Busted! People Who Caught Their Spouse Cheating Share Their Outrageous Stories

Busted! People Who Caught Their Spouse Cheating Share Their Outrageous Stories


What would you do if you entered a room where your partner or significant other was having a passionate moment with your closest friend or a coworker? or having a sexual relationship with someone else while saying it’s “practice for you”? What happens if your boyfriend and the other person are caught in the act and damage your furnishings as a result? These people claim that this is not as unusual as you may imagine.

These tales could help you recognize how solid your own bond is. Or, the more surprising ones can cause you to doubt your status as a couple.

1. Not Too Grievous To Sing

1-pexels-40Quoc-Bao.jpgpexels @Quốc Bảo

I’ll try to keep it short: They were sleeping as I got home in the morning after working all night. I grabbed a guitar, sat on the edge of the bed, and played a really bad country song that I made up on the spot. She was yelling at me. I’m just singing at the end of the bed really badly and loudly. He had the cover over his head probably wondering if I was going to hit him over the head with the guitar.

2. Party Has Ended

2-pexels-40Wendy-Wei.jpgpexels @Wendy Wei

Few years back I lived with a buddy in a large apartment and we always had parties. I was flying back from Florida and wound up getting home when one such party was “winding down.” Everyone was under blankets on the living room floor. Saw my “buddy” with what was obviously a figure halfway down his sleeping bag doing SOMETHING to him. He gave me a wide-eyed look and I cracked a smile at him until my girlfriend of two year’s head popped out from the sleeping bag. I was in shock for a few seconds, and my buddy wanted to talk. I cut him off and said “you can keep her. Drove across town to my mom’s that night, crying like a little girl.

3. Sibling’s Secret

3-pexels-40Eren-Li.jpgpexels @Eren Li

I found out my ex boyfriend (dated from 15-18) had been cheating on me when, upon walking into the apartment he shared with his mother and two elementary-aged sisters, the youngest sister asked me “when did you leave?” I asked her “when was I here?” She responded, “You were here all night. I could hear you talking to my brother.”

I had not been there for two days at that point. I asked him what she was talking about and he was speechless for a few minutes before confessing. Good riddance.

4. Goodbye To Nasty Garbage

4-pexels-40Alex-Green.jpgpexels @Alex Green

Dropped her off at home, went inside to use bathroom, found condom in the trash. We hadn’t been using condoms for a bit. That one hurt for some time. She claimed “it’s not used.” Um, nice try.

As bad as I wanted to make a scene and call her everything possible, I just proceeded to leave the place and never look back.


5. Who’s Jennifer?

5-unsplash-40NordWood-Themes.jpgunsplash @NordWood Themes

College girlfriend and I lived together for a year after I realized she would always have her phone on silent or just plain ignore calls from “Jennifer.” One day I write down the number and call it a week later. It ends up being her other boyfriend who she had never broken up with before she came to college. Neither of us knew about each other and she had being visiting him when she went home to see her parents on some weekends and breaks.

Broke up soon after and her mom said that sometimes you just have to accept things and how I owed her an apology for breaking up with her. It gets worse but that was the gist.

6. A Continuous Odyssey

6-pexels-40Wajahat-Ahmad-Khan.jpgpexels @Wajahat Ahmad Khan

Was on a very rare date night, kids at the grandparents house. I’m looking extra cute so didn’t even want to carry a purse or my cell. Used his phone on the way to the restaurant to confirm our reservations. After eating, used his phone again to get the movie times via text. Saw a name in the frequently sent, asked him innocently “Who is Lisa?” He snatched the phone and said “my coworker.” I asked more questions. Fast-forward 3 hours later and I’m throwing his clothes into his car after going online and viewing the hundreds of text sent to several women.

But still, I was a fool for love and opted to stay. I was with him my entire adult life so I didn’t know anything different. That was 2006. We had our 19th anniversary in January. My divorce was final in March. He got married to ANOTHER one of his many affairs in June. I’m enjoying being unattached and becoming an empty nester as of this fall.

7. Having The Final Say

7-unsplash-40Miquel-Parera.jpgunsplash @Miquel Parera

I had caught him texting with girls before, so the trust was pretty much gone (unfortunately I was young and dumb at the time, so I didn’t immediately dump him). Some time after, I had a feeling that something was off about him, so I took his phone when he went to the bathroom and checked his recent messages (not proud, but hey: he reacted abnormally defensive when I tried to talk and I was desperate). First conversation was with a random girl he met online, texting, sending nudes, discussing when the were going to meet up… And within 3 minutes I found tons of similar conversations, one of them with my best friend. Yelled at him, cried, kicked him out. His response? “It was just a test. Those girls are only friends, I wanted to see if you trusted me enough not to check my phone. Those convos are all fake!”

Needless to say I didn’t believe him. After he realised I wasn’t going to believe him, he told me it was my fault because I was an annoying girlfriend. So I yelled “Well then you must be happy that I’m dumping you!” and closed the door.

8. 10 Things About Me That You Hate

8-freepik-40jannoon028.jpgfreepik @jannoon028

Not me but this couple from my high school had the wildest cheating story. We’ll call them Nathan and Anna. Nathan is going away for the weekend with his bros and Anna is convinced he will cheat on her. She tells him multiple times “Don’t cheat on me Nathan, don’t cheat on me this weekend” as one does in any healthy relationship. Anyway Nathan stays faithful. Anna on the other hand cheats on Nathan that same weekend. Her excuse, “I thought you were going to cheat on me so that’s why I cheated on you.” A classic preemptive cheat, as one does in any healthy relationship. But it doesn’t end there.

