The 20 Best Adult Party Games To Liven Things Up

The 20 Best Adult Party Games To Liven Things Up

Whether your hanging out with your friends or family, adult party games always result in some of the funniest memories. Some are best with a drink in your hand, while others you simply need a naughty mind. You can always count on some embarrassing or hilarious moment happening. There are so many amazing choices which is why we have compiled a list of 20 of the best adult party games to ensure these will be nights you'll remember... or maybe not if you catch my drift.

1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong has always been a tried and true drinking game you can play with your friends. Your goal is to throw your ping pong ball across the table, trying to land it in one of your opponents cups. There are various house rules you can add that will change the game in endless ways.

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2. Cards Against Humanity  

Cards Against Humanity is the perfect game if you like adult humor. It’s a simple game where you try to make the funniest or most inappropriate sentence using the cards in your hands. Everyone takes turns being the judge of who had the most hilarious response.

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3. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity is an adult version of the popular game Pictionary. Your goal is to draw a picture chosen from the various naughty and humorous themes and have your teammates guess correctly.

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4. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid

This card game forces you to decide who amongst your friends is the most likely to perform the outrageous actions on the cards. It will lead you and your friends to many fun arguments and discussions with everyone trying to defend their reputations.

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5. What Do You Meme?

This adult card game prompts you to compete to create the funniest memes using the captions and photo cards provided. With a heavy focus on internet culture, it will have your friends laughing at the ridiculousness of the world around us.

What Do You Meme  Card Game BoxPhoto by Alex Hollender on Wikimedia Commons

6. True Colors

True Colors is all about revealing what your friends think about you. Everyone casts anonymous votes on how they believe you'll answer the question. It's a fun way to bring out your friends secrets and can be both revealing and wild.

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7. Buzzed

Buzzed is a game of many silly rules. You take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck and must follow the cards rules till you mess up. The game continues until you're the last man standing.

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8. Exploding Kittens

The adult version of Exploding Kittens contains content that adds a mature twist to the popular strategy game. Your goal is simple, avoid drawing an exploding kitten card and be the last person alive.

Exploding Kittens Game Play Test 01 Photo by Geraldshields11 on Wikimedia Commons

9. Hot Seat

Hot Seat is a game all about finding out hilarious truths about your friends. Each of you takes a turn in the hot seat, where you have to answer embarrassing questions your friends ask you.

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10. Naughty Charades

Naughty Charades takes the classic party game to a new level with adult-only themes. You’ll have to act out hilarious and embarrassing topics, and get your friends to correctly guess them.

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11. Dirty Minds

This game is centred around you having to guess the innocent phrases using borderline off-color clues. You’ll find you and your friends on the ground laughing as your dark minds throw you for a loop.

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12. That's What She Said

The aim of That's What She Said is simple, you have make the funniest joke using your cards. It’s best played late in the evening when you and your friends are looking for some darker humor.

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13. Over The Line

In Over The Line, you take turns drawing cards and guessing based off the obscene clues. This game definitely pushes the boundaries, so make sure you can handle the inappropriate jokes if you want to play this game.

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14. Never Have I Ever

This classic revealing game, forces you and your friends to share things they have never done. Then everyone else has to answer whether they have. You get points for having experienced them, meaning you win the more you expose yourself .

Never Have I Ever Title CardPhoto by Netflix on Wikimedia Commons

15. Quickwits

Quickwits requires you to think fast and shout out the first example that comes to mind from the card category. This game will keep you on your toes, blurting out all kinds of silly answers.

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16. Fk. The Game

Fk. The Game is social card game where you take turns having to shout out the phrase of your chosen card. You’ll find the phrases can range anything from swear words to brain-bending tongue twisters. Leading to a ton of confusion and laughter.

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17. Midnight Outburst

Midnight Outburst is a loud and hilarious late-night adult trivia game. You and your friends answer questions stemming from a number of inappropriate and adult themes. It's all about how quickly you can out-think and out-shout your friends.

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18. Disturbed Friends

This game’s goal is to make you and your friends uncomfortable. Your given scenario-based questions and have to answer which of your friend you would have chosen. The topics can range from funny to dark, really putting friendships to the test.

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19. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

This simple drinking card game, as the name implies, is all about you and your friends getting drunk. You each take turns picking a cards that offer a mix of rules and challenges, helping make the drinks go down a bit easier.

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20. Bad People

Bad People is another card game that pitches you and your friends against each other. You pick cards and have to vote for the friend most likely to do the outrageous things listed on them. It will test your friendships, but it’s all in good fun.

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