The Most Downloaded Mobile Games of All Time

The Most Downloaded Mobile Games of All Time

With technology advancing faster than ever, it’s now possible to play high-quality games right off of our phones. With one simple visit to your phone’s App Store and with one click of a button, your new game is ready to be played. While downloading new games is easy, the difficult part is finding the best games to play in an ever-expanding library of new apps. If you’re struggling to find the right game for you, look no further because in this article, we’ll be exploring the games that have turned millions of people into passionate players. You could be next! From puzzle games that have driven us to the brink of insanity, to action-packed adventures that have kept us glued to our screens, we’ve spotlighted the top five most downloaded mobile games of all time. Check it out!

1. Candy Crush Saga 

Anyone who's grown up in today's age has definitely heard of the hit game, Candy Crush. Building an entire empire from nothing, this addictive “match-three” puzzle game by King took the world by storm in 2012. Turning candy into a must-have accessory in the gaming world, to this day, Candy Crush still reigns supreme. 

With thousands of levels to conquer and complete, players worldwide have spent countless hours swapping, matching, and smashing candies to their hearts’ content. While it might not seem like there’s a lot to it, its success lies in its simplicity. It’s easy to understand, universally enjoyable, yet challenging to master. Thanks to Candy Crush, the game has turned many commuters’ ordinary travels into epic, candy-filled quests. Talk about a great way to pass the time! Thanks to its vibrant graphics, fun colours, engaging gameplay, and continuous updates, Candy Crush has truly become the King of the App Store.

Candy-Crush-G74Eb41D0E 1280Image by Pexels on Pixabay

2. Among Us 

Bursting into the scene in 2020, a time when social contact was limited, Among Us brought friend groups back together to enjoy a good ol’ detective game. Set in a cool space-themed setting, this multiplayer game by InnerSloth is all about deceit, deduction, and survival. Can you trick all your friends to win the game?

Despite being a newer game, players instantly fell in love with the mystery element of Among Us. The tension of not knowing who the imposter is brings an element of thrill and suspense that has kept millions of players engaged. Even since its initial release, the game continues to be popular today. With amazing cross-platform compatibility that allows players to play across PCs and mobile, it makes for both a fantastic party game and an awesome online multiplayer game. Though simple in its idea, it just proves that you don’t need anything extremely complicated to create something fun and successful. 

Earth-G19D996C5A 1280Image by Enlightening_Images on Pixabay

3. Pokémon Go

In the summer of 2016, the world went absolutely crazy for Pokémon Go. Everywhere you went, you would see people busy catching the hottest Pokémon in the area. This augmented reality game by Niantic brought Pokémon into the real world, giving longtime fans the chance to become Pokémon trainers themselves. For any fan who grew up with the show, it was certainly a dream come true.

There’s nothing more exciting than catching a Pikachu at your local park or a rare Charizard at your office desk. Pokémon Go brought gaming into the great outdoors, promoting physical activity and social interaction among its players. With its innovative use of technology and nostalgia-inducing gameplay, Pokémon Go has become a truly iconic game that continues to draw players to the App Store.  

Pokemon-Go-Gb32101B32 1280Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

4. Clash of Clans 

You may be familiar with this popular mobile game thanks to its frequent appearance on YouTube ads. Clash of Clans, the brainchild of the company Supercell, has redefined and repopularized mobile strategy games. The game itself is quite simple - build a village, raise and level up your clan, and compete in some epic battles. 

From the game’s social elements to its impressive graphics and intricate gameplay mechanics, Clash of Clans has garnered itself a massive and dedicated fanbase. By creating the perfect balance between accessibility and complexity, the game is easy to pick up for fans, making it the perfect downloadable game. And for all the seasoned veterans, Supercell continues to update the game with new content, making new challenges always at the ready.

Barbarian-King-Gc173Be305 1280Image by Vinson Tan ( 楊 祖 武 ) from Pixabay


5. Garena Free Fire 

When it comes to an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed battle royale game, there’s no better option out there than Free Fire. Developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena, this game catapults you into a 10-minute combat experience where you engage in fast-paced battles against 51 other players. Will you be the last player standing?

The best part about Free Fire is the diversity it offers. With a wide range of different game modes, unique characters, cool weapons, and various maps, players always get a highly immersive and personalized gaming experience. It’s absolutely shocking that this is a mobile game! Quickly skyrocketing to the top of the most downloaded games list, its compatibility with lower-end devices has made it easily accessible to a vast audience. With continuing new updates and exciting events, its fanbase has managed to stay engaged and excited.

Bedava-Free Fire-HesapPhoto by Wikiman04x via Wikimedia Commons

With each of the games on this list being so vastly different from one another, there are so many new options for you to explore. From puzzle-solving to action-packed combat, there’s no doubt that there’s the perfect game for you somewhere here. There’s nothing left to do but try them all out! As the top most downloaded games of all time, they have to be on this list for a reason!