Anna then gives Nathan a list of 100 things NATHAN can do to improve their relationship. That’s right, she cheated on him, and then gave him a list of things he needs to do better. He broke up with her on the spot.

9. The Worst Heartbreak

9-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

She cheated on me with my twin. We have kids, married, all that (so was he). I took my family back home for my grandma’s funeral and left them there for two weeks to be with family while I went back to work. That’s when it went down.

Her excuse: I liked it when he paid attention to me. And you make me feel bad when I yell at the kids all day. And he yells at his kids all day. We just had so much in common. And you were mad at me because I was mad at you for working too much (which I was doing because we were buying a big brand new house she insisted on). You don’t know how hard it is for me. He understands. That wasn’t something I could get over, so we ended it.

10. That Must Hurt

10-unsplash-40Jess-Bailey.jpgunsplash @Jess Bailey

I walked into my house after forgetting my glasses in the morning, it happens, I never wear them enough, anyways, I walk in and head to the bedroom, shower’s running and I figure wife got in after I left. Then I hear a man laughing, and she laughs with him. So I kind of freaked, but calmly. I sat down. Just sort of sat there, didn’t know what else to do.

After a couple of minutes the shower turns off, they come tumbling out of the bathroom and there I am. He starts stuttering, she starts making excuses as if I hadn’t clearly caught her. I just mumble, “Forgot my glasses.” I don’t remember what I was thinking, I reached for a pair of scissors on the nightstand and I’m pretty sure I at least thought about killing them both, but instead I walked out of the house like an idiot holding scissors for no reason. I didn’t even do anything.


11. Maybe There Wasn’t A Wedding

1_11-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

Came home early from my 2nd job to spend time with her and our infant son. I noticed an extra pair of shoes in the entryway so I creeped in and up the stairs. I hit a creaky one and I hear them both jump up and she meets me at the door zipping up a sweater, her pants still unbuttoned. He is still putting his pants on as I look into the room and start yelling. She pushed at me to go downstairs so we could argue somewhere other than outside our sleeping son’s room and once we are in the living room I started yelling harder than I ever had before.

I don’t remember what I said, I kinda blanked it, but I’m sure I referenced how we were engaged and he was my best man and them trying to calm me down. I stormed out of the house and walked up the street to where his wife (her maid of honor) was working and calmly asked her to come outside to talk. I told her what happened and left her to deal with him as she saw fit. I then called up a buddy of mine and told him to meet me at the bar so I could get wasted but not alone.

12. Keep The Towel Out Of This

12-freepik-40pvproductions.jpgfreepik @pvproductions

Got into a fight with my at-the-time girlfriend on my way to work. Had a mutual “friend” sleeping on the couch. Came back about an hour later (work was 3 minutes away. With traffic) and found my girl in a teddy. Not the sweatpants and tank top I had left her in. Noticed some clothes (NOT mine) on MY side of the bed. I ask if I’m interrupting something. She tells me I should leave. The toilet flushes. The bathroom door opens, I turn to see who is brave enough to plant their clothes on MY side of MY bed. Lo and behold the friend on the couch was giving me the deer in the headlight look. In. My. Towel. She begins to panic and tell me to leave as he tucks tail back into the bathroom and locks the door. Still. In. My. Towel. The apparent sound of the boiling of my blood kept him from opening the bathroom door and her from opening the bedroom door.

I take a deep breath, shout out “Pack up your stuff and get out. And take the towel.” And went back to work, turned off my phone, bought a new towel and bedset, burned the old sheets, and lived happily ever after with my new towel.

13. No Way To Return Home

13-freepik-40wayhomestudio.jpgfreepik @wayhomestudio

Was going out with girlfriends after work. Got off early and ran home to change. I thought it was odd my husband was asleep so early. Crept in the bedroom with the light off to change. Sat on the bed and he started saying I need to go wait in the living room. I was not catching on at all. He had to explain he had someone one in the bed with him. I left, got very tipsy, then terribly sad. Went home second night because we’d been together since I was 15 and I was confused.

I walk in day two and hear the bed springs squeaking. The first night I was calm and kind of laughed about how ridiculous it was. Day two. …not so much. That chick stayed in my bed for three hours while my husband and I argued and I broke everything I could get my hands on. I sent her a Christmas card at her parents house for several years that said, “ho, ho, ho.” Now I know she did me a favor. Any woman who can take my man can have him.

14. Stagnant Career Objectives

14-unsplash-40Kenny-Eliason.jpgunsplash @Kenny Eliason

This happened to one of the nicest guys I ever met. He was super intelligent and hardworking, and training to be a trauma surgeon. He had been married to his wife for two years. One night he gets off a 30-hour call early and heads home to surprise his wife with some flowers and her favorite dessert (it was the anniversary of the day they first met), only to find her in bed with a random dude.

He was so exhausted and confused that he didn’t know what to do and just left and went back to the hospital. I saw him at five a.m., sitting in the parking lot, hunched over crying. He didn’t even have his phone with him, and he was just sitting there. Man, nothing breaks your heart more than seeing a grown man cry, and it’s not something you see often. We called his dad, and he came and picked him up. The guy ended up taking a leave from his residency. It wasn’t the wife’s first time sleeping around. I hope he gets back on his feet, and he will make an amazing physician.

