From Console to the Big Screen: The Best Video Game Movie Adaptations

From Console to the Big Screen: The Best Video Game Movie Adaptations

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing one of your most beloved games hitting the big screen. While video game movie adaptations have received a bad rep thanks to some failed attempts in the past, better technology in today’s age has allowed filmmakers to recreate some spectacular gaming worlds. Below we’ll dive into five of the best video game adaptations on the big screen that managed to keep the heart of the game, all while unraveling epic, dazzling stories. You’ll definitely want to check these out!

1. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

Released just this year, The Super Mario Bros. Movie soared to new heights as it completely dominated the box office. And is that really a surprise? Starring an all-star cast, including Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Charlie Day, Seth Rogen, and Keegan-Michael Key, as the most beloved video game characters of all time, it certainly sounds like a recipe for success. 

As the perfect partnership between Illumination Studios and Nintendo, The Super Mario Bros. Movie welcomes viewers to a dazzling, eye-opening cinematic experience. With beautiful animations full of vibrant colours and adorable characters, the film was a treat for the eyes. And thanks to such splendid voice acting, fans got to enjoy watching their favourite characters come to life. The film is full of so much heart, laughter, and great easter eggs that will surely make any fan fall in love with the movie. 

Claudio-Luiz-Castro- R95Vmwyn7A-Unsplash (2)Photo by Cláudio Luiz Castro on Unsplash

2. Detective Pikachu (2019)

Who would’ve guessed that the best detective since Sherlock Holmes would turn out to be an adorable, electric rodent with a caffeine addiction? Detective Pikachu, based on the 2016 spin-off game from the beloved Pokémon franchise, was able to pull off an impressive feat. As an incredibly enjoyable watch for any fan, the movie managed to capture the unique charm of the Pokémon world while combining it with a delightful mystery that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ spunky voice-acting as the titular character, Pikachu, Detective Pikachu proved to the world that video game adaptations CAN achieve greatness and please audiences. For any big Pokémon fan, this is definitely a must-watch. The movie is the perfect love letter that transports viewers into this magical world of fantastic creatures.

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3. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

Despite an initially rocky start, 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog raced beyond all expectations to deliver a surprisingly solid film that brought our favourite blue hedgehog to life in the most delightful way. Facing tremendous backlash from audiences online after Sonic’s first design was revealed, Paramount quickly scrambled to make significant changes. Thanks to the studio’s willingness to listen to fan feedback, audiences were rewarded with an endearing, action-packed flick.

Thanks to some fantastic CGI work, getting to watch Sonic race all over town was a treat for any longtime fan. On top of that, Sonic’s sizzling speed was paired perfectly with Jim Carrey’s larger-than-life performance as the villainous Dr. Robotnik. The two were electric on screen! When it comes to video game adaptations, Sonic the Hedgehog is just overall pure, nostalgic enjoyment. 

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4. Resident Evil (2002)

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, the Resident Evil movie turned out to be a bloody good surprise for video game fans back in 2002. Taking inspiration from this popular survival horror game series by Capcom, the film was able to retain enough of the games’ horrifying essence while also creating a new and unique storyline that was fitting for the big screen.

It’s a terrifyingly good blend of action, horror, and a touch of sci-fi that makes this film a standout adaptation. Although this film was the beginning of a whole series of sequels (all of which varied in quality), nothing quite beats the original. 

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5. The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)

Let’s switch things up to bring a popular mobile game to this list. Because who could’ve ever imagined a sequel to a movie based on a game about enraged birds would do so well? Beating the odds, The Angry Birds Movie 2 proved that even the unlikeliest source material can lead to a cinematic triumph. Building on the simple yet addictive premise of the mobile game, the sequel served up an animated adventure that was equally heartwarming and hilarious as it was thrilling.

With a top-tier voice cast consisting of Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, and Awkwafina, combined with fantastic animation and a witty script, the film did well to deliver an enjoyable viewing experience to audiences of all ages. With a relatable “underbird” story about unlikely alliances and overcoming obstacles, it’s no wonder this film exceeded all expectations.

Angry-Bird-2234295 1280Image by Abdullah Shakoor from Pixabay

So the next time you hear someone ranting about how bad video game adaptations are, show ‘em this list! These five amazing films have proved that when done with the right amount of care, filmmakers can create entertaining and engaging adaptations that even the most avid fans will approve. With so many video games out there, we can only imagine which will be next to hit the big screen!