People From Around The World Confess The Things They Will Take To The Grave

People From Around The World Confess The Things They Will Take To The Grave

Sometimes you do something you regret so much that you just can't share it. Sometimes you learn something about someone else that's just better left unsaid. Sometimes silence is the best recourse. Maybe it's because you're embarrassed, or guilty, or you just don't want to deal with the hassle. Whatever the reason, we've all been there.

Fortunately, we live in the era of the internet. If you don't feel like sharing with family or friends or therapists, you can always go online an anonymously get some stuff off your chest.

That's exactly what these folks decided to do. These are people from around the world confessing the secrets they will otherwise take to their graves.

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50. Secretly rich

I won the lottery the day after my 18th birthday. I won’t state how much, but I live in a state where you an claim anonymously. I haven’t told anyone and haven’t made any lifestyle changes. I do have a heck of a retirement fund and investment portfolio. The only reason I bring this up now is people are just starting to put the pieces together. Not sure if I will end up telling my family, but I can’t risk word getting out, as my sister has a huge mouth.

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49. You pay for your lie in other ways

When I was a kid I shot a metal dog bowl with a BB gun, it ricocheted into my dad's sliding glass door. Bullet hole, spiderwebbed glass, I panicked. I picked up a piece of gravel, rubbed it into the bullet hole then placed the piece of gravel near the door. I then started up the lawnmower, mowed part of the back yard and intentionally mowed the grass too short. I told my dad I must have hit a rock while mowing. BB gun didn’t get taken away, which was great.

But ten years later I'm an actual landscaper and my dad pays me to cut his grass. My stepmom makes me check for rocks before I mow, there aren’t ever any. It’s the lie that won’t go away.

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48. Do I have magical powers?!

One time when I was in third grade, I got one of those Harry Potter books where you can build your own wand. I decided to follow the directions to make it 'Slytherin' material thinking it would be like an evil wand. As I finished making it my brother walked into my room and it really ticked me off that he walked in without knocking and so I put a pretend curse on him with it. No big deal right?

Later that night, my brother was playing outside. He was standing on the top of the slide and out of nowhere, he fell. He broke his arm trying to catch himself, and he had to be taken to the emergency room. So there I was, convinced that the spell I put on him worked, and that I indeed had an evil magic wand.

Later that night, when everyone else was asleep, I grabbed a shovel from the garage and dug a hole in our backyard, and buried that wand. To this day I have never looked for it nor told anyone.

And that is my secret.

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47. A potential career ender

I work in Advertising as a 3D Lighter for very high profile clients like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.. my job is to ensure that every bit of Computer Generated Imagery is textured and lit in a way that matches how it would look in real life.

Funny thing is I’m severely red green colorblind. The only way I can tell what color something is supposed to be is by sampling a pixel on the screen and reading out the Red Green and Blue values. I’ve nearly memorized the hue numbers from 0-360 and where things fall in the rainbow chart.

I’ve had shots come back to my inbox telling me that something that’s supposed to be red looks too brownish green or something that’s supposed to be dark green looks purple. I always say I accidentally had a hue shift on it at render time or make up some funny excuse like the lighting info from the shoot had a weird tinge to it. I’ve been doing this for seven years now and the only people who know are my girlfriend and best friend and family.

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46. Something is afoot

I like to peel the dead skin off the bottom of my feet (not to cause pain). I started keeping the bigger pieces in a small jar. When the jar filled up, I didn't want to throw it out so I donated it. My skin is now in a glass jar on display at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. I sent a second jar over there too, as well as my favorite big pieces. As long as I keep filling them up, they'll keep taking them. Jar is about one quarter full right now.

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45. One e-mail can change anything

There was a girl who I had a crush on the moment I saw her on my college campus. She ended up dating this awful dude a few weeks later.

I happened to end up sitting in a study room with him and a few mutual friends. He talked about how he didn't think she was that attractive and how he liked other girls. I wrote the girl an anonymous email using one of those websites telling her about the things I heard and how the guy was a jerk. She ended up breaking up with him after she found out he was cheating.

The girl is now my girlfriend of 6 months. She has no idea (and is sitting across from me in the library). I've never told anyone this before.

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44. Happy graduation

I forged my high school transcripts to get into university. I can't even think about the consequences to my actions if anyone were to ever find out. I'm 3 weeks shy of graduating with a degree in biology.


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43. Invasion of privacy with a happy ending

I once helped out my a female friend's family by taking care of their cat for a week. Every day for a week, I would go over there and snoop around their house. I found my friend's diary, and proceeded to read the entire thing. I used this information to get her to like me, and she is currently my wife.

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42. I literally don't see color

I have been pretending to be colorblind to everyone I have ever known, including my own parents since I was in 3rd grade. I am now 28 years old. I even convinced an optometrist of it.

