People From Around The World Share Ludicrous 'Playing The Victim' Stories

People From Around The World Share Ludicrous 'Playing The Victim' Stories

When you're backed into a corner and clearly wrong, the moral thing to do is admit you messed up and ask how you can make it right. Of course, if you're some kind of psycho, you don't want to do the right thing. In that case, your best bet is to throw up your hands, fake a couple tears, and make yourself the victim. Some people are really good at it.

Just ask the folks below who recently went online to share stories of guilty people who played the victim rather than owning up to their mistakes.

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40. Investors beware

Local business owner/friend asked a lot of his regular customers to invest in his new business in Atlanta, by buying shares. I bought in, knowing we wouldn't break even for at least three years, but that he could sell religion to the Pope.

Had losses for two years, break even at three as predicted. Four years in, he closes the Atlanta store and opens in another town, but this time he's doing it all with "his own money". BS, he's doing it with the inventory and proceeds from the Atlanta store. Even has a shiny new house, cars, the works for his new venture.

He's shocked to the core, and hurt, I tell you, hurt and disappointed! when all the share holders took him to court.

Our lawsuit basically never got off the taxiway; it soon looked like the cost of going through the courts would quickly outpace our losses. People started dropping off and it fell apart.

The original store and the Atlanta store were closed. Those bridges he well and truly burned. The final store has changed names but appears to be going strong. No way in the world will I name the business -- I don't doubt for a second that while we smaller potato investors weren't ready for a long court fight, the owner would have no qualms about bringing a defamation suit against me in a heartbeat. Sometimes, karma is just asleep at the wheel and you have to accept it!


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39. Signs your mother is a narcissist

My biological mother taking up the time in my therapy sessions to tell my psychologist all about how my depression was hard on her.

"I am so scared, really, so scared, and I never hit her, never, unless I can't stop her crying otherwise, so this is all very hard on me, you see, my side of the story is absolutely horrible!"

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38. Bad parents drive out good teachers

When I was teaching, I had a student I adored who had some behavior problems. I did everything I could to support him.

One day, we were taking a test and he was talking. I reminded him several times that talking during a test is not allowed, and I would have him go in the hallway if he continued. He continued talking, so I told him to go into the hall. He called me autistic on his way out (his favorite insult) and so I wrote him a referral.

I called his parents and they didn't answer, so I sent an e-mail explaining what happened, that he got a referral, and that I hope we can work together to help him manage his reactions. His mother responded saying that my behavior is UNACCEPTABLE and that she is done speaking with me and I will hear from her lawyer.

She went all the way up to the district level to complain about me, telling all sorts of lies and making me look like a horrible person.

I don't teach anymore.

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37. You'll get paid on the 32nd of Octember

I quit my job and set up my own competing business with my ex-employer after he failed to pay me for 2 months claiming non payment from the clients. He had a massive go at me after I confronted him with receipts from the clients to show payment and he accused me of making him look bad in front of his clients and that he didn't owe me the money because "some people are bosses and some people are employees."

Hence why I quit the job and set up for myself because last time I checked, slavery is illegal in the UK. I also warned a few of my ex-coworkers to be careful and not let him rack up debt with them because of what he did to me (they are nice people with young families and don't deserve to be taken advantage of, like he did to me).

I take him to court to try to recoup the money he owed me for the work I completed and the judge ruled in my favour for the full amount of just over £4,000. He then plays the victim card with everyone he knows and says that I made him and his family homeless despite the fact that he never paid me a penny of the money owed. £4,000 is like 5-6 months rent in a decent neighborhood in my city. Honestly blows my mind every time I think about it.




36. I love when they take it to the internet

Facebook drama from a few years ago. This girl was leaving a bar after partying way too hard, and she backed her car into the car of someone she was an acquaintance with while exiting the parking lot. Then the next day she went off on him for telling the police he saw her do it, when he knew she was poor and could have just said he didn't see it and had his insurance pay.

She kept digging a deeper hole and all the replies were like “hey, don't drive after drinking.” Sometimes the internet is glorious.

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35. A gut-wrencher

My sister used to hurt herself just to get me in trouble. She would hit herself until her arm was red and bruised. Then she would run to our parents and cry. I used to get in trouble for it, and no amount of protest would help.

