People From Around The World Share How Their Crush Messed Everything Up

People From Around The World Share How Their Crush Messed Everything Up

There really is nothing like the first few heady days after you meet someone you think is cute and special. Are they interested? Is something going to happen between you? Could they be the one?

And there really is nothing worse than when your crush immediately steps in it by doing something stupid, immediately ruining any chance of something developing.

These folks from around the world recently took to the internet to share the ways their crushes messed up. Good thing there's plenty of fish in the sea.

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55. Thanks for being my fallback

When we hooked up and I told him I had no idea he liked me too, and he responded by telling me he thought my friend was a bit too out of his league.

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54. Always on her phone; never texts

Whenever we meet she would be constantly glued to her phone, which is kinda annoying considering she would often take a day or more to reply back to any messages.

So I try to keep my distance, but she would just randomly drop a text just to talk about the drama in her life and just generally complain about anything.

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53. A teacher? Disgusting!

We were texting, he was at a wedding reception. I asked how it was, he commented that it was ugly and crappy because according to him the father of the bride didn’t have a good job and was poor. Saying something like “her dad's only a teacher” (or something along those lines, I forgot the exact words). I was pretty much done after that.

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52. What's the goss?

When the girl I was crushing on kept telling me how much she hates drama, yet kept somehow telling me stories about all the drama she was involved in. Also, she kept asking me if I had any juicy gossip about our mutual friends as she wanted to know everyone's dirt. Immediately made her way less attractive and I eventually lost interest in her altogether.

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51. Secret infidelity

There was a girl in college that flirted with me a lot, at one point we even made out.

Everything was going well until I found out she was engaged. I blocked her off completely and never spoke to her again.

If you're wondering whether I told the guy or not... I didn't. I had no way of doing it. She had gone on his social media accounts and blocked me, and I never actually met him in person. I only knew her.

This was about 3 years ago in my first year of school. I have no idea why I was afraid of telling her fiance. Maybe it's because I was 18 or 19 and he was older than her (she was 24). But I did hear the following year that they had called off their engagement. Apparently, while he was in basic training, she tried to hit up his friend or something and he found out.

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50. What a monster!

Not really a crush, but a few weeks ago, I was at the dog park and a guy came up to flirt with me. I was mildly interested until he started telling this bizarre story about how he used to have a rabbit but got tired of it and threw it out into the backyard for his rottweiler.

Then he kept looking at me expectantly, as if I were supposed to join in with my own story of killing a house pet. I just stood there blinking stupidly until he said, "So, you wanna ditch your dog and go see a movie with me?"

Nah, I'm good.

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49. Do you even code, bro?

During my freshman year of college, I had a huge crush on a guy in my intro programming class. We sat beside each other, and while I could complete the exercises easily, he was visibly struggling. So I offered to tutor him after hours.

He got upset that a girl was better at "computer stuff" than him and dropped the class.

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48. Who throws a shoe, honestly?

We were on a picnic and he caught a fly with his hand. I must have looked impressed, so he followed it by throwing a shoe and hitting a nearby seagull.

The seagull was not in flight but sitting and minding its own business when the shoe-missile was thrown, however, it was hit as it attempted to fly away. I would describe his attitude following as smugly nonchalant.

Weirdest freaking way to try to woo a girl.

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47. Puppy love

When I was in the 3rd grade, I had a huge crush on this guy named Robert. We went to Skateland for a school field trip, and I asked if I could buy him a soda. He said no. I was hurt, as any 8-year-old girl would be. But a half-hour later, I saw he had bought this girl Allie a soda. I'm pretty sure I ran into the bathroom and cried.

Anyways, I found my elementary school diary a few months ago and saw an entry I wrote from this night. All it said was "Robert loves Allie. He doesn't love me. I am heartbroken."

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46. You lost me at Hannah Montana

I got asked out by a cute guy wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, probably mid 20's, while I was waitressing. He was taking his dad out to lunch at the time - I thought, oh how nice, tough and sensitive! He picked me up for coffee, showed up with a Hannah Montana T-shirt, spent the first 20 minutes talking about how he was home-schooled and loved that he still lived with his parents, and how hanging out with his mom was better than going to college. Man, did I read that vibe wrong.