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41. Potential father

There is a super high possibility that I have a child. A girl I was with, who turned out to be emotionally manipulative, lied about being on birth control. The times line up almost too good and the kid looks kind of like me. Since then she has been married and her and her husband seem happy together so I've never worried about it.

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40. How can you be both the alibi and the culprit?

My father burned down my childhood home for the insurance money. He took me along as his "alibi", so I could verify he wasn't anywhere near it when it happened. I was 13 years old. I remember crying so hard knowing my clothes, books, photos - all of it would be destroyed. I wasn't allowed to save anything because he told me it would have been too suspicious.

I found out years later he blamed it on me. Telling the fire chief (plus friends and family) the fire had started because I must have been secretly smoking in my bedroom. I've never smoked a butt in my life...

For those asking about how he could use me as an alibi AND blame me for starting the fire at the same time - I was told to say that we were at my little brother's t-ball game the whole time. He told everyone else that I must have been smoking in my room downstairs (where the fire was started) and that I must not have put it out correctly when we left. Therefore starting the fire.

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39. Open secrets

My mother is cheating on my father and my father is cheating on my mother, they both know I know this but made me promise not to tell the other parent. Parents are messed up sometimes.

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38. You're not supposed to sell your children

That my dad paid my mom $1500 for full custody of my youngest sibling. Not only would this be a massive blow to my sibling but my dad remarried quite quickly and the new wife is the very definition of an evil stepmom. If my sibling knew that our mom gave her up for such a small sum of money and the trade off was 5+ years of a living nightmare, she would be destroyed.

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37. Grandpa finally gets the "credit"

So my grandfather had a hand in making one of the World Series trophies back in the day. He never got any credit, but we have photos and parts from his prototype.

When I was a teen I added what I knew to Wikipedia since why not (although I believe it's gone now, but funny story I ended but being quoted in newspapers all over the country).

Proceed to a few years later I get a call from my mom who's almost in tears (of joy). She found that wiki page and was FREAKING out. She was so happy he finally got "credit". She ended up making really fancy shadow boxes of the wiki page printed out, copies of the photos and other baseball stuff. She made one for each of her siblings.

I've had to just bite my tongue every time I go over there and see this thing hanging prominently in the living room.

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36. Not a place anyone wants to die

My father-in-law died of a heart attack at... *ahem* an exotic dance club. The cop told my wife and mother-in-law that it was "a bar". They assumed it was a sports bar.

My brother-in-law and I had to pick up the car from said club. We both pledged to never tell the rest of the family.

My brother-in-law didn't have a driver's license. I was only there as the person who could drive the car back to their home. He was ultimately responsible for death certificates, probate or any other legal proceedings after.

It's not my business whether or not I should have told his mother and sister anything about how he his father died. However, my mother-in-law is super religious and it would have just made her sad.

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35. There are worse things you could do to a sock

Once, when I was 13, I went a week and a half without pooping. I was on a camping trip and something must’ve happened with the drinking water/my digestion. Took laxatives, nothing worked. My stomach was killing me but nothing would come out.

Then one evening after dinner, I felt it coming. I knew this was it. I bolted for the bathhouse, mentally preparing for the epic event. When I finally waddled in THE STALLS WERE ALL OCCUPIED.

At this point I’m freaking out, I’m literally going to poop my pants and in the woods with no means of cleaning. I waddle to the private shower attached to the bathrooms and my desperate mind starts solving problems like I’m Bradley Cooper in Limitless. Initially I think to just poop on the shower drain and waffle stomp it through, but I was not going to be that guy who ruined the nicest shower in the woods for everyone.

Like a bolt of lightning I knew what I had to do. So I pooped in the only piece of clothing I could spare: my sock.

Obviously my stomach was doing better now and I was hugely relieved. I brought the poop sock to the dumpster nearby and one of my friends saw me on the way. Before I could dispose of the poop sock he strikes up a conversation and starts asking questions about what I’m doing. Internally I’m panicking.

The best excuse I could come up with was that I found a sock in the shower stuffed with mud so I thought it best to throw it away. My friend affirms how good of a guy I am for doing that. I throw the poop sock into the dumpster and my problems are finally over.

Mud in a sock is a ridiculous story but there’s absolutely no way he could’ve guessed that the real situation was much, much more bizarre. I’ve never told a soul about this until now. Never will again.

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34. Why I crashed my car

My first car accident back in high school was not because I swerved to miss a deer like I told my dad and the police. I actually tried to pull the emergency brake and do a 180 while going 50mph downhill. Had I gone off the other side of the road I would have gone down a 50 foot hill and into the river. That was the last time I ever tried anything like that.

There just so happened to be deer tracks in the mud near the ditch where I ended up. I avoided a ticket and my dad paid to fix my car. I have never told him the truth in the 15+ years since.

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33. The crying game

I agreed to a first date with someone to make him stop crying. Six years later we're happily engaged and doing great. I don't know how well he remembers that, but I'm not bringing it up.

