50 Extreme Vacation Selfies That Make Us Very Nervous

50 Extreme Vacation Selfies That Make Us Very Nervous

We all like to take pictures as we travel and explore the world. Selfies, ussies, just straight-up landscape shots. But these extreme selfies and photos take "doing it for the 'gram" to a whole new level. These people climb buildings, pose on the edges of cliffs, disturb dangerous animals, or even climb into volcanoes to get the perfect snap.

We definitely want to point out: extreme selfies are dangerous. Don't climb skyscrapers. Don't try to take your picture with a shark. It's not worth it to put your life on the line for a few likes on social media.

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50. Atop a Chinese skyscraper

selfie-1-300x256.jpg@beerkus / Instagram

I always wonder how people get up there. And then I wonder why. Is it worth it, just for extreme selfies? I guess some people thrive on adrenaline.

49. A rusty old tower

selfie2-300x215.jpg@markusslekutris / Instagram

This one was taken on top of a 130-foot tower in Latvia. Somehow, it looks even higher up than that.

48. The fog may be the freakiest thing

selfie3-300x219.jpg@Charlie_7u / Instagram

These daring photographers seem to have climbed a stanchion on a bridge in Chongqing, China. A bridge too far, in our view.

47. Frasier Crane

selfie4-300x145.jpg@b0ltorez / Instagram

Climbing a skyscraper is one thing. Climbing a crane is quite another. It's so easy for your shoes to slip on one of those bars. In our view, this is one of the most extreme selfies out there.


46. Quite a date

selfie5-300x225.png@7_pa_5 / Instagram

Not a bad date... assuming you aren't afraid of heights. Our favorite part is that platform off to the right. It shows they had the chance to play it safe. But that's not the way of extreme selfies, now is it?

45. Does that building look familiar?

selfie5-300x273.jpg@angela_nikolau / Instagram

It's in Tianjin, China, and it's apparently one of the most popular backdrops for extreme selfies. They should probably put a security guard up there or something.

44. Charlie the fearless

selfie6-300x216.jpg@Charlie_7u / Instagram

This guy is one of the kings of extreme selfies. Climbing a tower on top of a building may not be as dangerous as some of these others. But that view...

43. Jesus, take the wheel

834e0d02227d4b8d8be979308020746f-300x225.jpeg@flashpack / Twitter

Yes, that's the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that looms over Rio de Janeiro. Not to worry: the photographer was dared to take this pic by the local tourism board.

42. Dangling over the edge

selfie-8-300x189.jpg@rb.xplr / Instagram

This one comes to us from the Netherlands. Something about looking down and realizing there's nothing between your feet and a very long fall... It's scary but impossible to look away.

41. Training Day

bb1863653f2d4dfeb0c1a5b596bd3121-300x225.png@balkan.beast / Instagram

You'd better hope the conductor doesn't see you! Trains have become an increasingly popular spot for extreme selfies. But that doesn't make them any less dangerous. This one comes to us from Sofia, Bulgaria.


40. The woman on top of the world

selfie10-300x214.jpg@pro_chuvstvui / Instagram

This height assassin has climbed atop a tower that doesn't look super stable to us. But in exchange for her courage (or craziness), she's captured quite the view of Moscow.

39. All hail the king

selfie11-300x266.jpg@daniel__lau / Instagram

Daniel Lau is another king of extreme selfies. This one was taken in Hong Kong, with the vast downtown falling away around him. This pic is so beautiful it's almost worth the risk.

38. Not so much dangerous as pretty

selfie12-300x184.jpg@l_a_venture / Instagram

Yes, it's still at a height. But we've seen higher. Still, that sunset over the city is as magical as it gets.

This pic comes to us from Limoges, France. Roughly translated, the photographer's caption says: "I never imagined seeing this type of spectacle in a city that seemed so banal at first sight."

37. In this case, three's a crowd

2e3c2795c409498dae82066bc50814ec-300x225.jpegAlexander Remnev / Facebook

It's dangerous enough climbing up there solo. But we just can't imagine finding room for three. I guess having company means there's someone to grab you if you slip. Still, this strikes us as one of the more extreme selfies.

36. She looks so casual

29211523613_caaa161d22_o-300x199.jpgПоЗиТиФфЧиК com / Flickr

The Sound of Music told us to climb every mountain. But that's not a mountain. We're not sure what it is, but we're confident it wasn't built for climbing. Or extreme selfies.