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45. Chewing shoelaces: not a good look

In the 6th grade, I tied our shoelaces together to be cute and to have an excuse to be close to her. Eventually, when she had to leave, we discovered I tied the knot too tight and she ended up chewing through one of the laces to get out. She looked so stupid doing it that I just stopped liking her.

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44. You can just say no...

She hung up on me. I was 14 and had pined after her for about 8 months. I had joined the choir to get close to her. I had started playing the freaking violin so that I could be in music classes with her. I was in love with her, and she knew it.

Ok, so I made it kind of obvious, but I was trying to work up the courage to ask her out.

We were friends and in the same social group. Unfortunately, it had become a bit of a standing joke ("Has Dannt asked her out yet??") but the week before the school dance I finally grew a pair.

I call her up and the call goes like this.

"Hi Kate, it's Danny."

"Oh hey."

" know the dance coming up next week at School?"


"Well I was wondering, are you going?"

"Yeah I think so."

"Would to ..... go with me?"


She hung up on me! And it broke me down. It took me a week to even be able to speak to her again and took me years to ask another girl out.

On the upside, at our 10-year school reunion she actually apologized for "handling it so badly." I told her that I'd forgive her if she'd dance with me. And she did.


43. Partied so hard he lost the girl

I had a crush on this guy for SO long. He had a beard (check), loved coffee and beer (check and check), and could make me laugh (mega-check). He moved out of the state for a short while for work, but when he came back, I met him at a bar for his "returning home party."

Everything was going fine for the majority of the night; lots of flirting on his end. But he kept drinking. And drinking. And drinking some more. He ended up getting plastered and one of his friends asked me if I could give him a lift home. I said sure, why not.

Here's where the problems started. Homeboy wouldn't tell me where he lived, for one. In his defense, he may have just been super incoherent, but it was still frustrating. I was housesitting for my grandmother at the time so I told him he was welcome to crash in her guest bedroom and I'd give him a ride home the next morning.

We get back to my grandmother's house, I pull into the garage, and without skipping a beat, my crush opens the door and just vomits ALL over the garage floor. Better than the kitchen floor, but it was spreading and by the time he was all done, it had reached the walls. So I took him inside and gave him a glass of water and showed him where the bathroom was. By this time, it was at least 3 am, so I was exhausted. I passed out in my grandmother's bedroom to the sound of my "crush" (he was slowly losing that title) spewing.

Fast forward to 6 am. I wake up to my crush standing right next to the bed staring at me, asking where he was. I explained and took him down to the guest bedroom; he had been sleeping on the bathroom floor. When I went back upstairs to turn the light off in the bathroom, the smell hit me. The dude left a giant pile of unflushed crap mixed in with vomit. I gagged, flushed it, and went back to bed.

After I realized I had lost all attraction to this guy, I gave him a ride home. I didn't get an apology, but I did get a drool-filled, awkward kiss that I did not want. Then I came back and spent 2 hours cleaning up vomit (it was Christmas Eve, too).

The end.

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42. This should be a dealbreaker for everyone

I had a crush on a girl that lived down the street from my friend. I walked home from school with him one day and she walked about 50 feet in front of us. She walked past a house and a little dog came happily running up to the fence. She turned and started kicking the fence and harassing the dog. It ran off looking terrified. I can't stand people that mistreat animals.

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41. Who raised you?

Freshman year of college, there was this girl in my friend group (she also lived on my floor) who had a stroke as a baby, so part of her facial features drooped slightly. Let's call her Lily. However, Lily was so sweet and funny, it's like the facial issue wasn't even there, you know? Everyone loved her, she was one of the nicest girls in the dorm.

I met this guy a few months into the school year who lived in a dorm across campus. He was super good-looking, polite, respectful, no red flags. Eventually, I invited him to a Friday night out with my group of friends, which included Lily. He met me at my dorm and I brought him upstairs so he could meet my friends.

As soon as he saw Lily, he immediately froze up. He was acting so standoffish and rude, as though he legitimately had never seen someone who looked a little different before. He couldn't hold a regular conversation with her without stuttering over his words. The second we got a moment alone, he whispered to me, "What's wrong with her face? It looks so weird!" As though this girl was some sort of freak.