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32. Broken bed, broken family

My dad cheated on my mom and invited the person over when I was 9. She was a severely overweight woman and my dad is also quite overweight. My parents were fighting but trying to work things out, they slept in separate rooms at this point.

Earlier that day I had jumped on his bed and broke the board supporting it on the bed frame. I wasn't allowed to do this and always got in trouble for this reason.

My mom smelled the fact that my dad had company because she smoked, in my house.

She asked if I jumped on the bed. I said no. I feared I'd get in trouble. I was surprised there was no follow up trying to prove my guilt.

Years later I remember why she asked and realize my lie basically incriminated my father as having cheated. I'm sure he did but that got him kicked out of my house.

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31. The will to live

As a teenager, I had cancer multiple times and nearly died a lot. At one point, I spent several weeks in intensive care and survived despite no doctor thinking that I possibly could live. More than 20 years later, everyone I know still comments on how I survived purely on will to live. I actually spent every moment in that hospital bed in absolute agony, desperately wanting to die.

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30. How did your mom not notice you were pregnant?!

You know those stories about girls in the 70s who “went to live with an aunt” for a year during high school? I did that. In 2008.

I was a very naive teenager with irregular periods, and my friend thought it would be absolutely hilarious to buy those cheap pregnancy tests at Walmart and see what happened. We laughed the whole time, until one of them was positive. We couldn’t remember which was which so we got 2 more and turns out it was mine. That was when it dawned on me that I had hooked up (my school did not offer any kind of education, and my parents were useless in that regard). I panicked and swore my friend to secrecy.

I basically put it out of my mind until my pants didn’t fit anymore. I was always close with one of my older cousins and we were talking on the phone one night when she asked how school was going and I just dumped all of it on her. She came up with the perfect plan. It was already April and when I’d finally gotten the courage to go to Planned Parenthood they’d told me I was due in August.

So my cousin called my mom saying there was this amazing summer music program in her town that I just HAD to attend, and that I could stay with her the whole time. My mom thought it was great and the day after school ended I got on a plane to San Francisco. I stayed with my cousin, she went to all of my appointments with me, and she helped me find a social worker and eventually my daughter’s parents. When I arrived back home before my junior year of high school started, my mom asked me how my summer was without really caring and then remarked that I must’ve lost a few pounds.

My cousin died in 2012 in a car accident, and no one else knew apart from that one friend, the doctors I saw in Oakland, and the people involved in the adoption. I get a photo and a letter about the child once a year, and I send money for her college and a card for her birthday every year. When she turns 16, her parents are allowed to give her the cards if she wants them, but they are not permitted to pass any contact information along. I have no interest in meeting her or getting to know her personally. I know she’s safe and comfortable and that’s all I want.

I will die before I tell anyone about her, and if my friend were to spill the beans I would deny it.

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29. Rewarded for stealing

Seems like a good time as any to tell this story.

When I was a teenager my parents were divorced yet lived within walking distance of each other. I would often times walk back and fourth between their homes for whatever reason. I got to know a family that lived in the house on the corner of the block my mother lived on.

One day as I was passing this house I noticed a wallet on the ground. I picked up and opened the wallet. I noticed the Address on the ID was the house on the corner and it was the mom of the family, a very nice lady. Me being a teenager, took all of the money out of the wallet(about $50) I then went back to the home and returned the wallet explaining I found it down the street. The mother was very relieved and grateful.

What always weighed on me is a few weeks later I passed the corner house as I often did and the lady stopped me. She wanted to thank me for returning the wallet and handed me a $50 bill. I tried to refuse it but she insisted.

I was rewarded for stealing. While it’s not a big secret it is something I always think about for some reason. I’ve never really had the heart to tell anyone this story.

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28. Yeah, I think you should have talked about this one

My cousin hooked up with a dancer during his bachelor party. Hours earlier, we randomly ran into his fiancee and her friends and she made a huge deal about him hitting a dance bar (specifically because of this). He comes out of the champagne room and told me "I think I just did it." Only 3 people know this. Me, him, the dancer.

So I'm never going to tell her and I'm never going to bring it up to him ever. He's actually a good guy that unintentionally did a bad thing. He thought he was going to get a lap dance but she veered him left to the Champagne Room. Granted, he could have walked out at any moment but drinking was also at play.

He felt guilty afterwards and we were 16 hours away from the wedding ceremony. I wasn't going to make him feel guilty about it and ruin the wedding for them both. I think there's definitely a difference between having an affair and getting duped into doing something stupid for 30 seconds.

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27. He's better off not knowing

This is something I should have told my best friend but I don’t have the heart to tell him this. An hour before his girlfriend died in a car accident, I saw her at my job (TGIF) making out with the captain of the track team, his cousin. It’s been 8 years but I can’t do that to him. He was gonna propose to her later that day.

