The Most Popular Video Games of All Time

The Most Popular Video Games of All Time

From the early days of joystick-operated Space Invaders to the graphically astonishing simulated universes of today, video games hold an integral place in our modern culture. Some of our best memories come from playing these games, either by ourselves or with a group of friends. Video games offer us numerous realms to explore, fun narratives to unravel, and friendships to build through shared online adventures. As we journey through decades of gaming experiences, we’d like to share with you five of the most popular games of all time. Despite how long ago they may have been created, they’re still guaranteed to give you an enjoyable time.

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1. Tetris

There’s no game out there more universally known or as widely adored as Tetris. This simple puzzle-solving game has cemented itself as a Titan in the gaming industry. Born in the Soviet Union in 1984, Tetris was the brainchild of Alexey Pajitnov. While it might be mind-boggling to think that a game made up of simple, blocky graphics and incredibly catchy tunes would end up becoming a worldwide phenomenon, all you have to do is play the game to understand.

A testament to Tetris’ eternal charm is its ability to thrive on almost every platform since it’s been created. You can play this game on almost any console you have - from PlayStations to PCs to the old-school Nintendo DS! Its simple hook of being “easy to learn but difficult to master” has kept players engrossed in the game all this time, and will surely continue to do so.

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2. Minecraft

Jumping forward a couple of decades, Minecraft is certainly a game you’ve heard your kid talk about. As the digital version of a child’s Lego set, Minecraft provides gamers with infinite pieces, endless possibilities, and an entire creative landscape to go crazy with. Created by Markus Persson and released by Mojang in 2011, Minecraft took over the world with its sandbox-style gameplay and pixelated graphics. 

Players have fallen in love with the game’s simple premise - build and explore vast worlds, fight off enemies, and create complex structures to their liking. The beauty behind this game lies in its limitless creativity. There’s nothing you can’t do! With its regular updates, expansive multiplayer communities, and multiple mods, Minecraft is so much more than just a game - it’s a thriving, ever-evolving universe.

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3. Fortnite

Developed by Epic Games in 2017, Fortnite took the entire world by storm. With its vibrant, engaging battle royale format, players were immediately hooked on the game. But what’s so interesting is that Fortnite isn’t “just a game”; it’s become a social platform, a concert venue, and a trendsetter in the world of pop culture.

Fortnite brought a fresh new twist to the battle royale genre with its unique building mechanics. While you may approach this game thinking you have to be the last one standing, that’s not entirely true. If anything, it’s become more about doing it in style! Finish off your opponents with funky dance moves or wear flamboyant costumes. Fortnite’s free-to-play model, cross-platform availability, and collaboration with popular franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, have all added to its global success. This game has become a cultural phenomenon that continues to shape and change the gaming landscape as we know it. 

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4. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North that has redefined open-world gaming. Released back in 2013, GTA V quickly became one of the fastest-selling entertainment products in HISTORY. Offering players a sprawling, meticulously detailed world to explore, everyone has come to love its quirky NPC characters and its engaging narrative. 

But what sets GTA V apart and why players love the game so much, is that it achieved a perfect balance between gritty realism and over-the-top, satirical humour. Add all of that to a thriving online multiplayer mode (GTA Online) that continually expands with new content, and you’ve got yourself a winner. This is a game that has truly captivated millions around the world. The richness of the world, the depth of the storyline, and the freedom of the gameplay have made GTA V a cornerstone in modern gaming.

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5. Super Mario Bros.

No list of popular games could ever be complete without mentioning Nintendo’s flagship title, Super Mario Bros. Since its initial launch back in 1985, the adventures of Mario, the Italian plumber, have been ingrained in gaming history. Even making its way into a major motion picture, Mario is a character that is well-known all around the world. 

While his quest to rescue Princess Peach from the villainous Bowser has transformed numerous times throughout the years, the familiar platforming gameplay style remains consistently engaging. Super Mario Bros. stands as a symbol of nostalgia, innovation, and fun. Players have absolutely loved exploring the vibrant worlds, listening to the catchy music, and getting to know the charming characters that make up the universe. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone picking up the controller for the first time, Super Mario Bros. is a definite go-to. It’s really a testament to Nintendo’s genius, with their dedication to creating a fun and accessible game leading them to constant success for decades.

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And there you have it, the top five most popular games of all time, each a unique staple in the gaming industry. As you can see from this list alone, games have come a long way and the journey has been extraordinary. While new, innovative games will surely rise to the forefront as technological advancements keep coming, these five games will definitely remain favourites in the years to come.