Super Mario Odyssey: The Mushroom Kingdom Chronicles

Super Mario Odyssey: The Mushroom Kingdom Chronicles

Do you hear the iconic Super Mario theme song playing in your head? Perfect, you're in the right spot! Now grab a fire flower, hop on Yoshi, and take a warp pipe down memory lane, as we rank five of the most famous Super Mario games from worst to best. This is by no means an exhaustive list - Mario's catalogue is like his collection of power-ups: extensive and impressive - but these five games serve as key milestones in Mario’s World.

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1. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

The HD era of Mario kicked off with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, a remastered title that originally graced the Wii U. The game is packed with traditional side-scrolling action, a number of levels each with its own unique challenges, and a multiplayer mode that turns each session into a chaotic, laughter-filled party. However, its adherence to classic formulas means it lacks a certain level of innovation seen in its contemporaries. This places it at the bottom of our ranking. Nevertheless, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is still one that fans of all ages can enjoy. 

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2. Super Mario Sunshine

Ah, Super Mario Sunshine. Mario's Tropical GameCube adventure was a questionable title due to its water-spraying FLUDD backpack mechanic and a storyline that, let's face it, was more than a little soggy. Despite this, Sunshine redeems itself in its creative design and stunning (for its time) graphics. The tropical setting, innovative mechanics, and lovable Piantas give this game a unique charm, but the challenging gameplay and often frustrating camera angles dock it some points. 

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3. Super Mario Galaxy

Defying gravity and expectations, Super Mario Galaxy took the familiar franchise into space. The result? An interstellar delight with innovative gravity mechanics, breathtaking spherical-level designs, and a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack that made you feel like you were soaring among the stars. It loses some points for motion control issues, but this Wii classic is definitely one for the books.

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4. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a joyous celebration of all things Mario. Odyssey finds a perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. It brings back the open-ended exploration from Sunshine and pairs it with a hat-tossing mechanic that lets Mario possess enemies and objects. Add in a wealth of collectibles, a variety of unique worlds, and a New Donk City festival that'll make any fan refuse to separate from this game. 

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5. Super Mario Kart

Buckle up, because we're making a victory lap with Super Mario Kart, the one that changed the landscape of multiplayer gaming forever. At its core, Super Mario Kart is a beacon of pure, unadulterated fun that transcends the usual boundaries of the Mario universe. Not content with running and jumping, our mustachioed hero jumps into the driver's seat for some racing madness. Its iconic courses, filled with creative obstacles and exciting power-ups, turned every race into a thrilling, shell-slinging affair. And who can forget the nerve-wracking intensity of a close split-screen race to the finish line? The game’s originality, innovation, and timeless fun factor crown Super Mario Kart as the king of the Mario catalogue.

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That's our list, though, with Mario's illustrious history, you could undoubtedly rank them differently. The truth is, any day spent with our mustachioed hero is a good day in our books. Whether he's travelling through space or tossing a hat around in New Donk City, Mario continues to remind us why we love gaming.