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26. "They aren't human"

I had a sweet, wonderful student who had been in foster care but his mom worked her butt off to get him back and she did. He had to take a very important city state exam and she called me and asked if he passed it. I looked at the grades and saw he did and said so. She burst into tears of joy and that is when I saw I had read the wrong score.

He had failed.

So I changed his grade to passing. No one knew. That was the only time I ever did that. That could have cost me my license.

The weird thing is, when my awful corrupt principal pressured me to change other students' scores so we could raise our pass rate, I refused.

I never told anyone what I did for my student.

He went into the military, was extremely successful there, has a great wife and kids, so I think I did the right thing.

Screw those tests. They aren't human.


25. Here's a wholesome one

I used to work for the airport and so got very discounted fares for friends and family. My mom was going on a trip with her friend to Key West and they were gonna drive since flying was too expensive. I talked her into letting me handle the flying arrangements and they'd save a ton. A typical $500+ flight turned into like $250 for both of them combined.

Well, I was still kinda new at booking reservations and what not, and I ended up screwing up the reservation. I think I only booked it for one way or something. So the night before their flight, I rebooked it, and paid the $450 for the both of them (money I really didn't have) and have since never told my mom. It was for mother's day, so I figured that was my gift to her. It's been nearly 10 years since.

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24. A grave offence

Speaking of grave... When I was a teenager some friends and I had a couple drinks and walked around the town cemetery. There was a whole section of generic flat grave markers from the 1800s. I found myself trying to imagine their lives in the same town I lived in, so long ago. Then I saw one plate kind of sticking up and crooked and I bent down to touch it.

It wasn't attached at all, and I lifted it up in my hand. Right then, my asinine teenage brain decided to put it in my backpack. I thought I'd somehow honor this stranger more than the crappy grounds' keeper leaving it all willy-nilly in the middle of the aisle. None of my friends saw what I did.

Cue hours later, sober, and the guilt and panic are setting in. I hid the plate in my closet for about a year before I chucked it back over the fence one day late at night. I hope Bessie Jane Holmes doesn't mind that I kept her for awhile. I still think back and shudder at the guilt of such immoral nonsense.

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23. The worst time to be locked out of your car

I finished having surgery and had a post op appointment with my doctor up the hill. Had to go before that while driving up the hill. Figured I’d use the bathroom while in the office. I forgot I had to poop, impossible as it seems. Well I drive back down the hill when the bullet train hit my butt.

I pulled over to the side of the highway. Having no place to go, I grab the only thing nearby - a thin empty styrofoam box from Panda Express on the passenger seat. Things were moving fast. So fast in fact that I made my first mistake. I missed the box. I had gone all over the drivers seat of my car. I had been on antibiotics too so we’re not talking solid here.

I am doing this acrobatic effort not to dip my butt back in the mess and I some how open the car door. I grab my phone and pop the trunk. After slamming the car door shut (important later), I run bare to the trunk of my car to grab a change of clothes I had prayed for. Good thing I didn’t make that Goodwill run yet.

God’s joke wasn’t quite over though. I walked back to the driver's door to realize my keys are locked inside the car with the engine running. So now to make matters worse I have to call a tow truck to unlock my car door.

Now some Hank the tow truck guy has to stare at the abomination that I left in my seat. I was mortified. And he just stared at me with such bewilderment afterwards. I hung my head and said, “It’s exactly what it seems.” I’m sure that tow truck guy had one heck of a story when he got back home.

But I will never tell anyone in real life.

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22. Everyone needs love

I popped my cherry at age 27 with a woman who was 58. She is a sweet lady who knew my mother and felt badly for me. It was pity all the way but I didn't care. I continued hooking up with her for another 2 months until she ended it because I had grown "romantically dependent" on her. I'm 29 now and she's still the only woman I've ever been with. On the bright side, it will be easy to take this secret to the grave since I know I'm gonna die alone.

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21. Family matters

My mom is in a relationship with her somewhat distant cousin. Yes, we call him 'tio' (Spanish for uncle). Yes he lives with us. No we are not from the south. And yes I find it disgusting.

I have done everything I can to hide it from people I know. It is extremely embarrassing. Fortunately my mom and dad are not related.

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20. Building a mystery

Every year I write my parents a Christmas card signed by "Sarah and Michael." - They still have no idea who they are and spend a lot of Christmas day trying to figure it out.

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19. Living a double life

What secret could ruin my life?

I secretly take off my hijab.

On social media I wear the hijab. In front of all my parents, other family, most of my friends, I wear a hijab. Here's my story: When I graduated two years ago I decided to look for a job, and I wasn't able to land anything. I came up with the the idea to start interviewing without wearing one, and once I get an offer I'd start wearing it again. I ended up getting two great job offers (which made me really sad that my theory of taking it off and easily finding a job was true).