15. It All Began With A Joke

15-freepik-40jannoon028.jpgfreepik @jannoon028

I had a really close group of friends who would always prank each other. One of my mates found out the Facebook password of another, so while on Skype, the whole crew—including myself—logged into his Facebook account (so, seven people on there) to post a stupid status. At the same time, my partner of five years was messaging him on Facebook about how good hooking up was last night and about meeting up again.

16. Informal Discussion

16-freepik-40Drazen-Zigic.jpgfreepik @Drazen Zigic

A friend of mine was hanging out with some guys at a bar and went home to chill with them. He asked how they knew my girlfriend at the time (realized she was a mutual friend at the bar). The guy said she was friends-with-benefits with his friend. My friend was confused and mentioned she was the girlfriend of a friend of his (me) to which his response was, “Oh, I hope you’re not good enough of friends to have to tell him.”


17. Terribly Wrong Surprise

17-freepik-40tirachardz.jpgfreepik @Drazen Zigic

I walked in on my girlfriend while she was with another guy. “What are you doing here?!” she says. I replied, “You gave me a key, remember? I ended up not working today and wanted to surprise you.” Fifteen years later she reaches out and leaves me a message that she’d like to talk. I figure she’s doing some 12-step thing or something and wants to make amends.

It turned out she wanted to try and sell me on life insurance.

18. The Other Person

18-unsplash-40Priscilla-Du-Preez.jpgunsplash @Priscilla Du Preez

Mt. St Augustine erupted in Alaska in 1986. They had to evacuate all planes out of Elmendorf AFB due to ash in the air. This sent my unit home from Korea three days early. I got home at two a.m. and there was a guy sleeping next to my wife in our bed.

19. Invading the Futon

19-pexels-40Alena-Darmel.jpg19 pexels @Alena Darmel

I just got off work after working the graveyard shift. I walk into my apartment to see my fiancé with some guy she met at a party on my futon which they broke. I walked out with so much rage and broken feelings. I went to my car and cried.

20. Merely Flirting

20-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

Came home early. They were fast enough to get dressed but not in a natural state of being, if that makes sense. It was obvious something was just going down. Very cliched “got walked in on and tried to play it cool” like you see in tv. I asked him to leave and he did.

We argued, she tried to lie but soon confessed. It wasn’t the first time she cheated but it was the first time that I caught her in the act. Everything in the past was just texts and stuff. She said that she never slept with the other people and it was just pics and flirting. Isn’t that bad enough? We divorced, both remarried. Not friends by any stretch, but civil.

21. Ineffective Therapy

21-pexels-40Tatiana-Syrikova.pngpexels @Tatiana Syrikova

I went to log into email and a suggested one that I didn’t recognize popped up. I answered all his security questions, and reset his password to find emails between him and the neighbor. We were in therapy to recover from him cheating with her and there they were talking about their love and when I’d be out of the house so they could be together.

The actual horror sorry is that our seven-year-old daughter is the one who accidentally caught them originally by walking into our bedroom while I was at work.

22. Broken American Dream

22-pexels-40Craig-Adderley.jpgpexels @Craig Adderley

I was at Disney with our kids. It was day two of a seven-day family trip. Her mother told us when the kids were born that they were going to take us all to Disney when they turned seven. At that point, we’d been together for over a decade. I had a great job, a house, a bunch of kids, and the American Dream. Life was grand… until I picked up her phone to set an alarm on night two of our family vacation of a lifetime. There were so many texts. I remember actually wanting to hurt her and having to leave the room.

I immediately called the number and heard a strange dude answer with a sleepy, “Hello darling… I’m glad to hear from you.” I wanted to fade away. The sense of unreality that I experienced was too much, and it was immediately numbing. All I could think was, “From this point on, everything that I have known about my life is going to change.”


23. Unexpected Find In The Waste

23-freepik-40kstudio-1.jpgfreepik @kstudio

I returned from work on Christmas Eve. We had tickets to a festival which started the day before, and I couldn’t find the tickets anywhere after seeing them the month before. I decided to double check the trash before we put it out for collection. I found a used rubber, but we lived on our own.

24. Pleasant Lunch Break

24-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

I came back from a trip four hours early. My wife was supposed to be at work still. I opened the front door to see her sitting topless on the couch making out with a coworker. He ran out the door; she ran into a bathroom and locked the door. I sat on that couch for about an hour because I couldn’t think of what else to do. I finally just up and left, so she could come out of the bathroom and put a shirt on.

25. Concealed Messages

25-pexels-40George-Dolgikh.jpgpexels @George Dolgikh

I caught my now ex-husband. Something was way off, and I was six months pregnant with our second child. My best friend at the time was also off. I picked up his phone at two a.m. when it went off and found a secret password locked messenger. The password was his birthday. I found over 7k messages along with photos, some insinuating I was present with either one of them while they were messaging. I was upset and woke him up. He locked himself in the bathroom and pulled the attempted self harm card. There’s another year of trying to work it out shenanigans after this incident but I’m so glad that chapter in my life is over.

26. Keeping You In The Unknown

26-pexels-40cottonbro-studio.jpgpexels @cottonbro studio

My girlfriend and I were long distance, and she had a habit of staying out of touch for long periods. She’d been texting me for the last few weeks but had made excuses for me to not come to visit. I went to a party that my friend had organized. I met a friend of his who told me he had a new girlfriend. I was surprised he hadn’t mentioned her, so I asked who she was. They introduced me to my girlfriend. She’d told everyone that we broke up, and had been dating my friend for about a month. She didn’t bother to tell me.

27. Disaster At Work

27-unsplash-40Samsung-Memory.jpgunsplash @Samsung Memory

One of my former co-workers loaded in an SD card with a scanned project file on it. He put it into the conference room PC, and we were treated to naked pics of his wife getting intimate with another guy. We were just stunned.