I was so turned off by the fact that this guy was so immature he seriously could not handle being in the same room as someone who looked a little different. It seemed so pathetic, my crush on him was instantly killed. The way he was behaving reminded me of some sort of high school snob, not someone I wanted to be romantic with. In addition, I have a little sister with a severe genetic disorder who looks very different as well. I knew that if he couldn't handle acting normal around people who have disabilities/physical irregularities, there was absolutely no future to our relationship.

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40. Ill-gotten gains

He would steal people’s tips off the bar counter when we were at a bar together with friends. Then he would offer to buy me food with it. No thank you.

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39. Um, it's not supposed to be?

She told me that spanking her teenage daughter didn't work, "because it wasn't satisfying enough."

A bit of context. This was long ago, and far away, in a European country. The mother was a statuesque blonde divorcee, and the daughter was about 14, and headed for trouble. Corporal punishment was de rigueur at the time, both here and in Europe. I decided that the situation was hopeless, and noped out of there ASAP. The daughter hated her mother (big surprise) and went on to get pregnant and force her mother to raise the child. I came back to the states and still consider myself lucky to have dodged that bullet.

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38. You're clearly not that grown up

A woman I was talking to was recently divorced and had moved back in with her parents. She already had a child and a couple pets and was talking about getting another pet. When her parents told her no, she chose to go ahead and get another pet anyhow and basically her parents began pushing her out the door. It was a stressful situation for her and I suggested she talk to her folks. However once she told me she was grown and made her own decisions and did not care about their rules, I suddenly understood and quickly lost interest

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37. You're not supposed to say that part out loud

She told me her future plans to essentially become a gold digger like her mother. When I laughed it off she couldn’t see what I thought was so funny.


36. That is genuinely terrifying

Cute girl in 9th grade, there was a party over at her house, out in the country. Had a big ole crush on her. So she says they raised chinchillas, ok everyone wants to see the fuzzy critters. There were about a hundred of them, the ammonia smell was unreal. So there's a platform with battery cables on it, and I asked what that was for, she said, "Here, I'll show you, I have some ready to go anyway."

She grabbed a little fuzzy critter, clamped the cables on it and threw the switch, electrocuting it. It was bizarre that a teenage girl couldhurt an animal that easily. No more crush, that's for sure. I was actually afraid of her a little after that. It kind of sucked the life out of the party to say the least.

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35. How he treats his mother is how he'll treat you

I was casually dating a 19 year old guy when I was 18. He seemed totally normal until I met him at his house before a date and his mom asked him to take the garbage out before we left. He threw a fit that would embarrass most 3 year olds including crying, yelling at his mom, and punching the floor. I pretended that my parents were calling and needed me to come home, blocked his number, and never saw him again.

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34. You're always generalizing

She generalized EVERYONE! She was also such a witch to everyone that she didn't understand.

"He plays video games? Wow when do you think he'll move out of his mother's basement?"

"Wow, she wears so much makeup. Can you imagine what she's hiding under that face?"

Just such a mean spirited person and it completely turned me off.

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33. Reciprocating made me think twice

I had a harmless crush on a married friend that I did not signal or act on, ever. I've been the spurned wife before, I kept my distance and did everything short of unfriending him on Facebook.

He slid on in to my DMs right after my separation became public knowledge and he found out I was no longer married.

He was still married to his wife, with a baby on the way.

I didn't respond.

They are divorced now. Shes a really lovely person and deserves so much better.

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32. Gotta hand it to him

Called me a sexist for pointing out that she was improperly (and dangerously) using a power saw. I mean I get that a lot of guys probably talk down to women using tools, but for fuck sake she was so close to losing a hand or worse.

In her defense, there was a guy there who had been constantly asking to take over what she was doing even when she was doing fine, so I'm sure she was pretty sick of it by then. There is definitely a lot sexism towards women doing construction related things. It was the disregard for personal safety that got me.

I use power saws nearly every day at work and I'm a big supporter of the two inch rule. Never put your hand or any other body part within two inches of a moving blade. (Unless there are appropriate guards in place.)

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31. Getting dumped

Some friends and I went on a trip to Spain after leaving school and there was this stunning looking girl that got all the attention from the travelers where we were staying. The hotel set up a "let's get to know each other party" with all sorts of drinking games and later that night, when she was blatantly very very hammered, she lifted her skirt and took a dump on the dancing stage. She instantly lost every guy's attention and was laughed off the street for the rest of the stay.

