The Ultimate List of Party Games to Enjoy With Friends

The Ultimate List of Party Games to Enjoy With Friends

For those of you that enjoy a night together with friends, you’d probably agree that a party wouldn’t be complete without a solid list of games to play. Party games have the power to bring everyone together, create hilarious memories, and spark healthy competition that will get everyone fired up. To help you level up your next party, we’d like to share with you our top five favourite picks for the best party games to play with friends. These awesome games will bring everyone even closer together than ever before!

1. Codenames: A Test of Word Association and Team Strategy

Codenames is an amazingly fun game of spies, words, and clues. The rules are quite simple: you’re split into two teams, each with a “Spymaster” who knows the identities of 25 secret agents who are represented by words on the table. Their teammates then have to guess which of those words belong to their colour, all while avoiding those of the other team. There’s just one catch - one word represents an assassin. If a player selects that word, it’s game over!

Perfect for larger gatherings, you’ll need at least four players to enjoy this game. Word of advice? Make sure you team up with those who understand you best! With an easy setup and an exciting twist on the typical word game, Codenames will have everyone on the edge of their seats as they battle for the win.

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2. Jackbox Games: A Virtual Party Pack of Fun

Jackbox Games is a series of party games that you can play right on your TV or computer, while everyone participates through their smartphone. Available across a variety of platforms like Playstation, PC, Nintendo Switch, and so on, it’s easily accessible and so fun to play. Each Party Pack comes with five unique games that could range from trivia to drawing games, word games, and even comedy-filled “improv” games. With so many different games to pick from, you and your friends will be enjoying a night full of good-natured competition and laughter. 

The best part? Only one person needs to own the game and up to 8 people (sometimes more depending on the game) can join in on the fun. Even with larger crowds, the rest can participate in certain games as “audience” members. Perfect for casual game nights or large gatherings, Jackbox Games is a staple when it comes to creating the ultimate fun get-together.

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3. Cards Against Humanity: The Party Game for Horrible People

Since its release back in 2011, Cards Against Humanity continues to be a hilarious and entertaining party game. If you’re looking to unleash your naughty side, this game is the perfect way for you and your friends to engage in some laugh-out-loud banter. To play, you’ll need at least four players, but the game can last however long you want it to.

All players need to do is take turns drawing a black card, which has a sentence with a blank. Everyone else must fill in that blank with one of their white cards - oftentimes hilariously inappropriate. As you go around the room sharing your answers, the person with the black card gets to choose the funniest answer. The humour can get pretty dark and edgy, so make sure your group is okay with that. If they are, Cards Against Humanity is a riot of a game that will have everyone rolling on the floor with laughter by the end of the night.

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4. Telestrations: The Telephone Game Sketched Out

Do you remember the old-school game called Telephone? Well, Telestrations takes that classic and completely revamps it by adding on a fun, visual twist! Requiring at least four players to participate, it’s time to test your drawing skills.

At the start, each player will get a word and depending on how many players you have, will either have to sketch it or pass the book on to the next person. As you continue passing down the book, each player will have to do a combination of guessing the drawing and sketching. When you finally receive your book, you’ll know you’ve reached the end. Now it’s time for show-n-tell! The hilarious part of this game is seeing how your original word has morphed into something entirely different. With so many opportunities for laughs, Telestrations is a fantastic game to enjoy with friends.

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5. One Night Ultimate Werewolf: A Quick Game of Deception and Survival

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is the ultimate bluffing game to bring your party to the next level. With up to 3-10 players, it’s perfect for large gatherings where everyone can participate and be included. The rules are as follows: each player takes on a secret role in the village - from a seer who can peek at other players’ cards, to the troublemaker who secretly swaps roles, and of course, the werewolves who must stay hidden. After a “night” phase where players use their special abilities, the “day” begins. This is when the accusations start flying everywhere as everyone tries to work together to figure out who the werewolves are. If a werewolf is voted out, the villagers win. If not, the werewolves win for themselves.

While it may seem simple to solve, it’s much more difficult than you might think. What makes this game a party hit is its quick rounds, unique roles that spice up the gameplay, and the sheer chaos that unravels as everyone tries to figure out who’s who. Make sure you bring your best poker face if you want a shot at winning this game!

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To make your party with friends even more memorable and special, pull out these five fantastic party games to elevate your night. Full of lighthearted competition, exciting fun, and bouts of laughter, these games will surely make regular appearances at every party you throw. Have fun and good luck!