I took one and haven't worn it to work at all. I don't know what happened in the mix of things. I guess I started to like the attention men gave me and I actually felt like I belonged/normal with my peers. It was a feeling I've never felt. Everyone started treating me different, as if I was worth speaking to. I don't get weird looks anymore, I don't get asked weird questions.

I'm too afraid to tell my parents about it because of disappointment and I'm even more afraid of the Muslim community finding out. Bullying and talking crap happens a lot to girls who "take it off". I wear it to family functions, and when I'm at a place where I know I can run into someone I know.

So yes in essence I guess I am living a double life. Say what you want, I'm okay for now living like this. I keep changing my mind on what I permanently want to do.

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18. Money for nothing

I get paid a six figure salary for a standard 40-hour a week corporate job for a massive well known company. In a given week I do maybe an hour of actual work, the rest of the time I am on Reddit or YouTube slacking off. I thought when I got this job that eventually someone would figure out I don't do anything all day but here I am 14 years later still doing absolutely nothing and getting paid a lot for it.

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17. I'm sorry, you don't deserve your wife

A while back, I was cheating on my wife with a coworker. It went on for months, and I never really cared for the woman I was cheating with. She was super hot, though. After a while my coworker started getting really crazy and threatening to tell my wife (whom I had a child with and a baby on the way) about everything.

Obviously, I kept trying to cut things off because I realized I was making a mistake. She lost it one night and was freaking out and texting me telling me she was going to come to my house. And then she got in a car crash. She died instantly.

No one knows I was having an affair, and my family went to her funeral.

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16. Spoiler alert: I don't care

Possibly the most relatable one. I don't care about the company or my work beyond a professional level (I do my work well, because I'm paid, but I'm not working extra for free), I don't buy into "the mission" at all and the only reason I don't want the place to go belly up is so I don't lose my job.

If corporate heard this, it could ruin your life because a lot have bought into/force-feed the delusion that work=life. Heck, I know people who have been clearly shoved out of companies because of this (tech is real bad about it). This isn't to say that I don't work hard for my time, but I get paid for 40 hours, I work hard for 40. You expect 60? Pay me and I'll do it, but I don't care about the company or "changing the world" so I won't do it for free.

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15. Sometimes it's easier to leave than tell the truth

This secret is a bad one. When I was 15 and incredibly lonely one summer I decided to make an OkCupid account. (For those of you who don't know that's a dating website for people 18+.) I looked probably about 17 at the time but I guess I could pass for 18. So I said I was 18 on my account.

I got a lot of responses from guys instantly. There was this one that stood out to me, his name was James. He was a 22 year old college student, but me at 15 thought he was the most intelligent and beautiful person I'd ever met. We talked for three months and then he turned 23. Now the age gap was 8 years.

After those three summer months of staying up all night we decided to meet up in person. It was labor day weekend when we met up. He picked me up from a gas station and drove me to his house (we lived 3hrs away and I told him that my car didn't work but really I only had my permit and no car). I honestly think I fell in love with him and we hit it off completely.

He was really attractive and different from guys my age. Guys my age would make fun of how I looked because they were insecure themselves and tease me a lot when they were interested in me, which just confused me. But James would compliment me and joke with me but never made me feel insecure.

I really loved him, but when the relationship progressed he was talking about doing it. But after I turned 16 I realized that he was a 23-year-old man who could get in a lot of trouble if he was to sleep with me.

I never told him my age because I knew he'd be disgusted with himself so I just cut all ties with him all day. I figured it was selfish to keep him around. He needed somebody who could be 100% honest with him. So in March I basically blocked him on all social media and my phone (he didn't know where I lived) and I never saw or spoke to him again.

It's been 2 years but I sometimes stalk his Facebook. He's actually engaged now and graduated college. I'm so happy that everything is going well for him. I'm only 18 now but I hope one day I'll find a guy who is as great as James.

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14. Bullying the bully

I was picked on A LOT in primary school. One kid (we'll call him Johnathon) got quite antsy with skipping ropes and used to whip me with them before chasing me with it if I ran away. He also called me some pretty horrible names.

When I was 10 years old, the bullying was relentless and spread to multiple people bullying me. If I told the school, they would tell off the bullies, but the behaviour would still continue. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

As Johnathan came charging towards me with his friends, ready to start 'whipping' (for lack of a better word), I stood rigid with a plastic tennis racket, and with all of my anger, spun in one complete circle.

I didn't expect to move so quickly, nor for the racket to hit anything (I was quite weird and had poor hand-eye co-ordination when I was young), but the racket slammed straight to the side of his face, causing him to bleed quite heavily. He had to go home that day. I'm 17 now, and I've seen him a couple of times since. His head healed, but I banged him up pretty bad. I still hate how I caused all of this damage to him.

Johnathan's friends were simply too scared to tell the teacher of what I did, for fear of how I'd react. Up until this point, I'd been intelligent, quiet and secluded. When I suddenly snapped and attacked, it came as a huge shock to them. They (mostly) stopped talking to me as well.

