People From Around The World Share The Creepiest Things They've Ever Experienced

People From Around The World Share The Creepiest Things They've Ever Experienced

Halloween is just around the corner, the best time of year to break out your favorite scary movie, unnerving book, or nail-biting TV show. If you're in the mood to creep yourself out a little bit -- you've come to the right place.

From the potentially paranormal to the spooky but understandable, these are the creepiest real life stories from round the world, as told by those who witnessed them. Don't turn the lights off!


33. The way is shut

I was out with my friends and came home pretty late. I didn't want my parents asking questions so I snuck in through the garage. The door was locked but I had a key. I turned the key to unlock it but then I heard an abrupt snap and the door locked again. I repeated this three times. Each time I unlocked the door, the door re-locked. Exasperated, I cried out, "Mom, it's me!"

Then I heard the door unlock. I opened the door and no one was there.

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32. The ghost hitch hiker

I saw something crouched in the road while I was out driving around one night. Its eyes glowed when my headlights hit it so I assumed an animal of some sort, but when I got within about 15 feet of it, it stood up and looked like a girl standing in the middle of the road.

I slammed on my brakes immediately, but suddenly the road was just empty.

My friend in the car hadn't seen anything, but asked me a few minutes later if it had looked like a girl. He'd apparently seen something similar with his sister a few weeks before in the exact same spot.

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31. Either they didn't believe you or they didn't want you to talk

I was 15 years old. Was in LA for a convention and Disneyland trip. There was a large group of us. My best friend and I were sitting next to each other on the bus. As were driving from the airport, both my friend and I watch 2 people exit this house on the corner; one starts to run, and the other pulls a pistol out and shoots him down. Then shoots him again. We both looked at each other thinking 'holy crap.'

We told some adults on the trip and they told us we hadn’t seen that and it had never happened. Apparently we were the only ones who noticed.

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30. "My baby boy was gone"

A few years back, I woke up in the middle of the night. We had a 2-month newborn sleeping in the room next door. I had a video monitor on my bedside table, so that my wife and I could easily check on him.

So, I clicked the button that turns on the video image, and what I saw scared me like nothing ever before.

My baby boy was gone.

Now, I know that instincts should have made me run right into the baby's room. Instead, I froze. I looked over, and my wife was sleeping next to me.

Finally, I moved. But not to run into the other room, like I should have done. Instead, I turned up the volume on the baby monitor.

I heard another woman's voice singing a lullaby. I'm not kidding. Another woman was singing to my baby in a very soft, gentle and melodic voice. I don't remember what song it was, something like "Go to sleep, little baby".

Finally, my freeze broke. I jumped up, ran through the hallway and burst into my boy's room.

He was sound asleep in his crib. No woman. No singing.

Turns out, the monitor was picking up my next-door neighbors' monitor. They had just bought the video monitor for their own newborn (on our recommendation).

Nothing supernatural here, but I don't know if I've ever experienced something scarier.

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29. When a door opens...

One time a door to my house's office slammed open when I woke up at 6am. Naturally it slowly opens on its own due to the weight distribution (it takes about 8 seconds to fully open), but it slammed open like it was forced. It was 6am in the middle of winter so no windows were open to create a draft, and everyone was asleep. I was too tired for some ghostly BS so I peed and went back to sleep.

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28. A voice in the dark

About a year ago I was up watching movies late at night when I got hungry and went downstairs for a snack. My room is across from my daughter’s room and her door was open.

As I was coming back upstairs I start turning left towards my room when I hear, clear as ever, “Daddy can you close the door?” I turn around, don’t say much and just close it. Once I’m back in my room, I lie down to watch TV when it hits me... my daughter isn’t there. She’s spending the night at my parents' house.

I get up and go to her room and sure enough, it’s empty. I woke up my wife and she thinks I’m crazy. Says I was probably tired and maybe it was the TV. I remember the voice so clearly, coming from the direction of her room. It’s very possible that it was just my head playing games but, it definitely made me question a few things.

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27. Nearly caught a big one

I was fishing alone along a stretch of river after work one day. The same car drove by me realyl slow a half dozen times, both directions. I got a bit creeped out so when I heard it coming again I pulled my phone out and pretended I was talking to someone.

A guy looking like a creepy hillbilly  got out of his (still idling) car, paced back and forth a couple of times near his still open door, and came at me with his fists clenched, holding something, in a manic, tunnel vision, and aggressive and somewhat dazed posture.

