People From Around The World Share Obnoxious 'Spoiled Kid' Stories

People From Around The World Share Obnoxious 'Spoiled Kid' Stories

Children can be extremely spoiled. This is true around the entire world. Kids can be spoiled here in America, in China, Russia, Egypt... All children have the potential to act like brats. Most of the reason they do comes down to how they are raised, but we can't always put all the blame on the parents. Some young people simply have a rotten personality. Hopefully, they'll eventually grow out of it!

You have probably witnessed at least one or two truly spoiled children commit acts of bratty defiance. Here are some stories from people around the world about an awful tantrum they've seen (and no doubt heard). With any luck, all of our own children will act considerably better than these!


60. Crush The Old

A guy got his parent's old car when he got his license but he wanted the Hummer. So he made ramps and drove over the old car until it was destroyed. His parents gave him the Hummer, and bought a new car.


59. I Guess They Learn It Somewhere

I worked at Toys R Us so I had to listen to some pretty ridiculous stuff. What stuck with me though was a boy, who was about 9, tell his mother they better leave with the Nerf gun or else she knows what he’ll do when they get home. The look on his face was akin to that of a person who purposefully belittles their spouse in public.

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58. Spoiled Kids Turn Into Spoiled Adults

In high school, a girl turned 16, parents gave her a new BMW with the understanding that the live-in maid would use it once, maybe twice, a week to get groceries/run errands. Unacceptable! A week after her epic tantrum she had a brand new Land Rover.

In college, there was a serious party girl who lived in my dorm. She goes out one night with her car (think it was a Land Rover). Can’t find it after a night at the bar. Tells her parents it was stolen, G-Wagon replacement. Turns out her car wasn’t stolen it was parked in a lot across from the bar, not the one adjacent to the bar. Oh well, she had two cars at school for the next two years...

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57. What An Empty Existence

My ex had this friend whose parents were loaded.

He lived in an upscale apartment downtown with just him and his girlfriend. I didn't have a job. Dad paid for everything.

All he ever did was go to music festivals (even ones out of the country) and throw parties. I didn't know the meaning of a dollar. Always threw hissy fits if something didn't go his way.

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56. Bad Word

A little girl ran behind the counter at work, and I quickly redirected her with a friendly, but firm, "No, you can't come back here. Let's find your parents."

Well, her parents were standing right there, fully aware of the situation and without missing a beat they corrected me.

"Oh, we don't use that word."

"I'm sorry?"

"We don't tell her no."


55. The Moral Of The Story: Don't Save

A friend of mine saved up for an iPod when they first came out. Literally saved for a year to get one. His mom took him and his sister to the mall so he can purchase his. His sister started throwing a tantrum because she didn't have one now. Their Mom got so fed up with her about it she bought the sister one to just shut her up.

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54. Did He Run Her Over?

Dated a girl who was given a brand new car for her 16th. She had it for less than a year before she crashed it. Her parents bought her a used car. She had it for about a year before crashing it. They bought her a THIRD car (used) and then when her brother turned 16 she pitched a fit because he got a new car while she had to drive around her used car.

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53. Fail Sons

My employer's two sons have everything paid for so they never have to worry about cost. They both have everything they want and need. One of them likes expensive shiny things and he's always thrown fits until he got what he wanted from what his dad told me. For Christmas, he wanted a $1200 55" Samsung curved TV, even after his dad stated that his budget was $1000 for each. He threw fits and got mad at his dad and his dad, being the wimp he is, apologized and ended up buying it for him anyway. The son is 21 years old.

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52. Some Things Are More Important Than Prom

My mom had cervical cancer a few years ago and had a full hysterectomy. She was out of work for awhile and my brother and I had to work more hours and basically help out with the majority of the bills and groceries.

My then-girlfriend at the time couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't willing to pay hundreds of dollars on a tux and prom stuff. She proceeded to ask me every day if we were going until I finally yelled at her and told her sarcastically that I was sorry my mom had cancer and surgery to remove all of it and that I was sorry I had to help out with paying bills.

