Annulled! Newlyweds Share The Moment They Knew The Wedding Was A Big Mistake

Annulled! Newlyweds Share The Moment They Knew The Wedding Was A Big Mistake

Movies love to dramatize weddings, usually by having the bride or groom make tracks before the ceremony begins. But what about those doomed couples who make it through the reception only to split up a week, a month, or a year later? Sometimes they knew the wedding was a mistake from the get-go; sometimes it took a few days of matrimony to uncover the fact that they married the wrong person. Whatever the case, these stories of newlyweds who broke it off soon after being married will convince you to think long and hard before you walk down the aisle.

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40. That's not my name.

She went out for girls' night and met a new friend named Nicole at a bar. Started texting her a lot, then going to hang out now and then. We had a baby at home and she kept trying to go hang out with this girl from another town over with no last name whom I was not allowed to meet. Turns out her real name was Wesley.

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39. What a way to find out.

A couple of weeks into our marriage, activities started to physically hurt. I went to my doctor and after a test or two, she informed me I had contracted chlamydia. That's when I knew. Turns out, my newlywed husband had been cheating on me with his coworker for months.


38. Never settle.

My dad got back from his honeymoon and went back to work. He came home and something felt off when he walked in the door. She wasn't there when he got home from work, which was very odd for her since she got off work earlier than him and was always home when he got back. When she got back he mentioned that it was out-of-the-ordinary that she had been out and asked if she went somewhere. He wasn't accusatory, just curious because it never happened, but she dodged his questions at first. Eventually after he got suspicious of her dodging a simple question, she admitted that she'd quit her job, and when he asked why, she said she didn't need to work. So she was planning on using him as her cash cow. He doesn't remember how the conversation went exactly since it was 30 years ago. He tried counselling and asked her to get her job back but she always brushed him off and never took him seriously. He threw in the towel 7 months later and she started trying to fix things, but it had been 7 months of him trying to fix things and she had no interest. So he filed for divorce and went on to achieve his lifelong dream: he dated and then married his middle school crush, my mom. 28 years strong.

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37. Who do you love?

My mother-in-law got married the first time when she was really young. Left him a month later. Turns out he was a raging alcoholic. She had no idea because her family was super overprotective and they were never really allowed to spend time together alone before they got married. Who knew spending time with someone could be the key to knowing if they are a good partner?

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36. Nothing like a clean break.

Less than a year into actively trying to get pregnant he got discouraged, gave up and started staying out until 4:15am with his "coworker". He posted selfies on her couch on snapchat and even went as far as asking her to marry him once he could get rid of me. He had 2 biological children (my step children) that he abandoned at home with me while he was out doing this.

The icing on the cake was that on my favorite holiday, while holding my brand new baby nephew in front of his entire family, he told me he wanted a divorce. I was gone in 2 weeks, left everything to him, and vanished. New number, new address, everything. Best choice I ever made.


35. On the fast track to management.

A cousin of mine married someone who seemed like the perfect woman. They worked in the same store together, and he would brag about how his wife was getting promoted quickly in the company.

A few months into the marriage, she tells him she's going out with friends for the evening. An hour or so later, my cousin gets a call from one of his friends. The friend saw her having dinner in a restaurant... With the manager of the store that they both worked at. Once he confronted her about it, that was basically the end of the marriage.

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34. Split over petty differences.

We dated for 5 years but on the honeymoon we had a big argument over my liberal use of sunscreen. She refused to wear any because of ‘chemicals’ and I liberally use it due to my ginger skin. We seriously argued over this for a good hour and she refused to even go into the pool with me because of sunscreen chemicals.

After a scuba adventure with her she could hardly walk because she got so burnt on her legs whereas my skin didn’t change.

She then tried to convince me that it was all my fault because I didn’t force her to wear the sunscreen and that the honeymoon was ruined.

It was then I realized I picked the wrong person. After a few more psycho arguments (mad at me because of something in her dreams, mad because I didn’t remind her to bring an umbrella....)