As he neared me I started describing him to the imaginary person on the other line. It freaked the guy out and he ran back to his car and sped out of there.

I called the local police to report it. I sincerely think I avoided serious danger that night. This guy was clearly not coming toward me to see how the fishing was.

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26. "I knew there was something really wrong with these two"

I worked at a small gas station in my small town when I was in my late teens. I was stocking sodas around back in the storage room. A man startled me then apologized. He asked me for directions to Washington, DC. I gave him the best directions I could. I sent him toward Philadelphia.

He thanked me and went to his car. There was a kid about my age sitting in the passenger seat. He gave me the most evil stare I've ever seen. I knew there was something really wrong with these two. They pulled off and I forgot about them and got back to work.

I remember watching the news sometime later when they arrested the DC snipers. It was them for sure. Sent chills down my spine. I'm glad they spared me. I've only told a few people because I'm afraid they won't believe me. It still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when I think about it.


25. Some things you just can't hide from

When I was around 11 or so my siblings and I were all playing hide and seek in my house. Now I know under the bed is the first place you always look but for whatever reason I decided to hide under my little sister's bed in her dark room.

So I get down on the floor and squeeze under and wait for the seeker to come looking for me and as I am laying there waiting I hear a little girl giggle next to me. I could clearly see that I was the only one under the bed and I was the only one in the room. I shot out from under the bed and told everyone what happened. That was the end of the game.

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24. Float on

About two years after my uncle took his own life, we had a big sixtieth birthday party for my grandmother. We brought the helium balloons home to her condo after the party. One of them started following her - including going down under door frames and bulkheads, then going back up to the ceiling. We never saw it, it would just turn up.

It was printed with "I love you, Mom".

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23. The house on the hill

My cousin and I went to Dallas together but he had to stay an extra day for work so I came back to his house on my own. He lives on top of a hill in a big old house and it was a bit creepy.

I was just lounging around when I hear what sounded like some heavy footsteps running a few steps and suddenly stopping. HOLY CRAP. I have a major freak out. Went to check the doors to make sure they were locked. Front door, locked. Side door, locked. Back door.... OH. MY. GOD. Not only unlocked but slightly open. I decided to go through the house and found nothing. Closets, under beds, everywhere. I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Footsteps continued every once in a while. I was pretty sure I was going to die that night.


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22. The nose knows

When I was about 12 or 13, I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled my father's cologne. I thought it was a little odd since he lived about an hour away but was too tired to care. Went back to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and for some reason my mother hadn't gotten me up for school. It turned out my father had passed away the night before.

I never told anyone for years about that night, but around the age of 23 I told my mom; she was glad to know that she wasn’t crazy, that same night she got startled awake, and the dog was staring at the door wagging his tail. Almost like he was saying good bye before fully leaving.

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21. Seeing stars

Was stargazing with my family and noticed a satellite moving slowly across the sky. My uncle says “oh there’s another” and points at another light moving slowly across the sky. Then my aunt goes ” wow look how many”, and points to cluster of about 15-20 white dots (looked like a bunch of satellites) slowly moving in a cluster together across the sky.

“Wow that’s weird” we all collectively agreed as we watch this cluster of unknown lights move across the sky. Then they came to a DEAD STOP instantly. The lights then began to slowly move around each other until they eventually were in a single line across the sky and they slowly faded away into the darkness.

We all still have no idea what on earth they were, and the only thing that makes me know I wasn’t just seeing things is that all 6 of us all saw this happening.

This was the summer of 2015 in Sunriver, Oregon

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20. A benevolent spirit

Last Mothers day I was at my Grandma's house. My sister had just checked herself into rehab and I was feeling pretty upset about the whole thing. I went upstairs to my Grandpa's old room (he passed away about eight years ago) and just kind of sat there for awhile. I spoke out asking for my Grandpa to look after my family during this time, and that I really needed a sign that he was there.

There was a big picture of my uncle on the mirror in the room (taped) that all of a sudden fell off the mirror onto the floor. The door was closed, as was the window. Maybe it just fell, but the whole thing seemed very coincidental especially because my uncle has a lot of issues when he was younger. Now he is really successful, has a beautiful family, etc.

I like to think that my Grandpa moved the picture to tell me that my sister was going to be okay.