She finally shut up about it and cried to her friends, literally cried, at the school, she went to but told them I just didn't want to go. She totally left out the cancer part. I only learned that the other week when one of the people she cried to got hired at my job and told me what she did.

We later broke up because she cheated on me and she told everyone I hit her. I've never been in a fight in my life and I'm afraid to hit anyone because I'm a wimp.

I guess prom overrules helping my mom who had cancer.

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51. Too Lazy To Order Pizza: A New Low

When I delivered pizza in a wealthy area, I had the following incident. I got the house (big, fancy, etc) I ring the doorbell and no one answers. I knock in case it's broken, still no answer. I call the house, no answer.

As I'm about to call my boss and tell him what's going on, my phone rings and it's a lady who reveals herself to be the mother of the kid who ordered the pizza. She said he'd be right to the door in a moment.

So I'm waiting for another 5 minutes, and flying down the street and into the driveway comes a Mercedes G class. A woman frantically gets out, pays me (doesn't tip), and apologizes that she couldn't get her son to "come up from the basement because he's watching a movie."

This idiot woman let her son sulk in the basement; meanwhile, she drove all the way from work back to her house to answer her own door and bring this brat his pizza and breadsticks because he couldn't be bothered to pause a movie.

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50. Finally, A Dad Who Lays Down The Law

Had a friend "Don" who had 2 kids, a year apart in age. When his son turned 16, Don was ready to give him his PRISTINE Volkswagen. Don really babied his cars, so this Jetta, though about seven years old, was truly in like-new condition, a car that most normal 16-year-olds would be thrilled to have. I would have been thrilled to have it myself!

So Don tells his son the plan and his son goes, "Dad, I'm not driving THAT car. It's a seven-year-old Jetta. I need a new pickup truck." After taking a deep breath so he didn't throttle his son, Don simply said, "Well, then, I'll drive the Jetta for one more year and then give it to your sister when she's 16. If you want a new pickup truck then you'll either have to ask your mother or buy one yourself."

Now Don and his kids' mother had been divorced for years and, through a series of bad choices, his ex-wife had barely two dimes to rub together. Don had gotten remarried to a woman who was a very successful and wealthy business owner. So his son (very mistakenly) thought that Don and his current wife would foot the bill for whatever the son wanted; how very wrong he was...

Fast forward a year, his daughter is very happily driving the Jetta. Don bought himself a brand new Mazda. His son has access to neither of them. In desperation, his son bought himself a crappy $800 beater just to get himself to and from work. Lesson learned, I hope. I applaud Don for sticking to his guns and teaching his kid not to be an entitled jerkwad at an early age...

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49. Your Spoiledness Made Actual News

I was on my high school's newspaper staff and we always did a section on cars in the parking lot, where we highlighted one "crappy" car and one super nice car and then interviewed both owners. Everyone loved it (and don't worry, the crappy car owners were always super excited to be a part of it and they always had the best stories.)

So we pick Snobette Snootyson cuz she's got a nice brand new Range Rover or something, and after I'm the last to call "not it" I'm forced to interview her.

What's your favorite feature of the car?

"Well one time I forgot to put it in park and it started rolling away, but it didn't roll that fast so probably that. Or my G-Eazy bumper sticker."

Got any funny stories about your car?

"Yeah! When my parents first got me it, I was making faces at my friend and turned left when it wasn't an arrow and totaled it. So they got me the same one again!"

I managed to sneak into the article: "Snootyson has managed to keep her car undamaged since October." (It was January.)

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48. Parent Of The Year

I was in a Toys R Us in the '90s. This mother and daughter who had to be around 12 were shopping. The girl asks if she can have some toy. The mother said, "No, we are here to get a gift for..." The girl asked once or twice more and the mom declined.

The girl then said, "[Bleep] you, mom," and took off running. The mother chased her while the kid cursed her out. Eventually, it must have ended.

I went to check out and the mother and daughter are behind me. The mother not only got the toy she wanted but actually apologized.

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47. The Struggle Is Not Real

In college, I knew a girl whose daddy was some big shot banker or something. Made enough that the wife didn't have to work and 3 kids could go to expensive schools with little financial aid.