This was in a senior budgetary meeting with the outside accountants and auditors. He was sitting right there and we were looking at his wife and another guy going at it. I reached over and shut the projector off. Nobody said anything. He got up and walked out and drove off in his car. I left his phone and laptop sitting on the table. He wound up driving to his parents’ house three states away. He was gone for a week.

28. Movie Audition

1_28-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

One day my husband was getting ready for work and I saw him packing his camera case so he could take it to work. I thought, “Hm, that’s weird. Why would he be taking it to work?” So, when he jumped into the shower, I replaced his camera with mine and thought I’d look through the files when he left for work. My suspicions were on alert because he had just taken a trip with some friends, a guys-only weekend kind of thing. I fired up the camera and found three videos.

Lo and behold, there he is doing it with someone who is not his wife. He was looking and posing for the camera like he’s an adult film star. I was enraged but looking at this fool acting like he’s an adult film star was hilarious.

29. Surprising Eavesdropping

29-pexels-40cottonbro-studio.jpgpexels @cottonbro studio

We were engaged and he had a drinking problem. He was inebriated, and accidentally butt-dialed me. I listened to the whole thing only to find out after that it was with someone he paid for.

30. How to Make the Best of Difficult Circumstances

1_30-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

I had my suspicions for a couple months but no evidence or anything. My ex lived about 40 miles from me, and we were 18. We dated and went to high school together for three years. She would come down into the city on weekends to spend time with me. I knew she had another group of friends in her town and a few were guys, which didn’t bother me. But, I woke up in the middle of the night and messaged her on Facebook, only to notice she had been tagged in a photo with one of her friends. He was holding her up and kissing her. It was his new profile picture. I messaged the guy and calmly asked what was going on. He immediately responded and was confused. We decided to meet up for coffee the next morning. The look on her face was priceless when she saw him walk in and sit beside me. She begged for our forgiveness and claimed she loved us both.

It turned out it had been going on for seven months. Also, every time she left my place during the weekends, she was returning home to him for the week. The other guy and I are now best friends and share a house with my fiancée and his girlfriend.

31. Betrayal Of Friendship

2_31-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

I went home and my husband wasn’t home, which was weird for him at eight p.m. when an hour earlier he had told me he was going home. I had a bad gut feeling and went to one of our female friends’ (who he claimed was like a sister) apartment, and his truck was there. We have been mutual friends for years. I knock, but there was no answer. I try the door, and it’s unlocked. I walk into the living room, and nobody was there. I hear noises in the bedroom and walk in to find them together. I tried to make it work over the next couple of months, but I couldn’t get past it and didn’t even want him to touch me. We divorced four years ago.

32. Painful Valentine’s Day

32-unsplash-40Kelly-Sikkema.jpgunsplash @Kelly Sikkema

Things had been a little shaky as I was working a lot and felt sapped when she wanted to go be social with friends, so I often stayed home. I wanted to do something nice for her for Valentine’s Day so I sent her friend a text asking if there was something that she may have mentioned she would like to do. As I was waiting on that text, I was in another room I saw her phone buzz with that friend’s name. The number was below the name and since I had just sent her a text I knew the numbers didn’t match. There are very few times my blood has been that cold with feelings of dread. I called the number with my phone and it rang before going to voicemail.

Needless to say, it was the other guy. I confronted her about it and she said she was waiting to leave and had a bag packed in case I found out. She had no intentions of trying to work things out. So a month later she had moved out. I made a decision then that I could be broken up and miserable or that I could choose to be happy and be open to a relationship if it was available. I’ve since remarried and have two beautiful boys with my amazing wife.

33. The Second Guy


I got a new job with a cell phone company and got her a free phone. The first bill comes in with call detail. She was on the phone an hour a day with this number while supposedly at work. I call and a dude answers. I hang up. I ask her, but she lies and said it was a gal pal of hers. I told her I know she is lying and call it again. The dude answers again.

34. Sneaky Eyes

34-pexels-40RODNAE-Productions.jpgpexels @RODNAE Productions

After a night of trying to keep up with my ex and her coworker’s partying, I call it a night. They stopped talking a few minutes later and the dog scratched at the door. I let the dog in and saw them making out on the couch. I watched for ten minutes before they noticed me. They were taking their clothes off by then, and he was touching her favorite spots as he knew them well. There was no denying it by then. I am glad I knew. A tense conversation followed with the two of them. He left, very inebriated on a very cold night. She got a ride to her aunt’s place and begged me to go look for him in the cold.

35. Family Ties

1_35-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

My dad told me about this story a few years back. Some of my mom’s family was visiting from out of town and they had planned a night at the bingo, which my dad couldn’t attend because he was working from six p.m. to two a.m. He finished work early. My dad drove home and tried the front door. It was locked, with no lights. He entered the house by the basement door. He went up the stairs and heard them, a few feet away. It was my mom and her cousin. Two years later, he almost left her (with me in tow), but stayed so I could have a normal life. Most of the time, I wish he’d left, because he wouldn’t have worked 90-100 hours a week to avoid being home, and could’ve been happier.

My mom had a longtime affair with her cousin, starting before she met my dad. She wasn’t happy either I think, but my dad was a good catch. Yes, I’m sure he is my dad (we look so much the same). Yes, they are still together, and after a year of being angry about it, I decided to let it go, because their relationship has nothing to do with me. It was just sad for both of them.