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19. Enter sandman

I was dozing on the couch at my parents place last year. Not comfortably because I was cold. Then a felt a wave of heat pass over me, which was pleasant enough until I felt these firm, pointed fingertips on my head, like something was standing behind me with its hands on my scalp. I was frightened but then grabbed them and threw them off me. A few minutes later my mum came in and said she heard a door open and had got the feeling she should check on me. Probably a dream but it was super super creepy.

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18. "Be a good girl for mom"

I was 6 and remember playing in my room and my grandpa walks in and talks to me for a few minutes. After a bit he gets up and tells me to “be a good girl for mom,” kisses me on the forehead, and walks out. Mom comes in about 5 minutes later hysterical and told me my grandpa had died overnight and we had to leave to go be with the family two states over, where he lived.

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17. On a dark desert highway

My wife and I were driving up through northern Arizona on Highway 89 between Flagstaff and Page. It was about 1 am, as we were on 3rd shift at the time and often drove at night to avoid traffic. I saw a few sets of eyes glowing in my headlights a little ways up the road, so I let off the gas, slowing down to avoid hitting an animal in the road.

When we drove by we saw several dogs (coyotes?) on the side of the road and I hit the gas and drove by. After we passed my wife said one of them was running next to the car and I looked over and saw it as well, probably 20 feet off the shoulder of the road. I floored it and looked over and it stood up on its hind legs (that's the only way I can describe it) and kept pace with us for a couple seconds before turning away from the road and disappearing.

This whole event probably lasted no more than 10 seconds, but it was seriously the most terrifying 10 seconds of my life. This was probably 20 years ago, and we still rarely talk about it.

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16. A race to lock the door

I used to have a crappy job at a casino that got me working some pretty weird hours. Some days I would work a normal 9-5, others I would go in at 6PM and not leave until 2 or 3 AM. Not a big deal except by that time in the morning, all the parking spaces around my apartment building would be taken, so I had to park a few blocks away and walk to get to my building.

I would park, get my pepper spray and keys in hand, lock my car, and walk the block or two to my building.

One night, I pulled into the space and got my keys ready. I noticed a guy smoking in the doorway of the bar, about 5 cars down, but he was looking in the other direction and didn't seem to care that I was there. I got out of the car and was about halfway across the street before he noticed I was a girl and I heard him yell, "Hi sweetie!"

I ignored him, and that must have ticked him off, because he yelled a profanity, I started sprinting to my building when I heard the sound of him running up behind me. The building I lived in at the time had been built a long time ago, and everything was outdated, including the security system. After 10 PM the doors would lock automatically, and you would have to put a key in the lock and turn it for the doors to open, and it would take FOREVER.

I finally got the door opened and had just shut it before he got there and was yanking on the handle and screaming at me. My skin was crawling for a few days after that.

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15. Never seen again

When my friend's dad was around 17 years old, he decided to go camping with about 8 or so of his friends. This took place in the Wisconsin forest. When they got to the site, they decided to split up to collect firewood in groups of two, and meet back at the site in around 20 minutes. One group wasn't back right away, and since they were a couple, they just assumed they were fooling in some bushes, and cracked a couple jokes about it. After around an hour they decided they should probably go look for them, and headed off to search in the area they had been collecting wood.

They saw behind a bush part of the girl's bloody shirt, and the man's shoes were lying scattered around the scene. They quickly rushed back to their car so they could drive to the park ranger's office, which was about 5 miles away, and report the incident. However, they found that their gas had been syphoned, so they had no choice but to walk. On their walk back to the office, they saw a semi pass by with one driver and two faces pressed up against the window, which they believe were their friends begging for help.

The two friends were reported missing and have never been found to this day.

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14. A terrible first memory

When I was 3, our home was broken into. The burglar stole money off of my parent's dresser, and then went into my room and just stared over my sleeping body. I woke up and saw him. My father watched him from his bedroom while calling the police. When the burglar left and the police were there with the lights on, his footprints were in the shag carpet.

This is my earliest memory.

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13. In your own words

When I was in my early 20s, I was fresh out of the closet and lived in the French Quarter. I started getting hangup calls from someone (presumably a hookup).

After a few months of sporadic calls, someone showed up outside of my window at around 2 AM and started blasting a tape recording of me saying, "Hello...? Hello....?" then drove off.