I got fed up with it one day and punched her right in the stomach, right in front of my parents. Their mouths dropped open. I just said, "I have never hit her when she runs and cries to you guys, but you believe her anyway. If I'm going to get in trouble for this, I may as well actually commit the crime."

I got in trouble for punching her in the stomach, but she never pulled that stunt anymore, so I consider it a victory.

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34. Size matters

I lost a lot of weight (150lbs), my overweight friend didn’t. I don’t care, she’s my friend, I love her. I tried on a pair of size 12 (size 8 US) jeans but they were too big so asked for the smaller size. Before I could try them on my friend stormed out of the shop and when I followed her she screamed at me for rubbing my weight loss in her face. I lost the weight in 2015, I’ve been this size for 4 years.

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33. Apparently I'm supposed to be obsessed with lies instead

My crazy college girlfriend cheated on me and then blamed me for causing problems in our relationship by being "obsessed with the truth" as I figured out what had happened.


32. Depression and laziness are not the same thing

My best friend’s ex-girlfriend. Basically her ex was kicked out of her parents house when she told them she was a lesbian. She moved in with my best friend since they were dating at the time. At first she told my girlfriend that she was too depressed to find a job. My best friend was okay with that even if it meant she'd have to work more, which she did. She even found a second part time job.

For the next six months, whenever my best friend ask her if she’d found a job she'd always get the "I'm too depressed" response. Eventually my best friend finds out her girlfriend cheated on her. Her excuse for cheating was "you're always at work and never have time for me. I need someone who will be there for me." My best friend kicks her out and then her ex blames her for having to move back in with her parents.

The kicker: turns out her parents never really kicked her out, she was just tired of them telling her to get a job.

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31. This makes my blood boil

My sister’s friend was attacked by her boyfriend and stayed the night downstairs at our house with her 3 kids. Next day he comes around, starts cursing her out saying she stole his kids. Grabs the baby and starts walking away with him. She chases him trying to get the baby back and he strikes her several times in the face. My brother intervenes and separated them.

Then this idiot leaves and brings back the cops to arrest my brother for assault!

After the cops arrested my brother, the friend’s mother came to our house and made a huge fuss about how her daughter should go home and called her  all kinds of names. Her sister ultimately took her in and my brother was released. But that still makes me so angry.

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30. Can I get a witness?

I was in a crowded parking lot, driving around looking for a space. There was one car ahead of me. The car ahead of me stopped, so I stopped as well. (I'm not sure why she stopped because there were no empty spaces and no one was pulling out, but whatever.)

Then, before I even had time to react, her reverse lights came on and she came flying backwards towards me. I didn't even have time to honk. She slammed into the front of my car, got out of her car, and started screaming that I hit her.

When officers arrived, she was crying and shaking and complaining that her neck hurt. And cursing me for slamming into the back of her car.

Thankfully, two people had been walking through the parking lot when this occurred and told the officer what really happened. Later, the driver of the car that hit me tried to tell her insurance company that I knew the witnesses and that's why they lied. I didn't know the witnesses by the way.

At any rate, if the witnesses hadn't stuck around to give statements, I'd have been screwed.

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29. Listeners never hear any good of themselves

This guy got upset saying we were always talking about him behind his back. He would creep up to the door in our apartment and stand there listening to our conversations. Of course we would talk about him! He owed two of us over $600 and refused to pay it. And then WE were the bad people because we would talk about it, in our own apartment, not knowing he was creeping around the door.



28. This is why caller ID was invented

My ex-wife loves to play the victim rather than owning up to her own mistakes.

She had an affair, left me and our kid for the guy, got a DWI and the car I cosigned for was repossessed.

Every time I hear from her I get to listen to her complain about how she has to walk to work and how she has to borrow lunch money because child support took $129 out of her check and our son never calls her and she hasn't seen him in over a year.

Lady. Shut. The. Frig. Up.

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27. How do you screw up a car wash?!

A woman rear-ended my car in the car wash of all places. She failed to put her car in Neutral and rolled right into me. She then proceed to yell at me and insist that it was my fault for “not going fast enough”. After we finally convinced her that the track always goes the same speed, she decided to blame the CAR WASH EMPLOYEE for making the track too slow.

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26. Lady, it's MY wedding!

