple places, honking can basically mean you want to fight. My aunt had a guy get out of the car and start banging her car and screaming because she passed him. I’ve had people throw their car in park because I honked after realizing they wouldn’t look up from their phone after sitting at a green light. Stop being a jerk when someone calls you out for being a bad driver.

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8. Honk and make up.

I once had a cop get mad at me for legal and correct use of my horn. I rounded a corner and found what turned out to be an unmarked cop car in the middle of the road (no lights or hazards on) talking to another stopped driver through their shared drivers' windows. This isn't all that uncommon in rural areas, but if they're chatting I know they probably can't see me.

So I slow down further, drive along the shoulder, and tap my horn before passing. Which is what you're supposed to do - it's a polite, "Hey, I'm here and passing you," and had always got me a polite wave of acknowledgement.

This time, it got me pulled over, a lecture on "etiquette," and a ticket for speeding (which I wasn't) and improper horn use.

At least it ended reasonably well. Turns out what I did is explicitly mentioned as an example of appropriate horn use in the local law, and the judge didn't buy that I was speeding because the cop admitted to the conversation and didn't like the question, "How did you observe the defendant speeding if you were involved in a conversation at the time?" from my attorney.


7. Hurry up and wait.

I sat near the back of a plane and saw an older foreign couple try to run to the front to skip waiting for everyone else to clear in order hen the plane landed. I was able to step out in the aisle before the wife got through and I waited until every single person was cleared before I continued on. They happened to be on the next connection that I was on and the husband came over and basically tried to fight me. I was 18. There was a 3 hour layover.


6. Ode to good managers.

I work as a barista at a coffee shop. One day this dude comes up and wants a filter coffee with almond milk at exactly 47 degrees. So I did exactly that.

A few seconds later he loses it and complains that the drink is wrong. I asked him what was wrong with it and he basically shouted and insulted me, screaming that the drink was 1mm too high. I was like, "What?"

He asked if only retards work in the coffee shop, as it's very easy to see the line in the cup he brought with him. He said this had never happened to him. He felt insulted and so on and so forth.

I tried to calm him down but he insisted I get the manager. My manager came and banned him from entering the store ever again.

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5. You can't watch that here.

As a librarian, I've seen people lost it over not being allowed to watch porn on the computers in the children's section of the public library. The children's computers had a content filter on them to prevent this sort of thing from happening, however, this dude brought a flash drive with his favorite videos on it, and when the computers in the non-children's section were all in use, he decided that the best course of action was to go over to where there were a number of young kids working on homework and playing minecraft. When another librarian told him he couldn't do that on those computers and asked him to leave, he flipped out, accused the librarian of being a pedophile and a rapist, and threatened to both sue and stab everyone who worked at the library. The cops were called and they ended up having to tase him to get him to leave.

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4. Their behavior was sub-par.

I used to work in a deli and one time this lady came up asking for "cheese sliced thin, stacked on top of each other." I thought to myself, "How else would I stack it?" but sliced the cheese and went to hand it to her. She lost her ever-loving mind because I didn't stack it right, and made me re-slice the cheese thinner and way over stagger the slices. All while berating me and telling me how awful I was at my job and how she knew the owner and was going to tell him how awful I was and how bad my attitude was. Luckily my manager stood up for me when the owner came to talk to him.

Another time I had a guy freak out over the price of bologna. One type was on sale and one type wasn't and he wanted the type that wasn't for the price of the one that was and when I told him I couldn't do that and got my supervisor to back me up he screamed at both of us and called us stupid uneducated women. So glad I don't work retail anymore.

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3. It wasn't Teriyaki enough.

There's a fast food restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which goes by the name of "Teriyaki Chicken Bowl." Its fare is about what you'd expect from such an establishment, meaning that while it isn't exactly five-star cuisine, but it nonetheless serves as a decent-enough alternative to the burger-and-taco-dominated menus of competing businesses. It was that sense of "variety" which prompted me to visit the place one evening... and while I was there, I had the misfortune of seeing a toddler-like tantrum being thrown by a thirty-something-year-old woman.

Now, I'll confess right away that I came in about midway through whatever had been happening, so I don't know if there were any extenuating circumstances. At the same time, though, I can't imagine what could have transpired to make this sort of behavior acceptable. The woman – an overweight individual with curly brown hair – came storming out of the restaurant, a white plastic bag clutched in her hands. She was soon followed by a tall, fit young man who rushed up to her side and spoke to her in a hushed voiced.

"No, I don't care!" the woman shouted. "It's too late!"

"Don't do this here," I heard the man plead. "Don't cause a scene."

"Oh, I'm causing a scene?!" snarled the woman. "What about you?! You're causing a scene! You didn't say anything, and now it's all ruined!"

"Can we talk about this in car? Please?"

The woman's chest rose and fell several times before she answered, and when she did, it came out in the form of an ear-piercing screech. "I'm not going anywhere with you! I can't believe this! I can't believe this!"

I was still seated in my own car at this point, waiting for the scene to subside before I approached the restaurant. This turned out to be a wise decision on my part, since it escalated only a few seconds later.

The young man reached a comforting hand out to his companion, placing it lightly on her shoulder. "Look, let's just forget about it. We can stop for ice cream on the way home."

