The 20 Best Cozy Games For The Casual Gamer

The 20 Best Cozy Games For The Casual Gamer

With the advent of competitive online gaming and intense violent video games, it’s no surprise that many casual gamers are left waiting in the wings for something a little more… comforting. Life is chalked full of stress and unpleasantries, so why continue this streak with your gaming habits? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 20 cozy games that are perfect for any casual gamer. 

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This beloved open-world adventure title is a must-have for the Nintendo Switch, as well as hardcore and casual gamers alike. The beautifully rendered world of Hyrule is the perfect playground for gamers to freely explore all while uncovering shrines, and solving a variety of fun, challenging puzzles. 

ZeldathumbPhoto by Eugene Chystiakov

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What better way to unwind than creating your very own dream island paradise? This laid-back adventure allows you to create and explore its charming world at your own leisure, making Animal Crossing: New Horizons the perfect game for casual players. 

Sara-Kurfess-Hzad7O11P5I-UnsplashPhoto by Sara Kurfeß

3. Spiritfarer

This heartfelt management game is as cozy as it gets. Placing you in charge of guiding spirits to the afterlife, Spiritfarer is a unique and creative approach to the management genre with beautiful visuals and a truly heartfelt experience unlike any other. 

SfThunder Lotus on Wikimedia Commons

4. A Short Hike

As the title of the game so eloquently suggests, A Short Hike takes you on a delightful adventure through a charming and breathtaking national park. Explore, climb and soar your way through the game’s serene beauty. 

1024Px-A Short Hike Screenshot 5Adam Robinson-Yu on Wikimedia Commons


5. Unpacking

This soothing and meditative zen puzzle game tasks you with unpacking and reorganizing the contents of boxes as you move into a new home. Each item and space you explore helps weave together the game’s engrossing narrative all while offering a relaxing pace and nostalgic vibe throughout. 

UpWitch Beam on Wikimedia Commons

6. Slime Rancher

Placing you in charge of farming adorable slimes on a far-off planet, Slime Rancher is the perfect casual time-killer. Explore uniquely vibrant environments while collecting, feeding, and caring for a variety of slime species in this colourful adventure. 

1024Px-Logo Slime Rancher 2Monomi Park on Wikimedia 

7. The Sims 4

Developer Maxis somehow made the mundane reality of real life into a fun and compelling simulator game. This gaming classic allows you to build homes, pursue careers and explore lifestyle and relationships at your own pace, culminating in a fun and engaging life simulator that has served as a fan favourite for decades. 

Sims4Electronic Arts, Inc. on Wikimedia Commons

8. Coffee Talk

This calming and heartwarming story game puts you in charge of managing a coffee shop and serving the needs of your eclectic customers. Coffee Talk tasks you with making drinks as you listen to and support your customers through their various problems, making for a soothing and engaging choice for any gamer. 

Mike-Kenneally-Td4Dbagg2We-UnsplashPhoto by Mike Kenneally 

9. Abzû

This immersive underwater exploration title is jam-packed with stunning visuals and tranquil music. Providing you with a meditative gaming experience unlike any other, Abzû allows you to explore a vibrant ocean world while swimming alongside a plethora of unique sea creatures in your pursuit of uncovering ancient underwater secrets. 

Abzu LogoAbzû game designers on Wikimedia Commons

10. Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

This unique and deeply engrossing title allows you to write letters to other players while also receiving kind messages yourself. Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) is a game with a simple yet meaningful and fulfilling premise that will more than likely bring joy to your heart in a way that no game has done before.

Debby-Hudson-Dr31Squbfoa-UnsplashPhoto by Debby Hudson 


11. Old Man's Journey

A journey through one man’s exploration of life, loss, and hope, Old Man’s Journey is a harrowing narrative adventure. Combining beautiful art with a touching story, you are tasked with solving puzzles and shaping the landscape surrounding your protagonist as he embarks on his journey, making for a soothing and contemplative experience. 

OmjBroken Rules on Wikimedia Commons

12. Stardew Valley

This farming simulator is the perfect countryside escape for any casual gamer.  An overtly charming pixel art style combined with quant townsfolk, engaging activities and a relaxing atmosphere, Stardew Valley is both calming and surprisingly intricate. 

1024Px-Stardew Valley (29483758292)Zak on Wikimedia Commons

13. Minecraft

This Snadbox classic isn’t just a game — it's a worldwide phenomenon. Allowing you to build, craft and fight your way through limitless worlds, this charming title is simple yet intricate enough to scratch any casual gamer’s creative itch. 

1024Px-Minecraft Pig (15735062557)Holley And Chris Melton on Wikimedia Commons

14. Journey

A truly unique and relaxing experience, Journey effortlessly reels players in with its serene atmosphere and surprising emotional depth. As you work your way through a series of puzzles and the game's deep environmental narrative, you begin to uncover a story much deeper than the game would otherwise suggest, making for a perfect casual gaming experience. 

Jourthatgamecompany, LLC on Wikimedia Commons

15. Terraria

Although often cited as just a mere Minecraft wannabe, this 2D sandbox adventure game offers a distinct experience that every casual gamer should try. A relaxing mix of action and creativity, Terraria allows you to mine, build and fight your way through a procedurally generated world, providing players with countless hours of fun. 

1024Px-Terraria And Miecraft Toys (25538251172)Harry Wood on Wikimedia Commons

16. Firewatch

Set deep in the wilderness of Wyoming, Firewatch is a unique and first-person adventure game that has you play as a fire lookout in 1989. As you explore the game's breathtaking landscape, you slowly uncover a mystery plot that makes for a truly tranquil and compelling experience. 

1024Px-Lonely Firewatch (140104115)奇 黒気 on Wikimedia Commons


17. Don't Starve

This beautifully stylized hand-drawn survival title provides gamers of all stripes with a challenging yet infinitely rewarding experience. Don’t Starve offers gamers a surprisingly relaxing and engaging challenge as they fight to gather resources, craft tools, and ultimately manage their hunger and sanity as they traverse an increasingly hostile environment.

1024Px-Don't Starve Together (28970296993)Zak on Wikimedia Commons

18. No Man's Sky

An expansive space exploration game unlike any other, No Man’s Sky Provides players with a procedurally generated universe that’s always offering something new and unique. Explore the game’s vast open-ended universe as you gather resources, upgrade your ship, and uncover the secrets of every planet you visit. 

Nms™/®Hello Games on Wikimedia Commons

19. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

The nostalgic remakes of the GameBoy classic Pokémon Yellow bring a new, high-fidelity twist to the beloved title on the Nintendo Switch. Taking full advantage of the console’s modern graphic technology, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! Offer players an unparalleled Pokémon experience that is perfect for any casual gamer.

Michael-Rivera-Dypo Xgae4Y-UnsplashPhoto by Michael Rivera

20. Super Mario Odyssey

This vibrant and joyful 3D platformer was a smash hit when it first arrived on the Nintendo Wii back in 2007 — and it’s just as fun today as it was then. With its engaging gameplay and charming visuals, Super Mario Galaxy has all the fixings of a classic Mario title, making it a fun and accessible experience for gamers of all ages. 

Angga-R-Putra-M4M5Jqdx74U-UnsplashPhoto by Angga R. Putra