500 Unruly Passengers Needed To Test New Terminal At LAX

500 Unruly Passengers Needed To Test New Terminal At LAX

If you've ever flown into (or out of) Los Angeles International Airport, chances are you've witnessed some unruly behavior. If you'd like to throw your own tantrum in the new terminal at LAX, you're in luck! The fourth busiest airport in the world is looking for people to play unruly passengers in order to test the terminal before it opens.

The test will be designed to ensure that staff are fully prepared to deal with difficult travelers in the $1.6 billion Midfield Satellite Concourse.

So, how do you get involved?

oskar-kadaksoo-DDBDkz0p918-unsplash-300x200.jpgPhoto by Oskar Kadaksoo on Unsplash The new terminal will include 12 additional gates

How to get cast as an unruly passenger

To begin, just fill out this survey. Organizers will e-mail character details to those lucky travelers who are chosen. The idea is to create a realistic cross-section of passengers who might pass through the terminal on a given day. Some will be elderly, others disabled, others just downright rude.

Organizers also plan to act out several emergency situations to test readiness.

“We are going to write scenarios to check the processes that happen on a given day,” one planner told the LA Times. “With 150 to 300 people going through the ... concourse, some will be in wheelchairs, some will be young people racing for the gate, some will be elderly.”

If you're chosen, you won't be paid. However, you can expect sandwiches and beverages. Oh, and the chance to spend about half a day in a new terminal at LAX. On the downside, you will have to wear a distinctive uniform so you can be identified.

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The new 750,000 square-foot concourse will connect to the old Tom Bradley International Terminal via an underground tunnel. Its roof will complement the old terminal as well, boasting an ocean swell theme to match the Tom Bradley. Finally, it will be home to 12 new terminals, with room for three more.