My mom ruined my courthouse wedding, called me selfish and made fun of my shoes on my wedding day, and made me swear to her that I wouldn't tell our family I was getting married until we had a big ceremony. Then proceeded to go behind my back and tell people anyway. She is now genuinely surprised that I am upset and going around crying to all my aunts and uncles about how her only daughter will not speak to her.

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25. It's clearly your fault I cheated on you

Guy breaking up with me to be with another girl then expecting me to sympathize with his hurt You spat me out like gum, I'm calling you out, don't claim you don't deserve it. I don't talk to him anymore.

I should mention, he tried to get my current boyfriend to break up with me by saying I was an "emotional water balloon" as well as pointing out my weight. The girl he left me for is around the same weight I am so I’m really not sure what he’s talking about.

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24. It's your fault I read your diary

I was assaulted by one of my religious leaders at about 20 (I’m male). To help me cope with it I started seeing a therapist and made a dedicated journal to all these dark thoughts. That way, instead of trying to tell myself “I’m okay, life’s okay, it didn’t happen, I’m fine,” I could write all the deepest darkest stuff my brain was thinking.

I did not tell my wife about my event but she has a tendency of being snoopy (constantly woke up to her about 2-3am going through my phone) so I tell her about the journal. That this is one thing under no circumstances she can read, that it is extremely personal and if she wishes to read it at some point, she needs to talk to me about it and I will decide if I feel it is necessary or beneficial.

Of course, one day she comes out and says she read it. And she’s MAD AT ME, that I didn’t tell her sooner. That as my wife, I should be comfortable telling her anything and everything. As the following weeks go by I’m very angry with her and she remains adamant that it was my fault because I didn’t tell her sooner and that I should change my stance on things I tell her.

A few months go by and I’m still upset, our relationship is still rocky and she says, “Oh wow that? I thought you were over that by now.” I rely that I’m still upset you betrayed my trust, to which she responds, “Oh... I thought you were over the journal thing a while ago. I thought you’d be over your a attack by now with the therapy you’ve been doing...” 

Needless to say, she’s now my ex wife.

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23. You don't make the rules in my house!

A former friend and housemate -- who I stupidly let live at my place rent free and who I gave some pretty significant help towards lawyer fees -- lost her mind when I started voicing my concerns over her new boyfriend. She was still technically married to another man, and the new boyfriend was into all sorts of cultish, New Age, Spirit Science craziness.

Oh, and they would do things like make these lavish meals in the kitchen and not clean up, or block my car in the driveway. Then she went on a rant in which she compared me to her nasty soon-to-be-ex-husband -- because I hadn't put away a container of cinnamon immediately after using it.

When I served an eviction notice to the b-bomb, she gave an Academy Award-level performance for melodrama of her own making.


22. Nobody hates me like I hate me

This girl who was in my school made a bunch of fake online hate accounts to say nasty things about herself. Then she would get super angry if anyone insinuated it was her doing. She'd say stuff like “maybe this person is right” when one caption was 'the world would be a better place without this girl in it.’ That’s some serious desperation for attention.


21. You know what this date needs? More people

Recently I went out on a date with a guy. During the date he proceeded to hit on someone and get their number in front of me.

Apparently it was my fault he did this and I was “over-reacting” because I'm bisexual so clearly that meant I'd be interested in her too.

I was just like… ?

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20. When you're clearly wrong -- sue!

I once witnessed a car accident where a lady blew a red light and another car (whose light had clearly turned green) didn't see her and hit her broadside. (The innocent driver had her view obscured by my vehicle also entering the intersection--I was able to stop, but she couldn't.)

After the impact, witnesses stopped to help, and the lady who ran the red light tried to argue she was going through on a yellow and that her neck hurt. Apparently she had the nerve to attempt a lawsuit over it, because I was later interviewed (deposed?) over the phone by crazy lady's lawyer who tried to trip me up by saying another witness claimed to be the same place I was.

Too bad, man. I was right there, and there's no way in heck you can paint me as an unreliable witness for your client to steal money from an innocent for her own stupid mistake.

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19. I forgive you, father

During a Sunday liturgy, I gave the priest the proper intonation for the Gloria in Excelsis, but he started chanting the "Sanctus" instead (which comes much later in the Mass).

No one knew how (or if) to respond, so the place fell silent.