36. Disastrous Vacation

36-pexels-40Liza-Summer.jpgpexels @Liza Summer

I was in Florida on vacation with my girlfriend of six years. Our four-year-old son, her family, and a few of her friends were also there. She had been taking pictures down at the beach all afternoon on her phone. We got back to the house we were staying at and everyone was in the kitchen making dinner. I picked up her phone and opened it up to text my family the pictures she had taken.

As I’m scrolling for the thread, I see her ex-boyfriend’s name. Open up the messages and first thing there are suggestive videos of them—they were sending the videos to each other. I yelled, “What is this?” Her mom turned toward me and asked what was wrong and I loudly proclaimed what I’d seen. My ex said that she had gone out with some friends, gotten inebriated, invited him out for a drink, and ended up doing substances all night. She then got blackout the next night and sent the videos. She also claimed that was the only time she’d seen him.

When she fell asleep, I went through her phone again. She’d seen him multiple times throughout the previous two months, and I found pictures of them together posing like a cutesy couple on their dates. Her brother and dad were upset. I left the next morning. The vacation was ruined, and the ordeal totally wrecked our family.

37. Unaccustomed Feet

37-pexels-40Monica-Silvestre.jpgpexels @Liza Summer

After a week visiting friends in London, England, I flew back to Canada. I was supposed to do something with another group of friends when I got back, but plans fell through, so I drove the four hours home to the apartment we shared. She expected me home at six p.m. I’d been up for 30 straight hours and got home at six a.m., wanting nothing more than to fall into bed. There was an extra set of feet in the bed when I got in.

38. Out With The Lights

38-pexels-40Nathan-Cowley-1.jpgpexels @Nathan Cowley

This is my brother’s story. He was at a small party with two friends and his wife. He got tired and wanted to head home. His wife stayed behind and gave some lame excuse. It was alright, he thought. His best buddy was there and would make sure she got home safe for him. He got in his car and pulled out of the driveway. Before he could get on down the block he checked his rearview and noticed the room in the house they were all in had gone dark.

He’d suspected for a time something was up with her. He turned around after seeing the lights go out. The house was dark. The front door was still unlocked. He walked right in and to the only room with any light. He opened the door to find his best friend and another “acquaintance” with his soon-to-be ex. He hasn’t really been the same since.

39. A Router Was The Beginning Of It All

39-unsplash-40Jonathan.jpgunsplash @Jonathan

I sent a message to a mutual friend asking to borrow a router. He didn’t answer, but he lives nearby, so I went over there. I pull up to his house and start heading down the driveway. I got out of my van and look up to see the other guy shirtless in his bedroom with my wife.

At this point, my heart is down to my stomach and I am visibly shaking. I go in and immediately head upstairs. He is alone and now clothed. I say, “I came to borrow the router. Also, have you seen my wife? The car is here.” He then proceeds to give the worst improv I’ve ever heard. “Huh? No, she was here at some point though.” I go down, take the router, and head back to the van where I finally encounter my wife topless trying to sneak around the side of his house.

40. Deep Regret

40-pexels-40-picjumbo.com.jpgpexels @ picjumbo.com

My ex was having computer problems and wanted to use my phone to use social media. A couple days later, I’m closing tabs on my phone and her social media account is still open. Well, I see she’s chatting with her ex, John. It turns out they had gotten intimate in our bed and intended to go out on a date soon. I confronted her, and the look of horror in her eyes was magical. She started crying and saying she’s sorry.

41. The Unknown Girl

41-unsplash-40Taylor-Grote.jpgunsplash @Taylor Grote

I was on a very rare date night, and the kids were at the grandparents’ house. I’m looking extra cute so I didn’t even want to carry a purse or my cell. I used his phone on the way to the restaurant to confirm our reservations. After eating, I used his phone again to get the movie times via text. I saw a name in the frequently sent and asked him innocently, “Who is Lisa?” He snatched the phone and said, “My coworker.”

Hours later, I’m throwing his clothes into his car after going online and viewing the hundreds of text sent to several women.

42. Two Lives

42-unsplash-40Priscilla-Du-Preez.jpgunsplash @Taylor Grote

I was suspicious of my boyfriend, so I unlocked his phone with my thumb. There was a messaging app open with a girl he was meeting the next day. I sent him to work without confronting him. I reset passwords through a long chain of emails to finally access the one associated with the messaging app.

Low and behold, he was sending approximately ten thousand emails per year for the last four years of our relationship. He was living a whole second life and hiding it from everyone. Our relationship had never APPEARED stronger and we had been seeing a therapist to work on strengthening our communication for eight months, once a week (clearly he was hiding his issues from the therapist as well).

43. Absolute Proof

43-unsplash-40Daihana-Monares-1.jpgunsplash @Daihana Monares

This never happened to me, but a close friend had an affair with another close friend and got caught because she lost an earring in the bed. After the entire blow out of a friend group and lots of shaming on both of them, she says he assaulted her and everyone is stunned and doesn’t know what to do.

To prove he didn’t assault her, he had to show his wife and the police home security footage of the woman on top of him with while he was handcuffed. His wife saw everything.

44. A Friend’s Phone Call

44-freepik-40jannoon028.jpgfreepik @jannoon028

We were high school sweethearts and had been together about seven years. I’m a couple weeks into training for the military and my family and girlfriend drive to see me. We have a really good three-day visit and when they’re dropping me off I get a phone call from a good friend I’d known for years.