People may tell me to try and reconcile with him, but the truth is that I will never, ever forgive him for the crap he put me through for 2 years.

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13. Between the sheets

So, don't really know how to start this off, but.. I'm attracted to beds. It started somewhere during my early high school years, when I was really starting to discover myself. There was something about beds, the fact that when you go to sleep at night, you're always with them. Their purpose is to make you feel comfortable at night, when you're at your most vulnerable.

Anyway, I modified my twin bed towards the end of high school, essentially tearing the fabric, shoving some pillows in the side, and make a little hole that I could insert myself into.

I've always known that the behavior is odd, but I can't help myself. Nowadays, I live with my girlfriend. I don't have that twin bed anymore, but anytime we do it, it has to be on a bed. If it's not, I can't get go through with it. Needless to say, if this got out, it'd truly be bad for me.

bedroom-405920-300x199.jpgImage by

12. Pretending to go to college

Three years ago I attended a local community college while living with my parents. Or so they thought. In reality I hit a moment in my life where I realized I didn't want to go to college anymore after having been forced to leave NC State University due to money falling through.

I sat at home, slept all day, and played on my computer with friends into all hours of the night. When my parents actually did stay home for the day instead of working I'd go to 'school'. Which was really me finding a shady parking lot to sleep in my car all day. Yes it was massively uncomfortable since my area gets really hot in summer and really cold in winter.

One time I even had to walk 3 miles in the snow, cold, and wind because I had to have my mother drop me off at the school. I then hid in the backseat of my car inside a sleeping bag I put in beforehand. I couldn't stretch my legs at all so it was super uncomfortable, but at least it was warm.

Anyway, I've essentially betrayed the trust of my parents who are exceptionally great people. If they found out I did this I don't know what they'd do. They think I have an associate's degree in computer science and I don't have the slightest inkling of the subject. I'm probably gonna die with the secret of my fake degree because I'd rather lie forever than hurt my parents with the truth.


11. Secret baby

I had a baby with sperm donated from a man who advertised on Craigslist. If my very religious family found out it wasn't an "accident" I would be completely shunned and disowned.

I am a female who is ugly. NO, that's not the secret. But I AM ugly because I have a facial deformity that I was born with. I've never had a long term partner in my life. My biological clock was ticking LOUDLY and I desperately wanted a child - there wasn't going to be time enough to meet someone and my odds were none existent as a middle-aged, ugly female.

I own my home, have a career - but I didn't want to lose all my savings to pay to have it done through a clinic and sperm donation, etc. It would have been at least $15K per try. My chances of adopting were also almost non-existent as any women looking to adopt her baby out isn't going to pick the ugly, middle-aged lady to adopt their baby. Plus it's crazy freaking expensive. I wanted the money I had in savings to go toward raising the child.

So I turned to Craigslist and got it for free.

My child is a preschooler now and I've never been happier or more fulfilled! I pinch myself every day because my child is in my life and I feel so freaking lucky. Every day is a dream come true and I savor each and every moment. I try to be the best mom I can be in every way. Parenting really makes you take a long, hard look at yourself and how you show up in the world. I parent from my heart.

I regularly send pictures and updates to the generous and selfless man who trusted me on a hand shake.

mother-429158-300x199.jpgImage by

10. I'm not who I say I am

I've been living under false identities and have been for a period of time that is over 15 years but under 25. I won't go in depth with specifics, but due to a traumatic childhood, I had to cut ties one day with my entire life. The longest I have spent as one identity since then is about 6 years.

I have a home, a marriage, and a job. Legally, this isn't exactly secure. I'm guaranteed to one day lose everything and face serious consequences if I am found or found out.

I have literally fabricated my entire life and identity. I am not who I say I am and my backstory is not the one anyone knows. At any moment, I could be revealed and that terrifies me.

I didn't expect to build a life for myself under this identity. It was never supposed to last. Now I'm stuck.

id-4157974-300x193.jpgImage by

9. You have to do what you have to do

Two years ago for 4 months I was an escort/sugar baby.

I needed the money badly, I hadn't eaten a proper 3 meals for a while and couldn't get work at all. My first week I made $2000 for a weekend's work.

I didn't hate it either. My main visitor was a nice enough person and though a lot older than I was he wasn't unattractive. It felt pretty empowering at the time too -- I'd just had a weird break up (in that he went to England and didn't tell me about it until he arrived). I figured after that if people were so intent on screwing me over I may as well make okay out of the deal too.

It stopped because my grandfather passed away and I was asked to stay with my nana for a while to keep her company - it doesn't take long to lose contact with people.