"Ice cream?" the woman repeated. She took several more panting breaths, and the expression on her face gave the distinct impression that an eruption was on its way. "Ice cream? Ice cream?! I don't want ice cream! I want a chicken bowl!" As the final syllables shot from her lips, the woman yanked apart the plastic bag she'd been holding, causing its contents to fall all over the parking lot. I watched as white containers dropped to the ground, popping open to reveal sauce-covered meat and rice. "Chicken bowl!" the woman screamed again. She stomped on the fallen food, grinding it into the pavement with her heel. "Chicken bowl! Chicken bowl! Chicken bowl!"

This continued for an impressively long time, with the woman making as much noise as she possibly could while she destroyed the last remnants of her meal. Try though I might, I couldn't make heads or tails of what had upset her, given that she seemed to be in the process of obliterating the exact thing she had claimed to want. She did eventually calm down enough to approach the young man's car (or maybe she just ran out of breath), but she didn't get in until after she had delivered several petulantly enraged kicks to the passenger-side door.

I found myself wondering why the young man put up with that sort of behavior. There's no accounting for taste, I guess.

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2. He was late for a very important date.

I witnessed a tantrum that caused our flight to emergency land. A few years back I was on a flight to Florida when about halfway through the oxygen masks deployed (thankfully we didn't have to use them). The captain made an announcement that there was a problem with cabin pressure and to expect a few minutes of a bumpy ride while he descended to a safe altitude. A man sitting in the row in front of me yelled out "Oh, come ON!" I had been staring at the back of this man's head through the seat gap for most of the flight because he had a rat tail, and I had not seen anyone with this hairstyle since the early 90's. I was transfixed. Shortly after, the captain came back on the speaker and said we were going to be landing at the closest major airport to change planes, and to prepare for landing. RatTail dude was TICKED and began loudly ranting to the point that two flight attendants had to come over to him. In the next two minutes the entire plane learned his life story and the reason he was going to Florida. His wife cheated on him, and he met a woman on a dating website he was going to Tampa to meet for the first time and he explained, "She's upset she has to get me from the airport as it is! She barely has enough gas to get to the airport, and now because you people feel like switching planes she's going to run out of gas waiting for me in the pickup area!" The poor flight attendants kept trying to explain to him the plane may have a small leak, it was crucial we landed as quickly as possible, and it would not take long to deplane and switch aircraft. During this time the pilot came on the speaker TWICE telling the attendants to take their seats for landing, but dude was so out of control it was risking their safety. He would not stop. He told the attendants (and well, everyone) that it's a lie, there is no problem and if there was we could just keep on oxygen masks the entire time if we needed them, and "there's probably not even a problem, I bet the pilot just has to have a smoke and doesn't want to do it on the plane!" By now all of us around him were telling him to stop, and one of the flight attendants told him if he continued he would not even make it to Florida since he wouldn't not be allowed to get on the new plane because he was out of control. Thankfully, he stopped yelling, and the FA's were able to get to their seats, but continued to mutter to himself as the plane landed and we were pulling up to the gate.

​They kept him on the plane as everyone else was getting off. I was sitting in the airport by the gate with everyone waiting for customer service to tell us more info about getting on the next plane when I saw two airport/state police being let onto the jetbridge. Unfortunately I didn't see him get off the plane, as we were moved to a different gate, but it felt really good knowing that this total jerk wouldn't be making it to Florida to meet his internet love. His antics and loud mouth put the flight attendants in danger and stressed out other passengers in an already tense situation. It amazes me that people like that exist, and believe that a plane with a potential problem might continue on if you put up enough of a scene.

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1. 'Tis the season for a meltdown.

Christmas Eve is our busiest day at my work, and one time a customer had to be kicked out. Having to kick people out at that time of year isn't uncommon, we had to kick out a number of people that day already. Everyone's on edge because of last minute Christmas shopping. The lineup is wrapped around the store and out the side door, so a of people are waiting for food, and drive through is wrapped around the building.
I was at the front serving one of those militant Christmas nuts who get mouthy if you don't say merry Christmas from October onward. But for once this person wasn't the problem. Then I hear a guy place an order at the other counter. And this guy had that kind of voice where you just know he's looking to start something. So I look to see who it's going to be.

So this guy was rather big, about 5'10" 6 feet tall maybe and a bit stocky. Shaggy and dirty looking too, like he hadn't showered or shaved in a week or so. On top of that he had his hair tied back. But his clothes were still nice. Now based on this description he probably sounds homeless, but I've seen a lot of homeless people come in, this guy definitely wasn't.

So this guy is constantly shouting at random people. Nothing bad at first just loudly wishing people a merry Christmas and whatever. At the time my coworker who was on the cook line was struggling to keep up and another coworker jumped on to help. Things were getting pretty backed up however and people waiting 15-20 minutes. So you know, bit of a wait.

Then out of the blue you hear him shout, "Why aren't you smiling?" That's when it all broke loose. This guy just lost it on the girl making food. He was using every swear, insult, and racial slur you could think of. He started shouting about how he was the only one in the store trying to spread some cheer and started demanding his food. He had been waiting maybe 5 minutes at that point.

He brought her to tears. And the manager had to take her place for a bit while she cooled off in the back. He was banned from the store and forced to leave, thankfully no cops had to be called. And of course no one else in the store bats an eye. I can get if you're irritated by the season but don't treat people like that. I don't know how we got through that day to be honest.

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