Battle of the Duos: 3 Amazing Board Games Perfect For 2 Players

Battle of the Duos: 3 Amazing Board Games Perfect For 2 Players

Did you know there are plenty of board games out there perfect for just two players? Whether it’s a romantic date night, a rainy afternoon with a good friend, or just two siblings ready to battle it out, we’re going to dive headfirst into super fun board games designed specifically for two players. Get ready to see your relationship in a whole new light as you plot, strategize, compete, and occasionally backstab each other on your path to victory. 

1. Hive: A Battle of Bugs

Perfect for any pair of strategy game lovers, Hive is a highly strategic game that seems super simple to learn, but actually takes a lot of time to master. Think chess, but with insects! But don’t worry, it’s less about the creepy-crawlies and more about tactical warfare.

In Hive, each player controls a team of bugs, each with their own unique abilities. At the heart of your hive lies the Queen Bee - the goal being to surround your opponent’s Queen all while protecting your own. To get an idea of what the other pieces can do, The Grasshopper can leap over pieces, the Beetle can climb on top of others, and the Ant can move anywhere around the hive. With so many different skills, you’ll be left strategizing after every move.

Setting up this game is an absolute breeze because no game board is required. All you have to do is place your bugs (tiles) on a flat surface and you’re ready to start playing! Alternate turns by placing and moving pieces, but remember, you MUST place your Queen within the first four turns. If your Queen Bee is fully surrounded by pieces from either side, uh oh, you’ve just lost. With each game lasting only about 20 minutes, this intense but satisfying game will have you entertained for hours on end. 

1024Px-Hive GamePhoto by Chris Schrier via Wikimedia Commons

2. Jaipur: The Merchant Prince

Next on the list is Jaipur, a fast-paced card game that lets you step into the shoes of an Indian merchant. What’s your objective exactly? Become Maharaja’s personal trader by being richer than your opponent at the end of each round.

A game of luck, risk, and calculated decisions, Jaipur will have you and your opponent on the edge of their seat. During each turn, you can either take goods from the market, sell goods, or take camels. Goods are cards like silk, spices, leather, silver, gold, and diamonds. Obtaining more valuable goods will lead to higher points, but you’ll need multiple cards before you can make a sale. And what do camels do you ask? They’re plenty handy for grabbing a lot of goods at once from the market.

Once players decide to sell their goods, they take the corresponding tokens with points on them - the earlier you sell, the higher points you’ll score. After three rounds, whoever has the most points will win the game! It’s a battle of wits and luck that will make you nervous for what’s coming next.

Chess-Gecc908817 1280Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

3. Patchwork: Quilt or Be Quilted

If you think quilting sounds incredibly boring, Patchwork is here to prove you wrong. This game involves two players competing to build the most aesthetic (and high-scoring) quilt on a personal 9x9 game board.

A game of time management and spatial awareness, you’ll have to use your wits to get you the win. Each piece of patch comes in different shapes, sizes, and button costs and represents fabric you sew into your quilt. You pay for patches with buttons which is the currency in the game. But here’s the kicker - some patches also give you buttons, creating a fun balance between income and expenses.

The game ends when both players reach the center of the board. If you beat your opponent to the center, you get extra buttons so move quickly! At the end, players count their buttons and subtract two points for every empty square left. Whoever has the higher score wins! Although a game of Patchwork can last up to 30 minutes, time will fly as you’re busy making “fake” quilts. 

Quilt In A Game Of PatchworkPhoto by Pongrácz Zsolt via Wikimedia Commons

There you have it, a triple threat of two player games perfect for any occasion. With each game offering the perfect blend of fun and healthy competition, you’ll be spending your night with loads of laughter and smiles. Time to get your game face on!