Afterward, the priest blamed me (the organist) for giving him "the wrong intonation" instead of simply admitting that he wasn't infallible and had made a simple mistake.

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18. You should be loyal to the people who abandon you?

My mother.

She pulled the old "going to the store" routine when I was a kid. She called 3 days later from halfway across the country complaining because dad had shut off the credit cards. To this day she tries to make my father the bad guy for her failed attempt at abandoning her family. They divorced shortly after, and I stayed with dad. I've always been second rate to her for being (in her words) "disloyal".


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17. If no one gets you at this point, perhaps the never will

My brother, our whole life, has blamed our middle class upbringing for him taking zero responsibility. He’s basically a 40 year old version of “no one gets me”. He spends his money recklessly, has turned down opportunities to advance himself in lieu of making YouTube videos in his shed ranting about how “richies” keep him down. It’s pathetic.

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16. Can you fire a maid of honor?

My cousin basically screwed up her own wedding by doing things like 'firing' her maid of honour at the last minute because the maid of honour took her husband to the hospital rather than coming to the hair appointments, getting angry with our grandmother for 'not being helpful enough' (she's almost 80 and isn't the most mobile; what did my cousin expect) and forgetting to make sure her brother wasn't still running errands for her when the ceremony started, which led to him missing the ceremony.

And then she whined for the entire reception and a significant period after about how her wedding didn't go the way she wanted.


15. Give me money to avoid my responsibilities

A girl I know who's a complete drama queen got extremely hammered a few weeks back and got into her car to go to her ex-boyfriend's to start a fight with him. She put the car in drive and passed out. It rolled forward and hit a vehicle that was parked in front of her.

When the police showed up they found her passed out behind the wheel, with her car in drive smashed into another car, and charged her with driving under the influence amongst many other things.

She wants to fight it because she "technically wasn't driving at the time" and because the police were "bullies" for arresting her.

She's going to start a gofundme because she needs money for a lawyer to "go after the police" and "teach them a lesson."

All she does is complain about how they were being unfair and should've let her go.


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14. It's hard to give up on your mom, but at some point...

My 50-something-year-old mom's very frequent non-sober calls in hysterics about how her life is ruined. This was after she turned our lives upside down with her substance abuse throughout our childhood; went to rehab 5 times and relapsed every time; was given literal COUNTLESS chances by my dad and family to start fresh including amazing job and housing opportunities; nearly bankrupted my dad, forced him to move and raise 6 children on his own; and eventually lost relationships with all of her family and children except me. 

I kept being friends with her until 2 1/2 years ago when I received a call that she messed up again, got herself kicked out of her free housing arrangement and lost her job before it even started, forcing me to go pick her up on the side of the road and let her crash at my apartment for the night.

I remember when I was scrambling to hide all of the pills in my place before getting her, then picking her up and her crying that my dad was still ignoring her and wouldn't give her money anymore. That's when it really hit me that I'd finally had enough.

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13. Gotta love a manager who won't back down

Some obnoxious at a hotel I was staying at. She stayed too long with her kids at the hotel pool. Then when it was time to eat, she pulled out some "Kids eat free" coupon. The waitress told her the coupon was only good from 11 til 2. It was 3:30.

Well, this old broad threw a fit like the world was coming to an end. And of course, she demanded to see the manager. The manager told her the same thing. Then she even got into name calling, accusing the woman of making her children starve just to enforce some arbitrary policy.

"You're welcome to buy lunch to feed them just like everybody else. If they starve, it's due to you being late for lunch. Not us."

"[Bleep]! [Bleep]! I'm going to take this to the Better Business Bureau! And you're going to get negative reviews from me all over the internet."

"Alright," the manager said, politely. "Be sure and tell them the whole story."

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12. This is the worst thing you can do to a partner

My ex pressured me into a relationship, used every trick in the book. I tried to be honest and said I’d never been in a relationship before and I wasn’t sure I was ready. Looking back, I gave myself what I thought was the perfect out.

Four days later I broke it off. Got threatened with him taking his own life immediately. I’d pulled out all the stops saying this was on me because I’d been right, I wasn’t ready, etc, nothing I said mattered. I was suddenly responsible for a mentally unstable person’s life, or lack thereof if I left.