He tells me how sorry he is. She had told him that I broke up with her when I left so I could have guilt-free casual intimacy which was what I always wanted. She denied it, but I pulled the texts from our shared account, (back when you could do that) but I justified it because her new boyfriend had already offered to send them to me. With texts in hand, she still denied it. We both moved on and she’s married to him now.

45. A Rekindled Flame

45-pexels-40Lisa-Fotios.jpgpexels @Lisa Fotios

My wife went to a party at a neighbor’s place a few months after our son was born. I stayed at home with the baby to give her a night off. I got a call from my friend that she had overdosed and was unconscious and unresponsive in the bathroom. I loaded her into the car and got her to the ER 15 miles away in eight minutes. They resuscitated her.

I went home to get her stuff because she was going in as a psych inpatient. Her phone unlocks, with new messages. I open them to try and figure out what caused her to go off the deep end. I found out that they were messages from her ex. She reconnected with him when she went to visit her mother.

46. The Unfaithful Fiancé

46-freepik-40tirachardz-1.jpgfreepik @tirachardz

This happened to my neighbor. He was having his 30th birthday party and a bunch of people were over at his condo. He was inebriated. He spilled his beer on his shirt so he decided to change. He asked me to come with him because he wanted to ask me something in private so I went with him upstairs. He opened his bedroom door and we saw his boss going to town on his fiancé. I will never forget the look on his face, his fiancé’s face, and his boss’s face. I stood there in amazement and was in a state of shock. His boss got dressed and I walked him out of the party. My friend came downstairs and immediately chugged a drink and announced that his ex-fiancé was caught sleeping with his boss and how he walked in on them.

Later, the boss was fired, and my buddy got promoted. The fiancé left his place, and she later tried to flirt and be playful with me. I shut her down and told her to never speak to me again.

47. The Unknown Woman

47-freepik-40Drazen-Zigic.jpgfreepik @Drazen Zigic

I came home early from work on Christmas Eve. As I pulled into the parking lot, I had a weird thought of wanting to see if there were any cars I didn’t recognize. I thought it was silly, so I parked my car and went inside. As I walked to the top of the stairs towards our bedroom, my husband immediately walks out and closes the door behind him. I had to ask him twice if there was a girl in there and he finally said yes.

He also made me stand in the kitchen so I couldn’t see who she was as she walked out. It took me three years before I could enjoy Christmas again.

48. Combining Anniversaries

48-pexels-40cottonbro-studio.jpgpexels @cottonbro studio

My husband changed his cell phone from our joint plan to hers. The phone company sent me an email confirming the change and the account his line was added to, which included her name. I asked him, and he lied. I looked her up on social media, and it turns out they had just celebrated their two-year dating anniversary. We had just celebrated eight years of marriage.

49. The Clear Message

49-freepik-40cookie_studio.jpgfreepik @cookie_studio

My first long-term girlfriend and I were going to go to the same college. I got accepted but had to start the semester after she did, meaning we would be slightly long-distance for a few months. I remember one night I got a phone call from her and when I picked up it was obvious it was a butt dial. I could hear her talking to some guy but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I called her and she picked up and I asked what was up. She said she was in bed about to go sleep. I told her about the butt dial and she said it was her friend, Jack. I thought it was odd but brushed it off.

A couple weeks later I was up there visiting her and I met a bunch of cool people, including this guy, Luke. After I got back from visiting I get a message from him saying, “Look, man, I hate to be the one to say this, but I think you’re an awesome guy and you don’t deserve this to be happening to you. She’s been cheating on you with this guy since pretty much right after she started here.” I was devastated, but I had to hear it from her, so I called her and said, “Are you cheating on me?” She gave a heavy sigh and said, “Well, at least I don’t have to lie anymore.” That guy’s voice I had heard wasn’t Jack; it was the guy she was cheating on me with. I just trusted her so much that I took her word for it.

50. Getting Ready for Duty

3_50-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

We were talking divorce and officially separated while he was still deployed overseas. He had flown back for two weeks on a short break and would head back overseas due to his request to extend his time there. I thought we were going to talk things out but I picked him up at the airport and he was stone cold. We went back to our apartment and talked for an hour or less where he said he thought divorce was best and that he had to get going because he was picking up a “friend” at the airport and staying with her for the two weeks. I was in shock.

Fast forward several days later and I was on his computer printing off a CD label (dating myself here) when the art program showed several “hidden” files that had pictures in them. The folder was labeled with a woman’s name. I open said folder and there are saved explicit detailed emails and photos that dated back long before he and I had started having trouble. He was intimate with someone under his command.

51. A Time Of Great Need

51-freepik-40-rod_julian.jpgfreepik @rod_julian

Things were rough between my long-distance girlfriend and me, but I wanted the relationship to work so bad. Money was tight, so my parents supported me by partially paying for a ticket to fly over to where she lived.

A few weeks before I was flying to visit my girlfriend, my best friend passed away, and I was completely devastated. I reached out to my girlfriend to seek some emotional support, but she was being particularly difficult to get in touch with. I called her maybe five times in an hour out of desperation. Finally, I get a response with a text that reads, “This is her boyfriend. Will you please stop texting her?” Eventually, I get an actual text and a call from my girlfriend, denying everything. I couldn’t confirm at the time whether or not she was actually cheating on me. But I eventually found out from her friends that she was indeed cheating on me.

52. Stepping Away


I decided to check my wife’s phone, and it had conversations dating back a few weeks with an unsaved number. That raised a flag, so I read it turns out it’s her single coworker guy, and she was out with him and he left his address. I drove there. I thought about how I wouldn’t want to be in prison over her, so I just went home then she called and tried to deny it. I tried to see it her way but it didn’t work out.