35. Now that's balance

selfie15-300x196.jpg@diogomarquesoficial / Instagram

It may not be as flashy as climbing Christ the Redeemer -- which you can see in the background. But this looks even less forgiving. We don't know how anyone can smile when they're in so much danger.


34. Just catching some rays

eed8159f26584e2092f91760b255eab8-300x225.jpegAlexander Remnev / Facebook

Imagine being as chill as Alexander Remnev. Just laying back and working on his tan... while in danger of falling to his death at any moment. We think we'll keep our fight-or-flight response. It's there for a reason.

33. Falling with style

selfie17-300x140.jpg@flyingrobbin / Instagram

It takes a special kind of adrenaline junkie to go skydiving. But to throw extreme selfies into the mix? That's next level. By the way, the city in the background is Dubai.

32. Not enough space, not enough space!

2a6ce415db0745bbbbede1b83a6d0306-300x300.jpeg@makhorov / Instagram

This one makes us claustrophobic and nauseous. There's nowhere to move your feet. One stiff breeze and it's all over.

Incidentally, this photo comes to us from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Russia has been something of a hot spot for extreme selfies in recent years.

31. Let there be fire

selfie19-300x191.jpg@mariavgerasimova / Instagram

If we were this close to an erupting volcano, we would be running. Or praying. Or both. But we definitely wouldn't be pretending to make the eruption happen with jazz hands. I guess we're just not cut out for extreme selfies.

30. Hang in there

9001e333cc734c13befc0f86c47aabaf-300x225.png@herba_marcelo / Instagram

This dude is hanging from beneath a rail bridge in Brazil. It's an active bridge, so a train could come at any point. Just in case you were wondering if any part of this wasn't insanely dangerous.

This feels like as good a time as any to remind you we're not condoning extreme selfies. Don't try this crap at home.

29. You don't catch a tiger shark...

selfie21-300x188.jpg@2jbfishing / Instagram

...a tiger shark catches you. Personally, in this case, we'd be waaaaaay too scared to pause for a photo opp. The good news is both shark and man got away unscathed in this instance.


28. Some like it hot

66fdaceac6bd4ac0b922f484ba1eff4d-300x225.png@jennym89 / Instagram

Okay, for real: people need to stop taking volcano selfies. Several people have died by falling into volcanoes, trying to get the perfect shot. You don't want to go out like Gollum and/or Smeagol, do you?

27. I'm not jelly

selfie23-300x221.jpg@sheilaghadam / Instagram

Jellyfish stings are among the most painful and venomous on earth. Sure, the danger varies species to species. But if that were us, we wouldn't be sticking around to find out. And we definitely wouldn't take a break to shoot extreme selfies.

26. Cool suit, bro

120eea4704914cacbd165f6975dda15b-300x225.jpeg@georgekourounis / Twitter

Okay, new rule. If you're so close to the lava that you have to wear a suit like the government agents in E.T., you're too close to be taking a selfie. Even if you are 'National Geographic explorer' George Kourounis.

25. Just keep climbing

selfie25-300x218.jpg@luke_on.the.top / Instagram

There's something about that straight-down look that gets to us every time.

24. The cliffhanger

selfie26-300x300.jpeg@coltonbrock / Instagram

This dude is standing on the edge of a cliff in Canyonlands National Park. This is literally how people fall to their deaths. No thanks.

23. Don't lean too far back...

selfie27-300x221.jpg@sandro_ilariani / Instagram

This guy stepped out onto a narrow ledge to take some extreme selfies in Dalian, China. Only one letter separates ledge from edge, as only one step separates life from death.

22. Round the bend

selfie31-300x225.jpeg@serafimafima / Instagram

Tourists flock to Arizona's Horseshoe Bend to take some cool shots. But don't visit for the selfies. Two people have died in the past two years trying to take shots like this one.

21. Dancing in the dark

selfie30-300x223.jpg@moderntarzan / Instagram

Again, not our idea of a romantic night out on the town. (Or a romantic night out on top of the town.) This pair of daredevils snapped this shot in Los Angeles.

20. Really rolling the dice

2124c06292424178bb43ae27c9213217-300x300.png@roxlazea / Instagram

See what we mean about Horseshoe Bend? It's so beautiful, and so tempting to take a high-risk selfie. But please don't do it, kids. Your lives are worth far more than extreme selfies.

19. Shang high

selfie-31-300x140.jpg@Ontheroofs / Instagram

You gotta have ice water in your veins to lean out and look down on Shanghai from that altitude.