Within a five minute period I became the most disgusting, hideous person in all existence and my partner was yet again the victim of empty promises of love and affection. I read this to mean I wasn’t the first, nor would I be the last, to be caught up in their lies. I decided to leave them to their own devices; last I heard they’re still around, still pretending to put their life in other people’s hands.


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11. You know, faking this is super pathetic

A girl in my group in high school went around school for a full day with her sleeves rolled up to show off bandages on both wrists and told everyone who'd stand still that she tried to end her life because I was bullying her.

There were no marks at all under the bandages and the whole thing was a ploy because our choir director caught her beating on me with a hardcover textbook and was planning to inform her parents. I had bruises. She decided to try to get around this by claiming she was the victim instead.

It worked on her parents, but luckily for me didn't work on anyone else.

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10. Classic bully projection

I have a good one. In middle school this kid would constantly bully me. It got to the point where most of our class hated him because I was nice to everyone. The rest of the class gave him crap and refused to include him in anything. It was to the point where a whole auditorium of 100 kids ganged up against him when he called me a name. They didn't beat him up or anything, they just called him out.

Well he didn't like it so he decided to falsify bullying claims against me and act like I was harassing him. He did it every gym class. If he was in my group playing hockey than he would deliberately position himself to get whacked by my stick whenever I tried to hit the ball and claim I did it on purpose. He would get what few friends he had to claim I was bullying him.

Of course, I did my best to avoid him and everyone knew it. He once crushed the water bottle I had bought with what little personal money I had back then. My teachers informed the gym teachers about him so they never believed him.

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9. If you don't kick me out, I'll kick myself out!

My roommate kicked himself out of my condo.

I didn’t know this before he moved in, but he turned out to be a pathological liar and attention/pity seeker. He fabricated and gossiped all kinds of stories that were easily proven false and then he’d backpedal and lash out if caught. I was super uncomfortable with it and privately started making mental plans to give him his 30 days’ notice at the end of his lease (4 months away), but hadn’t told anyone.

Well, one day I get some text messages from some mutual colleagues asking if it was true that I was kicking him out TODAY and I tell them that this was the first I was hearing of it.

Turned out that roughly after the third or fourth time that I caught the roommate in a major lie, he noticed that I wasn’t as chummy with him anymore, and he started spreading a rumour that I hated him now and that I was going to kick him out and make him homeless. He went crying to all of the prettiest ladies of the gossip mill at work about how he was getting kicked out tonight and the rumour travelled quickly in a circle back around and he got tons of attention.

So that night he comes home from drinks with his gossip entourage and starts yelling at me about how he’d heard that I’m evicting him and demands to know if the rumour was true that I was going to kick him out tonight. I told him nope, I had no idea what he was talking about. He starts ranting and raving about how gossip gets around and continues accusing me. I tell him point blank that I don’t know what he’s talking about, but I was upfront about my intention to give him notice at the end of his lease.

He starts yelling and then cuts me off and gives himself 30 days notice from today and starts accusing me of kicking him out before the holidays. Then he stormed off and updated his whole gossip train that he HAD been kicked out tonight and that the rumours were all true.

The next day he found a friend’s couch to sleep on and another room to rent by the end of the week, and upped the gossip to “Billie hates me so much he kicked me out onto the street that night.”

So he turned his own rumour that he created about himself into a quasi-reality. He did leave my home that day, but not on my doing. My home and my life are 1000x more peaceful now that he is gone.

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8. Who wants to get arrested in my place?

My friend once crashed my other friend's car into a parked truck while racing in the neighborhood. After the crash he proceeded to act like he had no memory and was in severe pain even though we could tell he was fine (which he was). He was telling my other 4 friends in the car to take the blame because he wasn’t a legal driver, then he lied to the police claiming that they forced him to drive even though he insisted he drove because he’s “responsible”. He is now an ex friend.

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7. It's not stealing; the company owes me!

An employee was being fired for a multitude of infractions at a coffee shop. He had been caught by management calling customers things like 'moron' and 'stupid imbecile' under his breath and several customers had also reported the behavior. He was constantly late or would leave early or beg others to cover his shift. Instead of restocking or cleaning the area during down times he would take out his drumsticks and 'practice', which annoyed the other employees and customers.

During inventory counts we noticed whole pallets of sandwiches or baked goods were 'missing' as well as bottled drinks, etc... We were mysteriously out of huge 5 lbs bags of the espresso roast. The numbers were not adding up.