I had to call it quits. I can’t stay with someone who constantly blames me for their own problems.

Luckily no kids and I got back everything I brought into the marriage.

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33. Control freak much?

Day after we got engaged. He changed. Then he uninvited my family to the wedding- said they would take my attention away from him.

We lasted three months, and then I ran and hid.


32. All the wrong reasons.

The next morning I woke up and thought “...when would be a socially acceptable time to get divorced?”

In hindsight that says miles about why I felt I had to get married.

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31. It's ours, now.

Ours went down the tank a few weeks in, when I found out he had 500K in debt that he hadn't told me about beforehand. Yes, we had a prenup. He just lied about it on the prenup.

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30. So long, see you never.

The day after we got married he slapped me across the face hard and completely out of the blue. No argument, no conversation leading up to it, nothing. He said it wasn't that hard of a hit, he was just kidding around, and I was being overdramatic. He had never gotten violent with me while dating, but as soon as we got married it was like a switch flipped and he was a COMPLETELY different person. It got worse very quickly, and I ended up filing for divorce 73 days after we got married.


29. The coldest feet.

I knew before we even got married. Spoke about how I thought it didn’t feel right with my family a couple months before the big day but was told it was just cold feet and we’d be fine after the wedding. Almost a year later I was still miserable so I left. Was an absolute nightmare but SO worth it to get out of there alive.

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28. He's got some stuff to work out.

Got married in late May, by August or September I found out from my dad that my husband (now ex) and my brother's wife were texting sweet nothings to each other. She was also my bridesmaid at our wedding. She felt guilty and told my dad who had to tell me. I forgave him like a dingus and about a year and a half later I found pictures of him cheating on me in our house and also wearing quite a bit of my nice makeup. All of this AFTER we moved to Washington from Florida. It's been wild. We're obviously divorced now.

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27. Yikes, that's a lot.

My brother died a week after my wedding and after about 2 months, my husband told me that was just too big of a thing to happen in the beginning of a marriage. I tried for 6 more months and then just gave up.

It was then that he also told me he never really loved me, we had just dated for a year and he thought that was what we were supposed to do. I have dealt with the guilt of "if I hadn't had the wedding, things would have turned out different and he wouldn't be dead now" for 18 years.

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26. Wife, mom, what's the difference?

My cousin and her husband met at work. Both independent and career focused. When they got back from the honeymoon he immediately started treating her like his mum and told her she would need to give up work to look after the house. No talk of that before the wedding at all. I think they lasted 4 weeks married.

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25. Always live together first.

I divorced my ex when I figured out he just wanted a mom. I cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, made his appointments, went to school full time and worked full time. We got into an argument one time because of this. I told him I also worked too and I would like some help. His response was “Yeah, but I work harder!” 3 weeks after we got married I called my dad and told him I needed help, he drove 3 hours from Dallas with his rundown pickup truck to my apartment. We packed as much of my stuff as we could and left. I served him with a divorce a few months later and I’m so so so happy I came to my senses. I was young, dumb and thought I was in love.



24. Not pulling his weight.

Not me but a female friend knew divorce 4-6 weeks into marriage. Her husband at the time basically spent a few years prior to marriage being a bit of a salesman to everyone. Once they got behind closed doors his “traditional marriage” roots really came out. They both had fast moving careers, and while he was ok with her making money and having a career, he also expected her to cook, clean, take care of the dogs, etc. and never lifted a finger. He would just come home and pound drinks until dinner time.

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23. He's going to find out.

Not me, but a cousin. Me and my family were at her wedding reception sitting outside on a deck. My cousin comes out to sit with us for a bit and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. Her first words were, "Please don't tell him I smoke."

They moved to California a few weeks later and divorced within a week of being there.

Should mention they were engaged before she got out of high school.

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22. On to better things.