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12. The bomb squad

About 4 years ago now, I was at work late dealing with some closing issues. It took longer than usual, so I ended up being the last to leave. It was pretty late, around 8 pm. My place of work isn’t in the middle of nowhere nor is it in a bad part of town, it’s in a normal, nice area but it is usually abandoned after 7 pm. When I get outside, I hop in my car and prepare to pull out into the street.

As I stop, look both ways, I suddenly notice two figures standing to my left on the sidewalk. Thing is, they were both dressed in whitish body suits from head to toe and rapidly approaching my car. As in -- headed straight for the drivers door with little room to mistake their intent, whatever the end goal might have been.

I hoofed the gas down and turned down the street like a mother. My mirror showed them both moving my way on foot, which alarmed me since I live in the nearby neighborhood barely a 10 minute walk from there.

Didn’t think beyond getting home and locking the door. Nobody else was on the street, near the parking lot, or anything. My town isn’t known for dangerous types or shenanigans, but man if that didn’t scare me. Two strangers in head to toe body suits? It wasn’t halloween and they looked conspicuous as you please, but nobody else saw them.

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11. The faceless ones

When I was a teen, I saw a faceless entity in my house one night who was trying to steal my face. 7 years later, I was staying at my friend's house and the first night I was there he said he had a crazy nightmare that some faceless guy was stealing my face. No, I had never told him about it before.

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10. There's always a backstory

We were staying at a small lodge, about ten rooms. We had the whole place rented to ourselves and there were maybe fifteen of us there. No kids allowed. Woke up in the middle of the night because I heard kids running up and down the hall. Looked out there and nothing. Chalked it up to my imagination.

Next morning got up and casually mentioned over breakfast and three other people had heard it too. Then a staff member overheard us talking and told us that the lodge was actually built where a house had formerly stood. But it had burned down many many years ago, like in the 40's or 50's. And there had been a little girl living there who had died.

I've never gotten goose bumps so bad. All of us were creeped out the rest of our stay.

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9. I'm gonna tell myself it was a mountain lion

A few years back, my dad and I headed deep into the Utah countryside to watch the Perseid Meteor Showers. We were leaning against our car when we heard the loudest screeching sound coming from the darkness. We didn't stay to find out what it was, we jetted into the car and we bolted out of there.

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8. Animal intelligence

One time our family dog ran away. He was super shy and scared very easily (we got him from an animal testing lab.). So we gathered all friends and family which we could get our hands on and shortly after he bailed there were numerous search parties (all together about two dozen people) looking for him.

After a whole day of searching without any sign of the dog, the sun was setting slowly, I was standing on the edge of the forest, where I searched and called for the whole day, and suddenly saw a deer about 30 feet from me staring directly in my eyes. We stared at each other for at least a minute, no move and no sound, then I asked with a smoothing voice “did you happen to come across a lost beagle?” I

swear to god, the deer nodded and looked down on the ground. Then it jumped away into the woods. I was thinking to myself that I just imagined that nod and the dog could not sit next to the deer without making any noise. But I could not not check, and yes, there he was sitting in the exact spot, scared to death and shaking of fear.

I gasped and cuddled the dog, took him on my arm and looked into the woods where the deer disappeared. There it was again, starring at me, directly in the eyes! I had tears of joy and was so unbelievable grateful while at the same time confused. Since that day, I never ate deer again.


7. This is what locks are for

Used to live in a two story house with 5 dudes. The upstairs had a kitchen with a sliding glass door going out to the deck. The downstairs had a family room with one of those enclosed staircases that turned at the bottom so you couldn't see the person coming down until the last 4 steps.

One day I was playing SNES with one of the guys and we were the only two home. Heard the sliding glass door open and slam shut, then very loud and very fast footsteps pounding down the stairs then suddenly nothing.. but nobody came down. We both looked at each other like WTF was that?!?

I called out the name of my bf since it was close to the time he comes home from work but total silence. The two of us slowly crept upstairs to find the slider was locked and nobody else was home. We NOPED outside to chain smoke until my bf came home 20 minutes later.

None of our roommates/my bf ever believed us but that was hands down the freakiest thing I've ever experienced and I wasn't alone so I knew I wasn't crazy.

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6. "If the police hadn't been there, this is what would have gone down"

I was on a 15-hour bus trip from the Yucatan to Chiapas in Mexico with my family. It was late at night, and after several hours of driving we stopped at a gas station to go the bathroom, grab snacks, etc. It would have been like any other trip, however I noticed there was an unusual amount of police.