This girl didn't have to work during college, had all her supplies and lodging paid for by daddy, and got to fly home every time there was a 3 day weekend. All on her father's dime.

I once had to borrow $10 from her to pay for some food when we went out to eat. I promised I would pay her back once I got my check next week (at the time I worked for a cafe) and she seemed cool with it. Turns out she was not cool with it, and promptly bashed me on her blog and to all her other friends calling me a bad person and a thief....because I borrowed $10. I paid her back. I brought up the blog posts and she was very embarrassed.

Last I heard of her she's living in a daddy-paid Manhattan apartment working part-time as a receptionist at a yoga studio. She started a new blog about "the struggle."

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46. Sandwich Snob

For young kids: A kid whose mom catered to every whim he had and never wanted him to feel any bad feelings. She would make him separate dinners, buy him everything he asked for, fight with his teachers when they said he was misbehaving in class -- that sort of thing.

Anyway, one day I babysat him for her because she had a family emergency and he asked me for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I made it for him and he started crying and said: "This sandwich is different from the sandwich I have at home". 7 years old, and I wasn't using weird ingredients or anything.

For teenagers: My cousin's parents paid for everything for him - car, apartment, college, spending money. All he had to do was go to college and pass classes. This idiot dropped out of school "because I would rather sleep all day and party", lit a fire in his apartment that caused significant water damage from the sprinkler system, and started being a dealer.

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45. Salt In The Wound

Had a billionaire customer with four kids, all of them pretty spoiled. The youngest once said to me spitefully, "We're going on Tiger next week and you're not allowed to come."

Tiger is the name of their yacht in southern Italy.

It's not just that he's spoiled that gets to me, it's the fact he knows it and rubs it in.



44. Expensive Replacements

A girl in my grade broke or lost her phone six times in the past year and her parents replaced every single one. The last time she broke it (like two months ago), she complained because she got an iPhone 6s instead of the new one.


43. The Only Tetherball

I was a camp counselor for awhile... had a granddaughter of the man who owns Torké coffee one week. I don't know how materially spoiled she was, but I was baffled that the kid could not understand that having a rich grandpa does not entitle her to get to use the only working tetherball, alone, because she demanded it. I had to have a ten minute conversation with her during playground time about how, at camp, everyone are equals. Thankfully she was fine the rest of the week!


42. Housekeeper Chauffeur

Kid at my high school.
When he was 14 he had a learner's permit but his parents got him a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Every day he drove it to school and he was determined to park it in the parking lot to show it off. So he had his housekeeper drive to school with him and her son drove a car behind her to take her back home (which was only about 2 miles away from our school).


41. Personal Space

Going to high school with the son of the owner of a large TV company. He thought he should be allowed to sit alone in the classroom surrounded by unfilled desks. I had the "privilege" of sitting in front of him and was constantly harassed with attacks from his ruler and pens if he thought I was even remotely leaning back.


40. God Of Tantrums

My husband and I moved to a new city and spent a lot of time with his gal pal from high school. She had a toddler son who was absolutely atrocious and without a mental disability. She threatened him with punishment all of the time for his behavior but never followed through. We would often meet her for dinner, where he would throw a tantrum, and she’d say, “If you keep acting like that, we’re leaving.” He kept acting up but she never left with him.

She had him with a live-in partner who is Cuban and grew up with a “Cuban boys should be treated like gods” mentality. One time we saw her get upset with the kid for throwing a toy at her head, only to see the kid’s dad yell at her, “No! You shouldn’t have given him that toy! Now YOU apologize to HIM!” The kid was in a stroller until he was 5 because he couldn’t be trusted not to run off into traffic when they were out in public.



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39. Spoiled Passenger

I was stuck on a flight for 15 hours with a woman with a 4-year-old boy and baby girl; they were from Pakistan. That boy got away with all kinds of behavior, hitting the baby, screaming for hours on end climbing into the baby bassinette. Several attempts at hitting my one-year-old, followed by stern looks and loud "NO"s from me. Mother kept saying "Oh, he is our prince." No woman, he's not, he's a little poop bag. Not even flight attendants intervening could convince her to control that child. Worst 15 hours of my life; towards the end I wanted to stuff the little brat in the overhead locker (not actually recommending that for children).