I knew it was a mistake about two months into our engagement. I actually broke up with her for a week but didn’t tell anyone other than my parents. Something just didn’t feel right. She ended up begging me every single day and I just felt really bad and got back with her. We pretended like it never happened. Got married 9 months later and she ended up cheating on me a little over a year into our marriage. I still don’t understand her logic behind all that but whatever. It’s done and I’ve moved on but I’ll never understand why she wanted me back so badly and did that not even two years later.

I’ve remarried and we’re planning on starting a family soon. Would’ve never imagined rebuilding after what happened with my ex. Keep the faith and things will turn around.


21. Blessing in disguise.

I got married shortly after tech school. We made plans for her to move from NC to TX to join me, as I'm in the military and can't move. 3 times I brought it up, 3 times she said she just needed more time to move. Finally the 4th time she said she couldn't leave her friends and family to move across the country to start our lives together.

A year later, we were divorced. Or well, I divorced her. She obviously didn't come down to Texas for that, signed a waiver of citation to not get any news about it, so I basically got to divorce myself...which, after hearing how vindictive ex-spouses can be, I chalk that up to a blessing.


20. Wisdom born of experience.

I had been fooling around with this girl for awhile. I never wanted anything serious, and I KNEW that from the start. Then my mom died, I went into a deep depression and this girl was there for me. Her mom had died of cancer about a year earlier and I guess we really bonded over that. It pushed us much further emotionally than we ever should’ve gone. We ended up doing a courthouse marriage. I knew within the month that I had messed up. But I didn’t want to just give up and get divorced. Once the emotions of my mom's death passed, I realized how toxic she really was. She was an incredibly unstable person and ended up just taking me into an even deeper depression. We divorced about a year ago (after being married for about 10 months), and I was immediately much happier. Marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly, but people also shouldn’t force themselves to be in unhealthy relationships. We all make mistakes. Don’t waste your life with someone that doesn’t deserve you.

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19. Not so slow, after all.

Our thing was over before we even got married. I never wanted kids and never wanted to get married, which he knew. Lo and behold, I got pregnant, he wanted to keep the baby, I had no health insurance, so we got married. Love my daughter to death, but getting married was the worst mistake of my life and I knew before we got married that we were doing it for the wrong reasons. Divorced a year later. To the ladies out there: never trust a guy when he says his doctor told him that he’s infertile because he has “slow swimmers.” I was stupid enough to believe him.

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18. Bad text mojo.

He begged me to have kids, I wasn’t ready but I thought he loved me. We had money, insurance, he was my high school sweetheart, 7 years together, first year married... why not, I thought.

Two miscarriages later, I caught him sending explicit messages to his best friend's girlfriend. As I read through the messages I noticed the first one started with how horrific my miscarriages were.

He thought I was infertile and was looking for a way out. Turns out there were issues on his end not mine.

I talked to him a decade later and he thinks god punished him for what he did to me and that’s why he never had children.

I have a daughter now. Karma is good.

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17. Score one for the team.

Not a year, but about 18 months. She was constantly complaining she didn’t have friends after moving in with me. Joined a local soccer team, and she talked about one teammate nonstop for months. I had a bad feeling about it from the get go but she assured me they were “just friends” and “how dare I not trust her.” Thought I was going crazy because my gut told me something wasn’t right but I was punishing myself for being a bad husband and not trusting my wife. Turned out it was all true, she had been sleeping with the teammate for months. Split amicably officially as of last week without any mess, thank god.


16. Take the dog and run.

My sister got a civil marriage. Then they moved super far away to the middle of nowhere cause he got a good job. My sister never finished college and he would remind her on a daily basis about it. She would get super depressed and he wouldn’t believe her. She got sick once and he told her since she didn’t go to the DMV that day she wasn’t allowed to go to a theme park we were planning on going to that weekend. He would demean her whenever she couldn’t get a job or even an interview, and she applied to practically everywhere within a 50 mile radius. He called her stupid in front of me and when I called him out he told me to mind my own business. If he wasn’t twice my size I would have decked him. She left him after about a year cause he’s obviously got issues. When she left he told her she has nowhere to go and if she went to stay with our mom she would just be a burden like me. I was like 19 and in college at the time. He’s abominable but at least she got the car and the dog.