I felt quite sorry for her, but that's just tough to come back from.

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30. Dating Patrick Bateman

Guy was academic, hygienic, and sweet. Treated waitstaff appropriately. Spoke formally but still funny. Shared things in common with me. Perfect gentleman. Date ended 10/10.

While driving me home, at a stop light, pointed to a homeless man crossing the street, said “I would stop my car for anybody crossing the street, just not homeless men. Where do they have to be? They're in no hurry.”

I was thinking... "Okay, that was unsolicited and kinda strange."

He added another comment: "It'd be funny if I run him over."

I ghosted him like right after he dropped me off. Why would you ever say something like that?

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29. Moving too fast

I went on two dates with a girl when I was in college. She was wonderful but immediately wanted to be “official” and started drafting Instagram posts about “us”. She wanted to spend every day together and have sleep overs every night. it was so out of nowhere and we literally knew nothing about one another. I tried to look past it but she asked me to be her first and I got uncomfortable. She seemed naive and I didn’t want to take advantage. I suggested we take things slow and she took offense. I cut things off and her reaction was super childish. All of this in a 3 week period. Sweet girl but the pacing was off.

I partly blame those crazy teenage drama shows where everyone is telling each other they're in love and "no one knows you like I do..." In the first week of a relationship.

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28. What a charmer

He told me women were only there to "satisfy" men and couldn't be as smart as them. Then proceeded to ask me to hook up with him with him.

I asked him if he got laid a lot.

"Yes, of course."

"Then you can go ask another girl, because I am not going to do anything with you."

We were out on a date at the time. He bugged me for two hours and half (I am not kidding you, it was actually that much time) trying to convince me that having sex with him was going to be the best experience in my life. I let him talk for two hours, even pretended to almost be interested, then at the end of his rant I repeated, "I would rather die alone that with you."

He was pretty offended.

I had had a crush on him in high school, and he wasn't like that as a teenager. He was a weirdo, but not sexist at least - and if he was, he made sure nobody noticed. Then we went our separate ways but I couldn't forget him, so after a year I asked him to meet again and that's what happened.


27. That's two

I was having a party and the drinks were flowing. Went to check on her because she had disappeared for a while. As I open the door, I see her sitting on a small waste basket taking a poo in my bedroom. I couldn't get that picture out of my head.

I know I've done my fair share of dumb stuff, but still couldn't forget it.

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26. Nothing is uglier than a bully

Back in Middle School in England, while my Crohns was quite bad, I suffered from aplastic anemia. (I think it was that, or something very similar brought on by the meds I was on. I was on a list for a marrow transplant just in case.) Basically, I had no bone marrow and couldn't participate in gym or run or jump or anything other than walk softly.

Anyway, I was a small kid and an easy pick for bullies. A horde (gaggle?) of bullies pick me up, ready to throw me in a trash can.

Thankfully, someone was aware of my condition, after blurting out a warning, they gracefully dropped me face first into the pavement instead. Kinda lucky it wasn't the can... If that happened, might have broken some bones/my spine.

I'm laying there humiliated, people laughing at me, and I look up and I see my crush: a sweet looking American girl, laughing and pointing too.

No longer a sweet girl, no longer my crush from that point.

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25. She gets points for honesty, though

In high school, senior year. I had been flirting with this girl from the first day of the school year. She had a boyfriend, so it never amounted to much more than that until just after winter break. I found out that they had broken up. So I ramped up the flirting and gave it a couple of weeks until I'd make my move. We had period 7&8 together and I waited for a Friday to do it. I was anticipating seeing her all day. Suddenly, period 4 there she is walking towards me down the hall, it was a bathroom break for me and I assumed her too. She didn't seem well though. I said "Hey Amy how's it going?" Her response: "Not good, I think I just miscarried in the bathroom, I gotta go home." And that was that.

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24. Did you think that would impress anyone?

She started just bashing fat people when we were walking around a park.

First of all, it just shows you are a crappy shallow twit to be bashing people when they are just there. They weren't interacting with us, they weren't doing anything wrong. She just had to bash them for simply existing.