38. More Like Grandparents Than Parents

I know a couple who couldn't have children. They finally got approved for adoption when they were older and they finally got their first child in their mid to late 50s.

They were just so happy with finally having a child that they spoiled him rotten. Anything he wanted, they gave him. He grew up demanding things and throwing tantrums. They let him eat what he wanted so he ballooned in size. Eventually, he dropped out of school because he didn't want to go and his parents were fine with this until the state told them they weren't allowed to do this, so they got his butt back into school, which he failed miserably in because he didn't care.

He was eating away at all of their savings. He would randomly pick up new hobbies and needed top-of-the-line things for those hobbies, which he gave up on after a few months. His parents received an inheritance, and he blew through that entire amount within a few months, spending on stupid stuff.

Eventually, his mother passed away, and his elderly dad, who is in his 70s, is having to work two full jobs while his son, now in his 20s, does nothing all day except drive around in his vehicle, live streaming himself talking while driving. He's already had two accidents from filming himself while driving.


37. Punish Me Like That

My friend's ten-year-old son is a brat, and always getting sent to his room for one thing or another. The other day, I peeked into the kid's room. Laptop, desktop, TV, and three game systems. Oh my god, what a horrible punishment. Amnesty International is going to write letters about this.


36. A Ride Beneath Her

My mom's cousin's kid was (and probably still is) the worst. She was like something out of a TV show, stamping her foot and getting her own way whilst her parents scrambled to ensure she got everything she wanted.

Once, when my Grandpa was very sick, she had to be driven home by my uncle. She point blank refused to get in the car, and when asked why she said: "My daddy drives a Ferrari. I'm not getting in that thing!"

It was just a basic Ford Fiesta. She sat on the floor and screamed. We told her to get in the car, but when she still wouldn't, my uncle called her dad who drove all the way back from the hospital and got her like it was no big deal. She was six years old.


35. New Bats

A kid on my son's baseball team struck out and dented/cracked his composite bat having a hissy fit behind the dugout. Coach laid into him. Sat him. Parents complained of course. Next practice the kid had a brand new composite bat. Those are a few hundred bucks by the way.


34. A Few Problems More

I used to babysit these kids. The one girl didn't feel like doing her homework, so I told her we only had a couple problems left and I had been helping her, so it was gonna go by quickly, and we could play games as soon as she was done.

In response, she told me she wished I was dead (this girl was six years old), threw a bunch of crackers on the floor, kicked her dog, and said she was going to blame it all on me and get me fired. Of course, her parents didn't believe I threw food on the floor and assaulted their dog, but there was absolutely no repercussions for what she did. They just turned their heads, put their hands on their hips and were like, "what did we say about lying?" And that was it.


33. Helpless And Chauffered

I knew a 17-year-old whose parents gave him a BMW, and he had a maid. Okay, not too weird; I’ve met a lot of doctor's and franchise owner's kids with that stuff. What really got me though was when this kid said how he traveled to his dad’s factory in another country. To get there he usually is flown in a helicopter and then driven around in a limo.

This kid also had zero understanding of how to live without someone tending to his every need so he was a terrible roommate when we were in college. He didn’t clean up anything (I watched him once and he really didn’t know how to work a broom) and demanded (by banging on their door) his roommates cook for him.


32. Already Had That One!

My cousin.

Her dad travels a lot for work and would bring back gifts for her. I was visiting one day when he came home and gave her one of those collectible holiday Barbie dolls that are like $50-$70 a piece, and she threw it at his head because, without him knowing, her mom had already gotten her the same doll at Canadian prices while he was gone. He apologized and promised to go to town to buy her something else.

I ended up getting that spare doll because he bought it in the US and didn't have a receipt for it.

She also once screamed at me to get out and walk home (a 6 kilometre trek) in the middle of winter because I didn't want to play house anymore.