15. Coming out of matrimony.

My friend's sister got engaged 8 months into a relationship and got married 4 months later. Everything went well the first 5 months, but then her husband started acting different. He wasn’t chatty, his good morning/goodnight kisses became dull, etc.

She would ask if everything was okay and he would say “I’m fine” every time. She didn’t want to push him, so she waited for him to talk about what’s bothering him. One evening after eating dinner, the husband said he wanted to talk about their relationship. Before he could talk about it, he started crying. He cried for a few minutes and then told her he’s gay.

She filed for divorce and after the divorce was settled, she wasn’t really mad at him anymore, so she went to see him and forgave him. They became good friends and she even helped him come out to his close friends and then to his family. 5 years later, she is now engaged to another man and expecting their first child. Her ex-husband is now very happily married to a man for almost a year now.


14. Secret fiancée sounds like fun.

It's a tie between when my friends pointed out that I had to ask for permission to do anything and reading what his grandmother wrote about me in the family newsletter they sent out.

Also we'd been engaged for like a year and I don't think he ever told his parents. I feel really dumb in retrospect.


13. Turns out he married his mom.

I realized it was a mistake when I started to see that I was "supposed to ask" before I went and did anything. Like, at all. Anything that did not involve being at home or going to work, I had to make sure the wife was okay with it. I lost a lot of friends in the year we were married.

I started to do things for myself, and it just became hell. I am, thankfully, in a much better place now. I am still un-learning a lot of junk that my ex bored into my head, but things are progressing. Slowly, but surely.

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12. A difference in taste.

Mine ended when we were looking to buy our first house and he basically wanted to buy the first place that had 4 walls and a roof, while I wanted us to take our time and find the right place. When I put the kibosh on a house that was overpriced and flooded 4 times in the past he pouted and gave me the silent treatment for a week. Finding out he was chatting with other girls and confessing his feelings for a coworker behind my back was just the icing on the cake.

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11. An end to worry.

Mine ended 4 months into it. We had some discussions about him being home late without letting me know, so I worried, I'm not the jealous type. One day he just didn't came home all night and I was worrried sick. I couldn't sleep all night thinking something bad had happened to him, but also started gathering all my stuff. There was no excuse in the world that I could accept if he was ok.

He called me like 5 am in the morning and said he went to a friend's place (male friend) and forgot to call me. So I took all my things and left to a friends (female) house. That was the beginning of the end.


10. Warning signs everywhere.

Not me but my dad. He got remarried after being divorced for about 5 years. I would have been all for it, but he met this woman in another state on a business trip, and would travel up to see her every weekend after they hit if off. They knew each other for 6 months before getting engaged. The engagement was only for 3 months. My brother and I tried telling him about all the red flags, telling him to take his time. My dad is very well-off financially, and we kept trying to warn him things were moving too quickly, that she was only in it for the money. She moved her whole family from their home town to the city my dad lived in, including their elderly grandmother who needed constant medical supervision. Before they were even married, the pantry was full of Whole Foods brand food instead of the local grocery store, as was tradition. All new furniture, and had the house repainted, all at his bride-to-be's request.

The marriage lasted all of 2 weeks. Apparently my dad's new bride had the gall to ask my dad to leave everything to her in the will, and write me and my brother out. Only then did he realize she was in it for the money. The next day he had the marriage annulled.

Someday I would like to know what it's like to fall so completely for someone that I don't recognize they are taking advantage of me. Must feel good for that instant before it all comes crashing down.

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9. She was living a lie.

I was blindsided by how my marriage ended. We lived together for a year about an hour from my hometown. We relocated, upon her request and desire, to my hometown prior to our marriage so that when we had kids, we would be close to family. We had a house we loved, a dog we loved, jobs we both loved working in...or so I thought. Married in October.