Second, these were people out at a park, walking around and getting exercise. Some were biking and others were playing volleyball. They are clearly out working on their issue and trying to live an active lifestyle.

Major deal killer. I really liked her and every feeling I had went away and turned to hatred the second she did that.

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23. Wandering tongue

He kept licking my teeth when we kissed and he had horrible, horrible breath. I even tried kissing him on another date and yeah, I just gave up. I even gave him gum the second time, but the teeth licking thing just weirded me out. And he called me "mama". No, this isn't Saved By The Bell, and he was not AC Slater.

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22. Did you try buying her a Snickers?

She's cute, she's smart, she's funny... and as soon as she gets tired or hungry she begins to whine constantly in the manner of a 5 year old.

Girl, we are at this very moment walking to the shop to buy some food. You whinging and whining and making a big scene about how hungry you are is not going to help even a tiny bit.

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21. You hurt me

I went on a date with a guy I met on OKCupid. He was cute, I was into him, it was all good -- then we got onto the topic of our respective careers. I was writing adult fiction for a living at the time, which I told him pretty openly; I might not have put it front and centre on my profile, but it wasn't like it was something I was ashamed about or anything. He laid his hand gently on mine across the table, looked me deep in the eye, and said, 'Who hurt you?'

I've never straight-up laughed in a guy's face before then, but he absolutely refused to believe that I enjoyed writing about adult subjects just because, rather than because I'd been horrifically abused or whatever.

There was no second date.

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20. Girls like bad boys but not petulant toddlers

I had a crush on a guy in high school who was a little bit of a rebel. Nothing serious but definitely had a bad boy thing going on. One day in class the teacher told him to do something minor and he flipped out, basically had a temper tantrum and refused. Totally killed all interest by being an idiot for no reason.

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19. Fakeness for the loss

Coworker at work had just a beautiful energy, absolutely lovely to be around, always smiling at everyone, and she would laugh at my jokes. She made some comments from time to time that made me feel validated and understood, which was very very flattering. Like she guessed my passions in life and told them to me, with a big smile while looking me in the eyes, and I’m a reserved guy who doesn’t share that stuff. All just very lovely.

One day we’re in the break room and she’s talking to another guy the same way and I’m consciously talking myself out of being jealous. “You’re not dating or anything you don’t even have her cell phone number she’s allowed to be lovely with other people now come on no reason to be jealous!”

Then when the guy leaves she turns to the girl next to her and says “god I hate that guy.” And I had JUST been jealous that she was treating him exactly like she treats me. I still feel foolish when I think about it, like does she like me or hate me?

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18. She's no lady

I've told this story before, but when I was about 8 years old we took a school trip to the Field Museum here in Chicago. During our lunch break I decided to wander off to the gift shop and see what they had. I had a huge crush on this girl named Victoria in my class and I saw this lady bug ring for a couple of dollars. I knew she liked lady bugs and I had money my parents gave me to buy something at the shop, so I decided to buy the ring and give it to her.

I was really nervous and kept waiting for the right time to do it. I eventually decided to just go for it and walked up to her near the end of the trip. She was with some of her friends which made me more nervous, but I found the courage to do it. She looked at the ring and laughed. Her friends joined her and she then tossed the ring in the trash.

I was completely devastated and tried hard to hold back my tears. Even though I'm over it now, that completely screwed my confidence with girls for a long time. Looking back, I may have embarrassed her too giving it to her in front of her friends, which is why she reacted that way, but whatever the case, it's probably the most embarrassed I have been in my life and it definitely made me lose interest in her.

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17. Smart phones have ruined dating

Back in college I was seeing a girl casually. Whenever we'd text, she'd take hours to respond to any message. It wasn't a big deal, since most of the time it was just chatting or setting plans for the following weekend or something. It was a little annoying because it'd take a full day or two to set up plans because of the slow responses, but whatever. I'm a bad texter so I can't really judge someone for that.

But I started to notice that when we hung out together, she'd immediately respond back to any and every text she got. She had some loud song as the ringtone that played for like 15 seconds, and set it so that her camera LED would flash constantly while it rang. Totally obnoxious and made me really notice how often she texted. I casually asked her who she was texting one time and it was just some friend from school that had sent her a meme.