18. Dubai from on high

selfie32-300x215.jpg@mustangwanted / Instagram

Yes, that's Dubai. We think the scariest thing about these extreme selfies from high up is you only have one hand to hold on. The other one is fully committed to your selfie stick.

17. Cool shoes

f86d42f85dc8461aa9c73c86cda8554c-300x225.png@beerkus / Instagram

But seriously. Get down. It really gives you a sense of how dangerous extreme selfies are when the cars on the street below look like freaking ants.

16. Not so sure about this one

selfie34-300x217.jpg@AndrewOptics & @ArtOfVisuals / Instagram

That's New York, so... I'm not sure which building you're sitting on. Or if it's a building. Maybe you're hanging out the side of a helicopter? Whatever it is, I hope you're wearing a parachute, my dude.

15. Don't let go!

bf85ed5a21e34e79afb4dbb48aeaea0a-300x300.jpeg@alexgaston_art / Instagram

The caption reads: "Sorry SECURITY GUARDS. I WASN'T THE PIZZA MAN." I guess that's how these guys and gals gain access to all these high rise buildings.

14. I really hope this is fake

selfie36-300x193.jpg@TheGoProZone / Instagram

Because if it's not... you're both literally insane. And should probably be in prison for your own safety. Of all the extreme selfies we've seen, this must be the worst.

13. Guess you're going swimming now

da04da64828843be8fce72b500d2d124-300x225.png@jimgrantinsandiego / Instagram

A photographer captured this couple taking an ocean selfie at the worst possible time. (We know, how meta.) For real, though. Nature doesn't take a break while you take a selfie. Stay alert out there.

12. King Kong in Hong Kong

selfie38-300x221.jpg@elvismsl / Instagram

Somehow this one seems slightly less dangerous. Maybe because we can't quite see what they're standing on, so we're free to assume it's something stable and safe. Plus that view is pretty dynamite.

11. Please hold onto something

cd26a9d112bd43f8965d1b7aa1f8062b-300x225.png@guardoilmondoda1oblo / Instagram

This one was taken on the wall of a mountaintop fortress in Greece. If that drop is half as far as it looks, this photo constitutes an emergency.

10. You need to dump this friend

ad63ce02e62c40a2a6655d442d811270-300x298.png75hassan93 / Instagram

So the person who took this picture 1) let it happen in the first place. 2) Saw their friend nearly blowing off a cliff. 3) Decided to take the picture before offering assistance.

9. The queen on her throne

selfie41-300x218.jpg@angela_nikolau / Instagram

Angela Nikolau is known as the queen of extreme selfies. In this video, she doesn't just snap a pic. She twirls around a bit while standing atop this very tall building.

8. You're about to be food, dude

82288e5d5e97476faef0770dd2281bd1-300x300.jpeg@bulldogpro / Instagram

When we see an apex predator that isn't a fellow human, we tend to back away slowly. Instead, this guy decided to take a 'before' picture. The 'after' picture will presumably be a pile of alligator poop.

7. Cool mask, bro

selfie43-300x210.jpg@charlie_7u / Instagram

This is another one from @charlie_7u, one of the most famous takers of extreme selfies. I'm glad to see that view of Chongqing, but I'd rather see it from the safety of a helicopter.

6. Bear necessities

4100b72903c54ef4b901320cd8e24c5b-300x280.png@raleela / Instagram

When you encounter a bear out on a hike, you're supposed to pull out your bear spray. Or play dead. You're not supposed to whip out your phone and spend 30 seconds trying to get the bear in frame with you.

5. Don't look down

selfie45-300x221.jpg@_waldganger / Instagram

As the caption says, those trees on the ground are almost 100 feet high. So that gives you a sense of the scale here.

4. Hakuna matata

bcaba851020345cda4811b88da746ec9-300x300.png@tomwhitman / Instagram

These two MENSA members decided to stop and take a selfie in the literal lions' den. It looks like the lions are already having dinner, but these guys are begging to be dessert.

3. New York, New York

selfie47-300x194.jpg@Jacob / Instagram

Well, that's one way to see Time Square. At least up here it's not as busy. And no weird guys dressed as superheroes.

2. Outer selfie


This astronaut decided to take a selfie with a special camera while working outside the International Space Station. This is probably the most dangerous one, since the risk here is floating off into the endless vacuum of space.

1. When the smoke clears

selfie50-300x216.jpg@dubai.uae.dxb / Instagram

Watching the morning mist melt away over Dubai. The tallest building in this image is the Burj Khalifa. It's the tallest building in the world, but we wouldn't try to climb it.