53. Dire Repercussions

53-pexels-40Daniel-Reche.jpgpexels @Daniel Reche

My uncle got released early from work because they were ahead and it was Friday. He gets home, goes to his bedroom, and his wife is in the shower. Her phone goes off. She works at a hospital, so it could be important. He checks the phone. He found outgoing pictures of her naked body sent to an unknown phone number. There were also incriminating messages.

He leaves the house for a few hours and tries to take his own life using sleeping pills and beverages. He then backs out. He goes back home and somehow gets his hands on a loaded weapon. He ended up shooting her, but she lived. He was sentenced to a long time in jail.

54. Making Out In The Evening

54-pexels-40Karolina-Grabowska.jpgpexels @Karolina Grabowska

I’m married and came home to fall asleep. No one was home. In the morning, I found my wife in bed with another woman, and they were making out. She soon admitted to other affairs with people. Heartbreak and divorce followed.

55. Getting Better With Practice

55-freepik-40wayhomestudio.jpgfreepik @wayhomestudio

I was hanging with the guys when my fiancé came home from the bar with a bunch of people. We had started growing apart after I quit drinking and started focusing on school. I keep playing my game, and they’re all partying and drinking.

After a while, it gets quiet, so I decided to find out if she’s still up. It turns out one guy stayed and they were doing stuff on the back porch. She said it was “only practice” for me and that the man was not into women.

56. Grandma’s Aid

56-pexels-40RODNAE-Productions.jpgpexels @RODNAE Productions

He told me he was helping his grandma, who he lived with, retile her bathroom because she’d fallen ill and was stressed about her bathroom not being finished that day. I was at work anyway or I would have helped.

My mom took my brothers out to a restaurant an hour later and walked in to see my then-boyfriend making out and acting quite inappropriate with a girl I worked with who claimed she hated him for a ton of reasons.

My mom called him out. I finished work, went to my apartment, gathered his belongings, bagged them up, and politely dropped them off to his grandma who had no idea what happened. I laughed and said my man went on a date without me. My ex and I are both men so the woman in the equation threw me for a loop.

57. The Missing Birthday Celebration

57-freepik-40rawpixel.com.jpgfreepik @rawpixel.com

I lived with my girlfriend our last year of university. We had an apartment. We only had one side table next to our bed, and we had two chargers to charge our phones. But she didn’t charge her phone at night anymore and kept her phone on her side of the bed. She then started getting agitated when we were supposed to get to a mutual friends house but we weren’t getting there fast enough. It was a friend of mine that I had introduced her too. His name just kept popping up on her phone.

When I question her I’m told, “We’re planning your birthday. Don’t ruin it.” One day she’s not home, and I go out on the balcony, and I can see his house from there. Her car is parked there. I called and asked where she was. I was told she was on campus and might just stay at her office on campus for the night. She moved out very shortly after. I kept the dog we had just gotten. I still have the dog today. She’s the only good thing to have come out of that relationship.

58. Building Up Nerve

58-pexels-40Andrea-Piacquadio.jpgpexels @Andrea Piacquadio

Her phone was synced to a tablet, which I used occasionally to read my books for classes. In real time, I got to see her conversations with the girl she was planning to leave me for. It was her best friend, and I always knew something was between them but had no evidence to confirm my suspicions. She said she was trying to work up the nerve to leave me for her, but I beat her to the punch and kicked her out that night. The divorce was pretty swift and I’m now in a wonderful relationship with someone who is perfect for me.

59. He Can’t Eat Tacos

59-pexels-40Vinicius-Caricatte-1.jpgpexels @Vinícius Caricatte

I found my ex-boyfriend in the same bed with my ex-best friend. I was suppose to be at work, but they said they needed to cut hours and let me go home early. Wanting to surprise my boyfriend, I stopped at his house with some tacos and beer. I noticed my best friend’s car in the parking lot, but I didn’t really think much of it because they were friends and we all hung out from time to time.

He had given me a key to his house a week earlier, with the instructions to just “stop by and let myself in.” So that’s exactly what I did. Found them on his bed in the living room (yeah, he was weird, kept his bed in the living room), naked, sweaty and clearly just finished with the acrobatics.

I freak and yell. He says they had gotten wasted the night before and rather than drive home, she crashed there. Would have been cool, if it weren’t for the fact both were BUTT NAKED! I looked at her, told her we had been friends since 7th grade, and that I deserved the truth. She said they had been going at it for several months at that point.

I threw the tacos and beer at my ex-boyfriend, grabbed a garbage bag and packed up whatever crap I had left at his house before. I hadn’t spoken to either of them since then.

60. Technology Betrayed Me

60-pexels-40Kevin-Bhagat.jpgpexels @Kevin Bhagat

On Saint Patrick’s day my wife says she wants to go to a party with friends from work a couple that we know, I tell her that I have finals on Monday (full time dual bachelors and full time work), so I’m going to pass she still wants to go I give her money and say have fun.

That night she stops responding to texts about 1ish (mind you I don’t really text often to check on her because I appreciate the free time). I check the find my friend thing (we both had it on knowingly) and it’s turned off, I know she doesn’t know how to do that so alarm bells start going off. So I’m worrying go check her iPad to get her find my iPhone thing. The password is changed.

Check her laptop same. So I’m starting to get suspicious, I’m going in the room I notice her Apple Watch, I check and it had messages since last sync so I check and there is a long text conversation dating back a few weeks with an unsaved number, that raised a flag so I read it turns out it’s her coworker single dude, and she was out with him and he left his address. So I drove there, got to the address and there my car is in the parking spot, so I took a pic and sent it to her and told her to come out she didn’t.