I don't regret it. I needed the money, felt weirdly beautiful, and learned some things. But my field of study will most likely put me into work in a Catholic or otherwise religious school setting and there aren't many men I imagine would be okay with that sort of past.

woman-3083390_1920-300x200.jpgImage by Анастасия Гепп from Pixabay

8. Secret good cop

As a Police Officer I rarely if ever arrest people for possession of pot, something that if found out would probably get me ostracized and possibly fired since I work in a conservative department.

I really hope when I retire I can help reform not only the laws but the corrections system as well. Believe me when I say there's a lot of us out there who share this ideal. However it's not widely acceptable behavior. Those who don't embrace the culture are usually looked down upon. Think vegetarian lion.

I got into this field over 15 years ago for a reason. As of late I feel I have finally realized what that was. While I can't completely turn this oil tanker of a problem around. I can try and prevent some from being exposed to a unforgivable system.

It really comes down to having the discussion with an open mind and realizing some laws don't stand to the test of time. Again thanks for the support.

cop-300x162.jpgPhoto by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

7. You live the lie

When I was younger I would lie about anything and everything. Like having more brothers and sisters than I did, where I grew up, where I was born and I would make up lies about random things that didn't even matter.

I have no idea why I did it but some of the lies have kept going. I'm twenty one and still maintaining random lies I've told forever.

boy-2861547-300x199.jpgImage by

6. Fake cakes

I run a cake business. I charge people hundreds for wedding cakes... Every last one is made using Pillsbury cake mix I buy for $1 a box at Walmart.

I suck at baking. Every time I've ever tried to make a cake from scratch it sucked. But baking is like... my whole business. My friends all call me the cake girl. It's like my whole life is a lie. People compliment my cakes all the time, telling me how delicious they are, telling me it's so much better than box mix cake, telling me they could never bake a cake so delicious.

Well guess what? For $1, they too can make a cake just as delicious. Just add oil, eggs and water. In my defense, I love cake decorating. I make all of the frostings and fondant from scratch. I just hate baking cakes!! I base my prices mostly on the decoration of the cakes and not of the cake itself of that makes sense.

Still... No one knows about this except my husband. Even my best friends think I slave over the oven mixing and baking these stupid cakes. I have been doing this for YEARS.

If anyone knew, my business and reputation would be in the toilet for sure. I keep telling myself I have to learn how to make the bloody cakes without the box mixes, but I never do it. I feel like such a sham sometimes.

wedding-cake-1704427-300x200.jpgImage by

5. Kids will do anything for attention

I have a blind brother. When we were young, I used to get so frustrated at all the extra attention he received and how I had to be more responsible with my sibling than my peers. So, when my brother and I would go play, go to the store, or just generally go anywhere without adults, I would abandon him somewhere unfamiliar to him. Then, I would stand off quietly and watch the anxiety set in as he tried to figure out where he was and what was going on.

Also, I was really intelligent as a child and knew that was my ticket to attention. When I would "help" my brother with his homework, I would teach him all the wrong answers, so that I could continue being the smarter sibling. Today, my brother is my best friend. He goes to college and lives by himself. He's become one of the most intelligent men I've ever met. I'm trying to make it up to him now by being the best big sister ever, but I still feel so guilty at how I found him to be a burden when I was a kid.

girl-2219110_1920-200x300.jpgImage by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

4. A nonviolent way to get back at a bully

When I was 15 I looked like a hybrid of McLoven and Napoleon Dynamite - and was bullied by this mammoth lineman at school. This kid easily weighed 3 times as much as me.

But one day I got sick of his crap - this day also happened to be the day before our final exam in World History. While he was at wrestling practice after school, I went into his locker and stole his textbook, study guide, and notebook and took them home with me that night.

The next morning, I got to school extra extra early, and put all of the stolen stuff perfectly back in his locker.

He rolled in that morning whining to the administration about how someone stole all his stuff, but when he walked them over to his locker and his stuff was sitting right there, he looked like a total idiot and the admins refused to help him check the cameras.

Pretty sure he failed the test too. At the time, I'm pretty sure he would have beat the living crap out of me had he found out. I'll never tell anyone, but it honestly feels good.

books-441866-300x225.jpgImage by

3. My secret bunker

Two and a half years ago I was in dire financial straights, so I sold my home to keep my struggling business afloat. I neglected to tell the owners that they have an 800 sq. ft. bunker on the property that I built about seven years ago. The bunker that I've called home since I sold it. The entrance to it is well-hidden, but I still come and go very early/very late in the day.

I'm a single man who keeps to himself. I'm now in a situation where I could move somewhere else, but I love this hidden paradise so much.

bunker-16821-300x225.jpgImage by

2. "My whole professional life is built on a lie"

My whole professional life is built on a lie and it's about ready to come down.

When I was 22 I was in a bad way -- halfway through my bachelor's degree, but with a building addiction to pills and some mental health issues.

Summer of that year I was in a bad car accident -- in addition to broken bones throughout my body, my head went through the window and my face received severe lacerations that required hundreds of stitches to close and left me looking very rough. As tough as that was to deal with, I also now know that I sustained a traumatic brain injury that left me very confused, angry, and overwhelmed by life in general.