He was subsequently fired after being caught bad mouthing a customer while a visiting manager was also in the cafe (the guy didn't know it). The guy blamed all the issues on everyone else:

- Late to work turned into 'I missed the bus' or 'my roommate forgot to wake me up in time.'

- Leaving early turned into 'Well, I got a call for a gig/there was a concert I wanted to see.'

- Food missing turned into 'I didn't have money to eat and it's the company's responsibility to ensure I'm fed while on the clock.'

- Calling customers names turned into 'they misunderstood me. It's not my fault they're so sensitive.'

All this dude's problems were blamed on everyone else and all his issues and situation in life was blamed on everyone else.

Us employees stopped inviting him out because at bars he would order drinks and tell the bartender one of us was covering and skip out or leave rapidly before check was presented to us. He would also walk around tables when people got up to dance or talk in a group and guzzle down their drinks. He was an all around crappy person.

Found out after he was fired from our store he was hired by a Starbucks in the mall - who failed to call for a reference or check even though our store was listed as previous place of employment. He was caught stealing money and food from there too.


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6. You know it's bad when you get thrown out of the hospital

My BIL, (wife's brother.) Everything is terrible in his life because everyone conspires to be mean to him. All his substance problems are other people's fault. The government never should have taken his kid from him, because he's a good father. When his disabled mother got custody of his kid and then let him move in with them, she made up all those stories about him hitting her and the kid. When the government (both APS and CPS) told us we had to protect them from him, we had no right to take his kid (that he hadn't had custody of for years).

He lives off disability for back problems he's had since getting a beat down for running his mouth at the wrong people, despite the fact his doctors tell him he doesn't need a wheelchair and can work. It's our fault he can't pay his bills, even though he's still living in his mother's house rent free.

In his mind, we "abandoned him to die" and are horrible people for not letting him live with us, despite the fact that the government literally put his mother and kid in our care to keep them safe FROM him. 

He actually got Adult Protective Services to call us and tell us we had to take care of him and fix up his house. By the way, we live 250 miles away in a different state. We explained the history and gave them the names of the case workers for his mother and son, who know him well. APS confirmed what we told them. When APS told him we didn't agree to let him live with us, he demanded they file a court order to force us to allow him to live in our home.

APS told him that wasn't actually a thing that could happen; so he started screaming profanities at everyone in the hospital (she called us from the hospital, we heard him screaming.) When the doctors told him, again, he didn't need a wheelchair; he screamed at them. They discharged him, but he refused to leave on his own, so they sent him home in an ambulance. He refused to get out, so they wound up driving him back to the hospital and leaving him on a gurney in the ER waiting room. After 8 hours when he still refused to leave they had security drag him out and dump him in the parking lot.

But in my brother in law's eyes, this is all a vast conspiracy to spite him.

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5. Grandbaby crazy

My mom consistently tries to play the victim when we (her kids) don’t want to see her.

She’ll post on Facebook about how her kids don’t love her, call extended family members to complain, and just make stuff up so that people think we don’t love her or something.

In reality she makes it so unbearable to visit her that we don’t want to. She tries to treat us like we’re still toddlers. First time I brought my wife to see her, I was going to book a hotel. My mom threw a fit because I wasn’t staying at her place. So my wife convinces me to give my mom's place a chance, because at this point she doesn’t know.

My mom said she’d have the guest bedroom ready for us. In reality it was a twin bed with toy story bedding and a princess sleeping bag on the ground. Well I can barely fit into a twin bed so my wife took it while I slept on the ground. (We got a hotel the next night.)

As soon as we arrived, my mom gave my wife an incredibly inappropriate gift. (Lingerie.)

During the next couple days my mom:

  • Tried to convince us to give her a grandchild
  • Tried to put me in timeout
  • Threatened to spank and mouth soap my wife
  • Tried to sleep in our hotel room
  • Took us to Babies R Us to try to convince us to have a kid

Yet in all this she’s the victim of kids who don’t love her. I’ve literally gotten calls from extended family telling me how I have to see my mom more.