I thought about going in there and doing something stupid in the “heat of the moment” but then thought about how I wouldn’t want to be in prison over her, so I just went home then she called and tried to deny it, I tried to see it her way but every way I look at it she was the complete jerk in this story.

61. A Good And Bad Review

61-pexels-40ready-made-1.jpgpexels @ready made

Wife had been texting A LOT and was very evasive when I inquired about it, though she smirked when she thought it was making me jealous (yeah, she’s that kind of person). Turns out she’d left her email logged into my cell phone. So I noticed that she had a weekend Airbnb trip to a place that was a state away (we were living in different states at the time), that seemed to be of the “quiet romantic getaway” type. Total occupancy: 2. Hmmm….well, I thought that was fairly suspicious.

So, I monitored her Airbnb page, which was easy since we were friends on Airbnb, figuring that the owner might leave a comment about how great she was as a guest. Which it turned out, she did. Except the review went something like, “(wife’s name) and (guy who wasn’t me) were wonderful guests” and so on. Yeah, so, anyone want to guess what the conditional probability is of that weekend trip involving infidelity? Pretty sure it’s high.

Wife apparently panicked, asked Airbnb to remove the review, altered her name on the site (?), and then finally, having failed to get the review taken down, deleted her account.

I eventually asked her about it during a counseling session and she had a ready-made defense about how she’d meant to take the trip with another coworker, but that person’s car broke down so (guy’s name) ended up tagging along since (guy’s name) was that coworker’s boyfriend, and they all stayed there together, but (guy’s name) signed the guestbook, hence a totally honest mistake. In hindsight, I am pretty sure she was not telling the truth. We are no longer married.

62. Key and Lock

62-unsplash-40Kenny-Eliason.jpgunsplash @Kenny Eliason

He changed his phone password. I left it for months until something just wasn’t sitting right in my gut. I unlocked his phone with my thumb and I didn’t even have to look – there was a messaging app open with a girl he was meeting the next day.

I sent him to work without confronting him. I reset passwords through a long chain of emails to finally access the one associated with the messaging app.

Low and behold, he was sending approximately ten thousand emails per year for the last four years of our relationship. He was living a whole second life and hiding it from everyone. Our relationship had never APPEARED stronger and we had been seeing a therapist to work on strengthening our communication for eight months, once a week (clearly he was hiding his issues from the therapist as well.)

At the time, I felt like it ruined my life. I remember thinking very clearly, “what did I do to deserve this?” When I thought that, something inside of me just snapped. I calmly went and bought a giant coffee, and cardboard boxes. I packed all his things up before he was home from work and changed our locks. The end.

63. Court Played Out

63-freepik-40freepik.jpgfreepik @freepik

I got married far too young and for all the wrong reasons. We immediately went into a troubled marriage phase. I was working long hours to make up for the loss of what little income she was making when she quit her job to play online games all day. What little time we spent together we spent fighting or ignoring each other. A couple of months later, things are…better. Not good, but better. I decide to knock off work early to take her out on a “date” – I open the door and hear the unmistakable sound of my wife being pleasures.

I walk into the bedroom and see some dude and my wife are going at it good, so I just lean on the door and watch for a minute, then finally I clear my throat and panic ensues. He grabs his clothes off the floor and BOLTS out the window and runs bare naked to the car parked in my neighbor’s driveway. My now ex wife starts crying and begging and pleasing. I just say “I’m going to my best friends house for a few days, be gone when I get back.”

She decided she doesn’t want to have an amicable, uncontested divorce. What she doesn’t know is the dude that did her called me like two weeks later, wanting to meet and talk. He told me she had been flirting with a bunch of dudes in chat rooms, and was pretending she was single, which is why he was there. I asked him if he’d testify to that under oath, and he said he would.

When she saw him in court, her face went white and she immediately started talking to her lawyer. After the guy testified, the judge gave her a “you’re such a liar” look and awarded me an annulment. Haven’t spoken to her since.

64. Such A Hero

64-freepik-40photoroyalty.jpgfreepik @photoroyalty

Was dating a guy for almost a year and just found out I was pregnant. We had planned to have lunch together at his house but morning sickness had kicked in so I told him I would have to wait till dinner time. He sounded super disappointed so an hour later I felt well enough to surprise him with a sub for lunch. When I got to his house I found the door wide open so I walked in. As I opened his bedroom door I found him in bed with two girls. Furious, I tossed the sub at him, called him some choice words and ran out the door. He follows me and tries to get me to calm down. I tell him I’m done and want to leave but he begs me to hear him out claiming he has a good reason for what he was doing. He then tells me the biggest crock of poo I have ever heard in my life. He tells me that he dated this girl before me for a short time. Being a middle eastern girl she was very set on the no naught business rule before marriage for fear of what her family would do to her. However, one night they ended up sleeping together anyway and he broke her cherry.

Pan forward to the present, she calls him in a panic saying her life was in danger. She tells him she was going on a trip overseas soon to see family and for fear of being stoned to death she begged him to meet her parents and claim they had married secretly to save her. His next words were the craziest part of my story. “…so if I don’t keep sleeping with her, they will stone her to death. The other girl was just her sister making sure it was legit. Do you get it now? I am saving this woman’s life!” I just turned around and walked away. Almost 8 years later and I still can’t tell this story without giving him some props for creativity. Kills me to do so but even I could not have told that line of crap as straight faced as he did.