When we got back on the bus, the driver informed us that the police had received a tip that our bus was being targeted for a robbery by Mexican bandits. They would escort us.

We drove and drove for hours up a nauseatingly winding road, on the side of a cliff. One police truck in front of us, and one behind us, armed to the 9's. I was on high alert, but after a while I dozed off. That was, until the bus came to an abrupt stop. I remember peering out the front window, and seeing a series of large rocks placed strategically across the road. Everything was dark, save these rocks being illuminated by the bus lights.

If the police hadn't been there, this is what would have gone down:

Step 1: Bus driver disembarks, tries to remove rocks.

Step 2: Mexican bandits kill bus driver, or holds hostage.

Step 3: Bandits board bus.

Step 4: Rob, assault, kill.

I was 17 years old, white looking female, (I'm a halfie, and the rest of my family is Mexican, or looks full Mexican) and even then I knew what would have happened to me. Kidnapping for ransom would definitely not have been out of the question, and assault a high guarantee. We were in the middle of nowhere on a bloody mountain. If the policia weren't there, would I be here to tell this story? Probably not.

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5. The rock monsters

This happened about 6 years ago. A couple friends and I had decided to go out into the woods and build a "base camp". We brought axes, machetes, fuel and a tent. We walked deep into the woods and spent all day cutting down trees and building a makeshift fence.

Being idiots as it became dark we realized we had no way to see. We started a fire and I realized if we pour some fuel into a small can we can light the fumes at the top and create a torch. We made several torches and placed them in the surrounding woods. It got very dark and we needed more logs for the fire so I was out about 20 meters from our camp I could hear my friends talking.

I was swinging at the tree when I felt something hit my back. I froze and turned out around staring into the dark forest right at the edge of lights from our torches. I saw nothing and I assumed something had fallen off the tree and hit my shoulder. Right as I was about to swing something hits me in the back of the head and it hurt enough to make me swing around again. I saw a rock at my feet and I was terrified now.

Turning back to walk towards camp I could hear my friends and see the light from the fire. I kept turning my head looking into the darkness about halfway to camp a rock flew by me, missing my head by inches. I ran back to camp and told everyone and they saw the terror in my face. We sat for awhile before more rocks came. We couldn't see anyone or anything; just rocks flying into camp.

Needless to say we didn't sleep, just chilled in the tent holding machetes and keeping a big fire. There were so many rocks in the morning, the thought still terrifies me. We were deep in the woods no one else should have been out there. I want to say it was a person but we didn't hear anything or see anything. Just so many rocks.

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4. I seriously worry about what happened to that woman

This happened when I was living in Indonesia, to set the scene. If anyone on a minute off-chance knows this woman or someone has told you this happened to them please do pipe up. It's obsessed me since it happened and I think about this woman every day.

So, we had a house for a while that was a bit like a wedding cake. On top was a little snug/nook room a bit like a ship's crows nest, you could see for ages around. We were in the middle of an empty, square patch of land and it backed on to an unused field, big, flat, open, nowhere to hide. No trees lining it, just more flat fields and then a tall back wall. A wall about 4 feet high separated the field and my house.

One day, late afternoon, I'm up there just relaxing and I hear these blood curdling screams. "Help me! Help me!" Just like that, a woman, probably Australian/Kiwi screaming in English. I've never heard anything like it.

From my nest, I can see her running across the field at the back, kind of limping, pretty sure she was bloodied, messed up either way. She was about halfway across when I saw her. I ran down to the ground floor and towards the field and she was gone, no sign of her at all. It took me all of about a minute, if that. I was gunning it down there to get to the field but she had just vanished.

Nowhere to be seen. Unless Usian Bolt was pursuing her, it is incredibly, incredibly unlikely someone came into the field, grabbed her and pulled her back out without me having seen them. Pretty much impossible really.

I sent my house security out to look for her. I stayed in the field looking and they went towards where she came from and over the wall she had to have climbed over to get into the field. It was an unused holiday villa and they found a sandal and a bit of blood, nothing else. There was blood on the wall where she climbed over but nothing going the other way, so I know I didn't imagine it or make it up.

We called the police and they came and had a look and they also found nothing. Posters went up and stuff, nobody got back to us or anything.

God only knows what happened when I was coming down those stairs but I know it can't have been good. 