After that I realized it wasn't going to work. Being a slow texter is fine. Constantly texting while hanging out was annoying, but not a dealbreaker (especially if we were just chilling at one of our houses). But the realization that this person who was glued to her phone but didn't feel like it was a priority to respond back to my texts made me feel unimportant so I kinda just drifted away. We stayed friends because we shared the same group of friends and it wasn't awkward or anything. I just stopped trying to do things with just the two of us.

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16. That's no loss

My family is Jewish, and my grandfather survived the Holocaust. On the second date he told me he was a "white nationalist," or at least on the path to becoming one. When I told him I was Jewish, and also politically very left, he told me that he wanted to ‘bang the commie out of me’. We never spoke again.

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15. The boy or the socks

In middle school I was all about wearing cool socks. But since I usually wore pants no one ever saw them. My crush and I were both in chorus and our group had a concert coming up (and we had a very strict dress code for these events). I decided to wear a black skirt and my fave frog socks. They barely peaked out of my shoes. In our line up he was pretty close behind me; which I thought was great until I heard him and a friend of his laughing about my awesome socks. A crush since third grade ended just like that.

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14. And that's why you always do the laundry

Following him home and seeing 2 pairs of brown streaked undies on the living room floor. He may have thought I was just a tease when I left promptly, but I REALLY did not want to see the state of his bed linen after that intro.

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13. Your loss, fool

A girl I had been growing close to for a while when finding out I'm religious said: "Oh you're Christian? That's disappointing I wanted to ask you out." Then she promptly walked off mid-conversation and acted like I don't even exist. As you can guess I'm not even THAT religious as it took her like two months of hanging out to figure it out but she still couldn't handle it. You often hear how close-minded religious people are but some atheists are just as bad.

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12. You're not the ugly one here

The time that he got all of his friends to lure me to this one hallway near the back of the school, so he could throw a paper bag with a dead squirrel in it at me.

Or there was the other time where another dude found out I liked him, and then pretended to like me for a couple weeks, leading me on, and then made sure I was around a bunch of his friends and other classmates, when he loudly exclaimed that he couldn't believe I thought he was serious, that I was ugly and he'd never like me, and everyone laughed at me.

This was middle school. Kids are jerks.


11. That kind of trust takes a couple months at least

Not a crush but an ex.

Jiggled the door handle while I was taking a poop and then got angry that I wouldn't let her in.

Her: "Why can't I come in? Are you not comfortable with me or something!? We're dating!"

It had been 3 days...

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10. The company ink

She asked me to help her get a job where I worked as a tutor, so I did. I would've done it anyway without the crush as I thought she would be suited to working in the job. After 4-5 weeks she was still incredibly bad at the job, her marking was all over the place and due to my role in the company it was my job to speak to her about it.

Fast forward to the next week she comes in to work at 3 in the afternoon after drinking and openly admitting it like a badge of honor. I told her that she can't work and she needs to go home and I'll just tell our boss that you're ill. She refused and walked past me to sit down and do her job which she naturally did incredibly badly and was found out within about 2 minutes.

I lost all respect for her that day.

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9. Bodily fluid exchange

I had a crush on my next door neighbor. She and I started to hang out more and more and my crush intensified. Then one day we were in a Jimmy John's drive thru. She put in her order and then told them how they'd BETTER give her fresh bread. As soon as she completed her order she told me how stupid fast food workers and how they never listen. Then when she got to the window she again chastised the workers and told them she was coming back if the bread wasn't fresh. I told her when we were driving away that they probably spit in her food. She gave me a "thanks a lot!" look.

In a way, she did me a favor because I hadn't realized how mean and selfish she was. Other aspects of her behavior started to make much more sense. A pretty face and a hot bod will only get you so far in life.

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8. Ungrateful

A co-worker of mine that I had a crush on forever said she was having a bad day and wanted to see if people were going out for happy hour after work on a Friday. So I made sure to ask around and get something going. We go to the place and all have a good time, each of us have 2-3 drinks and all share appetizers. She left a little early and the bill was way higher than expected. So it was like $40 for each person. I put it on my card and people said they would pay me back which they did.

The next week she texted me asking how much it was and since it was super high and I knew she had a bad week I without telling her even lowered it and said it was $30. Her response was “um no, that’s way to high I’m not paying that”. Instantly lost my crush on her after that. We are still cool, but the fact that she had no problem knowing it was a high price and was cool with other people paying it was just too inconsiderate for me. Fun fact she never even paid me...