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4. You're way more patient than I would be

My ex-husband never got a job until I literally got him one. When I got out of the military he wanted to move to a particular town he used to live and work in, despite his current employment and me getting a really good job offer as a civilian on base. We agreed that he'd get his prior job back (he assured me he was cool with the manager), and I'd use my GI bill to finish school and raise our son, since I'd missed his first steps being in the military.

10 months later, I've had to get a job and run through my savings, and I find out from one of my best friends (who ex husband had worked with at the job he was assured to get) that my ex knew the manager didn't work there anymore and wasn't going to get his old job back. So I'd given up a good paying job for a crappy one, used up my savings, etc.

I told my ex that I wanted a divorce in November, after he forgot my birthday, and moved out mid December. Mind you, I'd paid out my lease until it ran out at the end of January on the condition that he mind our dogs because I couldn't afford both apartments, AND a pet deposit. All I said when I left was, I wanted him to get a job and be a dad. Those were literally the only two conditions I ever put on us working things out. Anywho, get the dogs back and they're malnourished and ex had told everyone that I was an evil witch for leaving him high and dry.

This was in 2013, and eventually every one of his friends has kicked him out for not getting a job. 

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3. You're on candid camera

I was in line in my car to enter an amusement park. All of a sudden the car in front of me threw on their reverse lights and backed into me hard.

I got out and was talking to the driver, a 17-year-old girl, about what I needed -- her driver license and insurance info. She kept trying to delay giving me the info because she wanted to call her parents first. Fine, no problem..... she calls her dad and as they were talking she calms down and her face lights up.

She turns to me and says loudly and in a snarky tone while holding the phone towards me to get my reaction, "Did I hit you, or did you hit me? Because before I backed up, I checked my mirror and my passenger checked hers and you weren't there and then all of a sudden we felt a hit..."

I replied, "Are you implying I rear ended you?"

"I'm not sure, but I think you might have."

I point to my car, "Do you see that little thing beside my rear view mirror, that's a dash cam and it's been recording since I left my house and is currently recording our conversation. Now, if you want to go this route, we can, but the police are going to be notified..."

Now she starts crying and says on the phone, "No dad, he has a dash cam and it's recording everything."

Then come the waterworks. She starts trying to get me to talk to her dad, that he will take care of it etc. etc...Finally I got the info out of her and had to get the front end of my car fixed.

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2. It wasn't me!

I used to install/repair/calibrate/deinstall breathalyzers in cars for those who were arrested for DUI. I've seen some who admit they messed up and follow the rules in order to get out of the system, but of course there are a lot of people who try to cast themselves as the victims.

I had one tell me that she only drink vino and not brewskis so the police officer clearly screwed up. (I explained to her that wine is actually more powerful but she continued her little pity party.)

One woman showed up for an installation, was told that we were behind schedule and she'd have to wait. She called up someone and said that since we couldn't install her right then and there that she shouldn't be forced to go through the program.

One guy bypassed his system, got caught when I examined it, blamed me because he wasn't allowed into the garage when I calibrated his system, then told me that his friend did it because he didn't know how to work the breathalyzer. He and his father then came into the shop to yell at me because his license was suspended because of my reports about the bypass and it wasn't him who did it. Even reminding him of the lease agreement for the device and how you are responsible for the device and everything that happens to it, made zero impact.

I honestly don't miss that job. It was the only job dealing with customers where a customer tried to take a swing at me.

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1. Who's the baby now?

When I was around 15 or 16 I used baby wipes to clean the make up off my face on a night, and then I would dispose of them in the bin. Anyway, I went to stay with family in Scotland for a couple of weeks when I got a really angry phone call from my mum. She was shouting at me saying the baby wipes I had used had blocked the pipes for the entire street and that she had had to pay to get it fixed (not sure if that's entirely true as I believe the council would fix it for free) and that I was in big trouble and to never flush baby wipes again.

I protested my innocence, and pointed out that I hadn't even been in the same country for two weeks anyway so it couldn't have been me, but apparently the neighbours had decided to place the blame on me(?).

Fast forward to around a month later and my neighbour is hammering on our door asking for my dad and a plunger as her 2 year old son had stuffed packs of baby wipes down the toilet and she had tried to flush them away and her toilet was blocked and overflowing. This was the neighbour who had obviously blamed me for the previous baby wipe incident to protect her 2 year old son.

My mum looked at me with the most guilty face and mouthed sorry, I was most certainly vindicated that day!

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