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3. "We need to leave right now"

So, this happened senior year of high school. My best friend and I were at her house (which was way up in one of the canyons and she had a long, windy driveway). We had been there all day and her mom had gone out and she and I were supposed to go meet a couple friends in Hollywood that night.

Anyways, we had been goofing around all day and watching scary movies at whatnot and we started to get ready. Her bathroom had one of those his/her double sink deals so she was near one and I was at the other. All of a sudden I got the creepiest feeling, like, all of the hair on my arms stood up and I had this sudden feeling of panic. To this day it is the most terrified I have ever been. I was putting on eyeliner when it happened and I caught her eye in the mirror and said, "We need to leave. Right now."

I thought she would be like, 'what? you're being ridiculous!' But instead she said, "I know." My blood ran cold when she said it. We left so quickly that we just grabbed what was in front of us. We booked it out of her house and down the driveway (which we weren't supposed to be on because her mom had just had it repaved) and her car was parked down on the street.

We rounded the curve in the driveway and there was an SUV parked dead center in the middle of the street without its lights on. Suddenly, the lights turned on full blast, the SUV blared its horn and took off. We scrambled the rest of the way down (totally ruining the new paving) and were getting into her car and calling the police when her mom pulled up right behind us.

To this day, I do not know if it was a robber or what, but the fact that she and I both got the sense of dread at the exact same time creeps me out to no end.

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2. A spider in the garden

When I was 16, my parents went out of town for a weekend. It was actually pretty sweet because I got to be "king of the castle" for the weekend. So I get home that Friday night and just fool around (internet, video games, etc.) and start watching TV around dusk.

The way our living room was set up was that there was a set of glass doors right next to the television that looked out to the back porch/backyard. The backyard was surrounded by ivy that grew on a hill around a 45-degree angle. So I'm just mindlessly channel surfing and I see some movement outside.

At first I just dismiss it thinking it's a bird or a neighborhood cat or something, but I then notice that whatever is moving is WAY bigger than a bird or a cat. I go and put my face near the glass and stare into the backyard -- and there's some dude just crouching in the ivy looking into the house. Our eyes meet and he has somewhat of an "oh crap!" moment and BOLTS out of our yard. Scared the life out me.

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1. "I was on high alert: someone had vanished and this guy had just appeared out of the blue"

Cody, Wyoming, midnight.

I had just finished a very long day at work. I am a medical courier, and I am regularly on the road, staying in hotels, and life is never dull. This particular evening I wound up on a 500mi drive that ended in Cody.

It had been cold, it was December after all and this is Wyoming. The roads had been very so-so that night; they weren't clear, but they weren't treacherous. It was one of those drives in the dark where you are on edge the whole time. Staying alert for 500 miles in the dark, on roads that were nearly abandoned at this time of night, with light snow and heavy winds -- it takes a lot out of a person. This particular week it had been very busy.

The drive to the patients house was up a windy slick road, and the drive was uneventful. After I had dropped the medicine off to them, I called the boss to let them know I had made it in and was heading to a hotel to get some sleep. Pretty usual conversation, we talked briefly about how much they would reimburse me for the hotel room. They always say $80-$100. Not too much.

I however am 31 and a good night's rest, a good free breakfast, and a nice AM soak in a hot tub are requirements for when I catch myself in a hotel room. I know that by the time I get to the hotel I have put on serious miles, so I treat myself. Tonight I pulled into a chain hotel I have stayed at 3 or 4 times now, so I am familiar with the place. I had called ahead about 8 hours before when I was leaving Denver to call and book a room, and let them know they should be expecting me at midnight. I walk into the hotel with my bag, dusting off the snow that had fallen on me while I got my stuff out of the car and walked inside.

Its very quiet, there's no music and the TV isn't on in the lobby. I wander to the counter, leaving a trail of wet shoe prints behind from coming in out of the snow into the lobby, my shoes squeaking as I approach the counter. When I get to the counter there is no one there. On the counter is a bowl of ice cream, with a brownie from the restaurant connected to the hotel, the local paper is open to the comics page, and the Sudoku is half filled out with a pen sitting there. Hanging on the back of the chair is a small lady's coat with fake fur fringe around the hood; on the floor next to the chair are a pair on smaller pink and black Nikes, and a black purse.