7. Insult me!

She insisted that rich people get to act like jerks and treat other people like garbage because they were rich. She was not a rich girl (she waited tables at the time). I asked her if she ever had rude customers and how that made her feel. She said it didn't bother her as long as the people belittling her were rich. It completely blew my mind.

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6. Very normal

Found out she was super religious. As in: we were driving, someone cut us off, she has a quick flash of anger, then calms herself down by saying, "That's okay, they'll burn... they'll burn after judgement day." Oooookaaaay.

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5. Red flag for sure

She was actually a manager of mine. She did my interview and was like 9 months younger than me; I was 21 and she was 20. She was the only manager at this store, there were 4 of us, her and 3 sales associates. We all hung out on a regular basis and constantly drank together so eventually we got pretty close even though she had a boyfriend and she literally told me while we were driving in my car, just the two of us that she has literally cheated on every single boyfriend she has ever had. That led to the realization of why we were getting so much closer so quickly. Immediately turned away from that one.


4. "I do this all the time"

One time, this guy I had been dating for a few weeks wanted me to hang out in the bathroom while he was showering, so he could tell me about his day. After a few minutes the most g o d awful smell to ever grace my nostrils appeared and I started coughing. In between trying to breathe and trying to ask what happened, he interrupted me and laughed saying "Sorry babe I couldn't wait any longer." And he showed me that he took a crap in the shower. I was pretty grossed out but accidents happen I guess.

THEN HE STARTED SMASHING IT WITH HIS FOOT so it would "go down the drain."

"Oh don't worry babe, I do this all the time."

I was done at that point.

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3. If you want to dress someone, get a doll

I was casually dating this guy (as in, we had only recently met and only been on a couple of dates) back in college. He was educated, had a good job and his own place, polite, etc. Basically, no immediate red flags. One day, he wanted me to come over for a casual pizza night at his place. I had just finished up a 12+ hour long day due to my scheduling combination of nonstop classes and a part time job. I was exhausted, and did not feel like spending nearly an hour doing my hair and make-up to get all dolled up for such a casual date.

I texted him something along the lines of, "I had a long day, can we keep it casual tonight? I hope you're okay with yoga pants and a hoodie". He responded with, "Actually, no, that's not okay. When you're spending time with me, you should always make a full effort to look your absolute best." Then, he started trying to tell me what to wear, something along the lines of "Why don't you put on a pretty dress, make yourself look nice for me?"

It was one of the weirdest conversations I've ever had. After he made the dress comment, I simply stopped responding. I never spoke to him again. He kept on texting me for awhile, asking what was wrong and why I had just disappeared. I honestly don't think he realized what he said was so off-putting.


2. Is it too late to call the cops?

He tried to kill me (I'm pretty sure) on our first date. To make a long story short, we decided to take the subway. Everything was fine. We were talking, and every now and then we would slowly walking along that side area next to the track. We weren't super close to it or anything though. Of course eventually the train is arriving.

While I was LOOKING DIRECTLY AT HIM, he reaches out and pushes me toward the tracks. Just a straight up push. So of course I stumble. Thankfully the push was not so hard, and there was just enough distance that I had time to slow down and did not fall in. However, I was holding my phone in my hand so that flew out of my hand and got ran over by the train.

He immediately starts saying, "Oh, oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I tripped." You did not trip you weirdo. You were just standing there and randomly shoved me. I was looking at you. The ONLY reason why I didn't try to have him arrested or anything was because I was naive back then, and after an argument over whether he did it or not, he gave me the money to replace my phone so I called it even.

Needless to say though, I had absolutely nothing to do with him after that.

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1. Hypocrisy is very unattractive

My crush, whom I had never talked to before walked by and sneered at my clothes, saying I looked like I shopped at a thrift store. I just blinked and said that I did, in fact, shop at thrift stores.

The next week however, I was working as a cashier and saw him come into my line with his mom and an EBT card to pay for groceries. He froze when he saw me and turned bright red. I didn't say anything to him about it but I just had the biggest crap-eating grin on my face as I scanned and bagged his stuff.

He never bothered me again after that, but I sure lost any attraction to that poser.