31. Makeup Can't Cover Spoiled

Worked at a little kids' birthday party place. Princess parties and expensive as all get out. Our most expensive package was $50 a kid (before tax) and a family booked a 12-person party with that package. The booking requires a deposit of $25. The little birthday girl comes in and has the party of her life. She keeps talking about a stupidly overpriced makeup kit we sold, cost $50 and was probably $15 worth of makeup. It was one of the most expensive items we had and she was obsessed with it the entire party. Her grandma discreetly paid for her entire party (well over $500) and then asked us to add on the makeup kit and hide it from her. She faked as if the girl was just getting the party.

The little girl started spouting off on her poor grandma saying that she didn’t understand why she didn’t buy the kit. The grandma said that she was paying for the party. The little girl had the audacity to say that her mom paid for it. The grandma said, “Your mom paid the $25 deposit." So awkward. She returned the makeup kit.


30. Ostracized Herself

I was talking about the water crisis with my students and we were discussing what the response would be if our local area had an impending Day 0. One of my students shrugged and said, "Well, I would just go to our house in Spain."

I reminded her that this wasn't an option for the majority of the population and her response was, "Well, it's not my fault if they can't afford it. Get a job."

It was the very beginning of the school year and the majority of my students in that class were from low-income families who had never been overseas, let alone had a holiday house in Europe. She sat by herself for the rest of the year and I don't believe it was by choice.


29. Unappreciative Matt

This dude Matt I knew, like 30 years old, was addicted to substances, lived at home, and his parents DROVE HIM TO THE CITY AND GAVE HIM MONEY to buy his illegal stuff every morning so he could WORK A PAID JOB delivering pizzas WITH HIS DAD'S BMW at the family pizza shop without being sick. And the guy still had the nerve to complain about what an idiot his dad was.

I watched him literally CRY on the phone with his dad begging for money, and as soon as he hung up, he yelled that his dad said he had to wait for a slow period at the shop before delivering the substance money to the son.


28. That's My Trash!

After sixth grade, I went to the same sleepaway summer camp as my friend. I loved camp; he hated it. He had a total meltdown the first night, crying and begging to be allowed to call his parents. I made new friends while he sullenly kept to himself...We began to drift apart.

His parents used to clip comics from the newspaper and send them to him. He would read them and then put them in the recycle bin. One day another kid took one of the thrown-away strips out from the bin and started reading it. My friend started screaming. He ran up and punched the kid, then knocked the strip out of his hands. "Don't read that - IT'S MINE!"


27. Reverse Psychology At Its Finest

Once an old friend from high school brought her 8-year-old son over to visit our farm.

It was “Rod don’t touch that!” “Rod get down from there!” Rod don’t go over there!” - Never any repercussions from all of Mom’s empty words.

I brought him over to the cows, who were behind an electric fence. Out of earshot of mom I bent over and very deliberately told him “Rod, this is very important, don’t touch that wire ok?”

Of course, he ran over to the wire, looked back at me over his shoulder, and then grabbed the wire with both hands. A split second later, of course, he gets hit by the full force of the 10,000 volt electric shock and lets out the most horrible gargling scream. He looks at me wide-eyed like I had betrayed him and it was all I could do to suppress the most satisfying smile.

“Oh no! Is he going to be ok?” asked mom.

“Oh yeah, he’ll be better than he was before” I said.

“What?” She asked.

“Oh, nothing.”


26. Supremely Spoiled And Selfish

From the age of four, I grew up with a girl whose mum and dad bought her everything she asked for. I mean literally, she could walk into any toy store and say she wanted lots of things and she would get them. Even now she’s in her twenties, her parents paid for her car, tax, insurance, all her bills etc. She can’t (read: won’t) hold down a full time job because she finds working more than 16 hours a week too stressful. She lives with her boyfriend's mum and dad (rent-free), and has all high tech stuff. She actually had the audacity to call me a slob for asking if I could watch something on her Netflix (paid for by, you guessed it, the bank of mum and dad). I wasn’t asking for the password or anything, I was at the house she lives in and wanted to watch the last episode of Big Mouth on her MacBook.