I figure that the receptionist is in the bathroom, so I stand at the counter quietly, waiting on her to return. I fiddle with my wallet getting out my card to pay for it and my ID. I scroll on my phone and hook to the free wifi. 5 minuets go by. Then 10. At 15 minuets the phone starts ringing. I still had no idea where she was, and I had begun to get irritated. It had been a long day and I wanted to get rested before I got up and drove home in the morning.

After the phone stopped ringing and I started to get frustrated, I began to wander around the lobby, and behind the counter shouting, "Hello, is any one here?" as loudly as possible. The area behind the counter is an employee only area. I venture back behind the counter where a hallway leads to the back of house area connected to the offices, staff elevator, bathrooms, laundry and the restaurant. I venture down the hallway shouting hello, still no one answers. It is now 12:30am.

As I return to the counter and begin looking for a posted phone number for a manager,  the phone rings, the cordless phone still laying next to the paper she had opened. Frustrated, and exhausted I answer the phone, hoping it's someone who could tell me where the woman is who is supposed to check me in. It's not. It's another guest, who had tried calling earlier for a wake up call in the morning. I explain to the gentleman on the phone my situation, and how I cannot help him. He states he is coming to the lobby to help me look for the "girl" at the counter. I had not found a number to call.

Five minuets go by and the strange older man, with odd glasses and long unkept hair comes into the lobby from the first floor hallway. At this point I had been behind the counter, and had been shouting to the point I feared I may wake up other guests. I had wandered through the back area, the lobby and the front part of the restaurant, all while shouting, and no one responded.

This guy gave me the creeps. I was exhausted but on high alert; there was an employee missing, and a creepy guy who just happened to appear at the same time she is missing. Feeling nervous about this gentleman, I stay prepared for any strange behavior and keep myself at least arm's distance from him the entire time. I explain where I have looked. That I have yelled.

At this point I begin to go through what I call "worst case scenario preparation". This guy could've easily overpowered a small woman. I may be standing here with a crazy ,an. I keep my space, and my back towards the main entry just in case. I am a grown man, just under 6ft, I have had self-defense courses, and I have a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) after encountering a bear at a patient's house in the fall. I have no reason to believe I am in immediate trouble but this guy just gives me the creeps. It is at this point I debate calling the cops. Its now 12:45am.

The gentleman tells me, "Maybe she's in the bathroom." To which I respond I had thought that myself, but I had walked by and yelled loudly when I walked through the back and no one responded. He insists we check the bathrooms. My red flag goes off and I put another foot or two of space between us as I let him lead us down the hallway to the employee bathroom. My heart and mind a racing at this point: did this dude kill her and now he's gonna try to kill me? I start to worry about my safety as we go down a hallway that leads to small rooms with only one exit in and out. We reach the bathroom.

He knocks and announces himself, then opens the door. The bathroom is empty. We check a few more rooms and the elevator and find nothing. We venture back to the lobby where I stand behind the counter looking for any phone number that could be a manager or supervisor.

After about 10 minutes I find a number and someone answers, Its now 12:55am. The half asleep voice on the other end of the phone is the maintenance woman for the hotel. Confused as to who I am and why I am calling I explain the situation as the creepy man stands on the other side of the counter staring at me in a dead cold manner. The maintenance woman says she will be there in 10 minuets or so. I hang up the phone.

I walk around the counter still confused, looking at her stuff there, as if she had just vanished. Its at this point I decide to wander towards the lobby/seating for the restaurant. Once in the doorway I turn the corner and down at the end of the booths there are a pair of legs hanging out of the booth. I had walked within 15 feet of there while checking around before the creepy guy showed up.

I see her legs hanging and instantly the pit of my stomach turns sour and a sense of dread comes over me. Suddenly the creepy guy walks right up by me. Thinking the worst, I take a few quick steps away from him and down the row of booths in the dark restaurant. With him at the other end, I look in the booth where she is laying. She is maybe 20 and very pretty. I shake her foot, she doesn't respond. I shake again, saying 'HEY!" Nothing.

It's at this moment, as the creepy guy starts down the booth that I finally feel I may need to defend myself. I kneel down to draw from my ankle holster as he quickly comes down the row of booths, and it's at this exact moment the girl wakes up and accidentally kicks me in the chest knocking me gently on my butt and stopping Mr. Creepy in his tracks.

She had been asleep. Mr. Creepy was just a guest. Moments later, the Maintenance Woman arrived and by 1:15am I was in my room trying to decompress.

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