I wanted to keep up appearances, so after taking three months off to recover I tried to go back to school. Within the first week I knew I couldn't handle it. Too many questions about what happened, too much anxiety, and I had lost pretty much all my coping skills. When I got overwhelmed (which happened often), I would feel sick and scared and literally forget where I was and what I was doing. It was frightening and embarrassing, especially for someone like me who had always had high expectations placed on my shoulders by those around me.

I had lost pretty much all my friends at this point, and in my mental state, I thought that those who remained would abandon me if they knew how much I was struggling.

So, I told everyone that it was going great. Every day I would I leave the house for six hours and drive. Sometimes I would stop in a parking lot, sometimes I would just keep driving all day. I would find cheap used textbooks at college bookstores so that I could bring them home and "study." I created elaborate lies about my classes and my professors in order to have stories to tell when people asked how it was going.

I kept telling myself that I was just doing this until my brain worked again, and that next quarter I would go back for real when I could actually handle it. Problem is, things just kept getting worse, and as time went on I became less able to get back on track.

This went on for 2.5 years, until I was supposed to be graduating. So I lied about that too. I forged transcripts and came up with stories of why I didn't want to work in the field of my degree and hoped to move past it. I got a labor job and slowly found things working themselves out as my brain chemistry improved and steady work kept me from completely destroying myself.

Eventually I had to move. For the first time in over a decade, I was finally free of my addiction and starting to feel part of the world again, but I was still carrying the lie of my college degree. I volunteered in some places related to that field and they really liked me.

They liked me so much, in fact that they hired me on an emergency basis (no transcripts required) and I've worked there ever since. Now, three years into my sobriety and seemingly a lifetime removed from the pain of those years, they want to promote me to a career-level job that I would absolutely love.

I'm so good at what I do and it brings me so much joy, but this promotion would come with scrutiny and background checks that I know I can't stand up to.

When I was so depressed, I honestly didn't think I'd even live this long, so while I knew that my lies could create this situation, I never prepared for it. Worse than losing this job would be having everyone around me find out what happened, so I am at a point now where I have to quit what I love because they like me too much.

I plan to go back to school for real and I think I'll do well, but the shame and regret of this situation is something I don't think I'll ever shake.

university-2119707-300x193.jpgImage by

1. Fake injury, real success

In 2009 I was working a dead end job, living pay cheque to pay cheque, and my then girlfriend (now-wife) and I were constantly struggling with the stress of financial difficulty and I could never get a job in a industry I wanted to work in.

Fast forward to Easter 2009, I was sitting in the passenger seat of our little car, while my wife was driving. We got T-boned on the passenger side, that crumpled the entire side of the car and banged me up pretty good.

I managed to get out of the car check on my wife who was fine, I started to feel a minor throbbing in my leg, but quickly composed myself and ran over to check on the other driver, he was fine (it was a big truck) but he was mad he hit us and immediately admitted blame (it was pretty clear since he ran a red).

So we sort out the towing exchange information and I go home. That night I get a frantic call from my brother, he always calls asking for help, I don't even remember what it was for, but I was like "Look man, we were just in a bad car accident, and my leg is really feeling messed up, I can't help you." My brother was totally stunned and told me that I need to go to the doctor. I was mostly exaggerating, my leg was just bruised up and I didn't want to go out and lend a hand.

Next day my leg is a bit stiff and I started to feel a bit lazy, so I called into work saying I'm having trouble standing up after the accident. They say no worries, work from home and take it easy. So I do, I spend the day playing WoW and eating old chinese food.

My girlfriend came home and I was really just feeling lazy and I make this big scene of not being able to walk easily to help out. She immediately takes me to the doctor, and despite protesting they send me off for x-rays. Which while they are waiting, the nurse suggests that I start looking into a lawyer since this was a MVC.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I just went along with it, and started faking this injury, the x-rays came back negative for any breaks but there was a possibility of a dislocation that righted itself, so I just said, yeah I think there was a sharp pain during the impact. Anyways, I went on short-term disability, my gf was forced to carry the weight, I went on long-term disability and started going through physical therapy, which I faked my way through.

Now, fast forward 12 months, I'm done faking I've "recovered" from my injury I'm at a party with some friends who introduce me to this guy who heard my story and my "struggles" he was so impressed by my perseverance he offered me a salary job, nothing crazy something like 45k a year but when you've been working retail, it's huge. Then came a settlement, that was worth over 90k which my gf and I used to buy our first house.

Fast forward 4 years, I'm extremely successful making over 100k (with commissions), been promoted multiple times and got married and literally owe it all to being a lazy bum who faked a sick day following a car accident so he could pvp in WoW all day. My entire life is based around a single lie, but even to this day sometimes I get out things say my leg is acting up.

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