25. Cartel Heir

My nephew. My parents had me late in life so I was the same age as him so when we would go over to his house we would play together.

His mom's (my sister's) husband was part of an illegal business in Peru (we are Peruvian) so they were rich. Their house was amazing. My nephew got whatever he wanted. I remember for his eighth birthday he got a grand piano that fit comfortably in his room. He literally had everything.

He was a jerk, acted like everyone owed him everything. Used to hit me if I made him angry.


24. On Her Case

I work at a summer camp and we had a 12-year-old come in after his birthday. He got a brand new iPhone that had just come out. His mom was a nurse and was always stressed to all get out when she came out. The mom came in to tell the kid she got him a case for his new phone, he asked what kind it was, and the mom said it was an all black otterbox. The kid then berated his single mom, that works day and night shifts, with a mentally disabled six-year-old, who had also just bought him a $600+ phone, for buying an "ugly and old woman case." For a solid five minutes, I have never looked at someone with such disrespect, I wish I could've done something for the mom.


23. Pre-Uber Chauffeuring

My cousins. On my sisters seventh birthday, my cousin called her to wish her well. My sister began telling her about the awesome party she was having later that day. My cousin was upset she couldn't go, so my aunt put her on a plane that day and arranged for a driver to take her to our house (Uber was not a thing). They are upper middle class but by no means rich enough to be doing that kind of stuff.


22. That's My Fancy Cupcake!

I worked at Whole Foods about ten years ago. I was used to most customers being rude to me. It wasn’t terrible; they just were snobby. One family that came in was an older couple with a 12-year-old girl with them. Cashiers and baggers would actively try to avoid them because the daughter was a total butt. I had only three interactions with her and I wanted to scream.

Once, I was bagging and she got a fancy cupcake. I asked if she wanted her own bag and she slapped the cupcake out of my hand. Then screamed at me for touching her stuff and ruining it. She demanded that I get another cupcake for her. I looked at her parents and they said nothing. I walked away before I said something that would get me fired.


21. Sorest Loser

A (thankfully) distant cousin. The kid would always challenge me to play Mario Kart with him. In one moment he was doing so bad that I had no other choice than to be first, literally no way for me to lose or it would be obvious that I'm trying to let him win (you know, let the kid win so he doesn't get angry). The moment he saw that I was in the lead he threw the controller on the TV and started screaming around.


20. Playing Unfairly

When I used to roleplay on Gaia Online (God, that's a really old sentence), there was a guildmate of ours who tried to bribe the admins to ban my account, since our friends tended to prefer roleplay with myself over him. When that didn't work, he tried to DDOS my computer from his private jet.


19. Not Just The Rich

I worked at a gas station in high school, and there was a woman who came in to treat her daughter to a snack. Like, a little snack that she could pay for with pocket change (think a candy bar or a can of soda or something). She leaves the kid unattended for a second to go get something out of her car, and the little monster uses those couple of minutes to grab as much candy as she can. And a slushie. And a Snapple. Just, if it was sweet and delicious and could fit in her arms, she was snagging it.

Well, her mom comes back in and looks horrified (especially with the slushie, which she realizes can't just be put back on a shelf). She quietly pulls the kid aside towards the register and explains that she would like to be able to buy her everything she wants, but she needs to pick one thing.

The kid's response: "Just use your food stamps."

The mom tells her, no, we can't do that. Food stamps are for actual food. She can't afford to spend her foodstamps on snacks and still have money left over for groceries. Especially not for the pile of food, she's accumulated.

The kid argues back. The mom tries to reason with her. The kid starts screaming. Mom is getting angry.

"No. That's final. Go put all of this back!" says mom at long last.

So the kid proceeds to throw her slushie at her mom, shrieking, and drops everything on the ground and storms out. Mom apparently used to having stuff chucked at her, dodges effortlessly and chases her outside.