She goes to visit her sister over the next Labor Day weekend and I can’t attend due to work. Comes back the Tuesday after Labor Day and tells me she’s living a lie and someone else’s dream and she needs a divorce. I had no idea. Divorce finalized in January. She married some dude that her sister was friends with, and she met on that trip I was unable to attend, this September.

Life is wild, sometimes.

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8. Three's a crowd.

My new marriage ended when I saw him wrestle on the floor with his mom, while she was in her panties. I was 17, pregnant and I didn't realize he was a momma's boy.

He had just gotten fired from his job, he was sitting in the living room and she was in her bedroom and came out and told him he needed to put in an application at this convenience store, he said he wasn't and she started to tickle him, all of a sudden the chair he was sitting on fell over and they were wrestling on the floor. I stood there for a few minutes watching them and then went to my room and cried for a while at how dumb and stupid I was for getting pregnant.

We were only married a year and she was just very enmeshed in her kid's lives because she has nothing else going for her. He turned out to be a great dad, lousy provider and has never held a job down for more than 2 months. My son is nothing like him.

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7. One chapter, thankfully, ends.

I think I knew for a while, but I finally admitted it after I had left. He was abusive and it happened so slowly that I didn’t see it. It’s almost like being lulled to sleep. It started emotionally before I married him. Then by about 6 months in, the physical abuse had started. Long story short, a close friend saw some bruising. She was concerned and went to my parents. My dad confronted my ex and basically forced me to leave with them. At the time, I was so brainwashed I didn’t get it. It’s scary to look back on how out of it I truly was during that period of time. It almost feels like I was an observer of my own life. 7 years and a lot of therapy later, I am in a much healthier place and in a happy, healthy relationship.

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6. Good riddance.

A friend of mine was married to this guy for 6 months. He seemed like a nice guy. He had a violent history and spent a few years in jail, but she claimed he had changed. After 6 months, he threw a knife at her because she didn't want him to eat a pie she had just baked. Later, she learned that he was also regularly poisoning her dog. The dog survived and is fine, but the marriage, not so much.

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5. The cone of shame.

It’s not a super funny story. It was pretty dumb, things were already stating to go downhill. We had an unpleasant honeymoon. The whole time I had been asking to go to this local ice cream place but he wouldn’t take me. I couldn’t go by myself because he would barely let me out of his sight. So last day of the honeymoon I got a Nestle Drumstick. I started eating as we were leaving, but I was still fussing about missing this ice cream place. Then he rolled down my passenger window and threw my cone out. I laughed because it was so ridiculous. But then I was like, what have I gotten myself into? I know I was being annoying but can’t a girl get some ice cream?

He didn’t stop for a new cone.

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4. Communication breakdown.

This happened to a friend of mine after marrying someone she had been with for 8 years or so. 4 months into being married he had kind of a psychotic break, decided he was going to quit his government job and make a living off his mediocre paintings. He also said that they had to move from a city she loved to a small town she hated, and that she should have a baby right now even though they agreed no kids until after she finished her education.

She stuck through a solid 6 months of trying medications, therapy, the whole thing, but he decided she was everything that was wrong in his life and it was her fault that he wasn't successful with his art so he moved out, jumped on her car and caved in the roof of it, and told her never to call him again or he would have her charged with harrassment. Last I spoke with her she was loving being single, had moved to a bigger city she loved even more, got 2 more cats (for a total of 3) and was halfway through law school.

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3. Downward spiral.

This happened to my sister. She didn’t see anything wrong with him moving to another state and her staying at my parents house and only seeing her husband when she flew to visit (he was in the army). Didn’t see a problem when girls would post Instagram and Facebook photos of her husband at a party when he told her he was at work. Didn’t see a problem when he made huge purchases (a sports car, a four wheeler) that they couldn’t afford without telling her. Didn’t see a problem when he told her she should get breast implants. Nope, never saw a problem. She didn’t realize it was a mistake until he sent her divorce papers. They were married less than a year.

I for one wasn’t surprised. I tried to tell her a marriage that started with a proposal when both parties were in relationships with DIFFERENT PEOPLE was doomed to fail but she didn’t listen. I wish I were making this up. She's single now, and that's for the best.