18. Brattiest Brother Ever

My bratty butt of a brother. He’s 12 and addicted to Fortnite. My mom (who struggles with money as is) bought and built him a FIVE THOUSAND dollar computer, all for Fortnite. He screams bloody murder every five minutes or so while playing it totally degrades and belittles everyone else in the house. No one disciplines him. He has hospitalized our younger brother and was still able to play. If the Internet goes out for a second, he breaks other people’s things and blames them for the Internet. he also has the newest iPhone, 20+ pairs of $100+ shoes, so on and so forth.


17. Equally Siblings

This kid I had to carpool with in high school was the most spoiled sophomore I’ve ever met. One time I remember his mother called for all her children to get in the car and he said: “You only have one child!” (meaning himself). She said, “No, I have three." His response was “Uh uh Mommy, you have one BIOLOGICAL and two ADOPTED.”


16. The Only True Pasta

When we were little, my brother would refuse to eat any pasta shape other than spaghetti. One time my grandma made spaghetti where if you looked at the noodle from the end it was square, and he refused to eat it. Also, God forbid if it was slightly thicker or thinner than usual.


15. Bored And Spoiled

My first cousin. The kid has been wrongly parented so bad and has no respect for authority. From the time he was about 7-11, he would throw temper tantrums if he wasn’t allowed to bring his iPad to the table. Most recently, he was given a brand new computer setup (not sure of specs) that cost over $3,000 to put together and used it twice simply because he got bored of playing Fortnite on Xbox with a mouse and keyboard. He used it for a week and then went back to Xbox because he would get beat up on and then throw a tantrum. This Christmas, he got a brand new 2018 MacBook Pro with all the lace and frills. Why? Because his 2016 MacBook took 15 seconds to start up instead of the 3 it used to. He’s allowed to drink coffee and stay up till 3 or 4 at the ripe old age of 13. He swears at my uncle and aunt and even his grandparents without a care.


14. Don't Want It

Former friend's four-year-old brat cried all the way down the street after walking past an ice cream shop. I sorta felt bad because they don't have much money and the ice cream isn't cheap, so I treated him to some. The kid took two licks, smiled at me, and said, "I don't want it."


13. So Many Shattered Screens

Family friend's 14-year-old daughter.

The kid breaks her iPhone screen every week (not exaggerating), parents get it fixed every week. Once, her phone crashed and she WILLINGLY slammed the iPhone on the table, also cracking the back. Refuses to put a case or glass screen protector on it. Throws tantrums when her parents won't fix it for her.


12. We, Will, Have Legs

My cousin. We had a family beach trip when he was about 6 or 7. He wanted crab legs. We went to a restaurant and asked if they had any. They said no. The boy threw a fit. Screaming and crying. His mom insisted that we all (all 15 of us) get back in our cars and drive to another restaurant. No crab legs there, either. Back into cars, in the pouring rain, to another restaurant. We tried just about every restaurant in Wrightsville Beach, NC, looking for crab legs. It took forever. Finally, we found a place and could eat.


11. Purse, Meet Puddle

When I was a kid I went over to this other kid's house for a project. That kid wanted potato chips as his mom was driving me home. She said no. He proceeded to yell and curse at her. As we entered her car he stepped out of the house and said, "Mom!" then tossed her purse in a puddle.


10. Future Porsche

A kid in elementary school was dirty rich. He was pretty spoiled and entitled as it was. But kids don’t know how to handle that. He would brag that his grandma got him a Porsche for when he got his license 6 years later. I thought he was bluffing but sure enough, I slept over once and in his garage was his Porsche. Could have been his parents', but I'm not so sure.


9. Kicking The Glove

When I was in middle school we just got done with baseball practice and my buddy started to kick his brand new A2000 Glove across the field ($300-$450). I asked him, “Why are you doing this?" He replied with “Ahh, why not?” I said, “That glove is very expensive.” He then replied, “It doesn’t matter, my Dad will buy me a new one.”


8. Just For Being Me

There's a girl on my bus. When the iPhone X came out, she had one almost immediately after its launch.

A week later (on the bus) she was fooling around and decided to whip her case-less phone into the ceiling and sure enough, the screen cracked. She acted like it was no big deal.

Three days later she had a brand new iPhone X and an Apple Watch.

This girl also told us at different times that she gets a $300 a month allowance from her parents, and she doesn't do any chores; has a bedroom with a walk in bathroom and three closets; has a massive built in aquarium in her room that covers an entire wall.

What's worse is she seemed to think it was completely normal and that she deserved it just for being her. Like, how spoiled can you be?


7. To Each Their Own

A family of students were literally crying about oil prices falling, because they wouldn't be able to get a PS4 for Christmas.

Wait, that's not the story.

A family of students were literally crying about oil prices falling, because they wouldn't EACH be able to get a PS4 for Christmas.

Five kids.


6. Tiny Tyrant

The toddler in the restaurant I was in one morning. Instead of asking for another bite or another sip, he would simply scream this high-pitched screech of anger that faded into pathetic whining. And his useless terrible parents would hop to it every time and reward that godawful behavior. It was like he was a king and they were hired servants or something. They seemed terrified of him.

People were literally getting up and leaving because that screeching every 20 seconds was so painful on the ears.


5. Mommy, I Want A Pony!

I was at a friend's house who has two little girls, about 7 and 2 and it was around Christmas time. My friend also had a few other friends over who had brought Christmas presents for the two girls.

The 7-year-old opened one of the presents (mermaid/ocean puzzle and a book) and started crying because she didn’t like the gift. My friend, the mom, tried to console her but she continued having a tantrum.

So the mom then asks the friend who brought the present if she wouldn’t mind getting her something different because the daughter didn’t like what she got. The friend looked pretty uncomfortable but agreed she would consider taking the presents back in exchange for something else. The mom said her daughter really wanted an American Girl pony, much more expensive than the two presents the friend originally bought.

Mom then proceeds to leave the house to go buy this pony for her daughter. Mind you, mom’s friends were from out of town visiting and she just randomly leaves to get her daughter this pony because she’s still throwing a tantrum. Mom comes back and has the friend give her daughter the new toy.

unlighted-red-advent-candles-on-table-beside-green-gift-1746191-300x223.jpgPhoto by Alex Fu from Pexels

4. No Parental Embarrassment

My boyfriend's cousin is extremely spoiled in my opinion. One time she was about to go to a cinema with her friends and found out that her parents were about to go there too... I guess she didn't wanna be embarrassed or something, so she told them to go to another cinema (the only other ones are 30+ kilometers away) and they actually did... Left me speechless.


3. Daddy Can't Help You Anymore

A kid I went to high school with.

He got in trouble at school for telling a substitute teacher to '[bleep] off' when she asked him to please put his phone away.

In the office, he allegedly threw the principal's hot coffee into the guy's face.

The school resource officer cuffed him. The guy starts screaming and wailing and saying he's going get the entire school arrested for assaulting and bullying him.

The thing is, this guy was easily the biggest in bully in school, and because his daddy was a District Attorney, he thought he could away with anything.

And usually, he did. He was back to school 2 days after this incident with a big smug smile on his face.

Two months later, his daddy was arrested, removed from his position, and charged with tampering with evidence and interfering in investigations. Apparently he was using his position to get friends and family out of trouble with the law, and the feds picked up on it.

handcuffs-2102488-5-300x169.jpgImage by

2. Laundry Lessons

I go to a rather wealthy private university because they offered the best financial aid/scholarships, but some of my classmates pay over $72k a year. I was doing my laundry when a girl put her DESIGNER CASHMERE SWEATER THROUGH THE NASTY SCHOOL WASH/DRYER! I stopped it and pulled it out for her... Only to discover two more, as well as a bunch of very expensive lingerie that she was about to obliterate in that stupid drier. The girl was 20 and had no idea you couldn't dry cashmere on the highest heat setting.


1. My First Ferrari

In one of those Ferrari shops in a mall in Miami. This kid who was probably like 8 or 9 was kicking and screaming about needing to have a mountain bike in the shop. It was a full-size adult mountain bike, Ferrari written all over it so you know it was expensive. Yelling at his dad, or mum (I can't remember, this was about 6 years ago) about how much of a mean parent they were and all that nonsense. Poor parent just standing there with a depressed look on their face.