2. Bizarre beliefs lead to brief betrothal.

My brother and I grew up on a ranch. His girlfriend comes from the city, but during visits to the ranch, she dives right in, helping our mom around the house and participating in all the stuff we do - horseback riding, ATVs, etc. - and claiming (and appearing) to love it. My brother was so happy his city gal is compatible with the ranch lifestyle he grew up in, even though he is now working in the city and their life will be in the city, he just loved that she was able to connect with him that way and more importantly, with his family. They dated for 18 months, make many visits to the ranch, and all is well. She insists that she wants to have her wedding at my parent's home, my folks go all out, have both families there, everyone has a great time.

The next morning, the shoe drops. We have a send-off breakfast for the couple, they head to the airport for their honeymoon. My mom and bride's mom are visiting afterward and bride's mom mentions she's glad my mom had no hard feelings that her daughter and my brother will no longer be coming out to the ranch. My mom is like, "What do you mean?" Bride's mom says, "Oh, I thought our daughter told you that having the wedding here was her gift to you to have your son home one last time with all his family here." My mom goes white as a sheet. We all are stunned. We are confused as to whether my brother knows this, and more importantly, has agreed to this. My other brother (who has his own history of family drama) texts our big bro saying, "Is it true that this is your last time visiting mom and dad?" And big bro texts back, what are you talking about? Middle bro says, "Ask your new wife."

Needless to say, the honeymoon never happens. It turns out that his wife had been hiding her belief that the man leaves his family behind and becomes part of the woman's family. It was fully her intent to never visit my parents again, to spend all holidays at her parent's home, to have any future children only have relationships with her family, and on and on. My brother literally had no idea these were her beliefs/desires. To this day I don't know if she was evil or just clueless. They remained married for about a month until the divorce was final, but my bro never saw her again after the day-after-wedding-day.

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1. Now we ain't saying she's a gold-digger, but...

Got married in my late 30s to a girl I had been dating for a year. Shortly after she asked to have her name on all of my assets (a few rental houses, current house, some financial instruments, the cars). Not a problem as we were married I thought, but one Wednesday she insisted it be done by that Friday. I didn't have time to do that because work and a deadline, I could start it the next week I said.

She pitched a fit and said if I loved her I would do it by Friday. I found this strange and decided not to start it and see what happened. She moved out of our bedroom into a guest room. Got cold around the house, told me she would move back in to our bedroom when I finished getting everything done.

At this point I went to my family lawyer to seek advice. She advised me not to put anything in her name, and gave me the name of a marriage counselor.

She didn't want to go to counseling and continued to live in the guest room, so I took my lawyer's advice and did nothing about the assets.

So after 1 year of marriage, on our anniversary she told me I didn't have her in my heart, and I thought to myself, "This is it." About a week after that I told her if this is the way it's going to be, I'm not going to be married like this. She then told me, "Ok, so what are you going to give me?" Yes, she said that.

I consulted my lawyer on what a judge would come up with regarding community property for the past year. I took that number and added about 20 grand and proposed that to her so we can make it easy. I was going to spend more than that in lawyers fees if it got ugly.

It got ugly.

A week later I got served with papers, with all said in the complaint, when added up, she was going after $750k for 1 year of marriage. 1 year of divorce proceedings and 2 years of property settlement proceedings on what should have been a 2-hour problem.

Judgement came, 215 points in the judgement, I owed her what would have been the community property (about 20 grand), but awarded me attorney's fees. So in net, she owed me about 30 grand and left her to go buy her own car.

Turns out this judge had worked her butt off through school to become a lawyer and the same to become a judge by 40 years old. I was told by another attorney that normally this judge never gives attorney's fees, but was so alarmed at the gold dig my wife attempted, that she felt it was justified in this case.

Even though I came out OK financially, it was an emotional train wreck to have this happen and go through all that. It's been 15 years since it happened. I was not date-able for about 2 years, but now very happy with where I am and who I'm with.